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This is Moimoi. He’s 13. I almost lost him on New Year’s Day, but he’s a tough cookie. I don’t know how I’ll be without him really. I wish he knows how much I love him.

Let's talk about Mafala Hatimbi

He is just a really great guy.

- He loves his daughter so much and is always looking out for her. She’s all he has left and he just wants to keep her safe.
- He is extremely welcoming to Elder Price and Elder Cunningham and makes sure to make them feel welcome.
- He immediately teaches them something from his culture and invites them to complain even though he knows their problems aren’t even close to as bad as his own.
- He has AIDS but he seems to be one of the only villagers to keep a smile on his face and not complain too heavily about it.
- He just really is so pure and good and deserves more love

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Well, at one point Jesus had to make the first move. I mean, who doesn’t like flowers? it seems, Daryl Dixon isn’t a big fan of them, or it’s just the wrong type. Maybe Maggie was right and a squirrel would’ve been a better choice.

have some cute desus!

Guess the Breed

This is Winnie. She’s 27 lbs and about 18 inches tall. The first picture is from her first birthday. Her coat is wavy when long, fluffy when short. She has a real love for people, hates cats, and tolerates her adopted dog brother, Hugo. She’s a dainty eater. She is attentive, affectionate, and can be stubborn. She also loves chasing birds and squirrels, and is speedy when playing fetch.

From Amy, With Love (pt. 8)

(I know you all hate seeing Host like this. Believe me I do, too, but bear with me a bit longer…)

Amy awakes with a crick in her neck. She’s fallen asleep in a chair in Mark’s hospital room, and during the night, someone placed a blanket over her. Amy suspects it was most likely the Doctor. She rubs the sleep form her eyes and looks around. Mark is still asleep. He’s been resting on and off since he woke up, but the Doctor refuses to let him leave until they’ve gotten his memories back. Now that Host has determined he cannot reverse what Dark has done, she doubts Mark will ever be the same.

Amy gently brushes Mark’s hair from his eyes, that ridiculous floof was always falling down in his face. He looks like a child when sleeping, helpless and innocent, and it breaks her heart to think that he may never look at her the same way again. Amy swallows hard and steps out, running to Wilford’s room to check on him.

She barely gets inside the door when Dr. Iplier hears her scream from his office. He rushes to find her on the floor of Wilford’s room. “He’s gone!” The Doctor looks at the bed to find the restraints cut and Wilford’s dagger cast to the side.


The other Egos are gathered in the Board Room. Google and Green have returned from repairing Oliver who is resting upstairs, but it is the Host who stands in Dark’s place at the head of the table. “Fellow Egos,” Host speaks gently, “I am in the awkward position of having to inform you that our friend Wilford Warfstache may be permanently disabled. You see, his psyche, never very stable to begin with, has been marred by the memories of Amy that Dark has taken from Mark. It seems, unfortunately, that Wilford will no longer be able to help us in achieving our… goal.”

“You refer to our primary objective,” Google states. “Is that objective still relevant at this time? Surely we have gained Mark and Amy’s attention. They will help us to remain functional. Amy would not allow us to fade.”

Host smiles at the droid and shakes his head. “No, I’m afraid that Mark will come to resent all of us for what Darkiplier has done to him, and Amy no longer has any control over Mark or his channel because of Mark’s… amnesia.”

Ed slams his fist down on the table. “Then, who will be in charge? Dark and Wilford were always our leaders before. They kept each other in line, so what’ll we do now?”

“I believe,” Host croons, “that I should take their place. I am, of course, the most powerful Ego remaining. I can provide for you all as needed.”

A shiver runs down Bim’s spine. Something isn’t right here. The Host is behaving like… well, like Dark, and after what Bim saw in the basement… “No, Host. I don’t think that’s the best idea,” Bim speaks up.

The Host’s face falls into an angry snarl, but before he can speak, Google adds, “Besides, I believe that I could be some use in leading the remaining Egos. I have a certain level of objectivity that I believe you do not possess, Host.”

“Yeah,” Silver jumps in, “Who died and made Host the leader?”

“No one here is a king, Host,” Bim says softly. “Well, except King of the Squirrels…” King smiles happily from his spot on the floor and goes back to applying his peanut butter beard to his face—oblivious to everything going on around him.

Host straightens his trench coat and rolls his neck. “I don’t believe you understand. I’m the most powerful Ego, and I deserve this position. And Google is limited by his programming.”

The Host leans his hands against the table. “You see, cooperation is key. Working together and believing in one another… that’s essential. That’s the thing you need to learn about this agreement we have.” Host straightens up, Dark’s gray aura swirling in his mind. That’s it. Why just be a Host, watching life go by and narrating? Grab the reigns again. Write your own destiny. Be the Author.

“So,” Host continues, “what we are going to do is we are going to stay here in this room for however long it takes for you to learn to cooperate!” The gray aura extends from the Host and swirls around the others. The Egos try to resist, but Host’s words dull their senses. Dark feels them giving in. “Ok? Alright.”

“Watch it, Hosty. That’s exactly how you lost your eyes,” Wilford hits Host over the head with a bat. Host slumps onto the floor with a sickening thud, and Dark’s aura disappears from the room. “Sorry about that, old friend.” Wilford grips the bat, fighting the urge to keep going. He can barely control himself anymore, but he sensed Dark’s aura on the Host when he’d spoken to Amy in his hospital room.

And he wasn’t going to let Dark control his friend. Not again. Not after what happened last time.

The other Egos blink away the remaining aura, and Wilford crouches down beside the Host, checking his pulse. Google jumps to his feet. “Wilford? The Host…” Google’s synthetic voice cracks in pain. Oliver isn’t around to manage his emotions.

“He didn’t know… He didn’t know what he was doing. Host would’ve never let this happen again. This was Dark, all Dark.” Wilford looks up at Google with fire blazing in his eyes, and Google has never seen the Ego so enraged. “I’m going to kill him for this.”

(Most of the Host’s *the Author’s* dialogue from this part comes from Cyndago’s video with Mark “Danger in Fiction; Chapter Two.”)

imagine witch taehyung.

Originally posted by qt-taehyungssi

  • the green in his hair is,,,,,,, natural?
  • it grows fast and tends to stick out as if it grows in completely different directions from the rest of his hair.
  • earning him nicknames like seaweed and kelp-head.
  • although he wasn’t actually born with magic he was raised by witches so he knows his way around it and it’s a pretty integral part of his life.
  • dabbles mostly in herbs and alchemy etc.
  • and whatever magic surrounds him is either the leftover spell work of those who raised him or borrowed from nature.
  • also he speaks to animals.
  • like he doesn’t have full conversations with them but they listen and understand him and he can generally guess what they want.
  • studies botany but gets in a lot of arguments with his professors because he has a less scientific view of nature.
  • environmental enthusiast.
  • has a home and everything but probably spends most of his summers living up a tree taking care of woodland animals.
  • you’ve caught him muttering to squirrels a few times.
  • seen him chased across campus by literally every cat in the area.
  • but you just assumed he’s nice and likes to feed the animals.
  • a lot of socks have been disappearing from around your dorm lately and you thought maybe someone was pulling a prank, when taehyung one day approaches you with a bag full of odd socks.
  • he explains that the magpie living near your dorm recently had its nest destroyed and was compensating, but that he’s “had a word with him and he won’t do it again.”
  • like most people you just assumed he was joking.
  • but he doesn’t really try to hide any of this, if someone asks why he’s so weird he’ll just frown and say he was raised by witches, like lmao what did you expect.
  • then a week later you come across him making a splint for a pigeon with a broken wing out of popsicle sticks and you realise you need to get to know this boy because?????? who even does that ???
  • and you bump into him again later that same week but this time he has ??? a squirrel ??? in his hair ???
  • you’re like “whu h?U???” because holy shit cute
  • and he’s like “yeah she likes the smell of my shampoo.”
  • you ask how he knows and he just shrugs.
  • and when the squirrel tugs too hard he’s like “ouch okay that’s enough.”
  • and she just like, scampers off and you’re like ??????????
  • and he just smiles.
  • after that you keep finding individual wildflowers everywhere around your dorm and wherever you go on campus.
  • like someone’s been picking them and leaving them around the place for you to find.
  • and the birds singing outside your window in the morning have increased like tenfold in number.
  • you have no idea this is taehyung basically attempting to court you.
  • not until a magpie drops a four-leaf clover on you one morning, a squirrel scampers up to you with a daisy while you’re reading in the shade for a tree, and when you look up there he is, scratching the back of his neck and mumbling something about a picnic.
  • just imagine how bright he’d smile when you accept his invitation.
  • the rest, as they say, is history.
  • taehyung knows all the best spots for camping and tree-climbing and berry-picking and picnics and you two go on so many adventures exploring the wilderness surrounding your little town.
  • he never falls out of a tree?
  • like he literally can’t because he was enchanted as a kid.
  • so you bet your butt he’s gonna hang upside down and make you do a spider-man kiss with him.
  • he sends you love notes by squirrel and cat and even a duck one time.
  • and when summer comes around he invites you to stay with him in his tree house and help him take care of the animals.
  • and he tells you about all the silly names he gave to plants as a kid before he studied and learned their actual names.
  • you literally always have fresh flowers in your hair, don’t ask me how or where they come from maybe they grow there idk.
  • always always always holding hands, listen this boy has no intentions of ever letting you go no way nope
  • and you two are just very much in love and enjoying nature and each other and everywhere you go flowers bloom tbh bless :’)
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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