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Dear @taylorswift :

Hello Taylor, my name is Danae and i live in Chile. Living in Chile has been a great struggle for all of us who are fans, because we have never had the opportunity to see you live. Many years ago, I joined your fan club here, where I met wonderful people who are now some of my best friends. Together we have waited anxiously tour after tour and we have been disappointed to not have you here. During the 1989 era we were almost confirmed that you were coming, and since you didn’t have a secret session here, we had one ourselves. We announced to our fan club/group of friends that the wait was over, that you were coming to Chile. We danced, sang and cried, but again you did not come.

We are always with you. Year after year we celebrate your birthday, we have made videos dancing to your songs, and many more things. He have been through so much together that our fan club became very close and we now consider each other family. Me and this family are hoping that this reputation tour will be the one, and you will come and make our dreams come true.

You have no idea how much you mean to us and the pain that we feel seeing other fans have the opportunity to meet you and we don’t.

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hi! do u know how to make handwriting headers? i've seen some on twitter where seventeen's handwriting (answering fans questions at fansigns) is against a white background and i was wondering how to make one. i love ur blog btw!!!! <3

i hope… headers like these are what you mean, right? 

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Would it be strange that I woke up from a dream about a Keith post and know I’m seeing posts about Jeremy Shada at it again with low-key hinting about Klance?

なべちゃん(@mnmn2518)のキューティチャイナっ子コーデ描かせてもらいました 赤で統一されてて、可愛い 髪飾りとイヤリング、ワンピースと鞠?と首飾りがお揃いになってるの!!なべちゃんありがとう [x]

By:  中島もこ‏ @moco_nikki

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