love the bright colors * *


I found a letter to myself from 2012 me, set to be open 2 years ago but I forgot about it. Let’s see what it says.

Dear Future Me,
Remember this:

-Your BFF’s are Sarah, Jazmine, and Shaiann!
(Dear Past Me, you’re not friends with Jazmine or Shaiann anymore, sorry yikes)

-you LOVE fashion.
(And now you wear yoga pants with high-top converse and call it an outfit.)

-you love mustaches and bright colors.
(1. OKAY WHY THO and 2. Sorry you only like neutral colors and maroon and olive green now)

-your favorite band is SuperChick.
(Past Me, solid choice. A strong independent girl band. U go)

-your favorite singer is Taylor Swift.
(Past Me, you know full fucking well that your favorite singer at the time was Regina Spektor but you said Taylor Swift to fit in. Fuck you)

-your lucky number is 13.
(Why tho? Bc it’s Taylor swifts lucky number? Cut the shit who even are u past me)

-you have bright pink (partially) hair.
(Okay so this part hasn’t changed but now it’s my whole head and the dye is washed out)

-you want to take the lead role in all the school plays.
(I mean, past me, you played Sharpay Evans the next year so that’s fair)

-you LOVE photography and art.
(You hate photography. But you love art still that part is good yes)

-you are allowed to date in high school.
(Bitch you were allowed to date in middle school but boys just scared you for reasons you knew FULL WELL but didn’t want to face. Stop making up rules for urself hoe)

-you want a belly button piercing.
(Okay I stand firmly by this one. Still true.)

-you love to sing.
(Still true!!!)

-you have a scar on your chin from flipping over on your bike and blacking out for a few seconds.
(You have accumulated lots more scars since then, dear. About half of them are from being far too clumsy. Idk why you danced for such a long time you’re like the least coordinated person I swear to god.)

kapenter  asked:

What is your favorite flower?? And color?

I adore all colors (being an artist and all), but I’d say my favorite set of colors is that transition from green leaves to fall colors; green, gold, orange, and red.  All together they’re gorgeous!  Out of those, green is my absolute favorite color, especially vibrant spring greens that speak of the first leafy buds of the year after winter.

My favorite flower is the red Indian Paintbrush!  They were the only native bright red flower in the part of the Colorado rockies I grew up in.  I found it absolutely magical to be hiking deep in the pine woods, surrounded by mostly greens, browns, and oranges, and come across a striking bright red flower in the middle of it all, like a flaming beacon. 

I also really love flowering trees, especially purple and pink ones!  Flowers are basically one of the best things ever, and so are trees.  Combine them for ultimate eye-gasm in my opinion!

herrbismuth  asked:

AU where everything is the same but Samekicki is really upbeat and wears bright colors and Wadda is angsty and emo

Here’s an edit of my little emo child…she would most likely have more deep sea magic…maybe her magic is the same color as blue bioluminescence? Either way I love her.
I might do the Samekichi one later!

Here’s a version of the edit before coloring, I though it was kinda funny too.


anonymous asked:

oh I wear bright red all april out of spite. the second it's over though back to my lovely light blues which you ruined (glaring at them)

Ooh I wear red all through April too! :D

I’m Catholic, so my Lent penance is to put vanity aside– I don’t wear makeup or earrings to church, and I pick an outfit that I wear every Sunday. This year it’s a purple velvet hoodie and a long black skirt with red socks and my usual church shoes. (Purple is a Lent color :)) 

I picked it specifically so I can still keep to my “uniform” for all of Lent with minor alterations as I see fit. Since April 2nd falls on a Sunday, I’m going to wear my hoodie unzipped so my “I can’t keep calm, I’m autistic” shirt is visible to my entire church. The choir loft is off my right hand side (your left hand side if you were in the congregation) of the main altar, so I’m literally in everybody’s field of view.

Here’s a pic of what I’ll wear on April 2nd. I wanted to do some of my RedInstead selfies that reflect what I’ll be wearing that day. I took more pics in different red outfits just to keep some variety, but I will definitely wear this on April 2nd. My paper sign says #AreYouAwareOfMeNow ?

Even when it’s not April, I sit up there and I stim during Mass. I’ll chew my Dulcimer or twiddle my Tangle. I keep my movements small so as not to draw undue attention to myself, but anyone who looks is going to see me stimming without being ashamed of it.

My usual Lent outfit is a plain purple pullover sweater and black pants or a skirt with red socks and black shoes. I only changed it up this year because April 2nd is on a Sunday. Next year, it will probably be back to the pullover again.

“ I remember one night in late February you were driving home after we went out somewhere and the sun was setting and it had turned the sky a hundred different colors. I looked over at you from the passenger’s seat and saw the light hitting your face. The last bits of the sun was shining in your eyes, making every bright, piercing blue fleck sparkle individually. You saw that I was staring at you and you asked what I was looking at. I felt myself smile one of those massive, infinite smiles, and I answered you by telling you how you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever set my eyes on. I don’t think I’ve ever spoken truer words to anyone before that night. ”

- from a much simpler time (n.b. 03/22/17)

anonymous asked:

Okay maybe this is just me but every time I play MM I'm always like where did MC live before Rika's apartment? So could I get a HC with rfa + V going with MC to clear out their old place when they move in together (brownie points for a sphynx kitten managing to find their way into these HCs because they are my love and come from my home province)

* you basically live in his penthouse anyway
* so after awhile you decided to completely move in since you never use your apartment anyway
* Jumin being the gentleman he is dropped everything to come help you move (sorry Jaehee)
* plus he is a curious lil bagel but aNYWAY
* Your apartment wasn’t anything too fancy
* It was studio style so you didn’t really have to give him a tour
* It was cute, bright colors that made the place as cheerful as you
* He began moving boxes when he heard meowing
* lol what
* Then out of nowhere this lil sphynx cat appears and he’s shOOK
* “Baldur! What are you doing?”
* He knew you love cats but you had one???
* Be prepared for double the cat toys bc now there are two cats in the house

* Your boyfriend is always ready to help
* So when you complained about all these boxes to move he was on it like a fly on stink
* What he didn’t expect was your apartment to be so… CUTE
* It was like your personality, all in one room
* Not to mention he spotted a box filled with posters of him
* Gosh you’re so cute
* He started by moving the boxes by your bed when he tripped like the graceful hottie he is
* “Oh my gosh, are you okay?!”
* “Yeah babe I-” except you ran right past him onto the thing he tripped on
* “Baldur, my lil baby” you cradled your cat
* “Is that a… cat?”
* “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you haha. Meet Baldur”
* (Imma just make the hc that zen is allergic to C-hair so ur cat is a-ok)
* Him and your cat end up getting along quite well
* Hates to admit but maybe
* cats aren’t so bad

* You were on the phone with your boyfriend complaining about trying to find movers
* “ I just need some muscles, my arms are so sore”
* Challenge accepted
* Low-key misses class to come help you move
* Let’s just say when he got there he was speechless
* You always seemed so organized and mature
* So when he sees the LOLOL posters and packs of roman he’s just ????
* Is it possible to fall more in love with someone
* Then he sees your cat and it’s just????
* Marry him
* Like right now
* Completely adores your cat
* Moving takes 9000% longer because you both stop to play with the cat

*She doesn’t want you living in an apartment alone
*Especially if you don’t have everything you need
*So it was her idea to move you’re stuff
*And Jaehee’s ready to help you move anything
*She’s got a black belt in Judo, so she has to be pretty strong
*So heavy boxes are no problem
*when you two are actually in the process of moving everything, she likes to look at all the little knick knacks you have
-tbh she just loves learning new things about you
-then she see’s the sphynx kittens
-Although cats aren’t her favorite, she still finds it nice that you collect them
-and when you’re birthday comes along you best believe she’ll search for the best kitten for you

*Seven!! Is!! So!! Happy!!
*He’s way too excited to move all your stuff
*like this boi is ready to pack everything up at like 3 AM
*“Go back to sleep seven”
*But at the crack of dawn, he’s suddenly too tired to go
*Eventually, you two actually start moving everything out
*And once he finds out about your sphynx kitten obsession, he’s all over it
*Once all your stuff is moved into his house, you’ll find the kittens turning up in the weirdest places
*like elf on the shelf but all year long

*Poor bb can’t help too much
*but the doesn’t mean he isn’t going to try his hardest to help
*although his vision makes it a little hard to not trip over the boxes
*after almost falling over a box of sphynx kittens he asks about them
*“MC what are these?”
*“Oh, sphynx kittens. I collect them.”
*When the two of you get back to the apartment, he helps put them up
*Honestly they’re his favorite things in the apartment just because of how much you love them

somethingscarlet13  asked:

Whenever Stanley and Lefou go dress shopping Stanley wants to stick to just one color dresses but Lefou won't let him and brings over a rainbow of dresses.

Hahahaha omg Stanley just picking out these nice tasteful dresses in all these lovely shades of red and Lefou just being like “broaden your horizons!” and dumping this huge pile of these atrociously loud insanley bright dresses in his arms. 

Bonus: Lefou won’t let Stanley leave without trying on at least One of the dresses he chose and it usually ends up with them buying it in the end (along with Stanley’s more traditional choices of course)


Dream Journal 1st entry:Town of Luvbuggy  
DA: 4F00-003B-63C9 @luvbuggycrossing
I had an extremely good time in this town, it’s colorful,very bright, and 
the residence & mayor were just as bright and wonderful!
I also had a bit of funny moments, which made the visit all the more fun and energetic! ^^ 

anonymous asked:

holy shit so pretty!! ROCK THAT SPRING OUTFIT, honestly spring should come out for you


like I also like summer, I have a really hard time regulating body temp, so the more warmth the better for me (also I love THE SUN) 

But spring is my favorite because everything is so COLORFUL AND HAPPY like aaaah ooo so much greens, and bright sunshine, but not too hot, and just the right amount of rain. in summer everything starts to turn kinda brownish n crunchy. i love soft spring greens. 

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.