love the aussies

Cuties bsssss❤😍🔥🔥😍❤

Can PLEASE SOME PRODUCER/S out there see the huge potential in these amazing talented hot aussies actresses and call them to make SOMETHING together?!!! HUGE wish for this near 🔥2017🔥and PLEASE DONT KILL ANY OF THEM in the story? THANKS!!🙏🏼❤


Here’s baby Willow! She is my 7 week old Australian shepherd and Bentley’s baby sister. I will be [hopefully] training her to be my PSD, as well as involving her in some dog sport and other adventures that come our way.

Tbh, if you’re Australian, I automatically consider you a babe.

Female Aussie? Babe.

Male Aussie? Babe. 

Non-Binary Aussie? Babe.

Dog who resides in Australia? Babe.

Kangaroo that kicks me in the face, but is also coincidentally from Australia? Babe.

Scaly little pangolin? FUCKING babe.

Inanimate opera house? GOD DAMN FUCKING BABE.