love that squirrel

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So I have this irrational fear of squirrels. My mother, being funny gave me this green metal hook thing for your keys shaped as a squirrel a few years ago. I was looking at it the other day and engraved in it are the letters NB and I guess I have to love this non binary squirrel key ring now

I love this ask so much. Can i ask what scares you the most about squirrels?

Let's talk about Mafala Hatimbi

He is just a really great guy.

- He loves his daughter so much and is always looking out for her. She’s all he has left and he just wants to keep her safe.
- He is extremely welcoming to Elder Price and Elder Cunningham and makes sure to make them feel welcome.
- He immediately teaches them something from his culture and invites them to complain even though he knows their problems aren’t even close to as bad as his own.
- He has AIDS but he seems to be one of the only villagers to keep a smile on his face and not complain too heavily about it.
- He just really is so pure and good and deserves more love

thanks for listening. I’ll be going now.


Well, at one point Jesus had to make the first move. I mean, who doesn’t like flowers? it seems, Daryl Dixon isn’t a big fan of them, or it’s just the wrong type. Maybe Maggie was right and a squirrel would’ve been a better choice.

have some cute desus!