love that one bit the most


Well this chapter is basically a Yashiro Mood Board. The one that hurts me the most is the top left: the layered expression on Yashiro’s face is heavy. He’s shook from the good sex and bad memories, he’s got yakuza drama on his mind, and to me there’s a little bit of guilt in there as well. He’s knows what he’s gotten himself into with Doumeki, he knows he’s going to leave, and he knows it’ll fuck up Doumeki. But he does it anyway because he’s used to doing everything on his own and doesn’t know how to be in love.  *shakes fist*

A few more chapter flails:

  • RYUUZAKI IS OKAY. I don’t think Hirata is dead yet but YAY RYUUZAKI IS OKAY. I hope they got his lady out too that woman has suffered.
  • When Ryuuzaki lifts Yashiro’s shirt and goes for the gold, Yashiro doesn’t look particularly happy. Good. I want Yashiro to realize that Doumeki has ruined him for other men. 
  • Doumeki finally wakes up and I’m sure he runs out the door. I did not enjoy the expression on his face at all and I really hope that he doesn’t see Yashiro and Ryuuzaki messing around in the car because it will break his fucking heart and I will die.
  • I noticed on the color title page that the power dynamic is changing again. Doumeki looks almost like he does in Volume ½: in a suit, buttoned up, and Yashiro is kind of in charge and comfortable in his lap. In volume 4, Doumeki was looking at Yashiro as they stood apart, his sleeves rolled up, his jacket off and he’s just more Doumeki, more comfortable. Is this a bump in the road where they’ll go back to their old roles? Or will Doumeki push up on Boss and make him see the light?

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Just out of curiosity because I know you love this animatronic in particular, but do you know if Jocco is still there? I know most of the animatronics on that ride got stolen and Jocco was left there to rot a bit, but I'm genuinely curious if Jocco somehow got taken too.

Hiya. Yes I do love Jocco <3 So because I love him and I was curious too, I looked into this and the Jocco animatronic on top of the ride has been stolen too. 

There were two Jocco animatronics that survived after Hurricane Katrina. The big Jocco on top of the ride and one of the Jocco animatronics inside the ride. 

The inside of the ride has basically been gutted so the smaller animatronic probably disappeared when that happened. 

As for the bigger Jocco on top of the ride looks like he disappeared sometime in 2011 because if you look at pics from that time on flickr then you can see he’s no longer there. I wonder what happened to him? 

Here he is in Feb 2011 almost falling off the ride :///

and then in Aug 2011 he has gone

Another shot from March 2012 (hes still gone) 

Poor Jocco. There’s a great video on youtube of the ride when it was operating and you can see how cool the Jocco animatronics were:

I just wanna add that somewhere in the abandoned six flags new orleans park this message has been left (perhaps about Jocco XD)

Sources: xx // xx // xx // xx // xx // xx // xx 

camp halfblood! au

• min yoongi
• son of hypnos
• cabin fifteen
• will literally sleep all day if you let him
• has a thing for soft pillows
• doesn’t really manipulate anyone’s dreams
• nor does he use any of his abilities on a daily basis
• if he isn’t sleeping he’s eating
• and if he isn’t eating he’s probably listening to music in his cabin
• yeah this kid doesn’t get out much
• also he’s the worst when it comes to training
• he loves playing games but somehow ends up winning for his cabin like all the time
• no one knows how he does it
• he can get a bit grumpy
• but for the most part he’s really goofy
• he doesn’t talk to a lot of people
• but he cherishes his friends a lot
• is actually liked by dionysus
• they spend some nice moments together drinking wine
• which is the only reason yoongi even puts up with him

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Your screenshots are literally my favorite! They're so smooth and warm and beautiful!! ❤❤I don't understand why you aren't one of the very most popular simblrs yet!

awh that is so sweet, you’re so sweet ♥♥♥ i don’t deserve you awh let me hug you

but this might come out a bit cliche and all, but i really don’t care if i’m popular or not. i’ve got a few very nice mutuals, i love my game, and i’m having fun, and that’s all that matters. and i’ve got you, who i really don’t deserve, you’re too kind ♥ 

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I think I'm gay but I'm not sure -

*sits down and pulls out his glasses* Hmm…n-now, may I ask if this is t-the homosexual gay? If s-so, that is alright, my d-dear! It t-takes quite a b-boy of time for most to f-figure out how t-they feel a-and love. It’s a-alright to experiment, safely, w-with people y-you trust. And it’s o-ok to have questions as well, t-this is a confusing m-matter, one t-that may change with t-time! W-what you need t-to do, is a b-bit of self f-finding, learning a-about yourself and your f-feelings. D-do you find yourself m-more attracted to m-men, or w-woman? It m-may even c-come to be you d-do not want a s-sexual relationship, a-and that is fine as well. D-do not force yourself to b-be someone you are n-not, or d-do something you do n-not love. L-life is t-too short for t-that! *smiles* F-find yourself, dear, a-and be happy, l-love whomever you w-wish!~

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Cite the final line of five of your fics – your favorites, or the most recent ones. Tag five writers who should do this next.

(I’m cheating a bit, these are favorite final lines from drabbles)

This is what comes of adoring, of loving. The fear of losing. (Tywin Lannister)

You choose, and you live with the consequences. That is the only kind of hope she could still believe in. (Alyssa Velaryon)

Her father does not catch her this time, when she falls. He does not even see her falling. (Arianne Martell)

They sat across the table from each other, staring but not seeing. “Well,” he said, finally. Indeed, thought Argella. (Orys/Argella)

Die, old man. Die, so I can finally stand tall in my own glory. Die, so I will no longer have to live under your oppressive shadow, and under the even more oppressive shadow of your disappointment. (Borros Baratheon)

Tagging @247reader @cosmonauthill @eidetictelekinetic @madaboutasoiaf @wefewwehappyfew (Only if you want to do it, of course :D :D) 

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Even tho ineffable isn't one of your fluffiest of writings it makes me (and I'm sure most of the ppl here) feel soooo much happier bc it takes my mind off everything and your writing is honestly magnetic; i get sucked into the world you've created and get completely immersed honestly it's magicalㅠㅠ like your presence ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)~ *inserts cheesy pedo face* lots of loveee per always 🍑mochi

I think I keep telling you this, but you’re so cute and sweet and I wish you all the mushiest and softest, because people like you are the reason I keep writing <33 ajhdlkahsdlkaj also you made me laugh, you, I like you, okay.

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If you're still doing the ship thing -- I'm a 19 y/o girl about 5'3", thick & dark black, wavy hair, about mid-length. Asian, but a bit lighter-skinned than most people from my country. Not very thin, but not too on the heavier side either. Aquarius. Apparently guilty to having resting b*tch face but I love being able to talk to people! It would take a while, but I like when I can be completely myself around people -- make sarcastic jokes, find a way to be silly in whatever environment we're in.

I ship you with Archie. It was late at night and you two were the last ones at Pop’s. Archie only knew you were from his school and he thought you were mad at him from the look on your face. But you’d never spoken to him and were just trying to write a poem for English class. He kept looking at you and when you looked back he would look away. Eventually he came up to you and said “Hey, I’m really sorry for whatever I did. Should I leave?” You wanted to laugh 😂 What was he talking about? But you decided to go along with it by replying with “Well sorry doesn’t sweeten my tea.” You quoted Josh from drake and josh, thinking he’d realize it was a joke but he just looked more upset now. You actually laughed this time and explained your just joking and this was just your resting face. Archie was so relived and asked what you were doing. He ended up helping you with your poem. You ended up staying there really late because you to couldn’t stop talking. When you said you had to go home he asked for you number. You’ve been dating since.


As you all may know, watching TV in your target language helps improving the vocabulary, listening comprehension, and knowledge of it in general. This is why I decided to create a masterpost with some of the most well-known TV series in Spain. The titles are clickable, and they redirect to a trailer or some short clip of the show. 

(Not following any particular order)

  • Las chicas del cable: Netflix’s first Spanish original series. It’s set in 1928, and it tells the story of a group of girls working for a telecommunications company. It has this Great Gastby feeling, highly recommended! 
  • Física o química: I’d say this is a low-budget, Spanish version of Skam or Skins, but a bit outdated since it’s from some years ago. But basically same story, the struggles of some high school kids.
  • Cuéntame cómo pasó: it narrates the daily life of a Spanish family of the second half of the twentieth century, so of course it has some historic episodes going on. It started back in 2001, based in 1968, and it’s still on air, narrating the year 1986.
  • Aquí no hay quién viva: sitcom which depicts the problems of the neighbours of an apartment building. It stopped being broadcast in 2006, but a new series with basically the same argument and actors emerged, called La que se avecina.
  • Los hombres de Paco: drama comedy which tells the story of some policemen.
  • Farmacia de guardia: apparently this is the most watched Spanish TV series ever. It’s a sitcom about a pharmaceutic and her life.
  • Los Serrano: drama comedy about a family and their struggles.
  • Vis a vis: a Spanish remake of Orange is the new black, basically.
  • El ministerio del tiempo: fantasy TV series about a ministry that travels in time.
  • Velvet: story of love between a heir and a seamstress in the 50s. Miguel Ángel Silvestre (who also appears on Sense8) plays the lead role here.
  • Sin tetas no hay paraíso: a love story between a posh girl and a troubled guy. Miguel Ángel Silvestre also plays a role here.
  • El príncipe: drama series of a relationship between a Christian policeman and a Muslim woman.
  • Aída: sitcom about a poor-ish, low class family and their neighbours.
  • Águila roja: about a masked hero, set during the 17th century.
  • La señora: set in the 20s, about a love story between people of two different social classes.
  • Amar en tiempos revueltos: soap opera depicting the life in the Spanish civil war.
  • Gran hotel: drama series set in 1905 about a family who own a hotel.
  • El internado: thriller which focuses on the lives of students living in a boarding room.
  • Médico de familia: a bit old, tells the story of a doctor and his family.
  • Hospital central: drama about the lives of some hospital workers.
  • Verano azul: from 1989, one of the most iconic Spanish TV series. It tells the story of some children and their summer vacation.

If you want to watch any of them and aren’t able to find them (or if you have any doubts), drop me a message and I’ll be glad to help. Happy learning!

Learn Spanish watching TV channels online

Learn Spanish listening to radio stations online

i just.. . can’t get over sign of the times. there is so much feeling in it - hope, desperation, strength, vulnerability, pain, love, bravery - and all of it is so palpable, i feel like i can taste it in the air while the song’s playing. he pulls you in at the very first note and tangles you into his soul with every note after that. the energy in his voice just. it washes over you, wave after wave, like an ocean of electricity and emotion. 


a love spell, or something like it

inspired by a post sara reblogged (this one, specifically) and the resulting conversation about different love spells, where she suggested i write the fic. i said no, go away, it’s late. then i stayed up and wrote the fic.

This doesn’t make any sense.

Though they’d never admit it—Dean especially would never admit it—they’re practically witches themselves at this point. Sam isn’t deluded enough to think otherwise. He has a fair share of spells up his sleeve that he knows by heart by now, a few more he’s working on remembering, and some he still struggles with the incantation, but at the end of the day they frequently speak Latin and throw herbs into flames, so, logically, they’re witches, or close enough to it.

And it’s because of this (and his own unfortunate experience that no one must ever speak of again, thanks) that Sam knows a love spell when he sees one.

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Girl Groups As High School Students


The ones who will end you in a dance battle. They’re so good at dancing but still remain humble about it. Also have a really dorky side which only comes out if you get to know them better.

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The ones who are slowly becoming more popular in school. People start to notice them in the halls more. They’re all very sweet but not many people know that about them.

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The ones who people still don’t completely know everything about. They don’t know the different sides of them. People also don’t know how loving they can be like hyunjin’s love towards bread.

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Ladies’ Code

The ones who are a little different from the rest (in a good way). They also have extremely good fashion taste. Are also so much cooler than you.

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Red Velvet

The ones who have two different sides to them. Most of the time people see their upbeat and bubbly selves. Are also extremely mature and cool, which people don’t get to see as often.

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The ones who people don’t really know. Everyone pretty much ignores them AND SLEEPS ON THEIR AMAZING TALENT; they’re also very young but very talented.

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The ones who are really mature. Kinda like the opposite of Red Velvet - everyone sees their mature side but not so much their dorky and fun sides. Are very fun people to hang out with.

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The ones who are instant hits whatever they do. Wear a new hairstyle to school? The next day everyone is styling it. Put on different lipstick? Everyone will eventually get it.

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The ones who were popular as soon as they entered school. Everyone loves them and can’t get enough of them. But, they have really strict parents who don’t let them hang out with anyone after school.

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Girls’ Generation

The ones who are the literal queens of the school. They’re the most popular one can get. They’re also really sweet and amazing people to talk to, despite however intimidating they may seem.

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The ones who are always singing. You can always hear them in the halls singing at the top of their lungs. Are also probably the dorkiest people at school, and everyone loves them too.

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The ones who are always moving because of their parent’s job. Probably only spend a year or a bit more at one school. But whatever school they go to, people really like them and join the ‘popular crew’. Are very humble and down-to-earth too.

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You know, I really love how Izuku goes against everything that is kind of expected from a Shounen protagonist.

The really popular Mangas like One piece or Dragon Ball led to some trend in Shounen  - the protagonist is, most of the time, strong, confident, a bit loud and energetic, doesn’t cry, becomes stronger by leaps and is insanely stronger than all his opponents due to sheer determination…

And Izuku? Is nothing of that. He was - is - a bit shy and dorky, easily flustered, a tad of a crybaby, has still not mastered the power given to him, but has grown stronger through hard training and determined practice. He is not really confident, even though multiple people are drawn to him and saved by him. He relies on his head more than on his brute force most of the time. He also has still a long way to go, and yet to really defeat a powerful arch enemy or something…

And he is probably the most relatable character I’ve ever encountered.

It’s not the only thing in BNHA that goes against the popular Shounen trends, but it’s the one thing that got my attention right from the start:

Izuku, as a protagonist and leading character, is entirely unique. And I absolutely love that fact.


I’ve had lots of people come to me for Finn fic recs of all sorts, and after someone asked if I could collect all of my recs into one post, I decided it was high time I did just that!

Almost every fic I’ve listed below has been read at least once, and each one has a special place in my heart, so I hope you enjoy! 

(Note: I don’t read fics with major character death, non/dub-con, or anything significantly dark or triggering, so I don’t feel like individual tags/warnings are necessary for this list. If anyone feels otherwise about any of the fics below, let me know and I’ll tag accordingly!)


Finn-centric fics (mostly Finn/Poe)

Rated G

Follow me Home by indoissetep

The Bearer of Good Food by Anonymous

bad behavior by demigender

Changeling Children by englishable

she called it a void by vands88

generosity of spirit by avocadodreamin (potentially abandoned, but absolutely worth it for what’s there!)

mustn’t let a little thing like ‘little’ stop you by pdameron

Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble by @linatrinch (a fic based on my witchy AU!)

The Prince and The Pilot by NaruHinaGrrl1995

Rated T+

The Care and Feeding of Mammalian Companion Animals by ineptshieldmaid (I’ve honestly lost track of how many times I’ve read this one)

Tale As Old As Time by @imaginarygolux

with your feet on the air and your head on the ground by avocadodreamin

Varonat by @linatrinch

Skywalker Legacy by stripesyturtle  

Dissenter by fizzyfingermotorfuck

a time for sleep as well by themastersbeard

this attempt of remembering by chartreuser

you asked me to dance (and it was love at second sight) by bodhirook

The Future Prince by StarMaple

Stormtroopers do it in uniform by nekosmuse (so! hecking! cute!)

Tale As Old As Time by @topographical-map-of-utah

half over the moon by atthebarricade

Rated E/M

tell me about the big bang by thebrotherswinchester (one of the most important character studies for Finn that I’ve ever read)

step out into the sun by platos (thank you @littleblacksquirrel for the rec!)

you’ll be my resolution by zeppelin 

Yr so soft (you make me hard) by gloss

Be Here Now by @bluestem10 (Blue is amazingly talented and everyone should read this fic!)

worlds are built for two by synergenic

Yours by the_adequate_pretender (Finn/Rey)

Stars and Skies by asingerofsongs & MayGlenn (this is the only Jedistormpilot content I read, and I love it with all my heart. the writing starts out a bit awkward at first, but if you can get through that initial bump, the series develops into something amazing!)


Spread the Finn love y’all, and happy reading! 

Break M'Own Rules

Harry X Reader: Angst

In which alcohol and pricks make for a messy, angry Harry.

Request? No

Author’s note: I don’t really see Harry ever being violent, but I had a dream about this and really wanted to write it soooo.

Tonight has been the most fun you’ve had in a while. You’re sat at a table in Harry’s favorite pub, crowded with his close friends. There are some that he keeps in regular contact with, but more that he only gets to see on the off chance that he’s home for a while and free from any work.

Harry’s been smiling all night, cracking terrible jokes and laughing overzealously at the little quips that anyone else makes. He’s had at least one too many. His smile is lazy, an uneven little smirk. His arm is stretched out across the back of your chair and he keeps touching you, brushing his thumb over your far arm, randomly spattering kisses along your cheek or over your bare shoulder. Sometimes he leans on you and you have to shove him off when he becomes a little too heavy, worried about tipping out of your chair. But he only grins at you and then joins back into whatever conversation is happening.

The group has begun to thin out. A few friends have left in pairs, babbling about being tired or having things to do tomorrow. You and Harry assure each of them that there will be more get-togethers before he’s off around the world for work again. Harry expresses his love with sloppy words, too buzzed to get up from his chair and hug them. Then there’s only Nick left.

“Yeh ‘bout ready to g’home, kitten?” Harry’s leaned his head on your shoulder again, growing hair falling into his heavy eyes.

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Enemies to Lovers:

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What else do you love about me? // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Y/n and Shawn talk about what they love about each other.

Authors note: Purely wrote this so I could gush about how amazing Shawn is 

“Why are you so hot?” I ask while I layed on the hotel bed, my legs hanging off the side. 

“What?” Shawn laughs, turning around and looking at me through the doorway from the bathroom.

I tilt my head to look at him. “I mean like, I know you go to the gym and everything but you’re face- flawless. I cannot find one flaw on your face,” 

“Is that so?” Shawn hums, his back muscles shifting as he turned the tap off after finishing rinsing his toothbrush.

“I’m not usually one to obsess over looks because personality is key,”

“Are you saying my personality sucks?” Shawn teases, flicking the lights off in the bathroom and he leans against the door frame.

I shoot up right, “Not at all. You’re a 10 out of 10. You have the full package. Good as looks, most amazing personality and you can sing. No wonder you got the chicks swooning,” 

Shawn’s head tips back as he laughs, “I only need one chick to swoon and that’s you,” 

“See, that is what I mean. That right there was perfect,” I point at him as I speak.

“Did it make you swoon?” he says smirking, sending a shiver down my spine.

“Just a little bit,” I grin, flopping back onto the mattress.

“What else do you love about me?” Shawn walks over crawling onto the mattress, laying on his side, head propped up on his hand to look at me.

“You have the softest hair ever. Do you use product? I’ve never seen you put any in but then again, I’m never awake early enough to see if you do anything after your shower,” I trail off, eyes flicking to meet his.

“All natural baby,” he smiles, his eyes warm as they lock with mine.

“Of course it is. I’m seriously considering that you might be a Greek god like Hercules or something. Left on earth to be raised by human parents so you could bless all us humans,”

“Pretty sure I’m human Y/n,” he says laughing.

“To be discussed,”

Silence settles over us, the heater humming creating background noise. Shawn leans closer, his nose brushing my cheek.

“Want to know what I love about you?” He whispers, his breath fanning my face.

“My charm?” I ask, winking at him. A chuckle escapes his lips, his head falling onto my shoulder.

“As much as I love your charm I also love how you always try and find something positive in every situation,” 

“I guess I do that,” I smile softly, pecking his nose.

“You also show so much love to all your friends and family. You don’t halfheartedly love someone, you put your whole soul and body into it,” He kisses my forehead gently. “Thats why I’m so lucky to have you in my life and to be able to receive your love,”

“Dammit Shawn, I’m going to cry,” I let out a shaky laugh.

“Aw baby no, this is meant to be a happy moment,” Shawn tucks some hair behind my ear.

“They’re happy tears don’t worry,” I smile at him, my heart feeling as though it would burst at the sight of the man in front of me.

“You’re also the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my life,” he says and I gasp.

“But what happened to and I quote ‘she’s not even drop dead gorgeous’,” 

“Y/n,” he laughs, shaking his head at me. 

“Its okay, apparently it kills you anyway,”

Sharing a Moment (NSFW)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: So I wrote this whole thing out, then decided I hated it, scrapped all but two paragraphs and re-wrote the whole thing. I don’t know if it’s my best work but I tried. Hope you guys like it.

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