love the distance

How do I tell you I love you and make you believe it?
—  Day 264 

*blushing intensifies*

Me : *reading someone’s profile picture* that just sounds dumb. *mocks a Daddy voice* you will obey me- who says this stuff?

Daddy : You’d like it if I said it

Me : Pfft, please, it’s too cheesy for me

Daddy : *in his Daddy voice* You will obey me, won’t you Princess?

Me : *turns bright red* uh…uhm…uh…

Daddy : Won’t you obey Daddy?

Me : *blushing intensifies* *mumbles* uhmm….uhh…. Y-yis sir

Daddy : *sweet voice* Good girl 💙

~No nsfw/18+/porn interaction! ~

I’m daydreaming that we take a long walk downtown as the sun is beginning to set and the night life begins. I take you up to the roof of the building I live in and we cuddle on a blanket, staring up at the sparkling stars above. It’s blissfully peaceful, with the soft hum of life below us and the sweet serenity of the galaxies above. As the moon rises higher in the sky, I fall asleep in the safest place I know - your arms.

Che poi c'hai quegli occhi verdi,
piu’ li guardo piu’ sento il bisogno di entrarci
in quelle immense praterie.
Che poi c'hai quelle labbra morbide
che quando parli
perdo il filo del discorso
pensando alle tue labbra sulle mie.

You love me?”
“Why is that so surprising?”
“Because I never thought a person like you would love a person like me.
—  Day 243