love the body you are in


okay let’s talk.

i am not trying to sexualize anything by posting these pictures. i post them here mostly for myself, i think. lately many thoughts are telling me that my body shape and some of it’s parts are wrong, and that I should feel unworthy because of that. but i know that I shouldn’t. i am beautiful the way i am. and as long as I won’t be able to do anything with that I need to accept my body for how it looks like. i know that dysphoria, stretch marks - they can’t control me, they can’t take away my value. my body deserves all my love.

stay positive and beautiful everyone ♡

@hargroovin tagged me to list my 5 top celebrity crushes and i’m seriously finding it difficult to think of ONLY five

1. dacre montgomery

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2. zendaya

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3. zac efron

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4. hayley kiyoko

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5. joe keery

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🙏 🙏 SAILOR MIN  🙏 🙏

Discovering that MacCready shares the same VA (Matthew Mercer) with Law in the English dub makes me feel something I cannot describe, kinda like the feeling you get when you wax your genitals or choke on your favourite drink

you are the ‘c’ of a quadratic function.
yes, that last factor is you.
now, suppose ‘c’ has any numerical value,
positive or negative,
other than zero
(other than zero because you are alive right now)
'ax²’ and 'bx' are the other people;
your parents, your brothers and sisters,
your friends, your lover.
these people disappear when
'x’ is at zero, right?
the function would also equal zero
as i said earlier,
you are the 'c’ of this quadratic function.
in your case, the numerical value of 'c’ is never zero.
you always have a value.
and sometimes,
when 'x’ is at zero,
‘c’ will still have a value and
you will be the only person who is going to be there,
for your own self.
so, take care of yourself.
the art of self care is
very difficult to master at times
and still, you are the 'c’ of this quadratic function.
you will always have a value.
—  did i just write something inspired by maths?
In 2018 I’m done asking why I don’t matter to people. This year my mantra is
                      I matter to myself.
—  Affirmation of the day.

If you feel cute in it wear it
If you feel pretty in it wear it
If you feel hot in it wear it
If you feel cool in it wear it
If you feel sexy in it wear it
If you feel beautiful in it wear it
If you feel handsome in it wear it
If you feel comfortable in it wear it
If you feel uncomfortable in it dont wear it

Become one with yourself. When your body says something, listen to it. When your mind is burnt out, respect that. We can either work with or against ourselves; you choose which route you’d like to take.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

here have some klance headcanons:

  • lance: *burps* keith: *burps louder* lance: “marry me”
  • sometimes keith will say the most random things, which is one of lance’s favorite things about keith
  • keith: “did you know that the opposite of bigfoot is a dinosaur?”
    lance: “what are you talking about- oh my god”
  • lance will sometimes softly pet keith’s hair and sing to him on the nights that keith can’t sleep 
  • likewise, keith learns that sitting in a corner or other small space with a wall at his back and sides helps ground lance during his panic attacks
  • usually lance is the little spoon when they sleep but sometimes they play rock paper scissors to decide
  • lance loves playing with keith’s hair and keith (usually) lets him
  • lance: *gels up keith’s bangs into a spike* “all hail the mighty keithcorn” keith: *snorts with laughter*
  • they’re sometimes so attached at the hip that if you go looking for one, you’ll inevitably find the other
  • keith isn’t fussy about beauty products like lance is, but he will sometimes come out of the shower smelling like raspberry or mint bc he couldn’t resist using lance’s body wash
  • lance: *wears a ‘kiss the cook’ apron while staring pointedly at keith* keith, sighing in mock resignation: “guess i have no choice”
  • keith is actually a big meme and lets it slip out every so often just to see lance overreact
  • lance: “keith, it’s time to wake up” keith, mumbling: “wake me up inside”
  • lance, jumping on top of him: “did you just- keith, don’t go back to sleep. keith!”
Love yourself as much as you want your soulmate to love you.
—  Elizabeth Daniels 
Be kind. Really. Not just with others, but with yourself as well. Cherish the hearts of others, but also nurture your own. Take care of those around you, but also take the time to take care of yourself.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin