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Does cheeta!tracer like playing with her food? Like chase them and than attack?

Yes she does! She’ll run after almost anything that start to run near her, even if she doesn’t necessarily end up killing them. She love to chase stuff for fun! :D

If Hanzo, for example, dash near her to jump on a tree, she’ll immediately switch in race mode like “Ah! You think you can outrun me, Hanzoooooooo??! I’ll show you who’s the beeeeessssttttttt!!” and while Hanzo just hopped on his tree and stopped there Tracer is already on the other side of the universe ahahah

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what other food does poncho like to eat ... also can she eat grapes no particular reason for this question it's just grapes are one of favourite foods and poncho is one of my favourite Tumblr pets xo

poncho likes butternut squash, yellow squash, zucchini, collard greens, turnip and mustard greens, sometimes endive, some other stuff I can’t remember, that’s like the stuff she gets fed More Often

less often is fruits, bugs, and treat items. unfortunately she loves all kinds of berries though but she can’t have them all the time

AND YES she can have grapes but well cut up and in small quantities since they have moderate oxalates

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what if their daughter told them she wanted to be a Disney princess when she grew up

Denmark: Thinks this is cute and makes her princess crowns and scepters and such. It’s probably just a phase that little girls go through, just let her be a kid while she can.

Norway: He finds this a bit concerning. I see Norway as being very feminist and he wants to make sure she knows that girls are just as smart and capable as boys and that she doesn’t need to just look pretty and fall in love with a prince.

Iceland: He’s not so good with the girly, princess stuff but he does watch the movies with her and tries his best to be supportive.

Sweden: Sees this as a good learning opportunity. He teaches her about historical queens and princesses, and puts on shows for her like Sofia the First and Elena of Avalor so she can see that being a princess means being a good friend and leader. That said, he ends up sewing lots of gorgeous little princess dresses.

Finland: He shows her Brave and then begins giving her archery and horseback riding lessons. Hey, princess has to know how to kick ass and rock a ball gown!

Mod Amanda (P.S. Sofia the First and Elena of Avalor are wonderful shows! Sofia is aimed more at preschoolers and Elena is probably for elementary school age kids. I’m not wild about the animation for Sofia, but both shows teach great lessons about kindness, fairness, and being a leader. Plus, they’re both very good at introducing diversity. Elena is a latina princess and both shows have featured characters of many different races and cultures!)

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The Horsemen trying fish and chips for the first time!!! :D

Death: Doesn’t like it initially, until you introduce him to vinegar. He literally drowns the chips in the stuff. Also, he uses so much salt you and Strife start to joke that its the reason Death’s so salty. 

War: He doesn’t like the fish much, but the chips….He loves the chips. Puts them away like they’re going out of fashion.  

Fury: She prefers the soft cod to the fried potatoes, offering the rest of which to you. Apparently, she does have a liking for mayonnaise though. 

Strife: You ever seen a horseman’s mind explode? Now you have. 

He loves fish and chips….And ketchup. 

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sanvers for the ship ask thingy haha

aww (send me a ship)
  • who hogs the duvet

Maggie. She’s tiny so she doesn’t think she does it but she absotutely does.

  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going

Alex, precious bb gay :D I mean they both do it, bc they’re fluffy goobers in love, but Alex probably does it more bc <3 <3 <3

  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts

They’re both pretty good, but I think Alex wins, bc she has Kara to a) bounce ideas off when she gets stuck in a loop of ~maggie’s so great i love her help~ and b) Supergirl can bring her cool stuff like pizza from Chicago that Maggie just can’t top

  • who gets up first in the morning

Probably Maggie, she seems like she’s got her life together.

  • who suggests new things in bed

Alex probably? Maggie probs had to bring her out of her shell a little bit but now that Alex feels comfortable she’s probably got a few ideas up her sleeve.

  • who cries at movies

Idk, probably Alex, but idk. Maybe it depends what movie?

  • who gives unprompted massages

Alex I think. She’s taller than Maggie which gives her better shoulder access, for one thing, and Maggie likes to be smol&tough which Alex probably thinks is adorable :P Plus that shot of Maggie cuddling on Alex’s lap in the most recent ep? Had to be some backrubs going on there.

  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick

Maggie. Alex tries to insist that she’s fine bc she’s basically in denial about being sick until she’s like, passing out, and Maggie sometimes has to get a bit bossy to keep her in line but she also dotes

  • who gets jealous easiest

I feel like they’re both pretty understanding of each other and pretty trusting so I don’t think there’d be much jealousy tbh. Probably some insecurity (eg Alex about being such a newer gay than Maggie, and Maggie maybe about her family life vs Alex’s) but jealousy? not really

  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music

Idk, both of them have a pretty weird taste. I feel like that’s something they bond over. Although, Alex may also like some stuff Kara likes that Maggie doesn’t, so who knows, maybe there’s some boy bands or something in there and Maggie’s just like oh my god i’m dating this

  • who collects something unusual

Maggie certainly seems to “collect” alien weaponry?! Idk though, Alex probably has some cool alien stuff she’s collected over the years at the DEO.

  • who takes the longest to get ready

Alex; while in spirit she’s down with “grab a jacket and go” she still sometimes tries super hard to impress Maggie (or to stay with her when she really should be going to work) so she takes longer.

  • who is the most tidy and organised

Maggie, I feel like being a really motivated police officer that is part of her skill set whereas Alex spent so long looking after other people that maybe her attention to her own life is lacking

  • who gets most excited about the holidays

Alex!! Most holidays are about family, directly or indirectly, and unlike Maggie, Alex has always had a loving family to share them with. Now she also a loving gf to bring into the fold, and she’s determined not to let Maggie miss out

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon

Alex is usually the big spoon which she thinks is great tbh

  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports

Have you met them? Their whole lives are competition! (Sometimes they let each other win though)

  • who starts the most arguments

Alex. She’s still struggling to live her own life and sometimes she accidentally hurts Maggie or Kara or someone and sometimes she’s just being insecure but it can get a bit bristly at times.

  • who suggests that they buy a pet

Probably Maggie? Can u imagine. What about a little german shepard puppy like?? it would be super adorable.

  • what couple traditions they have

Lots of bets and competitions, quite private Valentine’s Days, and the tradition of trying out new traditions to see if they work or not

  • what tv shows they watch together

Hmm, idk. Alex & Kara watch a lot of rom coms together, idk how into that Maggie would be. Classic sci fi or something seems more their jam. 

  • what other couple they hang out with

Hmm, idk. Kara and her partner probably.

  • how they spend time together as a couple

Anything! They work together, play together, cook, eat, sleep together, they’re pretty compatible so there isn’t much they don’t do

  • who made the first move


  • who brings flowers home

Maggie :P that’s cute

  • who is the best cook

Hmm, probably Maggie? I feel like Alex, especially looking after Kara, tended to focus on quantity over quality. Plus Maggie’s Italian so like… hit me up with the awesome family recipes and stuff plz

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OH DANG yeah I meant ying, sorry about that! I would love to hear more ying/fernando stuff

- They have had their fair share of arguments, but always make up a few hours later. Ying can be quite stubborn with her ideas and so is Fernando.

- For his birthday, Ying presented Fernando with a cake made to resemble his helmet and shield. Needless to say he loved it.

- Ying has tried to to surprise Fernando before by doing that thing he does when he comes from behind and picks her up. She couldn’t do it alone, but with the help of her illusions barely managed.

- She finds it very funny when he speaks in Spanish.

- Fernando has tried to get Ying to speak Elvish, but the truth is that she doesn’t really know how to because she hasn’t done it for so long. She grew up with Grover who never spoke to her in Elvish.


lív’s followers celebration: anina (@gentleginny)

anina, in the hebrew meaning, is grace; in aramaic is the answer to my prayer. she’s the grace of the prayer, actually, the holy feeling that we’ve got to feel every other day just because our human souls need that little taste of the heavens. she’s the bright pinkie promise, she’s the great, great sunshine. she’s magic, she’s strenght, she’s really the voice that you should face.

I cannot believe that Hermione did not take advantage of that Rita skeeter’  article that said she was dating harry. I would be like  HELL YES BITCHES I FUCKED THE BOY WHO LIVED, THE BOY WHO LIVED IS MY FUCKING SEX TOY! GUESS WHAT? HE ALSO DID DRACO MALFOY, 70% OF THE GRYFFINDOR HOUSE, YOUR SISTER, AND YOU ARE THE NEXT!

she could ask their friends to spread they also fucked harry potter to different prophet’ reporters until gets so ridiculous that it lost all credibility.

“Yes, I did the potter” -Viktor Krum

“Of course, Harry is so lovely” - Fleur Delacour                                           

“I showed to him some nice stuff in the bath” - Cedric Digory (does not like to lie)

“He and Malfoy are often at each other” -Severus Snape and the entire Slytherin house

“At the same time” - Fred and George Weasley

“Harry truly is amazing, he is always gentle with us.” - Luna Lovegood with Neville Longbottom hiding behind her, nodding, mortified.

“Let’s just say that he can ride more than just a broom”- Oliver wood
“Let’s just say that he being able to catch the snitch with his mouth was not a coincidence” - Ginerva Weasley. 

“He made us gay” - Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas.

somebody responded to us posting that emma watson is a clueless activist with this

and i’m just like… yeah because emma watson was born to rich parents and got sent to a freaking private boarding school in oxford and getting tutored in drama from a very young age, and landed a role in a very visible movie franchise .

like… both people who work on this blog are lower middle class at absolute best. if i had a rich mummy and daddy that sent me to rich people school and paid for a better education then maybe i would be a some kind of ambassador that makes speeches that don’t say anything as well, but instead i’m just a local activist who tries to support people in the best way she can with the resources she has.

for what it’s worth i’m from roughly the same geographic area as emma and i’m just like… maybe if i was a rich pretty cis girl i could work for the UN in promoting equality in an ineffective way too, but instead i’m working class, transgender and finding it hard to even get a job as a shitty position in the same city she went to school, all because we both played the cards we got dealt and she happened to have all aces.

jesus. think before you speak, y’know?


favourite queens in no specific order [1/?]: adore delano

“I do have really dirty tights. They smell like feet. I’m too punk to wash my tights.”

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so in 3x07 I always saw it as Lexa pulling Clarke towards the bed, and then further pulling her down on top of her. Am I seeing it wrong? I guess that's why I always wondered why everyone saw Lexa as such a "bottom." While she does seem rather submissive, she seemed quite willing to initiate. Would love to know what you think??

You’re not wrong at all. She puts her hand behind Clarke’s neck and yes, she does pull her down on top of her.

(x) And yes, Lexa seems “submissive” during the love scene, and she is such an emotional mess throughout the whole thing that it’s easy to label her as a bottom. Not to mention that Clarke is a fucking top (I’m not really that into the top/bottom thing but Clarke Griffin is a top.)

That said… I think many people tend to forget the context of that scene? It’s after the betrayal. Lexa betrayed Clarke. But more than the political betrayal, she hurt Clarke. She hurt her horribly and she knows: she knows so much of Clarke’s pain is because of what she did. So indeed, she does everything she can to make amends. But, and this is so important to me, she never asks Clarke to forgive her. She knows she has no right to ask for that. After what she did, she doesn’t think it’s her right to ask Clarke for anything. Not for forgiveness, least of all for Clarke to love her back. How doesn’t she see that Clarke is in love with her? Easy, she doesn’t think she deserves that love. Of course hope dies last, so a part of her can’t help but wish for Clarke to reciprocate, but honestly, I’ve never seen their interactions in Polis as Lexa trying to win Clarke’s heart back. Her most “selfish” request was asking Clarke to stay in Polis during 3.07, and even then, I have no doubt she was asking that simply because she loves being with Clarke, even if in the most innocent way. I don’t think she wanted more time to increase her chances of getting Clarke to love her back. As I said, she thinks she destroyed her chance.

Anyway, why the digression, you ask? Because all that heavily plays into Lexa’s behavior during the love scene. Right from the start. (x)

She is completely and utterly taken aback by Clarke’s kiss! She was saying goodbye to her, she wasn’t expecting Clarke to kiss her, she wasn’t expecting Clarke to want to kiss her. And indeed, when Clarke dives back into the kiss, Lexa doesn’t reply immediately. Apart from the shock, she probably wonders what that kiss meant. If it was just in the heat of the moment, if Clarke wants to stop, if she regrets it. But then Clarke kisses her again, she makes it very clear that she wants what is happening, and after another second of hesitation, look at the switch in Lexa’s body language.

She doesn’t just respond to Clarke, she pulls her in and then pushes against her. And even beyond that, if you notice she actually initiates every kiss, she’s the farthest thing from submissive. Now that she knows she can, she physically gives vent to her repressed feelings. You literally see her hunger for Clarke because her mouth and her hands and her entire body chase after Clarke. Again and again. Clarke actually does little apart from untying Lexa’s shirt. And this is the first perfect example of how layered Lexa is, even when it comes to sex. She takes control of the kiss, but at the same time lets Clarke do what she wants with her. Like Lexa put it when she was talking about Costia, she is Clarke’s. She won’t take any more than Clarke is willing to give but she won’t do it passively. Just look at how she turns the tables after Clarke’s first kiss. Lexa is far from submissive.

There is another moment when she becomes hesitant again, though. 

The shot makes it a little hard to see, but look at Lexa’s face. She was lost in the kiss merely seconds ago, but the moment Clarke puts distance between them, Lexa immediately opens her eyes and searches Clarke’s face. She doesn’t try to kiss her again, she doesn’t try to get closer. She just follows Clarke’s lead. Why? Because she’s a bottom? No, I don’t think so. I think it goes back to what I said earlier. Lexa only takes what she gets from Clarke and doesn’t ask for more because after what she did to Clarke, to her it’s unbelievable enough that Clarke wants her back. And precisely because she struggles to believe it, she isn’t sure to what extent Clarke wants her. So she stops when it seems that Clarke is stopping (when lol, she was actually just leading Lexa to the bed) and waits to see what Clarke wants. Does this make her a huge bottom? I think it simply makes her incredibly thoughtful and respectful of Clarke and her boundaries. (x)

Even after she sat on the bed, she instinctively leans towards Clarke again, but she doesn’t go forward. She waits. With love and wonder and hunger in her eyes, she waits to make sure that Clarke has no doubt or regret or that she simply doesn’t want to stop, that Clarke wants this as much as she does (ps I find it so freaking cute that Clarke nods at her at the same time, like she’s asking “You want to?” to Lexa). And once she is sure, Lexa doesn’t hesitate anymore and she pulls Clarke on top of her.

So in the end… I think it depends on the circumstances. She is more than ready to take the initiative but she’s also willing to give up control. To me it’s a little more layered than just her being a top/bottom. One thing i have no doubt about though, is that this lady absolutely w o r s h i p s Clarke in bed :)

I think as a fandom we don’t talk enough about Bitty in the NHL.

I mean, I know he loves pies but he does love Hockey. There’s a lot of stuff in year one about how Jack plays better with Bittle on his line - the coaches say it and Bob suggests it on the parents weekend too. It seems like the kind of thing Georgia Martin might pick up on. And she’s a little hesitant because she KNOWS about Jack and Bitty and doesn’t want to mess with relationship dynamics but…

So Bitty gets drafted to the HNL. Or, rather, spends half a season playing for the AHL: raising his fitness levels and getting some help getting over the final bits of his checking fear. Then someone’s injured and he’s called up and when he gets on a line with Jack it’s just as magic as always.

They are amazing on the ice together. You can almost feel all the people who’ve inevitably criticise Bitty for being too small or too ‘delicate’ going quiet when they realise just how fucking good he and Jack are together on the ice.

And it’s great for Jack and Bitty. No Bitty at home alone for a lump of the season, when Jack’s off playing, Bitty’s right there with him. A five game roadie is still hell but it’s less hell when you’re boyfriend’s there every night to tell you hs loves you. They sit together on the plane and bus and room together (obviously) and it’s pretty awesome. And they bring a kind of stability to the team which really helps.

Then, in Bitty’s first full year of the NHL, they win the Stanley Cup.

Bitty gets the winning goal. With 30 seconds on the clock.

And he’s flashing back to the Yale game in their first year of college because he KNOWS how much winning means to Jack. So he turned to look for him on the ice when the wistle blows and Jack is just there grinning and lifting Bitty up into his arms and kissing him in front of the cameras and the Stanley Cup and everyone because he is so fucking proud of Bitty for that goal.

And then they’re basically like hockey royalty and super famous and in love and they have their cup day on their wedding day and then they have to win another cup together so they can put their baby in it and it’s awesome.

Other moms showing pictures on their phone: our youngest just turned 15 and our eldest is off to college to become an architect, they grow up so fast. I will say I’m glad we stopped when we did though, two was a bit of a handful haha.

Me, a cool tumblr mom: ha ha yea tell me about it.

Other moms: but you don’t have any???

Me: sure I do *whips out phone and starts scrolling through tumblr* this one is Julia, she’s 72 and she knits sweaters for homeless shelters, and this one writes unbeLIEVABLE stucky fanfic, just the Best ™. This one does amazing korassami fanart. This one is probably going to be president one day, this one is sad a lot but that’s okay we love them anyway, this one just came out as non binary and we love them unconditionally, this one is dealing with some awful health stuff but they’re coping so well I’m so proud, this one just got into community college and I cried I was so happy for them, this one keeps asking me Pratchett meta questions which is amazing. This one’s my ‘trashcan’ gay daughter and I love her, she’s not really a trashcan but she thinks it’s funny to call herself one so we humor her, we’re very proud of her, this one draws me fanart of my ocs which makes me happy, this one gets easily overwhelmed by social situations but they’re getting there, this one sends me bad books to read all the time, this one…


Random silly doodles  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Zijun Li, Le diable matou || 2016 Cup of Russia (x)

Stuff I Love About Yurio
  • Primadonna girl all she ever wanted was the world
  • Animal print: The fashion trend that never goes out of style
  • I could write an essay on how weak I get when that baby smiles
  • Accurate 15 year old. Does Russia have Hot Topic.
  • He remembered Yuuri’s birthday
  • And gave him a pork cutlet bowl pirozhki
  • Says hi via dropkicks
  • His fans are lowkey furries
  • “I am the ice tiger of Russia” ok kiddo u keep tellin urself that
  • His hair. It’s Important.
  • His relationship with Mila is so funny to me
  • Hates JJ with a burning passion
  • I feel like I should mention Yakov somewhere on here so… “YAKOV”
  • I want Grandpa Plisetsky to make me some pork cutlet bowl pirozhkis
  • Is Yuuko’s fourth child
  • Is simultaneously Yuuri and Viktor’s first child
  • Him running away absolutely bewildered from Yuuri’s wild hugging spree
  • Has not one, but TWO embarrassing dads.
  • When he skates I feel so Blessed
  • Gender: Fuck
  • Even though he was so sweet in ep 9 he’s still such a salty boy
  • It’s like those weird sweet and salty trail mix bars. Nature Made??
  • What lip gloss does he use??? Mascara???
  • Probably owns a shitton of animal print converse
  • Is fifteen, first time competing in Seniors, and he’s heading off to Grand Prix Finals
  • I’m so proud of him
  • He deserves everything good in the world
  • Salty, bitter, lowkey soft babie Protect This Boy

I’m sure as I rewatch I’m going to notice a lot more stuff but something that really stood out to me was how Rapunzel reacts to stressful situations. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but she does the same things that I’ve experienced in real-life so it popped out to me quickly, and intentional or not, I really like it (and will 100% self-indulgently use it as part of my headcanons/characterization for Rapunzel). There are already amazing posts on Gothel being emotionally abusive towards Rapunzel, and what I like about this series is that we get to see Rapunzel coping and adjusting after being away from Gothel, and how this specifically shows up with stressful situations. 

She’s very enclosed in on herself, and will often slightly curl up and try to turn away from the object that’s causing her stress (she’s turned away from the castle, turning only to look at Eugene, and an exception is when she’s on the bed, curled away from Cassandra, who’s not her true stressor, etc). But, overall she tries to shield herself - she literally hugs her arms around her body in the beginning, and when she speaks about not wanting to marry Eugene, she puts her hands over herself. 

I don’t remember it happening often enough so it could be a one-time thing, but I did notice that when her hair grows back, she seems to pull on it more often, which reminds me of her literally covering herself in her hair in the original movie when Gothel was singing about danger. She also tends to avert her eyes from the stressor and - what I assume is lip biting. Overall, she tries to make herself as small as possible, and look away from what’s giving her anxiety. 

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