love that squirrel


Well, at one point Jesus had to make the first move. I mean, who doesn’t like flowers? it seems, Daryl Dixon isn’t a big fan of them, or it’s just the wrong type. Maybe Maggie was right and a squirrel would’ve been a better choice.

have some cute desus!

So some girl brought a dead squirrel to the op, Misha was uncomfortable with it and she got mad at him, she complained and played the victim, and then bibros jumped to support her calling Misha names?
He didn’t have to apologize for not wanting to hold a dead animal ffs, but he did because he’s an amazing person so stop trying to manipulate Misha into feeling bad.

Let’s Watch Until Dawn Part 1

[A Squirrel Appears On The Shooting Range]

Gavin: …Oh NO
Jack: NO!
Geoff: No No No No!!
Jack: Don’t You Dare Touch It Ryan!
Geoff, In The Most Parental “I’m Warning You” Voice: Ryan


Chenle is such a ball of energy like he’s so out there brimming w life while i’m just ti r e d, has one facial expression and is a zombie