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When U Start A New Serie ...

Animal Kingdom

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And Is Good … Like Very Good

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Also have very hot men

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And A  Gay Character…

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(A Possessive Gay Character )

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Cody Boys Read Tweets | Animal Kingdom | TNT


WakfuTale: Everything’s the same exept the story goes on Wakfu universe, with each character being of a different race from this world; Gaster’s alive and kicking, and sans and papyrus being children.

Sans and Papyrus(10yo and 6yo): youngbrothers from different eggs/dofus, their twins being dragon blasters with full bodies. Sans “hatched” first and a few years later came papyrus.
Sans can be stubborn and a little troublemaker sometimes, but he’s a happy bean with a golden heart, ready to help those in need, he’s also very curious  and a great explorer at heart.
Papyrus is a small cinammon roll, loving person and animal kingdom. But he can also be very naive and trustfull, being tricked by bad guys out there. Papyrus is always ready to learn from his big Brother Gaster, while Sans prefers to run around the meadows and help people at the village, if not getting into undesired trouble.
Sans twin dragon is a small skeleton dragon with wings, michievious and allways looking for trouble, going by the name Zephyr.
Papyrus twin dragon is smaller thats Sans twin, but full of strenght and speed, but also a heart of gold just like Pap. He’s called Auster.

Gaster(30’s yo): sans and papyrus big brother, raised both of them when they hatched. His twin is a full grown Dargon Blaster with enormous wings who goes by the name Boreas.
Gaster is a wakfu user, teacher and the library’s head-chief on a peacefull village not far from Bonta, where he helps the villagers with their problems and teaches the children. He’s a very loving a protective big brother, but also a very strict mentor, with Sans always running away from his lessons. Gaster knows everything about the Eliotrope culture and wishes to protect it and to learn more about wakfu and the World of Twelve. He loves to read, science, experiments and will not tolerate desrespect towards him or any living being.

Frisk and Chara(10 yo): a young eliotrope, found and raised by a Huppermage couple with a child. Curious but shy as hell, Frisk talways tries not to get very far from they’re home in Bonta, especially venturing alone in this big but calm city. Frisk’s twin, Chara, is a green dragon with a black dragon’s personality, which makes them possessive,  jealous at almost everyone and a very angry fluffball, making sure that Frisk is always near and protecting them from suspicious people.

Toriel(40’s yo): Frisk’s adoptive mother, a famous Huppermage. Toriel, when pregnant with Asriel, found Frisk’s and Chara’s Dofus while taking a walk by the woods with Asgore. Questioning why such precious thing would be in such a place, Toriel took it home in hopes to find its respective owner, but with no avail. Two days later, after giving birth to little Asriel, the Dofus ecloded to show a baby Frisk and a baby green dragon. Toriel fell in love with the two children and decided to adopt them, not knowing even what species they were.
Years later, Toriel came to know about a Wakfu teacher on a village not far from their location, and with hopes that she could help Frisk and Chara know more about their past, she came to this Teacher for help, who accepted gladly as students this new little eliotrope and Dragon child.

Undyne(20’s yo): Undyne is a valient iop, with fish-man’s mixed blood. She’s also a very brave and direct Guardian of the Shushu. Undyne was made Frisk’s and Chara’s personal body-guard by Asgore, so they could make sure that their children would get into horrible trouble.

WakfuTale, designs © moi
Wakfu © Ankama
Undertale and all present characters © Toby Fox

This is Murphy the very pink Dolphin. Murphy only appears on tumblr dashes every three centuries, it is level-headed and generous. You don’t need to do anything, it will grant you happiness and love just by looking at you. There you go. Blessed by Murphy…


the animal care team from six flags discovery kingdom does the #mannequinchallenge


First thing that comes to Deran’s mind after thinking about the weeks in Belize with Adrian = getting rid of the inconvenient new boyfriend