love the colors of this movie

i hit 2k followers recently which is crazy!! thank you all so much i love you lots!! to celebrate, i decided to do aesthetic blogrates!

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color: | pastel pink | deep blue | forest green | bright yellow | burnt orange |

time: | late late nights | when the sun rises | sleepy afternoons | as the sun sets |

season: | winter | spring | summer | fall |

place: | the sea | county fair | snowy mountains | city | space |

sound: | busy streets | rain | birds | piano |

scent: | flowers | coffee | cookies | candles

music: | redbone | writer in the dark | the wii theme | summer friends |

book: | to kill a mockingbird | romeo and juliet | frankenstein |


i’m just one kid so i might not be able to answer them all be patient lol

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~Get To Know Me~

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Relationship status: Newly Married! (17 days ago :P )

Favorite Color: I love olive green!

Lipstick or Chapstick: Depends on what time of day it is, chapstick during the day, lipstick at night

Last Song I listened to: I am currently listening to Good Ol’ Days (Legend of Korra) by Jeremy Zuckerman, so calming :)

Last Movie I watched: Ryan and I watched Rogue One the other night

3 Favorite Fictional Characters: Charlie Kelly, Uncle Iroh, Samwise Gamgee

3 Favorite Ships: Korrasami, Zutara, JimxPam

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It was a dark night, the moon was out, and rain softly fell outside the window. I was working late at night; midnight had just chimed in the background, when suddenly I heard a knock on the door. Quickly the door opened, and there standing at the threshold was a beautiful blonde weeping in front me. “What’s wrong, Miss?” I questioned, waiting for a response. “Please Detective Iplier, you have to help me, Chica’s missing!”

My personal headcanons for Detective Iplier is that he loves to narrate his life in the third person just like the old classic detective movies. He’s a hopeless romantic; he’s seen a lot of dark stuff so he likes to have that contrast of happy endings in his life. He’s color-blind so he can only see the world in black and white. He’s friends with The Host and Dr. Iplier and Rivals with Wilford, and has always been uneasy around Dark. And even its terrible for his health he’ll smoke when he’s stressed and between you and me he has been known to have a drink on occasion even though Doc as told him to stop.

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Relationship status: In a relationship
Favorite color: Black and purple  
Lipstick or chapstick: lipstick  
Last song I listened to: Ruin by Shawn Mendes  
Last movie I watched: Moonlight
Top 3 fictional characters: Offred (The Handmaid’s Tale), Rae Earl (My Mad Fat Diary) and Eva Mohn (Skam, but i love them all tbh!)
Top 3 ships: Harry/Louis, Isak/Even and Rae/Finn
Books I’m currently reading: I haven’t read a book in a very long time :(

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7/26/2017- Pony acquisition post #426: G4.5 My Little Pony the Movie Princess Twilight Sparkle and Princess Skystar Friendship Moments accessory set!

Year released: 2017

FINALLY! My local Target is starting to stock the MLP movie merchandise and had this set with the first ever Princess Skystar brushable in it!

Let’s first look at the cool new packaging of the ponies with all the movie artwork and characters- it’s so colorful and full of character!

The set itself is really cute and well thought out as well. The Twilight Sparkle brushable is nothing to write home about (it’s the same one that came with the Applejack Sweet Slumbers set with smaller eyes). But the main draw to this set is the beautiful brushable Princess Skystar! She’s a new seapony character coming in for the movie and I love her wonderful color combo and sweet facial expression. Her tail has a joint that can swivel up and down and left and right. It took me a few tries but she can stand on her own if you swivel her tail just right. I love her necklace and flower accessory as well!

The accessories that this set came with are also very cute- they’re all new and unique except the perfume bottle. It’s a little coral vanity set with spots to place the cute brush, perfume bottles, and lovely little fish!

Overall I’m thrilled about this set especially with Princess Skystar as a new brushable character!

Original Condition: MIB

Flaws: none

Restoration materials: none

Current condition: Mint!

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Relationship status: dating

Favorite Color:  turquoise 

Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick 

Last Song I listened to: Smells like teen spirit - Narvana

Last Movie I watched: Personal Shopper

3 Favorite Fictional Characters: Kenny McCormick - South Park, Wendy from Peter Pan & Dorothy from the wizard of Oz 

3 Favorite Ships: None 

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the parable of peaches

I’ve got my hand up her skirt,

looking for her peaches and cream,

and she is laughing,

drunk as the ocean,

telling me love is more

than a midnight snack,

more than a movie

played backwards in the rain,

but I insist that it is not

until she hands me a ripe one

the color of sunsets,

and we agree to call it love;

and so it ends with dreamers like us,

two strangers

walking backwards

in the rain,

wondering why

we’re still so hungry

and alone.

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Relationship status: Taken (lol almost a year)
Fav color: Pretty much anything pastel
Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick
Last song I listened to: Tainted Love by Soft Cell (which is my all time fav song!)
Last movie I watched: The new spiderman movie (went to see with bf and I was forced to)
3 favorite fictional characters: AMERICA SINGER IN THE SELECTION SERIES! I LITERALLY CRIED ONE TIME BECAUSE I WASN’T HER, Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter and Cathy Dollanganger from Flowers in the Attic
3 favorite ships: lol don’t have any
Book I’m currently reading: Flowers in the Attic

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anonymous asked:

hi!! im a uh shy 5'1 female!! uh i have brown wavy soft hair with poop colored eyes?? uh;; i get anxious rlly easily and i cry a lot but im rlly cuddly and stuff ~ i like to bake and will most likely make you sweet things ~ i like to draw and im learning to play guitar !! ill most likely take you stargazing or to the movies or smthng/ im chubby and squishy so i can assure u my hugs are nice and warm! im bilingual as well so maybe bonus points ?? (i speak spanish) and uh 💖 have a good day/night

I already love you with all my left big toe omg you sound absolutely wonderful 👌 DATE


@bythedawn asked:. I am looking for a gifset of the scene where the Amazons walk out of the hall after questioning Steve and the absolutely respectful way Diana interrupts her mother and the general (I think?) talking. Have you come across it/can you create it? That was so profoundly female to me; an amazing show of women communicating with respect and love. I can’t get it out of my head. 

“Bang! You’re dead, old man.”
“Someone had to do it, I guess.”

Mc76 commission for @spacemageember!

In which the former Commander and his spicy cowboy argue about who’s the good and who’s the bad, because none of them is the ugly. 👀

Thank you for commissioning me! °W°


Nerve (2016)

‘Welcome to Nerve, a game like truth or dare, minus the truth. Watchers pay to watch. Players play to win cash and glory. Are you a watcher or a player? Are you a watcher or a player? Are you a watcher or a player? Watch? Play?’