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My favorite Pics of Damon and Jamie

The pair is so iconic, I couldnt help but make a little compilation of my favorite photos of the Duo

It’s hard to find a young Jamie, even in his Instagram posts, its hard to differentiate, dont believe me? Go check his page out!

Damon returning the favor a couple years later

Also Unrelated but

I love you Snoop *wraps arm around Snoops waist*

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We keep saying Dean's "emotionally compromised" and I keep feeling like I'm on a procedural cop show

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A procedural cop show where Sam is the long suffering partner and best friend to Dean who is in love with the leader of the forensic team Castiel and gets all excited whenever there’s a chance they need to call him in.


I know everyone's likely sick of these types of posts, but...

…I’ve created a new tumblr recently and I’m in desperate need of new, active blogs to follow! If you post/reblog a lot of any of the following, please like this post so I can follow you!

•Star Wars (Films and SWTOR)
•Dragon Age
•Mass Effect
•Are there any Cyberpunk 2077 blogs out there yet?
•Art (just in general💖)
•Also I love aesthetic blogs
•and I’m OC trash tbh so if you post a lot about your gaming OCs or just your original creations in general, I’d especially love to follow you!

When the time comes--and this is Gimps and will come, I don't want Carol or Daryl to die onscreen. I want them to just walk into the sunset together and never be seen again. That way I can pretend they're immortal. 😉.

Like Scully.

Seriously, though. I can’t imagine one without the other. They’ve become so integral to each other’s lives. So even though I can too easily see either one of them sacrificing themselves for the other and I know Melissa and Norman would kill it, my Caryl-loving heart doesn’t want to see it.

Regan Week 2017: Day 5 - Wedding 

Negan gives him a choice: someone’s death or wedding. Rick already knows what he will choose