love the font on this

… I just hit 290 followers, and I have an inkling of what each of you want from me.

And against my better judgement and the fact that you guys just flock to these two like vultures, here’s a follow to up my sans dress shorts comic.

I hope you all feel your sins on your back.

I joined pretty late when it came to the love live fandom. I joined a month or two before the final love live. So when I saw some of Nanjolno live, I was confused as to why she seemed so out of it, and disconnected. I thought she didn’t like it as much as the other girls. Later on I learned about how she hurt her knee and I felt so bad. She worked so hard to push through it and seeing her during the final love live, I could tell she loved Eli, and loved muse. I have a lot of respect for her now, and I love Eli more knowing just how devoted Nanjolno is to her. 


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