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araki: this is hermes costello she’s jolyne’s best friend..

me: *softly* h arold


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anonymous asked:

Which art is your favourite? And what do you think about Mizari and Algira? 😊

I’m not sure what you’re asking about so I’ll answer as best I can:

Fave character design: Geun-Tae and Seiryuu Ao

Fave B&W title page:

Top 3 fave color illustrations:

(If that’s not what you were asking for, then you’ll have to be more specific!)

As for Mizari and Argila… I don’t really like Mizari, he’s crazy! And apart from his crazyness, it seems he’s the dumb comical relief of the 5 stars. I don’t know, I bet we won’t get much background for him so I don’t expect anything from him apart scary grins. Argila, on the other hand, I love his hairdo and that he’s a cat lover ^^ But like all 5 stars except for Voldo, he doesn’t do much. I hope we’ll get to see more of his personality during their stay in Kouka.

History (Barry Allen x Reader)

A/N: Hello! Another imagine is here! Hope you like it! Sent in requests! Love ya! 

Request:  Hii, could you write a Barry’s imagine when the reader flirts with him all the time but he is so oblivious to notice it, until one day she can’t stand it anymore and just blurt him out how she feels just to finds out that he feels the same way about her but he just thought she doesn’t like him?

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Warning: Swearing

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‘Hello Bartholomew’ I said, smiling brightly ‘Love the new hairdo’

             He looked at me for few seconds not really knowing if I was being sarcastic. I wasn’t. Barry always had the best… well everything. He was one of my closest friends, he was sweet, kind, geeky and oh yeah, he was a freaking super hero. What more can a girl want? Seriously though.

‘Thanks, Y/N’ he said, deciding to take it as a compliment.

             I sighed quietly, looking at my laptop and the newest calculations I made for Cisco. I was working for S.T.A.R labs for a while now and from the moment I laid my eyes on Barry I knew I was screwed. I had the biggest crush on the guy, which I wasn’t even trying to hide that hard. I was flirting with him constantly, during his runs, fights, whenever he was in the lab and whenever we went out. Everyone and their mother knew I had a thing for him, but he remained clueless. I was really close to just stripping naked before him and inviting him to my secret garden. Though knowing him, he still wouldn’t get what I was trying to tell him. My secret garden… I was starting to think I was on something. And that wasn’t good since I didn’t remember taking anything.

‘Anyone wants coffee?’ I asked, feeling the sudden need for air.

‘Oh, I’ll get it. Don’t worry!’ Barry proposed, running out.

             And that was how most of our conversations ended. With him running out. Well, don’t get me wrong, if I needed to talk to him about important stuff, he was always there. He was the kindest soul I knew and he always cared. Even when it was some small issues, that normal people would deem insignificant. He always listened. That was one of the reasons I loved him.

             Few minutes later he walked in with four cups from Jitters. He passed me my black coffee, sending the most beautiful smile and went on to distribute the caffeine to everyone. He was so thoughtful…

             I really had to get my shit together today. I had to focus on work and not think about Barry all day. Again. I sounded so sad sometimes, when I was talking to myself in my head. I sounded like one of those crazy, obsessed people and I knew I had to do something about that.

‘Barry! Could you bring that sweet ass of yours back here?’ I called out to Barry.

             He came into the room looking confused. Yes, Bartholomew, I did just call your ass sweet. Please get the idea. For the fastest man alive, he really was slow sometimes.

‘What’s up, Y/N?’ he asked, dismissing my attempt at flirting.

             I sighed again, trying to cover my annoyance and frustration with a smile.

‘It’s time for your measurements, sweet thing’ I said, moving past him in the direction of med bay.

             Ah, measurements, best part of my day, I thought. Barry took his shirt off, showing his flawless body. I tried not to drool, when I used measuring tape to see if he was still keeping in shape. Which was in my opinion stupid as hell, since he was running all the time and his metabolism was crazy fast. But Cait asked me for that one favour, knowing well how much pleasure that would cause me. Now that I thought about it, I was such a creep. Maybe he saw all my attempts at flirting and he was just weirded out by them. Maybe he was shutting me down on purpose? My cheeks burned red at that realisation. I coughed lightly, to cover my whimper. If that really was the case… I was so lame.

‘You okay, Y/N?’ He asked, taking my head in his hands and forcing me to look him in the eyes.

             My furiously beating heart really didn’t help me in this situation. I blinked few times adjusting to sudden change in the events. Barry’s hands were on my face. I was looking into those wonderful eyes and I could only think about kissing those beautiful, soft lips…

‘Yeah… yeah I’m great’ I whispered, feeling the sudden tension between us.

             Barry released my head suddenly, taking a step back. His cheeks flamed bright red and he stuttered some kind of excuse, that he had to go to the CCPD. Before I could protest, he was out of the lab. I was staring bewildered after him. What the fuck just happened? I had to hack into the camera feed, to actually see if that just happened or my over creative brain just made something up.

             I was sitting in Jitters, sipping coffee and looking through my notes. There were some numbers that didn’t really add up and I needed a break from the lab. And from Barry. Who I now realised walked into the café and ordered the usual. I really needed to start thinking about my choices and start making smarter decisions. Few seconds later he noticed me, with a huge grin on his face he sat opposite me and looked at the scattered papers.

‘What are you so focused on?’ he asked, sounding genuinely interested.

‘On you of course’ I said, before realising how that sounded ‘I meant, I want to make your suit lighter… So you can go faster, without using up so much energy…’

             Barry nodded, looking at the calculations for a second, trying to find a way to help me.

‘How are you anyways, wonder boy?’ I asked, putting on my best smile.

             He looked up, his cheeks burning up.

‘I’m great, Y/N, how are you?’ he smiled.

             I didn’t know what it was. It could’ve been tiredness from the lack of sleep, frustration or my bloody hormones, which always showed up, whenever he was around, but I had had enough. It was relatively easy. It was either a yes or a no. And I needed to know right now. Right this second.

‘For the love of everything that’s good, why can’t you see I’m trying to flirt with you?!’ I exclaimed.

             Few people turned around looking at me with fear in their eyes. Day without being mistaken for a crazy person, was a lost day anyways. At least that thing was ticked on the list of things to do today. Second one was being let down easily by Barry, so I was patiently waiting for it.

             He looked at me with the mixture of shock and laughter in his eyes. Great. He was going to laugh at me. That was definitely something I didn’t need today.

‘You know what, Allen’ I said, feeling stupid for my outburst ‘I’m gonna go. Forget it.’

             He grabbed my arm and turned me around to look into my eyes. His smile was everything in that moment.

‘Do you wanna get dinner sometime?’ he asked, his voice smooth.

             My cheeks reddened at his question.

‘I don’t want pity dinner, Barry’ I said, looking at the floor.

             His hands hugged my face and brought it up, so I would look him in the eyes. Those beautiful, green eyes I loved so much.

‘Let me be clear, because I am apparently the worst at reading signals’ he started ‘I like you. I more than like you, Y/N. I want to see where this goes. So will you please have dinner with me?’

             I looked at him for few seconds, blinking rapidly and thinking that I was just dreaming. That looked like one of my dreams, but his hands on my face were so real. I wanted to hear him say those words for so long and now that he did, I was so happy.

             His eyes had one question in them and I nodded giving him permission. Few seconds later his lips touched mine and the rest as they say is history.


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