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the thing that kills me is, i see it. i see why you like her. anyone! could see why you like her. i hear it ringing in my head, the time when you finally, finally admitted to me quietly, “yeah, i like her.” you breathed out slowly after you said it, like it took you so much courage to say those words. like you don’t think you’re good enough for her. you know, that kills me too. because how you could not be good enough for anyone, i don’t know.
—  50 pieces in 50 days #5 - afternights

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would u please do a nsfw boyfriend!jungkook?? thankk you <3


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  • him being so into you teaching him and showing him new stuff in the bedroom
  • honestly jungkook loves to be a fucking tease he knows exactly what to do to drive you crazy and then act like a little innocent shit. fuck. 
  • he enjoys being a piece of meat tbh he’s so cocky i can’t decide if he needs someone to put him in place and tell him what the fuck to do or if he needs someone that will let him be dominant.
  • him loving to play with toys. as i said he loves teasing, he’d play a lot with vibrators and even let you use toys on him.
  • he only weak spot he has would be when you try to get him riled up in public i think that makes him feel so sexually frustrated because he’s embarrassed mixed with horny 
  • over stimulation-kink like fuck yeah. milk his dick until he begs you to stop.
  • he loves it when you grab or slap his ass encouragingly while you guys are fucking. 
  • this boy! can! work! his! hips! like don’t underestimate him and his sharp thrusts that’ll make your breath hitch and pussy clench around him. 
  • him acting all cocky n’shit until he’s actually inside you and he melts you could literally convince him to sell his own liver to a stranger when he’s inside you. Its likened hypnotized. 
  • he loves all boobs but like small tiddie girls is his kink tbh he appreciate them small but lovely boobs
  • him always dating girls with big age difference like either much younger or much older
  • jungkook being into hairpulling like honestly pull his hair at any time to get this boy going. 
  • he’s obsessed with kissing you 
  • him loving to get blowjobs 
  • him covering his face in embarrassment over how fucking good he feels when you’re fucking or he’s getting head 
  • him always grabbing and slapping your butt when you guys are in public
  • his favorite position is probably reverse cowgirl
  • him always insisting on going to the movies until he finally wins you over but ends up being the one that wants to makeout because he’s bored. he always wins though, sneaking his hand into your seat and starting to kiss your neck slowly.
  • you drive to the dance studio do pick him up with your car but when you enter the empty dance room you end up watching him and how he passionately dances. it’s amazing how that boy works his body so smoothly and dances with such intensity. 
  • tbh jungkook has crazy high libido he wants to fuck all the time. every day. his stress reliever when he’s sad or mad or his reward when he’s happy is sex. there will be countless times where he excuses the two of you because you’re not feeling well but all the boys know you’re leaving lunch early to go fuck in the car. 
  • he falls inlove really quickly so he’s scared to drop the L-bomb too early but once it’s out there, he tell you he loves you all the time!

 i got like five requests to do jungkook damn yall stay horny for this little boy tbh me too

the best feelings in the world:

  • making playlists for ur friends!
  • making playlists for certain moods!
  • receiving playlists from ur friends!!
  • finding out that ur friends r listening to ur playlists !!!!
  • in case u couldn’t tell i love making playlists and music is very personal to me it’s like sharing a piece of my soul!!!!!!!!!
B.A.P’s Reaction to Their S/O Accidentally Kicking Them Out of Bed.

Request: Can you please write a bap reaction to their s/o accidentally kicking them out of the bed in their sleep?

A/N: I’m alive! I know I’m a shitty person ahaha, I’m sorry but I’ve got my exams going and I barely get any free time due to them let alone sleep. The maximum amount of sleep I get is three hours and the minimum being 30-40 minutes. Just bear with me, they’re going to end soon! Till then I’ll drop a reaction here and there and then will come the Taekwoon AU as promised. Love you all~


Feeling the cold hard floor beneath him, he would be confused before slowly lifting his head and would piece everything together when he saw you sprawled across the bed, on his side specifically. Despite the fact that he stays up late working on music and seldom gets a good nights’ rest, he would find this very amusing instead of being upset. He’s an angel. He couldn’t be angry at you even if he tried. He would wordlessly stand and carefully move your body back to your side before tenderly wrapping his arms around you again and falling back into his light slumber.

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He would be so surprised and slightly annoyed too. He kept grunting when he felt you unconsciously push against him in your sleep. Getting back to the real world after the impact on the ground, he would groan loudly in pain and wake you up with his whining. “Jagiiii. What did I do to deserve this?” He would ask with a pout and furrowed eyebrows. After countless apologies and ‘healing kisses’ he would finally allow you to go back to sleep.

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Daehyunnie would scream yelp loudly before he hit the ground in his sleep and would end up grumbling in annoyance. Just when he lifted his head to playfully scold you, his heart would melt seeing your peaceful sleeping form that he would feel his exasperation wash away and a beautiful smile would dawn on his features. He would get up and move you over before going to sleep again but would be sure to embarrass you a lot the next day for it.

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He would squeal so cutely it would wake you up and then you both would be confused at what was happening before Youngjae’s mind would register it first. “Yah! (Y/N)! What was that for?” He would grunt in discomfort before moving to his side again. He would try to act annoyed but wouldn’t be able to do it for long since deep down he found it to be very adorable. With a kiss on your forehead and a small lecture full of sass even in his hazy state which would make you roll your eyes at his overreaction, he would pull you close before going off to oblivion again.  

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I think he would catch himself before the damage was done haha. Like, he would be agile enough to grab to bed in time or something and get up before you actually kicked him out. He would be confused at this yet simultaneously find it cute. Shaking his head with a smile, he would just move to your side of the bed so he didn’t disturb you and to make sure you wouldn’t try to kick him out again

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Ahh, this giant maknae would be hard to move to be honest xD I mean, he’s huge. So basically your constant movements and pushes would end up waking him and he would just wrap his arms tightly around your frame, constricting your movements before going back to sleep again and moving the both of you in the middle of the bed so there was no chance for accidents. He would tease you a lot in the morning for it though so be prepared~

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“How do I stitch that kind of face for me ?”


Probably one of my favourite scenes in @xairylle ‘s How to Snare a Life’s Chapter 24. And I KNOW its posted long ago, and I’ve read it since then, but only now got my gears grinding to hopefully semi-re-create that scene. I just…love how descriptive we got into Law’s messed up mind, and you can thoroughly feel and see it while reading and god I can go on for hours rambling about this alone x’D


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Hi Asy. You don't have to answer this. I kinda just have to get this off of my chest. I feel so bummed that writers aren't given the same attention as artists are. I really love the craft, but it's so discouraging that so much blood, sweat, hours and tears spent on a literary piece gets minimal attention while an art piece with the same time and effort gets so much. T_T . I admire you for rising above it. One day I hope to rise above it too and continue writing without feeling insecure about it.

Hah, I wouldn’t say I rise above it at all! I’m routinely upset that writing doesn’t get the attention that visual art does. 

Art is often quite easy to consume - it’s instant gratification, you can look at it and immediately know if you like it or not, etc, etc. Writing, on the other hand, requires an investment of time, commitment and effort to consume. You often need to take a risk and read something new to know if you’ll like it. A lot of people have no interest in investing that sort of effort into reading, especially into reading stories by authors they don’t know and trust. That accounts a lot for the difference, I think. 

It’s sad, it is. I put thousands upon thousands of hours into my books and they’ll be consumed by a fraction of the percentage of people who would consume art if I put that much effort into it. In the end, you just have to live with it. Writing is what I love, I just have to accept it’s not an ‘instant gratification’ medium like visual art. 

HOWEVER! Writing is also a medium that people engage with much more strongly - if you write a story, people get very, very intimately involved with the characters and the narrative. You can get some of that engagement from visual art, but it’s different. 

All that aside: keep writing. If you’re anything like me, you’ll always feel a little insecure about the things you produce. But I hope that won’t you from sharing your stories with everyone :)

If you lack artistic ambition and want to get back into it,,,

Would anyone be interested in a server anyone can join where you and others share art ideas (ie: challenges, references, requests, competitions, etc.) and their own pieces (digital or traditional, whatever floats your boat)? Idk I feel like this would be great for people who love art but don’t draw much bc lack of ambition or ideas or anything. Like idk I’m new to discord tbh but I love this idea. Someone wanna help me get it off the ground?

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Is it weird to say that falling in love with sans and papyrus has has helped me move past some serious issues in my life? Like breakups and dissapointments. I don't know why it helps but it does. Thinking about them... Even though they are fictional and literally can't be there for me. Somehow they were. Idk

i don’t think its weird at all!

i think fictional characters are wonder vehicles for helping people get over IRL issues. sometimes they can provide what a real person can’t. and the stories and the art can help a person feel better about shitty situations.

also, fictional characters don’t let you down. they will be there for you :) even when you move on to a different fandom, the characters you loved will always have a small piece of your heart

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Your blog is so informative! Much love! Do you have a spell from your Grimoire on keeping a love faithful?

Take something of theirs. 
Wrap it in red thread. 
Hide it. 
“As long as this to me you lease,
your faith and loyalty shall not cease.”

Hide something of yours in their possessions. A single hair can do wonders. 
“As long as this piece of me you own, 
 feel my passion in your bones.”

There’s times I wish for no space between us at all. The air feels different when you’re next to me sometimes. It’s like you’re a magnet without even trying. I crave the way you feel just by looking at you, only with certain glances. Your skin is dotted in bruises and scars but I see the soft skin that I once couldn’t help but intertwine myself in. I forget how warm you once felt until your hand rests on my knee or our shoulders brush together. You always had that feeling about you; warmth and comfort.
I have always had strange habits with you. Maybe you don’t see it, but the way I am, the person I am with you is a person not many people know. This girl who once loved you so deeply, the girl who thought you were her world. I still have trouble accepting it myself, but I was always so soft for you. Inevitably, pieces of me still are. I have an easier time telling you ‘no’ than I used to, but I have no shame in being the first person you call when you need someone, no problem being the person who can bring you comfort.

I am out of love with you. You are with me. Even with the way we look at each other, that is no longer something that I question
Yet shamefully, unapologetically, and whole heartedly, softness still exists for you in my heart.


The celebration memorial for Blake Heron. Chris in attendance. 09/16/17 From IG @adamlavorgna

adamlavorgna I can’t put into words the pain I feel. He was my best friend and the little brother I never had. Twenty years with this guy and never a day went by that I didn’t think of him. So many memories. A piece of me died the other day. It still hasn’t sunken in. Not a day will go by that I won’t think about him. Tell the people u love that u love them everyday. Life is fleeting. It’s not a very long ride and I’m glad to have ridden it for as long as we did together my sweet prince. RIP @baby_bake love u man  @dennytoneman @thirdbiggs @chanelbordeauxbeauty @mariacumbas @heatherfogarty @brettgursky @thebrandonquinn @brianskala @lozog @manuintiraymi Photo cred @devinstinson

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How does Bull feel the first time back at Skyhold if the Chargers are sacrificed? Does he find somewhere else to sit? Does it take him some time to go back to the tavern? What does he tell Maryden?

When they come back through the gates into Skyhold, there isn’t the typical fanfare that is usual of representing them. Everything is seen in shades of grey, nothing has the right colors anymore. They’re walking in with a powerful alliance, something unheard of, but his men are laying in pieces on the Storm Coast. He breaks off from the party as soon as they get there, everything is grating on fragile nerves, his wound is still open, raw and painful. As much as he wants to drink himself into a stupor that night he doesn’t go into the tavern right away. Krem won’t be there in his chair, the rest of The Chargers won’t be littering The Rest. When he does finally go in, Cabot offers him a drink ‘on the house’ and it makes him angry, makes him want to stab the dagger into him this time; but instead he smiles gratefully and tells him ‘thank you’.  
The songs in the tavern are more sad now, not that he ever particularly enjoyed them to begin with. He explains to the bard that the Chargers ultimate sacrifice was for the betterment of the Inquisition, the fact that they knew what they were signing up for when they joined; it’s not anything of real comfort but it’s all that he can offer her.

Condolences are given to him from different sides and each one feels like it’s pushing the dagger a little deeper into the space between his ribs until the tip of the blade is resting against his heart, waiting for that final push.

When Gatt arrives, tells the Inquisitor of how their alliance is sealed, how this is a success for both of them, singular eye stares at the elf, knows that the man is happy with the decision, calls him Hissrad before he leaves. When the Inquisitor leaves him alone after, he feels it, feels that clawing emptiness in his gut, feels part of him shatter, the part of him that was left dead on the Storm Coast.

He asks the Inquisitor to meet up with him to get rid of what he could collect off The Chargers, speaks some words for them, his silent vow, silent apologies that he knows wouldn’t be welcomed; they died thinking of how he was betraying them.

The Chargers, dead for a man who never existed, dead for a man who couldn’t save them. It was a role after all, a role that he was meant to play and continue to play. The choice was made for him, it was clear that he needed to fall back into line, fall back on his training and continue on. After that it was easier to compartmentalize, easier to be in the tavern and not stare at the empty chairs, not think about the laughter and banter between his men. Instead he focuses on the future, the future of The Qun and the place it will offer him once more.

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I'm invited to a birthday party and I don't know what to do so that no one will notice that I'm eating less. I need advice please :(

try to talk as much as possible, move, dance, try to tell you already ate or that you aren’t feeling so well. 

but remember to stay safe, you deserve a piece of cake love. 

My Best Friend Loved An Alien - GotG AU Friendship

Being back on the old farm - on Meredith Quill’s little patch of Terra - was a strange feeling of nostalgic and… Painful. Anywhere he looked, Yondu could see traces and feel pieces of Meredith. As if her very being had been sapped into the land and would never leave.

It didn’t help seeing Angie either. She looked different, sure. No longer sporting that stack of mane she called her hair and wearing less obnoxious red lipstick… But the steel of her eyes and that smile were pretty damn familiar as he snapped his jaw shut and tilted his head at her, his expression neutral.

“So you gona come over here and give me a hug or am I gonna have to kick your ugly blue ass?” She asked, hands on her hip, which was cocked to the side.

“… Still as mouthy and ballsy as ever, ain’tcha?” He grunted, narrowing his eyes and trying not to smile.

“Oh shut-up and give me a damn hug, geeze… And no mumbling about “sentimental” and all that bullshit or I’ll knee ya. ”

For my friend @tranimation because I has the feels for their friendship lately


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Prompt: Cross Over (Most Wanted and Hero (the villains))

Authors note: After reading one of my favourite books and seeing the prompt for #ChoicesCreates28, I felt a little inspired to write this. I struggled with getting to a point, but I enjoyed writing it nonetheless. Thank you to our lovely @holly-park and @ladyashtonofcordonia  :)

Sam moved to LA and is partnered with Dave. Although they both have feelings for each other, none has confessed this. Some super villains have landed in LA, seeing as they took Tull down, Sam and Dave are on the case. On a new mission, together, what could possibly go wrong?

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So every time I’m having a conversation with my friends I’m usually silent, just listening to everyone and the time comes when someone asks me “Why are you so quiet?”

It’s not that I don’t have anything to say. I just love listening about your day or your opinions over a matter or just about everything really. I’m just happy knowing that you’re telling me all this because you trust me. I feel relaxed because the you that’s still chirping in front of me so enthusiastically shows a person that hasn’t given up and keeps moving forward. I feel so secure and at peace when you talk because knowing that you are ok makes me feel lighter. I can drop my shields and just be myself around you. You make me feel like an important piece of a little world you created for yourself.

“I just like hearing you guys talk..”

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Can I ask for some sweetspo for a change, please? <3 I ate slightly over my limit today and I feel so sick and bloated. I'm so close to breaking my LW and I'm so sad for delaying that moment for me. However I'm also proud of not binging, I could've eaten all that chocolate but I decided to go for fruit and rice cakes instead, but still. I feel like I failed:(


hey sweet, i’m so proud of you. you’re working so hard, and you’re going to reach your goals. every time you say no to that piece of chocolate you’re doing so well. keep going, baby, you’ll get there soon. Don’t feel bad about eating that little bit, its fine love, after all is safe food right? You can always start again next day or just make some workouts after eating! You have this! I’m here with you x