love that smile :)

us, in the library

red wine and nostalgia
that’s us

talking for ages
long into the night
almost until sunrise
we can always hear the birds
and they have been up quite some time
by then


we are sitting
in the library
most old houses
have one

you’re sitting in the chair
right opposite mine
maybe I shall say slouching
sipping on your wine

the chair isn’t for slouching
it’s one of those old stuffy things
but you can slouch in everything
you have making it into an art form

I sit like I unusually do
too stiffly to be comfortable
I don’t know why really
I just do - it’s like my body gets nervous
by sitting still so it stiffens and goes numb

you are talking now
I listen
I watching you
how your lips move
your teeth are red
from the wine
you smile a lot
always smiling are you

I nod
and I nod
and I smile
and I talk
answering your question
yes no maybe

we talk
and we talk
and we sip
and you are slouching even more
and my legs get itchy
they are falling asleep
I feel tired
but I don’t stop
you don’t stop
so we talk
and we talk
and we sip
and you ask
more wine?

of course!

we open another bottle
and we sip
and we laugh
and we talk
and I watching you
your smile
how it reaching your eyes
how they twinkle
when your laugh
when you talk
animated with your arms
and I smile
and I sip
and I realize

I am happy
in your company
I am happy
to be here

I feel alive
I feel free

and we hear the birds
you say it’s late it’s early
you laugh
I say maybe it’s just is
and the smile you send my way
that smile oh that smile
so different
from the others
I smile too

I smile too
and something
is different

it just is

I close my eyes
I hear the birds
outside the window

I hear you
I hear you
I feel you

your precious touch
and I smile

I smile

bringing back my voltron live action movie talk (which started at my last post), if it really really does happen at all, i started to think about some actors that would do nice as some characters, so here you go a few:

godfrey gao as shiro
teyonah parris as allura
matthew mcconaughey as coran