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vanessa and sonny are very close and have a lot of fun together,, okay that is all

Falling Into Place by @summerwinefics

Louis let the hot tears stream down his cheeks as he leaned forward to attach their lips. He pressed into Harry’s soft bottom lip and brought one hand to scratch at Harry’s curls. Harry traced his tongue lightly against Louis’ top lip and gently pried his mouth open to deepen the kiss. Every emotion from the past few months was poured into the intensity of the embrace.

Every swipe of the tongue was an apology and every soft whimper was forgiveness.


Louis and Harry spend nine years apart but inevitably find their way back to each other.

jimin: [tries to flee jail, charm his way out of prison, pleads innocence in the face of evidence, blows hearts and kisses in his dance segment, makes heart-eyes at the detective and then the police chief, tries to blackmail police chief with his priestly past, excessive winking, whining, lip-biting, flower posing, starts fights with other prisoners] [actually flees jail]

me: yeah, that boy’s definitely not a Slytherin, sure, lol XD

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eugene declaring for all the world to hear that rapunzel is his best friend and the love of his life is enough to literally kill me bye

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I don’t deserve my fp he’s too perfect,, he just got this rlly good job he has to wake up early for and so this morning we woke up and he packed the bong and we smoked n i followed him around the kitchen while he made lunch n I got some foood bc he was yelling at me to eat and he grabbed the heating pad out of his car bc our rooms so cold esp without him and he kissed me goodbye a million times and keeps talking about our future and being the sweetest of all sweethearts💕💕💕

cupcakes are totally a breakfast food

“Shut up,”… “Shut up!”

“Don’t you get it? It’s all your stupid fault!”…“You hurt the people around you! So it isn’t my fault, it’s all yours.”

“You sicken me,”…“So I’ll agree with your request that day.”

“Let’s not be siblings,”… “Because I’m glad I’m not related to someone like you.”

A Thousand Years by Stars_Aligned (from Chapter 9)

Quick question: I remember reading a fic back in September, a sentence in which kinda goes like ‘She’s quiet, his love. She deals with grief by internalising and compartmentalising’. It was really intense and Scully were screaming (internally or out loud) in the car (?) at one point. About William, I think. And the title was in Latin.

Does anyone know which fic is that or recognise your work? I’m pretty sure it was on tumblr. I really want to read it again but can’t find it. Thanks guys! 😊

Affirming I love myself

Hesitated for years, had tears due to fears.
Replay, repeat, new face, same insane race.
My real life struggled while I improved my educational place.

I had two balls of yarn.
One unraveled, twisted, knotted, looked horrible.
The other was nicely placed on display
As I stood near it smiling, and I’d pray.

I realized the unraveled ball had to go.
Made that decision about a month ago.
Needed help, but I never like admitting it.
Maybe I’m too proud, or just disappointed…
In the fact I have to rely on others sometimes.
What makes me feel better? Soup, it’s my comfort food.

First, I asked for words to help me change, and to get me through a sad realization.
Used those words, thank you contributors, they helped in many ways.
I then started reading How To stuff
Internal change on your own is really tough
I needed support, but I didn’t want to ask.

So I sorta became my own stone soup.
I had a little of this and that still.
My stone soup had to begin with a frozen chicken. It needed to boil before adding the right ingredients to dress it up.

Some days spicy red chili powder spills everywhere around me.
This seasoning always flavors things the way I prefer, spicy.
I threw in my favorite simple starches, potatoes and rice
They need salt and crushed black pepper, so in they went
Green beans, hm, I have some, added them to make the soup colorful.

You can’t just stand around to watch it boil,
No, you get something to read while you wait
Or you do some toning exercises between adding ingredients.
My mind gets a work out, my body too.
Every part of me has to stay in shape.
Then comes the best part,
Enjoying the delicious stuff you’re creating.

What happened to the messy heap of yarn? I’m slowly taking out the knots.