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Imagine: EXO’s Pick Up Lines

A little bit of OT12 EXO crack to brighten your day…

Warning: sexual innuendos and references to the package.

Xiumin: My lack of length in my genes doesn’t stop the length in my jeans. Hi, I’m Xiumin.

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Sehun: *hands over a note* Am I sexy? Yehet or No?

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D.O.: Roses are red, violets are blue, I wanna put my D in your O, too.

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Kai:  My stage name might be short and sweet, but down there is the opposite.

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Chenderella: When the clock strikes midnight I know I won’t be running away from you ;)

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Baekhyun: I may change my hair color 24/7, but I’ll never change my love for you.

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Chanyeol: My mixtape is free if you go out with me.

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Lay: You may not be Baekhyun’s grandmother, but I’d do you just the same.

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Suho: They may call me the ‘eomma’ of the group, but I’ll always be your ‘appa.’

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Kris: I’m 100% sure I can Wu you.

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Luhan: Are you in marching band? Because you can blow it like a flute anytime.

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Tao: My father may have been able to get me out of EXO, but I’ll be the one to get your number out of you.

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I forgot to do literally everything I said I would do at the signing, but I still got this cute picture with Ryan & Jeremy