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Camp Velaris ~ Chapter two

Being sent to a summer camp full of rich kids to work as a councillor is the worst thing ever, according to Feyre. At least until she meets a certain violet eyed councillor and his friends.

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The bonfire was everything I expected and everything I didn’t.

It was held in a field about a five minute walk away from the dorms and as I walked there with Mor, who was somehow not tripping in the near darkness while wearing heels, I could already smell the smoke and hear the crackling fire and the laughter of fellow employees. Instantly, I was took back to another bonfire I had attended several years ago and had met…

No. There was no dwelling on the past now. Not when we had arrived.

In the centre of the field, a huge bonfire blazed, orange flames dancing in the darkness of the night. People sat on logs around the fire, toasting marshmallows and nursing their drinks. A bottle of what looked like vodka was being passed around. The sound of laughter and shouts could probably be heard from a mile away. I wondered why Alis, or other senior member of staff, did nothing to stop it.

As if sensing my unanswered question, Mor said, “Alis doesn’t usually mind parties. If we only do it when the kids aren’t here and if none of us trashes the place, she doesn’t care.” Mor looked around for a second when her eyes landed on a log a few metres away from the cluster around the bonfire. “Come on, I’ll introduce you to my friends.”
Before I could protest, she had grabbed my hand and was tugging me along. Thankfully I was only wearing ankle boots. I had changed out of my ratty sweater and jeans into the most casual dress Mor had, who insisted on letting me borrow her clothes.

“Look who I bought!” Mor exclaims gleefully to the group of people sat on the log. Three very beautiful people. “This is Feyre, my new roommate. Feyre, this is Azriel, Cassian and Rhys.”

“Hi.” I said awkwardly, tucking a stray piece of hair behind my ears.

“Don’t let my good looks make you nervous, Feyre.” Said the one sporting a shit eating grin. “I’m more than just a pretty face.”

“Last time I checked Cassian, none of that is true.” Retorted the one in the middle, who had eyes so dark they looked purple.

The one on the far end of the bench simply just rolled his eyes at the antics of his friends, somehow showing both boredom and amusement at once.

“Don’t be a dick, Cassian. I swear, Azriel’s the only polite one out of the three of you.”

Cassian, I assume he’s the one with the longer hair, throws her a vulgar gesture while the other, Rhys, I presume, smirks a little. Azriel just smiles faintly, before turning his attentions back to the bonfire.

“Where’s Amren, anyway?” Mor asks, sitting down between Rhys and Cassian while grabbing a bottle of wine by Rhys’ feet and having a swig.

“You know she would never deign to show up at social event.” Rhys replies. He looks up at where I’m currently standing. “Are you going to sit down then, Feyre?”

“Oh! Um, yeah. Okay.” Fuck, I was terrible at this.

I sit down between Rhys and Azriel, the latter not seeming to notice as he continues sipping his drink as he stares at the bonfire.
“So, what brings you here?”

I turn to face Rhys, whose face is unnervingly handsome up close. Smooth tan skin, deep black hair and eyes that are indeed violet.

“Work experience. And a need for cash. You?” I reply, my hands twisting awkwardly in my lap.

“For fun, mostly. I loved coming here as a kid, so why not work here as well?”

He was Mor’s cousin, of course. I might have well been holding up a sign announcing that I’m poor.

“Do you know which group you’ll be leading?” Rhys asks, twisting around so he can see me fully.

“Not yet. I’ll probably find out tomorrow though.”

“You’re definitely in our team, though, if you’re sharing a room with Mor and Amren.”


“All the councillors are put into different teams. Or ‘courts’ as we call them.”

“And what court are you?”

Rhys leant in more, his violet eyes flashing in the darkness.

“The court of dreams.” He whispered.
The rest of the bonfire passes in a blur of lights and marshmallows. I talk with the group more comfortable than I ever had with my friends back home, especially Rhys. We kept of finding new things to talk about, even when I thought we had exhausted every topic. My hands accidently brushed against his and it was like every nerve in my body was electrified. I had quickly pulled my hand away, not wanting to look at Rhys’ face. I had hurriedly began a conversation with Mor, who I was pretty sure was on her third drink. I had only been sipping mine, not wanting to get drunk on my first day. I had only been drunk once before and in my fleeting memory of that night, I was not a pretty drunk.

One hour later, and I was ready to go back to the dorms. Mor, on the other hand, was not.

“The night is still young, Fey!” She enthusiastically told me when I announced I was walking back to my room.

“I’ll walk you.” Offered Rhys, standing up so that he was next to me.

Jesus, he was tall.

So Rhys and I left Mor, Cassian and Azriel to their drinks and started walking back to the dorms. Occasionally, a drunk employee would yell to us or try to start a conversation, but Rhys would just smile politely while edging away.

“So, what do think?” Rhys asks as we walk down the path to the courtyard.

“In general?” A nod. “It’s… a lot different than I was expecting. You know, from a summer camp.”

“Better or worse?”

“I’ve not decided yet.”

A pause, the only sound the distant laughter coming from the field behind us.

“I think I’ll grow to like it more. It is only my first day, after all.”

“Of course.” Was all he said.

We had finally reached to door to my room. I hovered, not really sure what to do next.

“Well, this is me. Goodnight.” I added lamely.

“Goodnight, Feyre darling.” Rhys practically purred.

And then he was walking away, to join back up with his friends or to go to bed.

And maybe it was the fact that I was slightly tipsy, or the fact that he was the first person I could talk so easily with since Tamlin, or, let’s be honest, the fact that he was extremely handsome, I found myself wanting to get to know him better and talk to him more.

Christ, Feyre, get a grip. You’re here for a job, not to be lusting over a person who wouldn’t look at you romantically if you were the last person on earth. Besides, if you’re crushing on him just because he talked to you, you need to get a grip. And you’ve known him for a few hours at most.

But I still couldn’t forget the flutter I’d felt when he had called me darling. Or when he-


This was going to be a long summer.

anonymous asked:

Have you gotten sugamon for the domesticity ask yet?

namgi for the domestic thing


who cooks normally?:

yoongi! namjoon’s only allowed in the kitchen for reaching things when yoongi is cooking now (bless his heart, he tried though - it just ended in injury so yoongi had to put his foot down no matter how much namjoon pouted)

how often do they fight?:

a fair amount tbh. but they resolve it so quickly, it’s almost as if it never happened. they’re just too indulgent and used to each other and compromising at this stage.

for serious fights, they might need a bit to cool off by themselves before they’re ready to settle it though. both namjoon and yoongi are strong, opinionated people so it can get intense.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?:

CLOTHES SHARING. namjoon wears the gifts that yoongi gave him and sends him pics of all his outfits for that day with messages like “i love you!” or “this matched perfectly with my new pants, thanks!”

he also buys yoongi souvenirs wherever he goes and while yoongi may grumble that it’s lame, he keeps/wears every single thing namjoon buys him anyway

yoongi just bundles up in namjoon’s coziest clothes at all times. their friends know yoongi is missing namjoon when he shows up in sweaters that are hanging off his frame more than usual. sometimes he even cuddles with one of namjoon’s ryan plushies (but he’ll never admit it - the only reason namjoon knows is bc hoseok caught him once and sent namjoon a picture)

nicknames for each other?:

just variations of their names! namjoonie, joonie, joon-ah is what yoongi uses while namjoon uses yoongi, yoongi-yah, yoong, etc

namjoon also uses “babe” when he’s feeling frisky lmao (he really loves when yoongi’s all flustered angry, it’s cute)

who is more likely to pay for dinner?:

it’s whoever has their wallet at the time so probably yoongi a little bit more since namjoon forgets his wallet occasionally

otherwise, they alternate

who steals the covers at night?:

the covers are occasionally stolen by namjoon. he moves around a lot and sometimes he just ends up cuddled up with yoongi even though he sweats under the covers

other times, he moves so much the covers twist around him and come off of yoongi. yoongi just pulls it back to him and rolls over while namjoon barely stirs lol

what would they get each other for gifts?:

clothes. accessories. yoongi would give namjoon little things he observed that the other wants/needs while not making a big deal out of it and namjoon is always grateful. he plants a big kiss on yoongi’s cheek every time just to see him go pink at the ears and shove at him

otherwise, they share basically everything so sometimes the lines between gifts and just something for them to share blurs.

who remembers things?:

both of them. namjoon is very sentimental and he always remembers significant dates and memories. however, he can be a bit too into his head and forget the date until last minute. yoongi doesn’t mind. he knows namjoon remembers the important things and that’s all that matters. they both spend it quietly and intimately between themselves.

but occasionally, namjoon will surprise him with a sweet romantic gesture that he outwardly scoffs at but inwardly, it has his fragile little heart melting into a pile of goo

who cusses more?:

both are around the same but namjoon a bit more. mostly bc he’s childhood friends with hoseok lol. and he’s never been afraid to use curses.

meanwhile yoongi was part of the student council and in a strict all-boys school that made him more careful with when to curse. he mostly saves it for his songs.

what would they do if the other one was hurt?:

the thing is. they’re both kinda prone to physical injury or health issues. (namjoon more with physical injury while yoongi more with health issues) so by now they’ve learned to keep a cool head. they know how to deal with it calmly and patch each other up/take care of each other unless it’s more serious. then they’ll drive each other to the ER or wherever and take care of everything for them.

they’ll support each other and help each other with whatever and they trust and love each other enough to let them. and if they hold the other just a bit tighter that night, press just a bit closer, well…who’s gonna know right?

as for emotional hurt, they know each other well enough to know what to do. whether it’s give advice, just listen, reassure, praise, or just hold each other, they’ll do whatever the other needs to feel better. 

even if it means that sometimes, they keep their distance. yoongi will retreat into his studio and write out his hurts and pains. namjoon will quietly head out and take a nice long walk. in the end, they’ll come to the other when they’re ready and they know it.

who kissed who first?:

it was a mutual kiss. they both leaned in and knew what they were going for what it meant. it was a long time coming and it happened almost as naturally as breathing.

who made the first move?:

yoongi, actually. although that was purposeful from namjoon. he would’ve done it but he knew it would be better to wait for yoongi. he knows that yoongi doesn’t really do things in halves and so if he made a move, that means he thought it through and he was ready :) namjoon is patient and he’s willing to be all the more patient with yoongi because he knows it’ll be worth it

who started the relationship?:

both of them. they knew each other enough to not bullshit anything. they talked about it and came to an agreement together. they both love each other and they wanna be together. so what’s stopping them? 

i always imagine sugamon to be the type that were in a relationship before they even started dating, you feel me? the type that an outsider would observe and then be like “wait, you’re telling me they’re not even dating???…not even a little bit?”

you know, that cliche “we’re dating and everyone but us knows it” thing ^^

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He Stands in the Midst of Nations (DA2, Carver Hawke)

…how will Bethany know him when they see each other again, and he’s an old man and she’s still young, a fixed point in time getting ever-farther away?

A character study for Ser Carver Hawke, knight-lieutenant of the Templar Order. 

For @thievinghippo.

Sea breeze or not, Carver still sweats under his armor. His sleeves have bunched at his armpits something fierce, which means every time he moves it feels like he’s being rubbed with burlap, and something’s gone wrong with the collar of his chestpiece, so there’s a bloody blister forming at the nape of his neck.

Just another glorious day as a templar. He swallows down the old bitter sense of ill-use, and tries to ignore the voice crying why does this always happen to me in the back of his head. Sure, he’s miserable — hot and sticky and ready to yell from sheer frustration, and there are still four hours to go before he can sit down to lunch — but this is the misery he chose, and that makes whining about it pointless.

Better to stand in the sun and hate every minute because you chose to do so, rather than stand in your magnificent sister’s shadow and feel your soul curdling a little more every day, right?

The breeze tousles the hair falling over his forehead, cools the sweat stinging in his eyes. Carver tilts his head back and sighs as a little of his discomfort fades. The knight-captain always says it’s a templar’s duty to bear up under any little sufferings, and that he’ll get used to them in time, but Carver can’t see himself getting used to the chafes and aches any more than he can get used to smelling salt on the wind instead of good clean earth.

Still, he hasn’t complained out loud, which is more than he can say for Franklin or Rosemary, who only stop their whining when it’s time to eat, or to make some jab about Fereldan manure in the Gallows.

At first his fists itched to knock out a few of their teeth, and show them what happened when people sniped about farmers and dog lords. Like their parents had been any better than stablehands and barmaids; at least his family had owned the land they worked. But people expected him to brawl, he saw it in their eyes and in the glances they tossed back and forth, and so he gritted his teeth till he feared they’d crack, and never said a word, much less threw a blow.

Let them think he was too stupid to make sense of it all. He knew his worth. What did the rest matter?

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#25 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “could you write ab a road trip w bondy? if you dont feel comfortable a road trip w van would be fine!! i love ur writing !!”

Note: Okay, hear me out… What about both of them? I’m not saying I spend a great deal of my time imagining what it would be like to be sandwiched between Van McCann and Johnny Bond, but I do spend a great deal of my time imagining what it would be like to be sandwiched between Van McCann and Johnny Bond. So, hey, Anon, thanks for fucking me up a little! Love your work.

The sound of Van giggling next to you was distracting, and it wasn’t fair. “Shut the fuck up, McCann,” you growled, and continued to stare Bondy straight in the eyes. You had bet real life money on this staring competition, and Van wasn’t about to ruin it. Your eyes were watering. Bondy hadn’t even flinched. You were not sure how you could win. You’d have to cheat. “Van, go get more shots,” you ordered. Van slammed back the rest of the drink, and walked off to the bar. Obedient. The corners of Bondy’s mouth were twisting up into a smug smile. “If you blink, I’ll make it worth your while,” you say slowly. Bondy raises an eyebrow. 

“What is worth more than money, Y/N,“

"I have what money cannot buy,”

“Go on,” he said. It’s hard to multitask between flirting and winning a staring comp. “If you’re offering sex I’d like to establish money can buy that.”

“Not with me,” you said. Van was back quicker than you expected.

“Who is buying sex?” he asked.

“Y/N says if I forfeit this she’ll fuck me,”

“I didn’t say that,”

“You implied it,” Bondy retorted. 

“Then forfeit,“ Van said like it was the obvious choice.

"Listen to your friend, Bond,” you added. Bondy smiled politely, shook his head no, and maintained eye contact. Tears started to stream down your face and Van was giggling again. Someone dropped a glass, and you blinked in the flinch. Van and Bondy were on their feet cheering. “That doesn’t count! That’s totally not fair!” you whined. They sat back down. Van leaned in and kissed you on the cheek. You pushed him away and pouted.

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Everybody stop. We are going to appreciate some of the fantastic world-building from “ChalkZone” now.

* Magic chalk can only be used by a human who has a true desire to explore, to escape; to bring their imagination to life. Whether that person acts in innocence…

… or with a selfish desire. ChalkZone doesn’t discriminate, so long as you’re expressing your dream from your heart.

* Penny, who viewed the world through stubbornly scientific eyes, was completely unable to use its magic until “Power Play”, when she opened a portal to rescue Rudy from scientists who threatened to dissect his family.

Then, later, she used the chalk to build her twisted regime as Chalk Queen.

Which, again, never would have worked if she weren’t in tune with the desires of her heart.

Snap, you may have been her first kiss, but she never did like you.

* Everything will dissolve in liquid from the real world. Whether object or living creature. 

The perfect weakness! Every time we want Rudy to solve a problem completely on his own, just run him up against real-world liquid so Snap is forced to stay behind.

Even the water dissolves in water.

And the water - probably all the chalk things - was powered by imagination, and if brought to the real world, can trap humans in some sort of childish trance if they overload on it.

* This show is great with continuity. “Indecent Exposure” is definitely in my top favorites thus far. I spent the entire watch with my hand over my mouth just muttering, “Oh no, oh no, oh no”. No, this show was never one for just assuming that the real world would lampshade their encounters with escaped chalk drawings. So. Freaking. Busted. That episode was very well done.

(Letting the bald child be the only one to ever want a wiggie for a pet was a nice touch too.)

* There are some really fascinating plants in this world. My personal favorite?

These yellow things are seeds of eyeball bushes. In their germinating season, they squeeze themselves into the eye sockets of a host and guide their host to a place where they can be planted, distorting reality along the way (such as making a snake look like a rope of licorice) to ensure that their host doesn’t bail from fear on the way to their destination.

Isn’t that just awesome?

My other favorite critter’s gotta be the flying pencils that sharpen themselves in flowers for the hunt and violently maul the weakest notebook cows of the herd.

* There’s an entire village just for smiley faces.

* This show is really good about answering the little questions, such as:

What does chalk food taste like?

(We won’t be solving world hunger anytime soon, I see.)

What happens if you try to use a chalkboard while inside ChalkZone?

What happens if two parts of the same drawing are erased at different times?

That looks like a lame duck.

Aw, he’s such a sweethea-

Right. This is Snap.

Well. Disembodied legs need deep pep talks too.

Or, if a drawing is partly but never fully erased, you end up with the ChalkZone version of a ghost- A smudge:

What happens when a two-dimensional person enters a world of three dimensions?

What happens when you accidentally make that shrieking chalkboard sound?

It echoes aaaaalllll the way through ChalkZone. Next, are fanart drawings considered separate entities from the original?

Yup. Why isn’t ChalkZone flooded with aimless numbers and letters?

It would be, if the Zoners didn’t constantly take them all to the dump. Unless you draw a box around words or equations. Then they stay intact like words on paper, and I think that’s pretty clever.

I also like how there’s always a huge pile of numbers and junk under the blackboard in Penny’s room. It’s like the Zoners tried to bring it all to the dump, but she just kept doing so much math and science work that they were like, “Okay, screw it- Have it your way”.

* There’s a thing called the Rule of Artist’s Intent; basically, erased art will turn out the way the artist imagined it to be, even if a bystander has a different view of it. What appears to be a sea monster attacking a ship…

… may turn out to be a friendly sea guardian trying to rescue it.

(Cork Vampire was the best, though.)

If you doodle something absentmindedly then there is no real intent, but the creation will still end up with whatever you were thinking while drawing it:

Or, if you collaborate on a drawing and the negative emotions are flying, you can end up with a messed-up fellow like Skrawl.

Who, I just realized, is pretty neat: he has only three limbs, but he can easily shift one leg into being a second arm when he wants to.

That is some nice designing right there! Skrawl’s just an interesting villain all over; he lashes out because he’s upset that he was drawn into an ugly beast, but it seems he’s too terrified of Rudy to stick around him despite the promises of being drawn into a creature with a bit more aesthetic appeal.

He was so happy for about a minute and a half… But what was up with Rudy flipping out when Skrawl asked for the magic chalk back? Rudy, dude. You promised you’d give it to him when you were done. You lied to him? And you blame Skrawl for never trusting you again?

(Also, let’s not ignore the fact that it was Skrawl who comforted Penny when she had her feelings hurt because Rudy poked fun at her artistic abilities.)

This show is also excellent at slipping in the moral lesson with expert subtlety. The more obvious moral of “Asleep at the Chalk” seems to be that humans need their sleep and have bedtimes for a reason, and parents know best.

But you never realize until you’re older that this was also a story about a “sober” friend making the decision to leave a really enjoyable party early so he can help his “drunk” friend make it safely home. Although of course Snap, being Snap, did get a bit sidetracked along the way… Hey- technically speaking, he didn’t bring Rudy anywhere he thought would be unsafe.

Don’t draw sleep-deprived, kids.

And then… there’s Blocky. The six-year-old who’s typically enthusiastic and friendly, but occasionally suffers from little bouts of depression.

Shh, shh… No, little square child, you are perf. You’re the one who taught Rudy that he loved to draw. You’re the one who gave him a reason to keep on creating. None of your friends would be here if it weren’t for you.

“ChalkZone” was precious and needed a big, all-out shoutout on my blog. Yes. This adorable show was literally too smart for its own good; its cleverness tended to go over the heads of its young target audience, so in their eyes it just couldn’t compete with the other and more simple new cartoon on the block, SpongeBob. Among others I’m probably forgetting.

Ah, well. I grew up with and loved this show, and it’s possibly one of the reasons that I developed a love of storytelling and my dream to become an author. So much strong world-building, such well-rounded characters, such flawless continuity, and so many creative solutions to every problem.

As a bonus image, here’s a sad birthday boy who was left to turn two all alone on the day it hit him that when push comes to shove, Rudy’s real family is more important to Rudy than he himself could ever hope to be.


Continuing and ending the first part, here are my TOP 10 favorite DC Universe Animated Original Movies.


The first Justice League film, was an adaptation of the famous comic with the same name, and it turns out a great movie. With very simplistic designs and great animation, it’s set in the post-war 50s, and it focuses mainly on Martian Manhunter’s arrival on Earth and how he tries to blend in, passing as a detective but it also focuses more on Hal Jordan’s journey to becoming Green Lantern. While all this happens, there’s something called The Centre that is possessing and obsessing villains and regular people all over the world. The suspense of trying to found out what The Centre is and why it’s affecting everyone is what makes this movie great,  but sadly, it can’t live up to it’s hype, and a giant island that produces dinosaurs from within isn’t exactly what I was expecting. What I can figure out is that it’s a movie about the Justice League, focusing on the heroes and how they reunite to work together, so the villain isn’t really that much important to the plot, cause they just need a threat to unite, but still, something more interesting would have made this movie even better. The opening scene is excellent, if you don’t get chills after watching a suicide in a first-person point of view… then your emotions are as dead as Mr. Freeze’s! Overall, a great movie with an excellent build up that dissapoints in the end. 7.5 out of 10. 


This movie was a lot of fun. A very simple plot, Luthor is the president so he declares Superman a public enemy and puts a billion dollar bounty on him. What follows is an hour of both heroes and villains alike trying to take Superman and Batman down, some wanting the billion dollars, some working for Luthor’s government. There’s not much more to it, it’s a simple movie, fast forward with a lot of action, great animation and featuring the talents of the classic voices of the DC Animated Universe… that makes it worth watching alone. Superman and Batman interacting is great, you can really tell they’re close friends and trust each other with their lives. People may complain about the muscled-up look most of the characters have in the movie, but it didn’t really bothered me, after all, if you are a superhero, you have to be in the best shape possible! What could have made this movie better, and it’s just a detail, but Luthor declares a public enemy to Superman alone, and Batman just tags along with him, so it takes the importance of the movie a little more towards Superman. I would have liked it more if Batman had been also thrown in as an accomplice or something like that, so they are all after him as much as they are after Superman. So basically, it’s a great, fun movie that doesn’t really do anything wrong, but doesn’t impress either. 7.5 out of 10.


Very similar in spirit to Public Enemies, it has a simple plot: Vandal Savage provides villains of the Justice League with contingency plans made by Batman to kill the other members of the heroes. It would have worked much better as a twist if this hadn’t been revealed early on in the film description! That kinda ruined the moment, because it’s a great scene in the film, when Batman starts realizing that someone had used his contingency plans, so he rushes to help everybody. While I’ve already stated my dislike of Cyborg, he wasn’t bad in this film actually, he didn’t replace anybody, he was just the new guy helping out with cool tech, so I liked his character here, but you could tell, they were trying to slowly squeeze him into the Justice League movies as he apparently is getting very popular in the comics, like in the New 52… I could think of any other reason why replace great characters with Cyborg and Shazam into the league. But I won’t get into that again. The great voices return (Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, etc), so that alone makes it worth watching. Vandal Savage is a very interesting villain, so immortal as he is, it was obvious that the way he was going to loose would be kind  of a cheat, that’s the only bad thing about the movie. A very fun, action packed movie, with great voice actors. 7,5 out of 10.


An adaptation of one of Batman’s most famous stories, being as great as it is by itself, kinda disappointed me. Still, it’s good enough to earn the #7 spot. Being one of the few (or maybe the only one) stories that I had actually read a bunch of times before the release of the movie, I was really excited. So when the movie is an extremely faithful adaptation, following the story page by page, dialogue by dialogue, and the comic you’re adapting, it’s one of the most acclaimed comics of all time, how can you go wrong? Well, for me, it lacked a little bit of soul, of heart. It felt sometimes like if they were doing it in automatic mode. Mainly this could be due to Ben McKenzie’s dull performance of Batman, in what was probably my least favorite Batman voice. He felt bored, dull, not interested at all. It didn’t feel like it was really Batman. Curiously enough, he’s going to play James Gordon in the upcoming series Gotham. Talking about Gordon, he steals the show here. Bryan Cranston pulls a great, very human Gordon and makes the story focus on him. While I loved the comic, when I was reading it and imagining it as a movie (I do that with every comic I read) I thought that it might not work very well as a movie. Because it doesn’t feel like one movie, but more like events that go through the year… and that’s kinda what it is supposed to be, so it’s just a weird feel that the film gives. I also think the climax scene was very anti-Batman, he isn’t even in his suit, it’s clear daylight… that was one of my main thoughts while reading the comic and thinking about an animated movie. Still, it is an awesome story, with great action, awesome scenes, moments, character designs and animation, and it’s as good as a Year One adaptation could be. 8 out of 10.


I really liked this movie. While I think most people didn’t, I really enjoyed it. Most people hated Superman’s design, but well, I didn’t love it, but I didn’t have a problem with it either, I just loved the simple animation look this movie has. But most importantly, what makes this movie so good is the moral debate that is featured. Should criminals be killed or not? By the time I watched this movie, the same topic was in the air were I lived, since most people grew tired of not feeling safe and whenever they’d catch a robber, they’d beat him up, going to such extremes that in 1 case, the robber died. So it’s a topic very present in the actual world, and it was very well represented through the film. While the villains weren’t that interesting, and the dragon-lady sexual innuendoes were a bit annoying, they served their purpose, to give the people a definitive answer to crime. And that is so interesting! The villain here is not trying to kill everyone or conquer the universe, he’s putting an end to crime. How about that! Sadly, they had to turn The Elite into a lame villain because they were actually proving a point, so they became evil because Superman punched Manchester Black. It was kind of a bad escape to have an evil villain and a good Superman, but it ended up helping to make a great scene with an ‘evil’ Superman. Great film. 8.5 out of 10.


This is a very underrated movie. I didn’t have much knowledge about the Green Lantern Corps, except for the most famous characters (Kilowog, etc) so maybe that helped the fact that I loved learning about characters that were new for me, and the stories itself are all of them very good, some better than others. The ones I liked the most were 'The first lantern’, 'Kilowog’ and specially 'Mogo Doesn’t Socialize’. Since I had never heard of Mogo, I was just as desperate as Bolphunga to find out where the heck was Mogo hiding, and the twist just blew my mind! I loved it, specially because it had a very different feel to the other segments, the backgrounds of the Mogo planet seemed different, and it reminded me of the movie 'Heavy Metal’. The Abin Sur segment was great too, dealing with prophecies and destiny, and the 'Laira’ segment was probably the one I didn’t really cared for, but it wasn’t bad either. The final battle with Krona was just a simple action scene to end the movie and give the film a sense of unity, but it’s nothing special as the segments are what shine here. I was pleasantly surprised with this one, and it remains one of my favorites. 8.5 out of 10.


While I think this is an excellent movie, I think it is a little overrated. It’s by all means a Batman movie, Gotham City looks spectacular, the characters and locations chosen for the movie are perfect, voice actors, animation, character designs, it all works. Black Mask was a personal favorite character of mine, he is great in the movie, and is the perfect example of a good use of the PG 13 rating, it doesn’t feel forced just because he can curse he curses, no, it feels natural to his character, that’s the mistake some movies on this line are doing, they do stuff just because they have PG-13 rating (Harley and Deadshot sex scene? What purpose was that for? How did that improved the film?) instead of doing stuff that is natural to the characters and the story and that is PG-13 material, this movie and The New Frontier are good examples of this. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. The voice actors were overall great, Bruce Greenwood does an excellent Batman that feels natural and right from the start. He was so good that they called him to play Batman on Young Justice. While John DiMaggio did a good Joker, I can’t help to feel like it’s Bender talking, so I didn’t like it that much. The other thing I didn’t like was how all the movie was played out like a mystery movie of finding out who is under the red hood, when it’s made pretty much obvious since the opening scene and all other references made during the movie. They didn’t even tried to distract us with something else, like they did with Andrea’s father in Mask Of The Phantasm and Jordan Pryce in Return of The Joker. So if it was obvious from the beggining, I’m not sure I would have played this one as a mystery, because, while Bruce gets the shock of his life when Jason’s and Red Hood’s blood samples match, I doubt anyone else felt that way watching the movie. I also didn’t like the ending, it left me hanging there thinking, 'so what happened?’. Still, it’s a classic Batman movie, it’s all a Batman movie should be. 9 out of 10.


This was as close as we ever got to see the DC Animated Universe return. It was originally going to be a return to it, filling the gaps between Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, and it was going to be called 'Justice League: Worlds Collide’. Ultimately, that idea was turned down, yet the movie saw the light in a way that removed any links to the original series, for example, having Hal Jordan as Green Lantern instead of John Stewart. Still, if you use your imagination, it does work as a tie in to JLU, having the original members accepting to add new members, the invisible jet, etc. Alternate universes and stories are always fun, and this movie was no exception. Featuring a rouge Justice League called the Crime Syndicate and a heroic Lex Luthor, that world and ours collide for a very interesting movie. The amount of cameos is so high that you have to pause the movie if you want to catch them all, but the best ones are probably Harley Quinn re imagined as The Jester’s monkey pet, and Deathstroke as the president of the United States. While mid-way through the movie it has been just a fun adventure with not really any superb moments, there comes James Woods and his chilling performance as Owlman. He completly steals the show by tricking the Crime Syndicate into doing his own agenda, which is a very dark one: destroy all existence. The logic behind this action is actually very interesting, with the logic that in every decision, 2 universes are created for each one of them, so by destroying the original Earth (parallel Earths are created from this one), all reality will follow. The climatic Batman vs Owlman fight is amazing, a little dark maybe that because of Batman, 2 people died, that was very dark! It’s an excellent movie and one of DC’s very finest. 9.5 out of 10.


Well, this one was as dark as it can get. Probably an attempt to make a solo Flash movie, DC seems to be overly cautious when dealing characters that are not Batman or Superman. So they label it as a Justice League film, but with a focus on one of the members. A similar thing will be done on the next movie to be released, 'Throne Of Atlantis’, which will focus on Aquaman. So this film again is about an alternate universe, but this one is even worse than the Crime Syndicate one. The world is about to be destroyed because of a war between the Amazons and the Atlanteans, Batman is now Thomas Wayne, and he’s much more violent than the Batman we all know. All this because Flash went back in time to save his mother from murder. Actually, we weren’t supposed to know that before watching the film. But again, the movie description included that detail, so we all knew that before watching the film, so it’s another twist ruined, because you watch the movie and Flash just assumes it was Zoom who changed all reality, and he finally realizes it’s his own fault for going back in time to save his mother, in what is supposed to be an epic reveal in the movie… we all knew it before even the film started. So, not the movie’s fault, but the people who gave it away’s fault. Besides that detail, this movie is epic, the twists on the characters are great, I specially liked the Superman twist, it was dark, scary and emotional. Batman was really badass and his relationship with Barry was great. Again, the amount of cameos is huge and you have to keep an eye for them: Lex Luthor, Deathstroke, Abin Sur, Aqualad, Black Manta, Captain Atom, Etrigan, and the list goes on and on. Cyborg was handled well for the movie and I think he was a nice addition to the movie, it worked here. Pretty much an epic movie with epic characters and moments, very dark, very violent but not for the sake of it, it just had to be that way, and it works perfectly. 9,5 out of 10.


I don’t think it’s a surprise that this one’s #1. Adapting the famous comic book, this one has an edge over the rest of them that makes the story more epic: It’s done in 2 parts, so you get a 150 minute movie instead of a 75 minute movie. This worked extremely well, because it was not rushed, they took every moment of the comic and  adapted it 'nice and easy’ I’d say, without having to worry that much about running time. If the movie would be just one 75 minute movie, it would probably suffer a lot of cuts, the Two-Face subplot would be cut, probably Batman would have fought the mutant leader just once…. it wouldn’t have worked. Luckily, I can’t praise high enough the decision to make this a 2 part movie. Part 1 takes it’s time to reintroduce Batman, his first fight against the mutant leader and in the climax, the final fight and win, with an awesome cliffhanger teasing the Joker. Part 2 couldn’t come any sooner. Part 2 was even better, because of course, it’s the climatic end to an actual single story, so it’s only natural Part 2 would be more intense. One of the best scenes in animation takes place in the Batman Vs Joker ultimate fight. In one of the darkest moments, and with a lot of suspense, The Joker murders countless people and it’s one of the most chilling moments of the movie, with Batman being so pissed that he attemps to kill him. With now Gordon retired, Ellen Yindel is the Commissioner and she doesn’t accept Batman’s ways. So we have another element that it’s now almost a classic on Batman movies: Batman being chased by the police. One of the best moments is when Yindel yells at Batman 'Stop, you son of a b–’ and he just throws a punch at her, not really trying to actually hurt her, but in a 'I’m sick of you, stop bothering me’ kind of way. Peter Weller is an excellent old time Batman, I loved his performance, this movie was 100% accurate with castings and everyone did a stellar job. David Selby was a perfect Gordon, Ariel Winter did a fantastic take on Carrie Kelly/Robin, Michael Emerson maybe sounded a little weird for me at first as The Joker, but you’re into Part 2 five minutes and it just blows you away how chilling his performance is. I also specially loved Michael Jackson as Alfred, one of the best since Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Mark Valley also did a great job as Superman. Superman. The climax of the movie is one of the most famous comic book moments of all time, Batman Vs. Superman. In an epic battle that divides fans all around the world, Batman had all the help he could get in order to fight Superman, which he could beat once and for all in another epic moment. Watching this movie (or reading the comic , of course) one realizes how much this influenced The Dark Knight Rises, and for the best. I think I don’t need to list any more reasons why this movie is excellent and is up there with Mask of The Phantasm and Return of The Joker in the top batman animated movies. Just go and watch it, if you haven’t, you’re missing out on something huge. 10 out of 10.

So that’s all! You can also watch again the videos I made with the best Batman: The Animated Series episodes, HERE (part 1) HERE (part 2) and HERE (part 3)

Five Minutes More

[title]: Five Minutes More

[pairing]: 1940s!Bucky x Reader

[summary]: Bucky finally gets a date with the Reader after a year and a half of asking. Based off of Five Minutes More by Frank Sinatra.

[warnings]: none

[a/n]: this fic is so cliche and it’s been done a million times but it’s cute and im lame so…

{Listen to Five Minutes More by Frank Sinatra here}

Also if the only song you know from the 1940s is Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and you got there from Pitch Perfect 2 and/or Pentatonix, I strongly recommend looking into more of the music because it’s gorgeous and it makes me swoon.

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           A year and a half. Bucky had been waiting this specific Saturday for a year and a half.

           The predicament that Bucky Barnes had found himself in was one rather cliche for most folks’ taste, but it was sweet nonetheless.

           His insufferable confidence and swagger was due to fail on some girl sooner or later, but why it had to be the most beautiful thing that Bucky had ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on, he could not figure out. He had tried nearly everything he knew. He had given her the sweetest compliments in the book, flashed her his fail proof smirk millions of times, showed off whenever he could in front of her, he had even left her roses on her doorstep. But nothing had worked, not until last Tuesday.

           She worked in Steve and Bucky’s favorite diner, making it easy for Bucky to see her everyday, considering he’d know exactly where she’d be.

           A small smile tugged on her lips as she saw Bucky stride into the cute diner. Her hands landed on her hips as she looked up at him with that gorgeous half smile that he adored.

           “Well if it isn’t Bucky Barnes,” she spoke, directing her eyes back to the table that she was clearing. He smirked back at her.

           “You know what I was thinking today Doll?”

           “I don’t know Barnes, what?”

           “You, me, dancing on Saturday,” he proposed, feeling like those same words had passed his lips an uncountable amount of times before. [y/n] tapped her chin lightly, as if she was pondering the proposition.

           “I’m busy,” she replied, carrying the empty plates behind the counter and piling them into the sink. Bucky’s eyes followed her. She blurted the lame excuse out as if she had only just thought of it, but Bucky remembered quite vividly that she had said the same thing last week and the one before.

           “No, you’re not.”

           “I’m really that transparent?”

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(1) I keep seeing the gifset "So that's the kid you can't stop talking about" and I have so many feelings about it like is Derek the new kid at school? Maybe he was homeschooled for a while because of his were-wolfitude (maybe werewolves are known but they're *weird* and *different* and *scary* and that's why he's sitting alone) And Stiles knows he shouldn't because he's finally made it to the popular table but somehow he can't stop looking? And Derek's a little socially awkward (he's never

been around kids his own age much) but he’s just so cute and a little cocky and he actually introduces himself like the whole school hasn’t been talking about the mysterious and beautiful Hale siblings that suddenly showed up at school (maybe it’s just a *rumor* that they’re werewolves, either way they’re kinda not normal somehow) and Stiles couldn’t tell you how but somehow they end up hanging out? Kind of a lot? And he likes it? But he’s also TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH LYDIA as far as anyone else is concerned because come on, like he needs a gay rumor right after he’s finally made it?

And so he’s a little flustered when Cora corners him and she’s also v scary and he doesn’t really know which is the right answer? Is she gonna beat him up if he says yes? Is she gonna hoist him up the flagpole underwear first if he says no? So he goes with no because at least it’s true and kind of ignores the way his own heart beats a little faster and the look Cora gives him which implies it was the wrong answer.

And then maybe something *goes down* at the school or maybe it’s just a lacrosse game or something idk but they’re close to each other in the dark hallways and breathing hard and then suddenly all of their parents show up (because Derek’s are the alphas and obviously the Sheriff is going to be around if there’s funny business) and it’s awkward introduction time and Derek’s parents are actually really nice and being weirdly friendly to him when they found him in such a mess and meanwhile the Sheriff is around looking all suspicious and Stiles is especially not telling HIM that he’s having not-so-straight-Derek-related feelings, but apparently they’re on different pages or the way they held hands when they ran down the halls gave the wrong impression because Derek almost introduces himself as his BOYFRIEND God what a disaster they only kissed that one time in secret so thank god his dad doesn’t seem to notice how weird Stiles is being, except he totally does but Stiles isn’t even paying attention to his dad anymore because Derek’s gone all hurt and offended and stiff and when his parents guide him away Stiles hears his mom go all excited “so that’s the kid you can’t stop talking about” and Derek just says glumly “Doesn’t matter. He doesn’t seem to like me very much.” And why does Stiles feel so bad and guilty about that? And Derek’s been talking about him at home and that’s why Cora was so weird that one time?

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Kai: No Mistakes

(Requested on AFF)

You feel a hand on your shoulder and look up to see your smiling friend. He looked like an angel with the lights shining on his frame as he towered over your hunched body. His sweat was trickling down his face causing a luminous shine. He was beautiful.

You continued heaving for air, the two of you had been practicing over and over for the schools talent show. Both of you had decided on doing a duet as you all were known for your dancing. He’s better of course, but you always liked dancing with him anyway.

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Dear the person who dares to shame me for liking kpop:

First of all, how dare you. Second of all, just stop. You snicker and laugh at me for listening to a song in a language other than English. You have the audacity to say they’re lame because they’re a supposed boy or girl band. You wrinkled your nose and call them gay. You state that they’re cookie cutter people, being handed jobs, and acting as puppets to make money off of us. 


Korean is a wonderful language, and just as equal to English. Boy bands and girl bands are amazing- so stop; Gay? It’s 2016 and you’re still using that as an excuse to belittle these people? You’re a piece of shit. Cookie cutter people? Being handed jobs? Puppets? They’re pretty- yes. They’re perfect- yes. But don’t you crush them for their flawlessness, and beauty. Also handed jobs? THIS IS THEIR JOB.They perform, sing, and dance. They write their songs, they pour their hearts into this and you’re still nitpicking? Wtf is your problem?!

Now, onto another thing. It’s because of you,that I’m afraid to openly say that I like kpop. It’s because of people like you that I apologize for freaking out over an album, or a song. It’s because if you, I feel judged by everyone. It’s because of you that I feel ashamed for enjoying something. So you know what?

Fuck. You.

Fuck you and your nasty comments that makes me somewhat ashamed of what I love. Fuck you and your idea that an english song with basic verses and tunes is somewhat better than a my favorite kpop song. So next time you laugh and tease me- I will shut you down. I am not going to stare down at the floor and kick myself for liking something. I will not let you take something I love and twist it into a weapon to use against me. You need to get your head out of your arse, because it’s not a fucking hat. You need to learn to accept things that aren’t normal to you. Sure you may not like it-but the are you the sun? NO!  The world doesn’t fucking revolve around you.

These kpop members have worked hard to get to where they are, and they have TALENT. They spend hours practicing and working, so yes- they might do it for money- don’t we all do something for money? You can exchange money for goods and services! But, that bit of sarcasm aside, a majority of these idols also do what they do for the fans. Because we love them for what they do and what they say. I for one like them because their songs may have changed my views on something, or made me feel something.

So next time you make fun of a EXO-L, an ARMY member, or a *insert kpop group fan name* kpop fan; and you get decked or burned or slapped or whatever the hell. I’m not going to feel sorry for you. Because you deserved every bit of that burn. You do not get to decide what is cool and what is not. Your opinion is not needed. The door is that way so please show yourself out.

So now- to end on a positive note. Shoutout to every kpop fan out there, shout out to the fans that don’t speak the language, shout out to the fans that learn the dances and the lyrics for talent shows, shout out to the fans who draw and design beautiful fanart stuff, shout out to the fans who buy little plushies for the idols, shout out to the fans who freak out and like everything other ppl do when it come to their favs, and shout out to the people who can’t really drawn or make things but still pour their hearts into kpop. You deserve love and appreciation. Not hate.

You all are amazing, beautiful, and wonderful!

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~FIGHTING!!! <3 

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Gifs aren’t mine. Credit to the owners <3


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Halloween Movie Watch List

My favorite time of year is here; I have always loved autumn and of course Halloween. Soon many channels will run marathons of spooky movies…but if you’re like me and just can’t wait here are 13 of my favorite films and specials.

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i want i want i want!!!!! derek freaking out over buying the PERFECT gift for stiles as a overture to show his feelings / a big xmas dinner and by xmas eve derek is sure no one will invite him, stiles shows up to invite him and sexy shenanigans / a xmas down the line in the WWII verse with lydia and the kids also (all/take a pick, loool)

The first year was easy.

Stiles was a senior in high school, and buying him a new PS4 game was the equivalent of declaring his love.

“This isn’t a marriage proposal, is it?” Stiles asked as he held the game to his chest protectively. “Because at the moment, I’m on the fence.” Derek just rolled his eyes and grunted.

Stiles had gotten him car wax and three new books. It was exactly what Derek wanted.


It took them three years to say the L-word.

Stiles was a junior in college, and they had been casual for awhile, seeing other people, but that didn’t really work that well because they got pissed if one of them so much as looked at another person. But saying I love you, that was a big deal. Derek because he was scared the word was cursed, and Stiles because he was scared he didn’t know what the word meant.

That Christmas it didn’t matter what they got one another; they were too happy saying “I love you” as they held hands and walked through the snow, kissing under mistletoe, and listening to sappy Christmas songs.

Derek’s still embarrassed that people actually witnessed that phase. Scott and Isaac still make fun of them.


The year they moved in together, Derek bought Stiles something Batman, a rare comic he didn’t have (Derek knew; he snooped through his entire comic collection in their living room to check). Stiles just stared at it, his head moving back and forth like one of those dashboard dogs.

Stiles bought Derek leather-bound collector’s editions of all the Game of Thrones books.

“We’re kinda lame,” Derek laughed as he looked at their gifts.

“No dude, we’re fucking awesome,” Stiles said distractedly, not bothering to look up from where he was reading the comic with gloves on.


One year, Stiles surprised Derek with a classical tour of Italy. “Because I know how much you love boring, old stuff,” Stiles had joked, but Derek knew the trip had been as much for Stiles as for Derek.

But sometimes they bought each other DVDs, and sometimes they bought each other sweaters. Derek never actually minded the sweaters; he liked wearing things Stiles thought looked good on him.

He particularly liked how eager Stiles was to remove the sweaters he bought him. Derek liked the way they looked on Stiles later, when he’d grab Derek’s sweater from the floor and tug it over his naked body and stumble through the house, cold and in need of a snack.


This year, this year had to be perfect.

“I don’t know what to tell you, son,” the sheriff had said. “You’ve been together for almost a decade. You know him better than anyone.”

“My mind keeps going back to jewelry,” Derek told Allison and Lydia when they met for lunch. “But I can’t exactly see Stiles wearing a diamond solitaire.”

Lydia huffed. “You know, thinking men don’t enjoy jewelry and that all women do is a genderist, narrow-minded way of thinking.”

“But you love diamonds,” Allison pointed out.

“That has nothing to do with my gender.”

When Derek talked to Scott, Scott just stared at him. “Why did you tell me?” Scott asked. “How am I ever going to keep this a secret?”

So, Derek bought the usual things for Stiles – clothes, some DVDs, a few special, collectible geek things. But he saved the most important thing for last.

“Another gift?” Stiles asked in surprise when he found the small box under their tree. Derek felt the tips of his ears burning as he anxiously watched Stiles tear off the precisely wrapped gift.

With each rip of the paper, Derek second guessed himself, and when Stiles finally got to the box, he almost told him to stop. Stiles had a confused smile on his face as he lifted the lid and found a folded piece of paper. He pulled it out and opened it.

Will you marry me?

Stiles didn’t move for so long that Derek started to get worried, but then Stiles twisted around and reached into the end table drawer for a pen. He scribbled something on the paper, and then handed it back to Derek.


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please write more PearlxLapis!!! <3 (if you're free/willing of course ;u; )

Just Breathe (½)

Summary: A story in which Lapis Lazuli is ‘redeemed’ but still really angry and hurt and confused (she ain’t no Crystal Gem!) Pearl’s not really the best person to calm her down, but maybe the two of them can work something out (or fight something out, Gem-style!) If you prefer your Lapis 100% kind and well-intentioned, this may not be your thing. If you prefer your Lapis still really pissed about all the shit cards life has dealt her, well, maybe this won’t be a waste of your time.

Credit to lapislazuhli for the idea that Lapis remembers Pearl from all the times Pearl has asked her to bring up images of Homeworld and/or Homeworld-controlled planets. And deep thanks to oathkeeper-of-tarth for the beta.

 Rating: T


“We found this gem-powered mirror at the Galaxy Warp. It can capture and display any event it’s witnessed in all of Gem history.”

“…It is in pretty rough shape. It must finally be broken. What a shame.”

“Steven, it’s just a mirror, a tool. It can’t want anything.”


trapped by extenuating circumstances

Time drenches everything in a haze. Everything was grander. 

Gems were so much more powerful.

Gems were always right.

Homeworld was the universe, or at least, had everything worth having in the universe.

Lapis wishes someone could understand.

Lapis also wishes she could just turn off her mind, just sink into the waters without a war within her or a cage around her. 

She feels no relief that she has been freed, that she’s been offered companionship, that on some evenings Steven sits with her on a deckchair by the beach.

Sometimes she finds herself back in the past, a mirror, bound to the wishes of whoever is holding her.

Sometimes she’s still there, at the bottom of the ocean, chained with her own power, locked up in her own jail cell.

She hates this form, sometimes. Wishes that she could claw out the illusion of skin. Wishes she could tear herself apart. She’s never believed in this miserable hunk of rock. Now she is bound to it by the loss of Homeworld. Even when she screams, it is not enough. Even when her throat hurts, it isn’t enough.

There are days when she hides herself from the Crystal Gems and Steven. They don’t run after her, probably on Steven’s wishes. They give her space.

She hides herself because it’s too easy to lash out at anything. She materializes water whips from the ocean and cuts rocks into halves, fourths, eighths – on and on until they’re nothing but bits scattered on the sand. The sound of rock cracking surrounds her, and still it’s not enough. The earth completes its rotation, but Lapis can go on for much longer when she’s in the mood, days and days of wandering around, traveling beyond Beach City and to surrounding islands, destroying, destroying, destroying, wishing that she could lose herself.

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