love the enemy


a long and more heartfelt comic because i finished ep.263 and was overwhelmed by what an appalling father heizo hattori is, partially for the way he treated heiji and partially because he never apologised for it

it’s my eternal pain that shinichi isn’t more emotionally open with heiji at times like this so i’m taking things into my own hands

The Signs And How They Act Around Friends And Enemies

Aries w/ friends: Offensive jokes, funny, interesting
Aries w/ enemies: Bitch doesn’t even waste their breath on you you’re equivalent to dirt under their shoe
Taurus w/ friends: Either serious or completely silly, goof ball
Taurus w/ enemies: Death glare, constantly bitching just loud enough for you to hear
Gemini w/ friends: Inside jokes, dancing, smiling
Gemini w/ enemies: Constantly attacking you, will find every excuse as to why to argue
Cancer w/ friends: Cute, nice, acts airheaded, v close
Cancer w/ enemies: Doesn’t even look at you, has a slightly intimidating stare
Leo w/ friends: Extroverted, silly, does weird shit with you all the time
Leo w/ enemies: Probably doesn’t speak to you, mean, annoying
Virgo w/ friends: Serious, caring, motherly, but can joke around once in a while
Virgo w/ enemies: Laughs at everything you do, bitches about you
Libra w/ friends: Extremely nice, loving, supportive, helpful
Libra w/ enemies: Contradicts everything you say, pulls the “wow, you’re really annoying and dumb” eyebrow lift all the time
Scorpio w/ friends: Open, calm, memes, talkative
Scorpio w/ enemies: Looks you up and down, can smell your fear, pulls disgusted faces at you
Sagittarius w/ friends: Giggly, energetic, interesting
Sagittarius w/ enemies: Doesn’t make eye contact, but will cuss the fuck outta you on social media
Capricorn w/ friends: Loud, narcissistic, flirty, witty
Capricorn w/ enemies: Straight up calls you out for everything with Gemini, is not afraid to fucking start shit with you
Aquarius w/ friends: Open, laughing, memes, funny and cool
Aquarius w/ enemies: Either roasts the shit outta you, or death glares and bitches about you behind your back
Pisces w/ friends: Silly, confused, extroverted, interesting
Pisces w/ enemies: Whispers about you, laughs at you with their friends


the last of us 12 day challenge

day 4: favorite enemy - marlene

“apparently, there’s no way to extricate the parasite without eliminating the host. fancy way of saying we gotta kill the fucking kid. and now they’re asking for my go ahead. the tests just keep getting harder and harder, don’t they? i’m so tired. i’m exhausted and i just want this to end… so be it.