love the background song during these scenes


Crime Scene 3 referencing BTS yet again~
In episode 10, one of the characters was an idol from the group 방탈출소년단 (Bangtalchulsonyeondan), meaning “Room Escape Boys,” which is a play on BTS’ name 방탄소년단 (Bangtansonyeondan). During this scene they played “Blood, Sweat, Tears” and mentioned their worldwide popularity and their Billboard achievements. Throughout the episode they continue to play BTS songs as background music~

{Reaction} Making out with EXO

Note: This includes some AU kind of things, so if things seem a little bit OOC it’s because I’ve turned it into a bit of an AU, just so I’m not writing the same thing. Sometimes some scenarios are hard to write for me, and I hate the thought of being repetitive and boring! >.< so yeah, please enjoy~ (thank you anon, for requesting!) Mami xx

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

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Snow scattered the streets of Seoul, a glittery white trail of snow and flakes falling in the dark sky. Your cheeks were flushed pink from the frozen air that surrounded you, and your hands were seeking warmth in your coat pockets. It was the first Christmas alone with your boyfriend Chanyeol. You’d spent the day messing around, having fun and playing with gifts you’d received. But now, you were wandering the chilly streets. Suddenly, Chanyeol stopped. He looked at you, that bright smile crossing his features. He stepped forward, his eyes childlike - they always turned that way when he was about to do something mischievous. You braced yourself, expecting a snowball to the face or something, but instead you felt the warmth of his lips against your cold ones.

Chanyeol: “Aish, Jagi. Why are you so cold?” *Hands you his jacket.* “Your lips are frozen too. Looks like it’s my joy as boyfriend to warm them up.” *Grins and leans in, turning what was supposed to be a small peck into a make out session, his hands joining yours to give them warmth.*

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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You and Kyungsoo sat inside the bedroom. You were reading him ‘The great Gatsby,’ a book that you both needed to study for an exam in a few weeks. Your throat was starting to feel scratchy, you’d been reading for at least thirty minutes, but you couldn’t stop now, not when you’d progressed so much. When you started, you and Kyungsoo had been sitting next to each other shoulder to shoulder. Now you were lying down, him on his side next to you, his arm under your head acting as a pillow, and he was tracing circles in your side with his free arm that was draped over you. You weren’t together, just a crush, but this felt so right, and you never wanted it to stop. You finished chapter 15, taking a breath, but before you could turn the page, Kyungsoo moved the book away before pressing his lips against yours. His lips occupied yours for a minute or so, you couldn’t be so sure, but it dawned on you. You were making out with Do Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo: *Pulls away with rosy cheeks.* “Sorry.”

{y/n}: “Don’t stop…”

Kyungsoo: *Smiles* “Your reward for doing this for me.”

{y/n}: “Maybe we should study together more often, then.”

Kyungsoo: “Mhm…” *leans in to make out with you again.*

Byun Baekhyun

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Drunk people stumbled around you, laughing loudly and obnoxiously as drinks were being spilled on the floor, making it slippery as you pushed past all the bodies. It was starting to get too clammy and too many people were turning up at this point. You weren’t drinking, you knew better than to get hammered before a 12 hour shift the next day. You were about to leave when you heard the sound of Byun Baekhyun, your boyfriend calling your name. Surprisingly, it wasn’t slurred, and he wasn’t stumbling like a complete dunce. It was obvious he was still cold stone sober. But he didn’t look happy, in fact he looked almost distressed.

Baekhyun: “Where the hell have you been? I’ve been looking for you!”

{y/n}: “I’m leaving now. I have work tomorrow.”

Baekhyun: “Wait!” *Pulls you back, pressing his lips against yours. He makes out with you for a few minutes before finally pulling away* “Take me with you, please. Don’t leave me here”

Oh Sehun

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Sehun’s hands ran over the hem of your shirt, before going underneath the fabric altogether. His lips were attacking yours, hard and passionate as he caged you against the wall and himself. His lips moved against your expertly, his tongue gliding across yours. When you refused him entrance, he groaned, using his hands, cupping the skin beneath your bra to get you to gasp. He smirked against your lips, taking the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth, like a battle for dominance. But as your fingers wrapped around the loops of his jeans, the bedroom door burst open, causing Sehun to groan in annoyance as he tore away from you.

Sehun: “What?!”

Jongdae: “Oh… now isn’t a good time? Yep, sorry. Bye.” *Awkwardly leaves*

Sehun: *Shoves you onto the bed.* “Now where was I?”  

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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The two of you were in the dance practice room. Yixing wanted to show you the new routine he’d made for the new Monster MV. you watched with admiration as he danced, his body moving in all the right ways (it was turning you on a little - but that wasn’t something you wanted to admit to.) Yixing stopped, grinning.

Yixing: “What do you think?” *walks over.*

{y/n}: “Amazing, Yixing! As always!”

Yixing: “You think so?” *Grinning, presses a peck to your lips. Then he pulls away, the two of you make eye contact for a few seconds until you’re both leaning in again.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Rain danced on the pavement as it fell in droplets and bounced, puddles wetting your feet as you crossed the street, your best friend Kim Jongdae at your side. You were both dripping with water, but it didn’t wreck the grin on your face. Suddenly, Jongdae took your hand, pulling you into his chest before leaning in, pressing a kiss to your lips. The kiss felt almost magical as they moved against yours, sparks running through your veins. When you both pull away, he’s grinning, and so are you.

Jongdae: “It’s so wet out here.”

{y/n}: “As if you weren’t wet before we got out here.” *winks*

Jongdae: “Hey you, careful what you say, or I might have to dry you up then make you wet again when we get home.” *winks*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok watched as you laughed with Chanyeol, a mixture of rare emotions boiling up inside. Jealousy, annoyance, envy. As soon as Chanyeol, you approached Minseok, a bright grin on your face after your cheerful conversation with the happy virus. You started gushing about Chanyeol, but were cut dead suddenly as Minseok grabbed the collar of your shirt, pulling you in and pressing a long kiss to your lips.

{y/n}: “Jealous, Minseok?” *smirking.*

Minseok: “No, just claiming what’s mine.” *Glances over at Chanyeol, giving him a challenging stare.*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao hated your ex boyfriend with a passion. Hated him while you were dating, and hated him even more now you two had broken up. Your ex had been a complete asshole. He cheated on you multiple times, and told you he wanted to have sex with other girls while you were still together. But in spite of all of this, you were still mourning the relationship, and that for Tao was so fucking frustrating. Why couldn’t you see you deserved so much better?

{y/n}: “It’s only been a week, how am I supposed to be over it so soon?”

Tao: “Because you deserve so much better!” *pulls you in and kisses you passionately. His arms wrapping around you as he makes out with you for the first time. He’s nervous, but you’re not pulling away, and that’s a good sign.*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Junmyeon came home after recording a part of the Lotto MV with his makeup still on. You weren’t sure if he’d done it purposefully to turn you on, but it certainly did. You were sat on the safa, your fingertips pulling through his pink hair as he held your waist, gripping at your waist and massaging the skin as his tongue explored through your mouth in a heavy making out session.

{y/n}: “Maybe we should take this upstairs.”

Junmyeon: “I can’t wait that long.” *Pushes you back and gets on top of you.*

Lu Han

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You were sat on your bed with Luhan. You were kissing, lips moving against each others in a beautifully synced dance. His hand was running across your leg on top of your jeans. He kept pulling on the loops at the top, silently telling you he wanted them to come off. You were about to oblige, until you heard the door open and a very hard tone clearing their throat. When you pulled apart, Luhan’s eyes widened and you gasped upon seeing you Father looking very unimpressed. Luhan stood up, dashing for the window. He turned back for one moment.

Luhan: “Hi sir, I’m Luhan. It might interest you to know your daughter calls me Daddy too.” *Smirks before making his great escape.*

Your father: “Hey! Get back here kid!”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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You were at a prom night evening, and soft music was playing in the background. You were on the dance floor with you boyfriend Jongin. you were dancing along to the soft rhythm of the song, swaying your hips in perfect sync as your lips were connected, moving against each other romantically as if you were the only two in the room. It felt like a lifetime by the time you had both finally pulled away. Jongin pressed his forehead against yours, smiling.

Jongin: “I love you {y/n}.”

{y/n}: “I love you too.”

Wu Yifan

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You had been cast as an extra for a romantic movie. Your scene was during the final wedding scene where the two main characters were getting married. Your job was to dance in the background with another extra, who happened to be a very attractive man named Wu Yifan. The two of you danced, but midway through the song, your eyes met, and naturally you were both leaning in, and before you knew it, your lips were on his, kissing sweetly until you heard a very loud “cut!” being called.

Director: “You! {y/l/n} and Yifan! Stop looking more in love than the protagonists!”

What song would you use to describe each Katie character and which one would you use to describe them all? - (anon)

This turned out to be a bit more difficult than I anticipated. I’m so picky when it comes to music and I wanted to consider legitimate reasons as to why these songs remind me of each character. For those interested, I did create a playlist on Spotify. You know your girl is extra af so it was necessary. Here we go!

Lena Luthor: Rise by Katy Perry

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I won’t just survive
Oh, you will see me thrive
Can’t write my story
I’m beyond the archetype

I’m sorry but if those four sentences don’t describe Lena, tell me what does! Lena has survived so much and she keeps fighting every day. She knows that even though she is a Luthor by blood, she can rise beyond the dark reputation that comes with the name. There are people out there that doubt her because of her last name and there are others that seek to make her fail but she refuses to give them that satisfaction. It works!

Gloria Miller: Beast by Nico Vega

Stand tall for the people of America.
Stand tall for the man next door.
We are free in the land of America.
We ain’t goin’ down like this!
Come on now!

Sharing time: This is one of my favorite songs. Okay, I mostly just imagine a montage of Gloria kicking serious ass while this song plays (Someone wanna make that?). It’s loud and full of action and a bit of anger but mostly it just sends a message to stand up and fight for your country and for those that can’t fight for themselves. Be a hero. Be a Gloria!

Elizabeth Carruthers: BO$$ by Fifth Harmony

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I know the song „Burning Love“ will always be associated with Lilo and Stitch first and foremost – but now that I’m listening to it, I can’t help but think it would fit the Guardians of  the Galaxy so so much.

A scene where this song plays in the background and these goofballs have fun together, please. Best would be if they were on vacation at the beach during it.

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Spoon 2Di vol.21 (p22-27)

Here you have the loooong interview with Mitsurou Kubo that was featured on Spoon 2Di vol.21 (released at the end of December). It was 6 pages on the magazine… I know that some bits have already spread around, but it’s a very interesting one so I really wanted everyone to read it in full and not just tidbits, hence I translated it first even though I still haven’t finished the previously released magazines (sorry again Georgi..). It’s also the first interview with her published after the end of the series, so with comments covering up to the very end and the “future” too!

EDIT: I originally referred to the manga storyboard drawn by Kubo as “name”, which is how it’s technically called in Japanese, but it seems that it was a little confusing, therefore I changed it back to “storyboard”.

Obviously this will be the last interview of the year. In Japanese “happy new year” (before the old year has ended) is said “yoi otoshi wo” (よいお年を), therefore I necessarily need to make a stupid pun and say to you all “YOI otoshi wo!”. Let’s hope that the next year is a “yoi” (=good) not to mention “YOI” one too! I’ll be back with more translations whenever I have time of course.

Enjoy! (it’s under the cut because it’s long)

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

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Okay so i just saw Falsettos on The Big Screen™ AND HOLY SHIT IT’S SO MUCH BETTER THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE, AND I HAD HIGH EXPECTATIONS. Their facial expressions and just the smallest things they do add so much to the story and you can’t really see that when they’re on stage or when you’re watching a bootleg. There were so many things I missed (and i’ve watched this show like a million times) and so much dialogue that I thought was throw away dialogue at first gained so much more meaning. It was beautiful. Also– in case anyone was scared that they wouldn’t have the camera on certain people when they weren’t the biggest focus of the scene– DO NOT BE CONCERNED, you can see a lot of what I thought would be ignored in the background (Whizzer during Making A Home, Marvin during Trina’s part in Love Is Blind). ALSO. FUCK. If you’re a person who likes March of the Falsettos, it’s just??? better??? It’s so fucking good on-screen I can’t even explain why but it’s??? so good??? I love?? All of the beautiful emotional songs are amazing as one would expect. You Gotta Die Sometimes was slightly underwhelming? which sucks because that’s one of my favorites, but Year of the Child makes up for it. Also, the lesbians were amazing. For some reason I didn’t really understand the hype around them at first? Like i loved them don’t get me wrong but it wasn’t overwhelming; however, now I TOTALLY GET IT. Again, I can’t even express why–because i don’t really know myself–but oh my god i love them so much more now. ALSO I REALLY REALLY WANT TO BE ABLE TO BUY THIS ON ITUNES OR ON DVD??? ITS SO GOOD.


listen ive been posting a lot of videos but !! guys listen to the song at 1:35 which is the background music that plays during the silver medal scene after yuuri decides to keep victor as his coach FUCKS ME UP especially since this is a variation of the same song that’s playing at the end of hasetsu on ice episode 3 when yuuri wins and victor officially becomes his coach LIKE!!!! HOLY SHIT even the background music comes in full circle!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS DAMN SHOW

Shadowhunters 2.16

          Spoilers ahead- Read on your own free will!

     Friendly reminder to all Shadowhunters, Warlocks, Vampires, and                  Downworlders alike ~ These opinions are mine and mine alone.                              Be respectful and kind even when you don’t agree.                                                    We are one fandom, one Shadow World

I think this is my favourite episode out of the entire series. We got a mix of everything!! Idris, Alec and Izzy, Simon with Maia and his family. Sebastian and Val. And most importantly…Clary and Jace.

But first those Izzy and Alec scenes were amazing, getting to see them interact more was nice. Simon and Maia? I really hope these two get the chance to explore their relationship before Simon and Izzy fall in love. Which I hope will also lead to more of Maia’s background. Robert was my least favourite in the books (next to Jocelyn) but i sort of like him in the show but not really. I have mixed feelings. 

Personally I think I have an issue because I am unbelievably attracted to Sebastian/Will Tudor. (Not his burnt flesh face but the Will Tudor face lol) he’s psychotic, dangerous and just down right EVIL. But holy hell I love him. You know what? It’s probably the fuckin eyes. I die for cute boys with blue eyes. It’s my weakness. Will and Alan did an excellent job this episode. Wonderful work.

             Now here is where i talk about Clary and Jace so be prepared

There was something a friend said about the song Anchors, that plays in the background during the healing scene between Clary and Jace in Idris. Anchors are important, and for me they go back to that quote from Teen Wolf by Melissa “Be your own Anchor” but in this world, the shadow world; Clary and Jace are each others anchors. When I first read the books, there was something about Clary and Jace that seemed to go past their love for each other, it’s like the two of them could only survive if the other was okay or they were around each other. I could never figure out what it was. Until I heard the term Anchor on Teen Wolf. Everything clicked. And I think that goes for all 3 of the main relationships in the show. (Clace, Malec, Sizzy) They depend on each other. Even if they didn’t know it. (But we cant mix this up with Parabatai, thats another emotional rollercoaster.) This scene in the episode is so pivotal to their relationship it is unreal. The fact that Jace asked Izzy for her stele to heal his hand, but when it came to Clary he was able to activate his runes. It seems he’s always able to activate his runes when she’s around. I can’t wait for this relationship to grow. Their relationship is so important to the show and Paul Wesley did an unbelievable job with this scene, as did Kat and Dom. 


Since last weeks episode Dom got a lot of hate from fans. Basically saying that because he was straight he couldn’t have an opinion. And i don’t think i’ve ever been so ashamed to be part of this fandom. All you motherfuckers, bitch about how the show sucks and how you aren’t getting what you want. Then the show tries to bring in what you want, then when you get it, you get fucking pissed. Well guess what. FUCK YOU!!! I am done with this bullshit. You can bitch about how you don’t like the show, thats fine. BUT. As soon as you attack someone i admire/love. BITCH I WILL FUCKING CUT YOU DOWN. These actors put everything they have into this fucking show and their characters and you make them feel fucking awful. Dom is allowed to have an opinion. If he himself does not believe in love at first sight, great because guess what? i don’t either. BUT his character does. Jace and i say JACE, NOT DOM, feel in love with Clary the moment they meet and Jace is allowed to feel that way. you know why? He’s a fictional character. Dom also said he didn’t believe Malec feel inlove at first sight or some other crap like that but guess what? The Malec-Lunatics were immediately set off. It’s fucking annoying. and to those who decided they were going to boycott the episode because they didn’t have Malec, guess what? There wasn’t THAT much Clace either. There were 3 fantastic scenes but thats it. It wasn’t directly based on Clace. We saw other relationships as well. 

So next time you want to bitch that the ratings are down and your scared the show will end and you’ll never see malec again? Remember that it’s your fault because your favourite characters/relationship wasn’t in the episode, so you ran and cried in a corner. 

Ill say this again just for those in the back who cant hear!

To all the Malec/Sizzy/Clace shippers who appreciate the other cast and watch for every ship not just your own. I love you and i appreciate you.

If you’re going to reblog this and call me a bitch go ahead. I really don’t give a shit. Better yet, ill enjoy it. You’ll be sharing my words for everyone.

sleeplessbutdreaming  asked:

What are your top 5-10 Literati scenes of the series? You already know that "turn right..." makes my list :)

These are in no particular order of course …


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This was the first scene that came to mind when you asked this question. It’s such a heartbreaking moment, which is probably why it’s one of my favorites (I am a sucker for the angst)! The way Jess takes a deep breath and just expels all his emotions along with his “I love you”; the way Rory has no response because out of all the last parting lines she considered, this was not one of them; the way Jess looks at her, and then slowly backs away- not expecting more; the way the La Las slowly come in as we realize the gravity of what has just been said; and finally, the way Jess hangs his head in his car for a fraction of a second before he drives off … do you hear the sound of my heart breaking? 


Originally posted by moonlightsdream

I love this scene purely because it’s one of the few times we get to see Rory and Jess being a normal couple, doing normal couple things, and being extremely adorable. This scene really showcases how much chemistry they have (the makeout session!), and to me at least, how infatuated Jess is with Rory. The entire time he can’t keep his hands off of her, and I love their (or rather, his) PDA! 


Originally posted by throughagirlsmind

Again, a super cute scene where Rory and Jess are doing the things I’d imagine they always do! I love that Rory shows Jess what she’s reading, and then promptly doesn’t let him borrow it because she’s not done yet (book tease!), and even though Rory has to “bribe” Jess into meeting Emily, it’s clear that he’s whipped; he would have done anything she asked. My heart is melting. 


Originally posted by ventimiglia

This is one of my favorite first (technically second) kisses ever. First of all, the chemistry. The chemistry. It radiates off of the two of them, and they don’t need to even touch each other for me to get goosebumps. I love that Jess is trying to be casual and nonchalant but ends up with a cigarette in his mouth due to nervousness.I love the song that plays in the background. I love that the awkwardness between the two of them finally melts away as they finally kiss. I love the kiss. I love how Jess is so scared when Rory pulls away (“did I do something?”) and later how he has no idea what’s going on in Rory’s brain but doesn’t question it, and only kisses her once more before letting her go. I love it all. 


Originally posted by bisexualtaylorswift

This is one of my favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls (Literati and otherwise), and so obviously I am squealing during every single one of Rory and Jess’ scenes, but this final scene, which starts with Rory and Jess outside of the bus, and culminates in this, has a particular tendency to make me cry. First, when they’re standing in front of the bus, and Rory gives the guy the wrong directions, you can see Jess quietly laughing to himself, clearly head over heels for this dork. Second, Rory’s reluctance to leave New York (and Jess) is so evident, and even Jess can feel it too, which makes me squeal even more. And last, when Jess asks Rory why she did what she did, and she responds with “you didn’t say good-bye”, my heart is ripped in half every time because this will not be the last time Jess leaves without saying good-bye. 


Originally posted by bisexualtaylorswift

So, I’m kind of cheating because I’m accompanying this scene with “I couldn’t have done it without you” because they’re part of the same episode and they’re so closely related and I don’t want to use up two slots for this! Y’all know why I love the former scene. All those years of Rory believing in him, and Jess Mariano finally pulls through and lets her know that he’s made it, in part, because of her. And Rory? She’s so proud of him! Despite the mess of her own life, she’s so enthusiastic and happy for him, and it warms my heart. The second scene (in the gif above), where Jess finally confronts Rory, is amazing, because he’s the only one who can get to her. Who can cut the crap and call her out directly (“Why did you drop out of Yale?” I love Milo’s delivery of this line and the desperation in his voice). And what makes me love this even more, is that Jess’s not yelling at Rory because he’s upset about how Logan treated him. He says himself that it isn’t about Logan or himself- it’s about Rory. He is the only one who puts Rory’s needs above his own, who knows Rory better than anyone else, who doesn’t see the idealized version of her and doesn’t project on to her, who knows her and likes her for her good and bad, who pushes her to do better because he knows her potential … and if that isn’t love, what is? 


Originally posted by inhale-fandoms-exhale-asdfghjkl

The cuteness. I can’t. The guitar theme. I’m sobbing. THE NOSE RUB. “KEEP THINKING WHAT YOU’RE THINKING”. “I HAVE NO CHOICE”. Deceased. 

I’m just going to leave it at seven but just know that these’ll probably change every time because I love these two so much and they have a million scenes so obviously picking a top 5-10 is … impossible! Thanks for the ask <3

Passacaille in Barcelona

Before I start rambling about this particular OST from YOI Soundtrack, please do note that I’m not a music major student and certainly not a music prodigy, I’m just someone who like to deeply analyze things lol (and ofc, this is only my interpretation so feel free if you have any other opinion). And this post is based on some post I accidentally saw on tumblr few days ago saying that some people speculate that “Passacaille in Barcelona” is a companion piece to Yuri on Ice, but this time, Victor is the piano while Yuuri is the violin.

Okay, let’s get started then.

So if you already hear the soundtrack, Passacaille in Barcelona is that instrumental piece used as background in episode 10 (during Victor + Yurio beach scene in the morning) and slightly at episode 12 (during that talk when Yuuri wanted to end things and during the short clip of the beach after that). This song, in my opinion, has that “sad but calm” feeling; kinda like a song that you hear when you reminiscing past memories, the one that make your heart warm and flutter, but also with a bit hint of sadness there.

While Yuri on Ice is about Yuuri’s journey: his growth, his achievement throughout the story, his life and love with Victor; Passacaille in Barcelona is about looking back into all of those things already happened, but this time it’s from Victor’s POV. To simplify things, let’s just break the song into three distinctive parts: the piano at the beginning, the majority of the song aka the piano-violin duet, and the piano at the ending of the song. Also, once again, remember that Victor is the piano.

First, the piano at the beginning. We all know what is Victor’s main reason of taking break, abandoning his career, going to Japan, and coaching Yuuri. We all know that he’s lonely, that he already lost all motivation and inspiration, that he desperately need something to spark his dull life. And that’s the first part of the song. The lonely piano at the beginning is Victor; it’s about him being alone, being confused about what to do (well at least until he saw Yuuri skate to Stammi Vicino), being lost in his own glory and fame. But it’s short. It’s short because he doesn’t want to dwell on that dull and depressing past for too long, it’s short because he just want to move on and remembering all goodness that happened in his life after that. Or simply to say: after he met Yuuri again and became his coach.

Then, hopping into the second part: the piano and violin duet. Of course, this is all about Victor relationship with Yuuri. But since this is from Victor’s POV, you can hear how the piano isn’t that dominant in this part. It’s just a background accompanying the violin, the harmony to make the violin much more stronger and stand out and catch everyone’s attentions. In sentence, maybe it’s something like, “I’ll do anything, give anything, to make you shine. It’s your time. It’s your spotlight, not mine.” And yes, basically that’s what Victor did, right? He didn’t even care with his World Championships title, he just care about Yuuri. He will do anything to help Yuuri reach his goal, even though it’s actually kinda frustrating to him. I mean, at the beginning, Yuuri didn’t even realize that Victor wanted more than just student-coach relationship (just look at him being “It’s katsudon!!” with that Eros-thingy lol). Yuuri strongly thinks that their relationship isn’t something permanent, that it will fade over time because Victor is just too good and all to him (I don’t blame him, that’s his anxiety talking and I know how it feels). So yeah, it’s frustrating, but Victor chose to compromise with that. He will take what he can get, he will do anything as long as Yuuri stay close to his side. He hoped that Yuuri will never retired, because he thought that that’s the only way for them to keep being together.

But then, things started to be different when they exchanged the rings. In the song, you can hear that the piano is gradually getting stronger too around 02:00 mark (it’s getting stronger in my opinion if you hear it through earphone). And for me, that’s just simply beautiful and meaningful. It shows how much both of them actually getting stronger, not just Yuuri, but Victor too. Just like what Victor thought during the beach scene, that Yuuri not only give him (and people around him) love and life but it’s more than that. It’s about getting stronger together, it’s about supporting each other and not putting someone up there on the high pedestal. They grow so much, that maybe, maybe that time at the beach, Victor just wanted to proudly say: “We are happy, and content, and will always be there for each other.” 

Until Yuuri asked him to end things, and this is where the third part of the song comes. I keep wondering why they showed a short glimpse of the beach the morning after the talk, along with a short piano part of this song, and then suddenly the (angsty) thought came into mind. What if, what if the lone piano part at the ending of the song means that Victor actually… okay with Yuuri ending things? Okay, we know he was angry and he wouldn’t just give up that easily, but still, the decision at that time was on Yuuri’s hand. He can’t keep pushing Yuuri if Yuuri doesn’t want that, and I believe that Victor knows that better than anyone. So yes he would try, but that lone piano symbolizes how he would accept any decision made. Even if that decision end up hurting him, anything, as long as Yuuri’s happy with his own decision. And it just broke my heart, thinking that somehow, deep down inside, Victor might have this kind of thought. That he is okay even if the worst thing end up becoming reality; because while looking back at all those moments happened in their life, it was worth it and it already gave him reasons to feel alive again. Yuuri deserved to be happy and to make all decisions he wants, so Victor will let him to do that (and ofc while trying to not give up).

(And let’s be glad that Yuuri end up choosing to keep skating because if it’s not, I think my heart will seriously break)

Will go back to listen Passacaille in Barcelona in repeat now, have a good day everyone! <3

All That Destiel (10x05)

So, ships. The ships were talked of in Fan Fiction. Which, you know, is good. At least Thompson acknowledges the ships instead of the whole “HOMO, WHAT HOMO? NO HOMO” routine some people try to go with, like trying to put out an oil fire with water.

poppethurlingpotato asked me about the Destiel in this episode, and well, I’m going to talk about this. For a while. Enjoy!

Let’s first talk about the concept of Chekhov’s gun. The theory, as Anton Chekhov explains himself, is to:

“Remove everything that has no relevance to the story. If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it’s not going to be fired, it shouldn’t be hanging there.”

Think of Supernatural as the three parts that the fandom generally sees it as: Pre-apocalypse, apocalypse, and post apocalypse.

The First Act represents the Pre-apocalypse seasons. That’s where the Wincest was explored in the play.

The intermission can represent the apocalypse seasons - it was definitely one of the best parts because Dean and Marie get a one on one where she reveals that she now knows and believes the brothers to be the brothers. She doesn’t freak out like Becky, she’s fine with the realization. They get a heart to heart, which accumulated with what he learned while watching the show in Dean realizing a few things that make his relationship with the people around him, or at least Sam for now, a bit better in the end.

But the Second Act? We don’t really see much of the Second Act, if any of it. The Act where even crazier situations occur. The Act where Destiel is explored. Perhaps, just perhaps, the Second Act represents the Post-Apocalypse era and that we don’t see most, if any, of that act because the Second Act is not over yet. The Post-Apocalypse is not over.

Let’s look at how Dean reacts to Wincest,

And how Dean reacts to Destiel.

Especially after he learns that the two girls are dating.

Dean reacts differently. He doesn’t stop them like he does with Wincest. 

His talk with Sam is very telling as well.

Especially if you look at similar talks he has had with Sam with women he has had relationships with.

Also, look at the wall in the background. Half of it is blue. Half of it is a pink color. Dean is standing on the blue side with a part of him still barely on the pink side. While they’re talking about “CasDean”. Strange, right?

Kind of reminds me of the Bisexual flag during the Crypt Scene? That scene where Dean was supposed to say “I love you” to Cas?

Or When Crowley told Dean to “Pick a bloody side” and Dean had a female demon on one side and a male demon on the other side of him?

Let’s look at the audience during the song Fem!Cas sings.

The audience is not seen for much of the play, especially when it comes to showing this much reaction, but the audience is especially emphasized here. This is an all girls Catholic school. This song is to show some of the “subtext” of “Destiel”. Look at the reactions of the parents of a school that is probably not very liberally inclined.

Take the audience of the play as us, the viewers of the show. Take the play as the show itself. This scene both makes the subtext apparent to the casual viewer and shows that even the casual viewer in this audience understands the subtext. That is an important seed to plant.

Dean had even made Fem!Cas look even more like the Cas he knows by fixing her tie so that it was backwards.

At the end, when they are singing Carry On My Wayward Son, do you know who’s focused on when they say “There’ll be peace when”?

And where the song is when “to rest” comes up?

Dean at the end likes this perspective. He enjoys this musical. I think part of him wishes that he could see his life like Marie sees his life. However, he still can’t push aside his guilt, he still can’t push aside his self hatred. In the end, he allows himself to enjoy the thought, but doesn’t let himself believe in the messages shown to him in the musical.

That Cas will always wait for him. That he is a good man chained down by his complexes. He just can’t allow himself to believe, especially after last season. Because he was starting too. He was starting to believe he was a good man. He was starting to think he didn’t have to be guilty for everything. But because of that, he let Gadreel in. Because of that, Kevin died. And he still can’t let go of that, especially since he has the Mark of Cain to remind him of that fairly recent past.

But this season is about personal growth, personal demons, and this whole play was pointing out things Dean can’t see with his clouded perspective. This play was Chekhov’s gun. We just need to wait and see when it goes off.

anonymous asked:

Firstly I love ur account and secondly have u noticed a slow piano version of LMFN plays when Sun gets stabbed and Blake tells him to 'hold on'?

Aahh thank you! I’m glad you do ♥️And yes! Yes, I have. My feels were so strong during that scene I almost couldn’t even think straight, but once I watched it another time knowing that Sun was okay, I could hear the background music well too. It was amazing. Needless to say, LMFN is definitely the official BlackSun theme song.

scenes that make 0 sense without the johnlock subtext

  • “somebody loves you" 
  • "look at us both”
  • john counting messages irene sent to sherlock 
  • “is yours a snorer?”
  • john reading newspapers and going: “okay, that’s it, we need to be more careful”
  • “you and john watson, just platonic?” (sherlock doesn’t reply)
  • a song about a lost love playing in the background during sherlock and john’s reunification
  • “i prefer my doctors clean-shaven”
  • mycroft warning sherlock “i told you, don’t get involved”
  • molly saying sherlock being the best man at john’s wedding isn’t just about “the speech”
  • “i mean, who leaves a wedding early? so sad”
  • sherlock coming back to life
  • john being obviously jealous of janine
  • sherlock’s speech on the tarmac “there’s something i should say, i’ve meant to say always and i never have, and since it’s unlikely we’ll ever meet again i might as well say it now”
References & Background Music Used in Fated to Love You

- Successful Story of a Bright Girl references: Some of the similar scenes in Fated to Love You are intended as a reference to the Jangs’ previous drama together.

- You Who Come from the Star reference: “Do Manager” reference during Clara’s opening scene when she throw a fuss and call her manager; “Where is Do Manager?” when she refused to do the shampoo commercial ad.

- ‘Technologic’ by Daft Punk is played during Miyoung’s opening scene in the drama where she is bringing the coffee to her office.

- ‘Change’ by Gloomy 30’s from Slave Hunter OST is used in the scene when Gun is trying to chase away the dog using his blazer. Jang Hyuk is associated a lot with this song since this is the drama that won him a Daesang in 2010 KBS Drama Award. Even in Real Men (a K-variety show about army life), this song is played constantly during his scenes. XD

- James Bond’s Bond girl reference: Gun transformed Miyoung to an attractive and kick-ass lady (Bond girl) at Macau and this reference is also used later in the drama.

- Count of Monte Cristo reference: When both of them are locked by Miyoung’s mum, Gun sarcastically answer to Miyoung; “Then should I dig a tunnel with a spoon?” when he tried to escape from the room.

- 'Snail’ by Panic is played when Gun described Miyoung as a snail that slowly, little by little, piece by piece, get closer to its target.

- Behind the White Tower reference: “What’s with this “Behind the White Tower” situation?” comment by the baby instructor when Gun acted dramatically like he is operating a patient when he is stitching the baby clothes.

- ‘Mujogeon’ by Park Sang Chul is sang by Gun when he entertained Miyoung’s mum and her friends during the karaoke session.

- ‘Why do you?’ by Chuli & Miae is sang by both Gun and Miyoung during the karaoke session. Gun rap while Miyoung sing and a live performance from Jang Hyuk’s days as TJ Project was briefly shown in the karaoke video.

- Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara’s past/current career reference: Gun praised Miyoung singing (reference to Jang Nara’s career as a pop singer) and Miyoung praised Gun’s rap (reference to Jang Hyuk’s short-lived career as a rapper) and Gun replied by saying; “I had to do something like that before. A project.” (Just for the lolz, TJ Project is his stage name which stand for ‘Team Jang Hyuk’).

- ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dion from Titanic OST is used during the back hug scene when Gun tried to stop Miyoung from picking up his handphone.

- ‘I Heard It Through the Rumors’ by Jang Ki Ha and the Faces from Nameless Gangster OST and ‘Cries and Whispers’ from Old Boy OST are used when Gun cancel the contract of selling the factory at Yeoul Island to the industrial waste landfill company.

- Pasta reference: Daniel said to Miyoung; “Eat here, I made pasta in my past.” which is a reference to his character in Pasta. Beside that, Daniel’s Korean name in the drama is Kim Taeho which is Choi Jinhyuk’s real name. (Credit: frankreich@tumblr)

- ET reference: Gun said Miyoung’s sister baby looks like an ET (alien) when he is holding him at the hospital.

- Various famous people reference: Jung Joon Young radio show (JJY is a big Jang Nara’s fan and he is indirectly asking Miyoung to come to him), ‘Having an Affair’ by GG (G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo), Park Kyunglim radio show and ‘Sera Sera’ by Doris Day is played from the radio during the car scene when Gun is sending Miyoung back from the hospital.

- ‘The Princess Diaries Medley’ from Princess Diaries OST is played during the firework romantic scene by the lake side.

- ‘Let’s Ride a Motorcycle with a Guitar’ by 10cm is played during the exercise race scene between Gun and Daniel.

- Batman’s Joker reference: Gun seeing his shrink in the iconic Joker make-up when his sexual frustration is driving him nuts that he has to take a cold shower for it. :’D

- Volcano High & Successful Story of a Bright Girl reference: Both Gun and Miyoung dressed as students as their previous movie/drama (Volcano High for Jang Hyuk and Successful Story of a Bright Girl for Jang Nara). You can hear Yong called Jang Nara’s character in the drama; “Yang Soon” and ‘Love Song’ by Jo Jang Hyuk from SSoaBG OST can be heard in the background during that scene.

- A New Leaf reference: Gun wake up and having an amnesia and he asked Sera; “That thing that happens frequently in movies and dramas, memory loss, I’m in that state?” You can see Kim Myungmin amnesia scene at the side of Gun’s face. 

- g.o.d. reference: Gun rapped to g.o.d.’s 'To My Mother’ – a song which he starred in a music video in 1999. He did this rap in front of John Park (a member of g.o.d. who made a cameo in this scene). Jang Hyuk and John Park is a long time friends as they once share a dorm during their rookie years.


- g.o.d.’s Baby Jaemin reference: Jaemin is the name of the baby that members of g.o.d. has to take care in their variety show. John Park is holding and recording an advertisement with 'Jaemin’ in this scene.

- Inspector Gadget theme song is used as background music when Gun is trying to enter Miyoung’s arts exhibition.

- 'I Can’t Forgive’ by Cha Soo Kyung from Cruel Temptation OST is played during Yong and Jiyeon restaurant scene. This song is associated with betrayal so it is purposely played during that scene. This song is also played during their meeting with Yong’s mother.

- Jang Hyuk reference: Gun speak in Chinese and pretend to be Jang Hyuk (himself) in order to stop the kiss conversation forced to Miyoung and Daniel by their friends.

In Time With You reference: When Gun and Miyoung are conversing by messaging each other, the scenes where they sit side by side are inspired by this Taiwanese drama.

- Chinese zombie reference: Gun called Secretary Tak; 'Tak Gangshi’ when he keeps following him around.

- The Classic reference: This happens during Gun and Miyoung running under the rain scene during their visit at the botanical garden. You can hear Jatanpung’s ’Me to You, You to Me’ from The Classic OST played in the background.

- Romeo & Juliet reference: Gunmeo & Julmiyoung according to Secretary Tak. 8D


- Notting Hill reference: Due to them confessing to each other in front of a press conference.

- 'Kiss Me’ by Blink is played during the drawing scene when Gun tried to kiss Miyoung. This song is very popular in k-variety shows since they always play it during any kiss-attempted scenes.

- Dragon Ball reference: Ice and fire exchange between Gun and Yong. And in one of the scene, Dragon Ball’s song (Korean version) can be heard from the background.

- Jun Jihyun reference (Jang Hyuk’s co-star in Windstruck and two of his MVs): A play on Jun Jihyun name is made by Gun when he asked Miyoung about Jiyeon’s name; “She’s Jun Jiyeon, right? Not, JIHYUN but Jiyeon.”

- Jang Nara reference: In Gun’s dream where he seemed to have forgotten Miyoung, he mistaken her with Jang Nara.

- Terminator reference: Gun said; “I’ll be back!!1” to Miyoung’s mum when he failed to convince her to be with Miyoung the first time.

- 'You Mean Everything To Me’ by Neil Sedaka is played during the ramyum kiss scene.

- Tazza - The War of Flower reference: Reference to Jang Hyuk’s character in his drama Tazza; “Goni” by President Park when they play the Go-Stop (Hwatoo) game in which Jang Hyuk’s character in the drama is an expert. Also, Jang Nara love to play the game irl so they show how she is an expert in the game in the drama.

- Secret Garden reference: This happens during the exercise scene when Gun and Miyoung are doing sit-up trying to impress Miyoung’s mum that he is healthy.

- Emergency Couple reference: At the end of episode 19 when we see them running in public to their wedding ceremony.

- Men in Black reference: Both Yong and Secretary Tak acting as secret agents when they tried to recreate the Macau incident.

- 'The Blue Night of Jeju Island’ by Sung Sikyung is played during Gun and Miyoung’s dancing scene near the pool when they were having their honeymoon at Jeju Island.

Anything else that I missed?

Keep Calm and Carry On/The Heroes

Uh. Let me breathe for a second.

(God, it’s getting harder and harder to tell apart real episodes from metas and fanfiction. But, uhm, let’s try.)

So, this is Supernatural, and I don’t know what I was expecting, but this episode was even darker than I anticipated. A path to deconstruction, so to say. And the thing is, it didn’t need to be filmed this way. Considering the usual Winchester landscape, things are going pretty well, after all - nobody’s under demonic influence of any kind, the world is not ending, Dean is alive, Cas is alive, Mary is alive, Sam is - well, not in an ideal situation by any means, but he knows Cas is coming for him and honestly, the whole thing could have gone down a different way. If Tony wanted information, she could have been friendlier - she knows Sam, she read his file - she must know he’s fundamentally a good person, someone who’s ready to give anyone a chance - Toni could have gained his trust, even after banishing Cas. Instead, the whole thing was brutal, and the beautiful songs they chose didn’t help any.

(”Let’s go home,” is what Dean tells his mother, and she smiles, a bit teary-eyed - I’m sure she’s imagining a house - maybe a place with a demon’s trap on every ceiling, but a house nonetheless - flower beds, your name on the doorbell, maybe even a wife - and instead, what she gets is an underground bunker and her son’s blood on the floor; what she gets is a place where guns are taped under the table, because that’s how safe Dean feels in that place.)


What struck me about Dean is that for the first time in forever, he’s too close to John for comfort. We know their relationship was complicated, to say the least, and we know that what peace Dean could find there, he found by walking away. He’s let John go. The real him, that is. The mess that was their childhood, that pain of never being good enough. Hell, even in his dreams, John’s not who John actually was - he’s a loving father instead; just someone teaching his kid to drive. But now, suddenly, Mary crashes back in Dean’s life, and that illusion of the past being past is shattered from the inside out and Dean - there he is - driving John’s car, living John’s life, caring for John’s kid. Reminiscing and repeating that old story of how his parents met (a sort of lie, we now know, because that love between John and Mary - that was engineered, timelines and lives tweaked so it could happen exactly that way). Which is everything Dean heard growing up, because the rest, John probably never mentioned - the fights, and him moving out. Those are things Dean remembered, but surely tried to forget so he could give himself up to this beautiful, sweet thing instead - two people bumping into each other and falling in love; the handsome soldier and the blushing princess. Aaaaw. 

(And also - those things we probably all spent the summer wondering about - does Mary remember she chose John over her own parents? that she let them die so John could live? - well, now we know the answer to that: she doesn’t. Like Dean, she’s living in a past that’s not a real past at all, but a pretty mosaic of fairytale moments. And, in any case, she’s a mother: no way she’ll ever regret marrying John, so, well.)

Because Mary coming back - what that really means, it seems, is that Dean is John’s boy again; and even Baby - Dean is suddenly reminded of the fact that Baby was never his car: she was John and Mary’s, and Mary has fond memories of it (of having sex with her husband in the back seat, and this was, very clearly, about making a point, because what kind of married couple has sex in a car when they’ve got a perfectly nice house waiting for them?). 

So, well - after all these years of character development - of Dean clawing his way out of that other person John wanted him to be - now it turns out Mary isn’t the ally we sort of expected she would be. Instead, Dean’s worldview is turned upside down again as John is talked about in a positive way for the first time since - literally forever? And by ‘forever’ I mean season 2, perhaps.

(”He gave himself up for me.” - “That sounds like John.”)

And despite what he says about him and Sam making the world better, Dean is forced to acknowledge that their lifestyle only works because they’re on their own and nobody loves them. Which, ouch - especially when the point of the episode seemed to be about how useless they actually are - brutish people out to threaten veterinarians, and people bested again and again by their enemies (bested, that’s right - because even after everything, Sam makes the heart choice - chooses to spare Toni’s life - and that was a mistake). I mean, the idea that you could prevent monsters from killing instead of hunting them down after they kill is downright sobering, and suddenly all the chaos and pain the Winchesters have brought down on themselves over the years seem even more unnecessary.

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Three times there has been a romantic songs (or songs with romantic backgrounds) playing during a Tyrell and Elliot scene

1. When Elliot shows Tyrell the fsociety, a piano version of Where is My Mind plays in the background. In Fight Club, the song plays when the main character (who’s name escapes me at the moment) holds hands with his love interest as they watch the buildings collapse.
(Sure, this one could easily slide as just a homage to Fight Club. That’s fine. Moving on)

2. Elliot talks to Tyrell on the phone and the episode’s credits play the song Till We Met Again by Charles Hart and Lewis James. My god, this song is romantic.
(But this could probably mean nothing)

3. Elliot and Tyrell met again and Earth’s Angel starts playing.
(Um…that’s…maybe Sam just likes the song?)

Plus, Martin described Tyrell and Elliot’s story as a love story.

If one romantic song played during one of their scenes, maybe it wouldn’t mean anything but three times?

There’s no way that’s a coincidence

Strange Magic ON ICE

SO I was in the shower, and I just thought of this: Strange Magic ON ICE like all those ones Disney does for the Princesses, Finding Nemo, etc.

Like the beginning could start with all the fairies and elves and brownies singing Can’t Help Falling in Love, and then we see Marianne burst through a bunch of flowers to sing her part with Roland.

Originally posted by tumbling-down-again

After the whole betrayal thing, we see the Marianne’s transformation on-stage as she removes her white gown to reveal her badass attire.

Then we see the events of the Spring Ball and the festival together (to save on time): Marianne humiliates Roland before the festivities, Roland gives Sunny the potion, Dawn and Sunny sing before she is love-dusted, Bog arrives because someone has his potion, etc, etc (we all know how this happens).

Pare, Lizzie, Griselda, King Dagda, and Imp are really the only characters that may or may not make an appearance. Stuff and Thang could be backup dancers/singers during Mistreated.

Originally posted by stanjamboree

Then when Marianne goes into the Dark Forest, she finds Bog on the way back to the castle, so they fight there and try to save Dawn via Plum’s song (that is moved to after the festival). 

We see Butterfly Bog forming with moments taken from the castle scene and the Strange Magic scene.

Roland arrives to mess everything up, Bog’s castle (or the forest can be partially) destroyed, Dawn is saved and brought back from the love potion.

We end with the Wild Thing scene and kiss, with all of the characters and backgrounders skating around on the ice and Marianne and Bog in the middle.

Technical Stuff: I don’t want them to be floating around in that kaleidoscope form; I want them to be the center of attention while the colors and dancing around them is still going.

Originally posted by strangely-magical

i’m italian but i live in glasgow. the best thing about seeing the man from u.n.c.l.e. in english was the italian love song playing in the background during the scene where napoleon rescues illya. i bet nobody in the theatre had a clue about what the song was about. no one probably understood the lyrics. but i did. that song is a powerful and very romantic love song. 

anonymous asked:

im so sorry if u have answered this but please I need to understand, what is clexas song you have brought up many times before? what are we saying is there song? btw I love ur blog so much and your theories, u keep doing you!!💖

It is just specific background music that is plays during Clexa scenes. It starts playing once Lexa bows, and when Clarke pushes her way through the crowd and they lock eyes. We will hear it throughout the season when they have scenes together!