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Jealousy Games 01

Description: You decide to play a game of push and pull with your ex Jungkook, bringing Jimin along for the ride. 

Pairing: JungkookxReaderxJimin

Genre: Smut (M)

Word Count: 8.4k

Index: 01, 02, 03

Warnings: breath play, dom!Jimin, lots and lots of filth.

A/N: This is chapter one of… well, I don’t know. @ellieljade and I just keep brainstorming more and more for this sucker. To the point of us joking about finishing this when we’re in our 90′s….. Anyway. I hope you enjoy. I’ll be working on part two for Room for Dessert and The Guest House soon.

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“Growing Up a Winchester”  Sam/Dean x Sister Reader

Word Count: 3,867

Sam and Dean Winchester x Sister Reader, some Castiel x Reader

Summary: While on a long road trip to a hunt, you reminisce about your memories growing up with your brothers, from the best ones, to the worst, to the most awkward.

Warnings: Mentions of death, language, angst, light smut between Cas and the reader

Flashbacks are in italics.

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You’re sitting in the backseat of the impala, looking out the window at the scenery. Dean, of course, is driving, and Sam is sitting on the passenger side, sleeping. You have a hard time sleeping in the car, so on long car trips like this, you have a hard time. Thankfully, Dean is usually always awake as well, and serves as your entertainment.

Growing up as the youngest Winchester sibling was not always fun and games, especially being a teenage girl. As much as your brothers love you, they know absolutely nothing about teenage girls. You more often than not felt like you were raising yourself, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. Your brothers are your rock, and you would never leave them.

You can barely remember the first time you’d met Dean. Your dad, John, had gotten your mother pregnant and throughout the first four years of your life, he was very in and out of your life. He’d only show up at your house once a year, normally on your birthday. He’d call on holidays, but you were too young to hold a conversation. A little after your fourth birthday, your mother had passed away from cancer. You had nothing and no one else, and your dad John came to your rescue.

“Hey, kiddo.” John had told you, picking you up from the hospital. He looked tired, the bags underneath his eyes more prominent than you had ever seen them.

“Hi.” You say quietly. You didn’t really know what was going on. All you knew was that your mommy was in a better place and you were going to live with your dad. You remember being nervous, because to you, your dad was like a stranger. You knew nothing about him.

“Do you have your stuff? You’re comin’ to stay with me and your brother, Dean. Dean’s excited to meet you, you know.”

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Hogwarts 8th year:

So McGonagall announces a surprise mock-NEWT in class one day and everyone is super stressing out and Harry accidentally snaps his quill because ‘are you shitting me, NEWTs are two months away, dammit.’

And then he can’t find a spare quill anywhere in his bag and next to him Ron looks like he might burst into tears and on the table across the aisle on his other side Hermione is vigorously bunching up her hair into a top knot while reciting every Transfiguration theory they’d learnt in the past five months under her breath, her expression fierce as fuck, and just looking at her makes Harry even more nervous because what the fuck was she murmuring about Trans-Species Transformations, had they even covered that?! 

But McGonagall is already coming around handing out their tests and so he turns to Malfoy who’s sitting in front of him trying to cram in five months worth of notes in thirty seconds and taps him on the shoulder with a desperate, “Baby, you got an extra quill on you?” and Malfoy simply nods before feverishly rummaging through his bag and producing a slightly ruffled eagle feather quill and handing it over with a harassed, “Here, love”, before going back to tearing through his notes.

And then Harry hears an odd squeaking sound and turns to find Ron looking at him like he’d spontaneously turned into a giant spider and it’s only then he becomes aware of his exchange with his (still secret) boyfriend. Ron genuinely looks like he’s about to faint and Draco seems none the wiser as he accepts the test from McGonagall with trembling hands.

Ron makes a strangled choking sound up at McGonagall who sighs exasperatedly as she hands Harry and Ron their tests, “Now Mr. Weasley, do pull yourself together. Today’s results won’t count for your final grade.”

And honestly Harry can’t deal with any of this now because hell he loves Draco and doesn’t care what anyone says and why do mock-NEWTs even exist, like the actual ones weren’t bad enough and Ron is still staring at him in horror and Harry just grits out a, “We’re in love, mate, alright? Now close your mouth and fucking breathe before you faint and also, did we cover Trans-Species yet?” To which Ron just croaks out a, “I don’t know anything anymore, I need to lie down.”

Newt Imagine: “Make Me”

Request: “Hey, can you do and imagine for nr.1 with reader x Newt, please.”
     “Make me.”

Warning: Very slight smut | TMR | Word Count: 1,859 (Hope you like this, this was a pretty quick but fun write so I really hope you enjoy it too!)

The Glade felt like it was on fire. You shifted uncomfortably in your tank top, fanning yourself every few minutes in between your work. The sun was glaring angrily down today, bringing the Gladers into a slow, lazy lull by noon.

“Y/N!” You heard a hoarse voice call you from a distance. You already knew it was Newt, your closest and oldest friend in the Glade, so you didn’t bother to turn around. You were feeling much too tired.

“Y/N!” He called again, this time with a twinge of annoyance at your lack of response. You sighed heavily before turning and squinting unresponsively in his direction. He rolled his eyes, walking towards you steadily, before stopping right in front of you. “Y/N, what are you doing? It’s past noon, Fry needs the meat to start cooking. You’ve been workin’ on that shuckin’ animal for hours now.” He furrowed his brows in seriousness, though his ruffled sandy blond hair and soft brown eyes made it hard to take him seriously.

You sighed and looked at him carefully. “I’m on it, I’m on it… It’s just so shucking hot, Newt. I can barely focus.”

Newt eyed the sweat beading on the side of your face and the hair clinging to your forehead stubbornly. “Alright, love, finish what you’re working on and then go take a shower. That ought to cool you down.”

You huffed and began slicing up the last bits of meat, hurrying to get them to Frypan.


As soon as you stepped into the cold shower, you shuddered with relief, half shaking from the freezing sensation, and half relieved to finally feel clean again. You didn’t worry about being the only girl in the Glade, because you had, more than once, proved yourself capable of taking care of anyone who dared try anything with you. Sure it had landed you in the Slammer once or twice, but that was a small price to pay for being able to take a shower in peace. No one had ever bothered you when you were in there except…

“Y/N,” that same voice called out. You groaned. You had never been so annoyed to hear Newt in your entire time in the Glade.

“What now?” You yell angrily over your shower. “Can’t I just have one moment of peace today, Newt, at least in the shower?”

Newt paused to stand in front of the showers on the other side of the barrier, not facing your direction. “Fry said he asked you to slaughter two animals, but he’s short on meat for the bonfire tonight. Any idea why?”

You grumbled and turned off the shower, accepting you weren’t going to ever be able to properly finish it anytime soon. You grabbed the towel to your side and wrapped it around you before padding your way out to face Newt, glaring angrily. Newt awkwardly looked in your direction, trying not to glance below at your body, even though you two were usually comfortable with each other, being best friends.

“No, Newt, I have no idea why –” You stopped short as it hit you. You remembered that in your anticipation to take a shower you had forgotten the second chicken… “Shuck.” You muttered only, biting your lip.

Newt raised an eyebrow. “Something the matter, Y/N?”

You roughly pushed past him, colliding shoulders with his. “Nothing’s the matter, Newt,” you snapped. “Go away.”

“Y/N,” Newt warned slowly, lowering his voice slightly, though it became raspier than ever because he was so parched. The heat was clearly getting to him, too. “Y/N, come back here.”

You continued walking.

“Y/N, don’t you dare walk away from me!” Newt shouted at you, though you were already halfway to the Homesteads now.

You shrugged simply and waved sassily back. “Watch me, Newt!” You called back out to him.

As quick as a whip, Newt ran up to you, grabbing your arm and swinging you around to face him. “Y/N, I am your second in command, you will do as I say,” he ordered you roughly.

You made a face and pulled yourself out of his grasp. “Make me,” you challenged, sticking your tongue out at him, and before Newt could even react, you turned and started running in the opposite direction. You clung to your towel desperately, regretting not putting on clothes immediately. You swore to yourself, but refused to look back to see if Newt was gaining ground on you; he undoubtedly was: even with his limp, you were encumbered by the towel, forced to run slower. As his unmistakable footsteps began grow louder behind you, you flung yourself into your hut and shut the door, though you knew that couldn’t keep him out for long.

Newt pounded on the door in a split second. “Y/N! Don’t make me barge in there. I will drag you out of there myself if that’s what it takes to get you to finish your work.”

You smiled to yourself, suddenly overcome with a desire to embarrass Newt. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” you called out warningly in a sing-song voice. “My towel fell off, and I’m trying to get dressed…”

Newt immediately withdrew from the door, but was resilient. “I’m not falling for that, Y/N! I’m coming in there in one minute, and you better be dressed.”

You pouted, creeping closer to the door to taunt Newt. “But that’s not nearly enough time, Newt,” you whined. “But you already know that, don’t you?” You smiled wickedly.

Though you couldn’t see Newt flush, you could hear him falter. “Y/N, d-don’t be ridiculous - I know what you’re trying to do. I don’t care. If you’re not dressed, it’s your own shuckin’ fault.”

You shrugged, slipping out of the towel and leisurely started putting on your clothes. “Alright, but don’t be surprised if you see me n –”

The door to the hut burst open, but you were wearing only your underwear and a large t-shirt, that was barely reaching a couple inches into your thighs. You smiled victoriously, pleased to see Newt’s red face, clearly more embarrassed now than in the showers. It didn’t help Newt and you had always felt attracted to each other, even started falling for each other as you grew closer in friendship, but neither of you acted upon it because Alby forbid it. Now, seeing Newt’s eyes reluctantly trailing over your half-exposed body, it made you want to forget there were any rules in place. 

Newt clenched his jaw and crossed his arms. “Go ahead,” he said in a hardened tone, trying to mask his obvious reaction at seeing you half-naked. “Get dressed.”

You raised an eyebrow incredulously. “Seriously?”

Newt gazed at you stonily, and only gestured for you to proceed getting dressed. You scoffed. You threw your jeans at him and flopped down onto your bed, sticking your tongue out again at him. You had pushed your luck too far. Newt closed the distance between the two of you in a flash, and climbed over you on your bed, pinning you down against the sheets. He glared at you with darkened eyes. “Do you think that I’m joking, Y/N?”

You panted slightly underneath him, unable to help but think this was the first time Newt had ever gotten on your bed. You had been on his plenty of times, but he had never been on yours. This was different. “Not anymore,” you replied breathlessly, afraid of what he would do next.

Newt nodded. “Good that. Now be a good girl and do as I say,” he growled at you roughly.

You smiled mischievously up at him, fully aware that he was still hovering over you, his face just inches from yours. If you just leaned up… “And what if I don’t?” you asked teasingly.

“I’ll punish you,” Newt said tonelessly.

You lifted yourself up slightly, meeting Newt’s cheek with yours, your lips brushing against the side of his face as you moved to whisper playfully in his ear. “I’d like to see you try,” you threatened, your lips pressed against his skin hotly.

Newt jerked back surprisedly, before his eyes filled with a new look of… lust. The wild, crazed desire finally unleashed within him, Newt grabbed you by the shoulder roughly and pushed you down against the bed, smashing his lips against yours. He kept you pinned down as he delved deeper into the kiss, your lips opening and parting to meet his. He pressed his tongue against your mouth, pulling away before giving you two hot kisses with tongue, each time exploring deeper and deeper. You gasped in order to catch your breath, taken aback by the suddenness and rushed manner of Newt’s kisses. He didn’t even give you a chance to catch your breath before lowering himself down on you again, pressing his lips to yours with a deep hunger you didn’t know he had in him.

You flicked his tongue with your own, moaning at his every touch. The blonde, instantly turned on by the sounds your moans, cupped your cheek, pulling you even closer to him, and you trailed your fingers up to tangle them within his disheveled hair. You smiled at his eagerness, and as your mouth twisted in victory you pulled away teasingly. Newt tried to lean down to kiss you but you merely turned your face slyly, laughing. Newt groaned in frustration and looked at you inquisitively, panting heavily. You watched him as his eyes followed you as you scooted back to the top of the bed. “It’s so easy to get you, Newt,” you giggled.

Newt raised his eyebrows in arrogant surprise. “Oh yeah? Sure about that, love?” He slowly crept forward and suddenly lunged to tackle you against the soft sheets, and though you laughed and tried to wriggle your way out of his grasp, Newt’s strong arms forced you against his hard chest.

You gasped for breath in between pouts and cried, “That’s no fair, Newt!” Newt smirked and flipped you over, releasing you playfully against the bed, running his hands up the side of your body until he reached your arms, which he moved up by your head and pinned your hands under his. He laced his long, rough fingers through yours and raked his teeth down the side of your neck, causing you to drop your head back against the sheets. You arched your back, surrendering yourself, as he lowered his wet kisses down your neck.

He paused, watching your eyelashes flutter and small, gasping breaths escape your lips. Seeing you crumble under his touch made him smirk, swelling his heart with pride that only he got to see you this way. “All’s fair in love and war, Y/N,” Newt whispered in your ear and pecked it with a small kiss after.

You smile and take his cheek into your hands, turning it to face his sweet caramel eyes towards you. “Well, if this is what a little war with you brings, I’m not complaining,” you winked and pulled Newt down to kiss him again.

this is kinda crappy bc I wrote it at 5 am but enjoy!

It all started one cloudy afternoon in the shared 8th year common room. Harry was sitting on the couch facing the fire, Ron beside him, and Hermione on the floor. All working on a massive seventeen inch potions essay that had been assigned to them.

An faint banging noise was heard. The trio looked up and saw an owl outside the window closest to them, scroll tied around its leg.

“Well, there’s no use for all of us to get up.” Ron stated, looking from Hermione to Harry. The boys seemed to have entered some sort of staring contest, neither of them wanting to go open up the window.

“Oh, for goodness sake.” Hermione muttered under her breath before getting up and letting the owl swoop into the room. It landed on Harry’s knee. His face scrunched up in confusion. But I never get mail. Harry took the scroll off of the owls leg and it flew back out the open window, which Hermione then closed and sat back down again.

He shot looks at Hermione and Ron, who looked just as confused as he did, as he unrolled the parchment and read the letter written in neat handwriting.

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So like, post-Joseph route AU where, after Amanda leaves to go and have ice cream with the Emmas, the rest of the cul-de-sac are still hanging around and talking, and Lucien, of all people, notices that MC isn’t looking all too great.

And Lucien has nooo idea what to do. Because man, he hasn’t said more than a few words to the guy.

But MC is just looking so miserable, sitting on the porch by himself, staring at the present his daughter had given him. None of the other dads have noticed yet. And maybe Lucien should just get an adult to go and check if MC is okay. But he doesn’t.

Because in that moment, there’s something about MC that reminds Lucien of his own father - tired and worn out after a long day at war with the world.

So Lucien, against his better judgement, goes up and sits down next to MC.

“You okay…sir?” he asks, because goddamn it may have been more than a month since they’d moved into the neighbourhood, but Lucien still has no earthly clue what the guy’s last name is.

MC looks up, surprised, and gives a tired smile. “I’m fine,” he says.

He doesn’t look fine. At all. So Lucien sits with him, and they talk for a while.

Lucien is pleasantly surprised to find that MC is actually a kinda cool dude. He’s a huge dork, of course, but that kind of comes with the territory of being a father.

By the time Damien comes over to thank MC for the lovely party and to let Lucien know they’re going home, MC’s tired smile looks a lot more genuine.

When Lucien bids him goodbye, MC just laughs and ruffles his hair.

“You’re a pretty good kid after all,” he teases, and Lucien just slaps his hand away with an embarrassed grumble.

Damien has no idea what’s going on, but far be it for him to complain when someone notices how brilliant his son is.

After that, Lucien doesn’t really see much of MC, and he mostly forgets about their conversation at the party.

But after Amanda finally moves away and MC no longer has anyone to badger him about getting out, MC kinda becomes a social hermit. The only other dad he actually hangs out with is Craig, because they’re college buddies.

And when a month has passed and Lucien realizes it’s been a while since he’s seen their new neighbour, and he remembers how tired MC had looked that day at the party, he feels a bit worried.

So, he asks his dad if they can invite MC over for dinner at their place one day.

Damien is a bit confused, but he agrees.

And it all starts off kind of awkward, but by the end of the night, MC and Damien are laughing together as if they’ve known each other all their lives, and Lucien can’t remember the last time he saw his father so happy.

After that, MC and the Bloodmarchs take turns inviting each other over for dinner once a week, and go out together on weekends as a family.

When Lucien has to miss one of their dinners together one night because he’s sleeping over at Ernest’s house, Damien walks into his bedroom to freshen up before MC arrives, and finds a box of condoms on his pillow that definitely wasn’t there before.

Damien just about dies of embarrassment right then and there, and can’t look MC in the eye for a solid hour.

When MC finally caves and asks what’s wrong, Damien tells him what Lucien had done, trying to play it off as a hilarious joke - “Kids, amiright?” (His voice is a little too high to be convincing, and his face is beet red).

MC stares at him thoughtfully for a long moment, thinking over how to respond, before finally his lips pull into a sly grin.

“Well, no point in letting those condoms go to waste, right?”

Damien chokes on the sip of wine he’d just taken, looking up at MC with bewilderment.

While MC tries to apologize through his hysterics, Damien is trying to figure out if the offer was sincere because holy hell does he wish it was.

(When Lucien returns home the next morning to find a sleep-rumpled MC cooking breakfast in their kitchen and with lovebites scattered all across his neck, the shit-eating grin doesn’t leave his face for the rest of the day.)


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Genre: romance/fluff/comedy
Pairing: Jungkook /You
Length: 469 words
Summary: Jungkook likes teasing  his short feisty girlfriend.

He knew as well as you knew that your biggest complex was your height. Jungkook, or should we call him your boyfriend, wasn’t going to put his jokes to rest any time soon. He never intended to make fun of you on purpose, but he wanted to tease you and make you embrace your smallness, because he loved that about you. He liked how your small frame would easily be buried on his chest while hugging you, how tiny your hands were in comparison to his, how cute you looked whenever you tip-toed to reach something or to simply press your lips on his. He liked ruffling your hair and picking you up effortlessly to throw you on his bed. These little things were what made him dearly love you, yet you felt inferior due to them as well.

“I wish I was taller sometimes” you sigh

“Why would you wish for such a thing” he pulls on your cheeks “You’re perfect for a giant like me?”

“I can’t even reach your face for a kiss. How in the world is this even fair” you punch his muscular arm with your tiny fist
“Then I’ll bother to break my neck and reach your level” he pulls you into his arms

“How the air feels up-there?” you draw circles on his chest with your index

“Very chilly?” He comments “Because you’re not there” he winks at you

“Should I feel offended or flattered?” You raise a brow “Should I kiss your cheek or punch you?”

“Come on, my intentions are always pure, honey” he kisses the side of your neck

“Don’t honey me!” you grab his handsome face in your small hand

“Small ones are always more feisty” jungkook smirks at you “and that’s just the way I like them” his cocky smile made you lose it

“Excuse you?” you pull on both of his cheeks “I beg for you to repeat this”

“Ahhh …OWWWWWw” he shouts in pain as he tries grabbing your wrists “B-Baby, please let go, m-m-my cheeks are Ouchhhhhhh”

“Small people are feisty?” you nod as you stare at his face “Right?” you pinch his cheek harder

“MY faccccceeee” he grabs onto your wrists “I’m sorry. Jesus” he rubs on his sensitive cheeks once you let him go “ Who would’ve known that such small cuties like you would be so strong” he fakes a sob “My life was a lie” he makes his signature meme face

“Don’t get on the bad side of short people, Jungkook” you shook your head “They might ruin you”

“YEAH!” jimin’s voice was heard in the background

“What was that?” you blink

“Oh, that was probably Jimin hyung” Jungkook chuckled as he pulled you in his arms “My shortest hyung” he smirked

“That little bastard!” jimin swore in the background

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For the fic wars can I request El trying to make Hopper admit that he's in love with Joyce

“You let her beat you,” El observed from the passenger’s seat and Jim Hopper drove down the country roads, away from the Byers Residence.

“I did not.”

“That move was easily avoided, and I saw the box of trophies you still keep hidden. You’re a chess master.”

“Was - like a million years ago- and Joyce is really good too.”

El wrinkled her nose and turned her gaze to the passing trees and flying snow outside of her window. “She really isn’t. You weren’t playing at all like you taught me.”

“Maybe I’ve been training you to lose against me.”

“That’s pre-preposterous,”.El replied, carefully tripping over her Word-of-the-Day. She heard her father sigh deeply. When she looked over, she saw that he was frowning at the road, his lips pressed firmly together in a severe line. “Why did you let her win?”

Jim chuckled. “You do notice how competitive Joyce gets during Game Night, don’t you? Everyone lets her win because she’s a sore loser.”

“That’s not it. Will doesn’t let her win.”

“Will is her baby, she’s not going to bring out Sore Loser Joyce on him.”

“I don’t let her win.”

“Same logic.”

El furrowed her brow and worried her bottom lip at the statement. The idea of being someone’s baby sparked a light in her chest that radiated warmth throughout her entire body – a pleasant glow that left her slightly breathless.

“You think she thinks of me like she thinks of Will?”

Jim turned to her, his stern, contemplative features softening when he caught the wide-eyed hope projecting so nakedly from her small face. He grinned, reached over, and ruffled her curls before turning his attention back to the road.

“She absolutely does. Joyce told me the other day that she loves you like a daughter.”

El exhaled at the news, her eyes stinging slightly. “Yes?”


“How does she love you?”

Jim’s grip tightened on the steering wheel to the point where El could actually see his knuckles go white. For a split second, his exuberant expression vanished and was replaced with one that looked haunted and slightly winded – he switched back in a flash with a dismissive chuckle.

“I don’t think she does at all, kid.”

El crossed her arms over her chest as she attempted to process his reply. “But she feeds you.”

“Yes. She feeds you too.”

“And has us over at least twice a week.”

“So you can socialize with Will.”

“And she let you win at Five-Card Stud.”

“I told you to stop wandering around the table and reading other people’s cards!”

“And she looks at you the way I catch Mike looking at me sometimes.”

“That boy is a menace.”

“And you do the same.”

“She’s very, very easy to look at!”

“And you love her.”

“Yes– hey!”

El shot her father a victorious grin.

“She does all the same things you do to show her that you love her.”

“It’s… complicated.”

El shrugged. “That’s what she said when I pretended to have cramps so I could talk to her in the bathroom.”


She shrugged, a Cheshire Cat grin on her face.


Warnings: smut, spanking, all that jazz. Oh and daddy kink ofc

The bass pounded against the walls as Ethan lead you through the crowds of people to the dance floor. You always wondered why your boyfriend always came to these parties when he never drank. You smiled as you reached your hands up to feel his chest as your bodies swayed to the beat of the music. You did have one drink in you but it wasn’t enough to make you tipsy but you did feel pretty confident. You slowly turned around as Ethan’s hands trailed down your back, watching as you ground against him. He pulled your back against him as he kissed your neck, leaving love bites. You reached a hand up behind you to lace them into his hair as your hips were still in movement.
“Maybe we should take this back to my place?” Ethan whispered in your ear, biting your ear lobe lightly. You smirked, turning around to pull him into a deep kiss.
“Let’s go.” You smirked, pulling his hand. You both got into Ethan’s black Subaru as he quickly started the car. You both put your seat belts on and Ethan pulled out onto the road. You bit your lip, looking over at him. His hair was ruffled, his jawline prominent from the street lights. You slowly slid a hand down onto his thigh as you snaked your hand upwards. You lightly gripped his member through his jeans as he shifted in his seat,
“Can this wait baby? I’d rather make it there safe than have to explain to our parents why I totalled my car.” Ethan quickly glanced at you as you bit your lip, returning to your seat. Your hormones were raging. You slowly slid your black dress up, sneaking a hand into your panties. You started rubbing your clit as you looked over at your boyfriend innocently as he drove. You let out a small moan causing him to look over to catch a quick glance. His right hand pulled your hands out of your panties.
“You think you can touch yourself without daddy’s permission?” Ethan’s jaw clenched as you felt him push on the gas pedal harder. You smirked as you slowly pulled your dress back down, you were throbbing.
“So impatient, I’ll have to punish you when we get home.” Ethan gripped the steering wheel tightly.
He quickly pulled into the driveway, shutting the engine off as he strode to the front door, you following closely behind as he unlocked the door. You both stepped in as Ethan slammed you back against the door.
“You’re such a bad girl. It’s like you want to be punished.”
“Maybe I do, daddy.” You smiled at him. He grabbed your ass motioning for you to jump as he carried you up the stairs. You were both lost in each other’s kisses as he laid you down on the bed.
“Don’t tell Grayson we fucked in his bed. Got it?”
“Got it.” You laughed as you realized you were in the room of his brother.
“I just couldn’t make it to my room. I can’t wait any longer.” Ethan said, pulling his shirt over his head.
“I want you to strip for me baby.” Ethan demanded as he took his belt off. He gripped the belt as he watched you shimmy out of your dress. You slowly unclasped your bra, letting it fall to the floor as you turned around. You gave Ethan a full view of your ass as you looped your thumbs around your panties, slowly sliding them down. Ethan sat on the edge of the bed as you slowly walked towards him,
“Bend over my lap, princess.” Ethan demanded, folding the belt in his large hands. You bent yourself over his lap as you felt Ethan’s warm hands grab your ass. You heard him groan as he took the belt and slapped it down on your ass. You bit your lip, your body jerking from the sudden pain as Ethan quickly rubbed his hand over it, watching the skin turn red.
“You’re such a bad girl. Trying to touch daddy while he’s driving.” Ethan let down another crack of the belt,
“Touching yourself without daddy’s permission,” your body jerked as he spanked you for the third time.
“Now, I want you to ride daddy’s face. Do you want that?”
“Of course, daddy.” You bit your lip, watching as he lied back on the bed, his head on the pillows. He motioned for you to go over as you slowly straddled his face. He reached his large hands up to grab your thighs as he lowered you down onto his tongue. You gripped the headboard as Ethan began eating you out. His tongue moved in circles as you moved your hips along with his movements. He stuck his tongue into you as you became a moaning mess.
“Fuck daddy.” You moaned, grinding down onto his face. He flicked his tongue inside you as pleasure over took you. You rode Ethan’s face as he ate you out. His rough stubble rubbed against your thighs as he pushed his tongue deeper into you. You moaned as he licked at your walls. He slowly licked up your slit and began sucking your clit. One of your hands flew down to his hair as he flicked his tongue back and forth over your clit. You moaned profanities as your thighs shook around his head. His biceps flexed as he held you still, licking up and down your pussy. You grounded your hips against his face as he flattened his tongue out for you to ride. You pushed down on him, wanting more as he flicked his tongue against you. You clenched as he licked over your core, going up to hum on your clit. You bit your lip as he flicked his tongue over it repeatedly once again making your legs shake.
“Daddy don’t stop!” You moaned, your climax approaching. He began flicking his tongue faster as you felt a hand move down to stick two fingers in you, wasting no time, he thrusted them inside you at a fast pace. You thighs began to clench around his head as he took your clit in his mouth, sucking harshly. You felt the pads of his fingers rub your g-spot. You clenched around your boyfriends fingers, moaning loudly as you orgasm rushed over you. You ground down on his face, gripping the headboard tightly as you came all over his fingers. You let out a small squeal as he took his fingers out of you and licked up your slit once again. Your thighs trembled from the over sensitivity as he continued eating you out.
“Daddy I can’t-” you began but he cut you off,
“Yes you can baby girl.” Ethan tapped your thighs, ordering you to lay down as he quickly took off his jeans and boxers. You watched as he took his throbbing cock in his hands as he ran the tip along your wet juices. Your hips bucked as he hit your sensitive clit. He slowly ground his cock along your pussy as he moaned, gripping your hips.
“You want it baby?” He asked, staring down at you as he continued rubbing himself on you.
“Yes daddy, fuck me.” You stared into his eyes. You didn’t have to ask him twice as he slid into you. You pushed your head back against the pillows as he thrusted into you, the headboard hitting the wall. You moaned, gripping the sheets as Ethan hovered over you. His mouth attacked your breasts as he sucked on your nipples. You tangled your hands in his hair and pulled him up for a long deep kiss. Your tongues danced together as his hips snapped into yours. Ethan moaned into your mouth as your fingernails raked down his muscular back.
“Fuck daddy, you’re so big.” You moaned, feeling him force his whole length inside you. Confidence radiated off of Ethan as a cocky smirk showed in his face. He stared down at you with hooded eyes, as he watched your mouth hang open in pleasure. He slowly brought a hand down to choke you as he bucked his hips into yours roughly. You moaned loudly, completely handing yourself over to Ethan as he fucked you relentlessly.
“Moan for daddy, let me hear you.” Ethan grunted as you arched your back, making him hit your g-spot. You screamed profanities as Ethan released his hand from your neck as he brought your leg over his shoulder. At this angle, he was able to thrust deeper inside you as he slapped your ass.
“Fuck, you dirty girl.” Ethan growled as you moaned, clutching onto the sheets so hard that your knuckles turned white.
“Flip over baby.” Ethan demanded, pulling out so you could reposition yourself. Ethan entered himself back inside you, spreading your legs farther apart to fit himself deeper inside you. Your arms gave out beneath you as your face hit the pillows. Ethan reached forward, pulling your hair as he twisted it in between his fingers. Your legs began to tremble for the second time that night, your second orgasm approaching. Ethan slapped your ass harshly as he thrusted into you roughly. You looked over at the mirror and you watched as Ethan fucked you. He was concentrated on the way his cock slid in and out of you, watching as your ass bounced with every thrust. He ran his hands down your back to rest on your hips, pulling you back against him.
“I’m gonna cum daddy.” You whimpered, laying your head on the pillow as you gripped the sheets.
“Come on baby, let it out.” He grunted. Your toes curled as you clenched around his cock, your second orgasm washing over you. Your legs shook uncontrollably as Ethan continued his thrusts. You came all over Ethan’s cock with a loud moan. As you clenched around him, you felt him twitch inside you as he came with a loud moan. His hips bucked as he whimpered, gripping your hips roughly as you moaned.
“Fuck.” Ethan slowly pulled out as he discarded the condom. You threw yourself onto the bed as you both tried to regain your breath.
“Babe, we should go back to your room before Grayson gets home.” You looked over at Ethan worriedly.
“Good point.” Ethan’s chest heaved as he quickly got up, grabbing yours and his’ clothes. Just then the front door closed and you both rushed back to Ethan’s room.
“That was close.” You sighed, putting a clean pair of underwear on and slipping one of Ethan’s shirts on.
“Ethan! I’m gonna kill you!” You heard Grayson yell. You both shot each other a look.
“Ethan what did you do?” You whisper yelled. He shrugged, a scared look on his face. Ethan quickly put on a clean pair of boxers and sweats as he quickly rushed to Grayson’s room.
“Wha-” Ethan peeked his head around the corner to see Grayson pointing down at the used condom.
“You guys are freaking disgusting! You have your own room!” Grayson yelled. Ethan ran his hands through his hair,
“We couldn’t make it-”
“You guys are both cleaning my room within this hour. Everything you touched I want it clean.” Grayson ordered. You peaked around the corner with Ethan.
“Hey, y/n, you guys are a cute couple but could you at least not do the do in my room?”
“Sorry, Gray.” You shrugged behind Ethan. Grayson stepped out of the room, letting you two clean up the mess you made.

BTS Reaction: Their s/o always being affectionate because of their past

||| Anon asked: Can you do a reaction to bts s/o always being affectionate because she didn’t receive love as a child because she doesn’t have parents and was treated bad by others please? |||

Jin/Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by yoonzis

He wouldn’t mind it at all, quite the opposite. He would immediately know something is wrong if you didn’t snuggle him. Whenever this happened he would try to cheer you up by cooking something even if it was the middle of the night.

Park Jimin

Originally posted by cuzishiptoomuchjihope

He would find this side of you really adorable as he’s just as affectionate as you are and would hug you whenever he had the opportunity.

V/Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by taetaeinbloom

Just like Jimin, he couldn’t help but smile and pull you to him whenever he felt you needed to be held. You would have a hard time getting out of his grasp after that though.

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Knowing about your past, he would try to be as affectionate as you are, sometimes going a bit overboard and destroying something in the process, like the kitchen when he tried making you breakfast. 

Suga/Min Yoongi

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

He would be a little bit embarrassed to show any skinship or something like that in public but whenever you to were alone you would never have to experience the feeling of loneliness again.

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by kawaiinekololitablog

Being the sunshine as he is, he would actually be the one that doesn’t let you out his sight. Whenever you clung to his arm, he would pull you closer to him and would just ruffle your hair to make you smile.

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by mayfifolle

I love this gif omfg, he looks so adorable

He would enjoy your fondness of him and would say how cute you are just to see you blush. Occasionally he would just lay down next to you, not going to sleep himself and would tuck you in and kiss your forehead to make you sleep better.

A/N: Whoa! I haven’t written for BTS in quite a while now 😮😅

Time of Your Life

A belated birthday present to my beloved @disraeligearsgoestumblin who wanted a Check, Please! ficlet. I hope this bit of nonsense suffices!

         “Thanks for joining Falcs TV for our Livestream, everyone. We’ve got something special for you today. We’re checking out if these boys can do more than play great hockey. Join me as we test the team on their hidden talents.” Georgia winked at the camera before leading it to Thirdy.

         “Alright, we’re going to start with the old men of the team. All the Falcs Fans know this guy, Thirdy, what have you got for us today?”

         Thirdy held up a long balloon. “I’ll be making some awesome balloon animals, George.”

         Georgia turned to raise her eyebrow to the camera as Thirdy squeaked through a clumsy sculpting job. After a few moments, he held up…something. The long, bent balloon had two little nubs twisted into its base.

         “It’s a giraffe!” Thirdy tried to smile confidently.  

         “It’s obscene.” Marty snickered, earning an out of frame kick to the shin from Georgia. “What? Look at that thing! Giraffes have four legs, Thirdy.”

         “It’s the front view of the giraffe!” Thirdy frowned.

         “Well, that was wonderful, let’s move on to Marty, shall we?” Georgia stepped quickly away from Thirdy and his semi-phallic balloon. “Marty, what do you have for us today?”

         “First, I’d like to take a moment, as senior captain of the Falcs, to apologize for the inappropriate content in Thirdy’s talent. We at the Falcs don’t condone such inappropriate-” The balloon whooshed through the frame, smacking Marty squarely on the forehead. Marty looked at the camera with a raised eyebrow. “My special talent is killing co-captains.”

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Missing you..

Series: Tom Holland Dad Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Evelynn Toms Daughter misses him while he’s away in the states filming. The reader snaps a photo of their sleeping daughter.

Warnings: cute fluff,sad, adorableness

Word Count: 1,500+

A/N:Why I make these kind of imagines more often is because when I was younger the chemo I had damaged parts of me and my ovaries and I won’t be able to have kids unless a miracle happens. I’m living my future vicariously through my imagines when I type these FYI..

-not a part 2 for Double Trouble but I’m tempted to just make a series for Evelynn & Reid’s mischievous adventures.

[Reader’s POV]

    The hard parts are when Tom is away for months. It’s especially the hardest on Evelynn because she is definitely a Daddy’s girl. Whenever Tom was home she fluttered around like a moth to the flame. Currently Tom was in the states working on a film and Evelynn hated it. 

    She would have Tom read to her over FaceTime so she could sleep. He FaceTimed the twins as much as he could. Sometimes he would be so tired and pass out,but would send a video in the morning for both of them. Tom loves the twins so much and it hurts his just as much. He can’t see his children grow up and cause mayhem while he’s away.

“Reid have seen your sister?” you ask cutting some apples in the kitchen. Reid looks up from the book he was reading at the table. Shaking his head no he looks back down flipping a page.

  Setting the knife aside on the counter next to the cutting board. Grabbing your phone off of the charging stand you exit the kitchen. Checking the living room for her little body she isn’t in there as well. Heading up the stairs with Tessa following closely behind.Her tags jingling as she ran up the steps.

    Walking down the hall you check her and Reid’s room. The shared room looking a mess but no Evelynn. Making a mental note of having to come back and clean the mess. Turning to the side you see your bedroom door slightly cracked open. A small enough crack that matched the size of your missing daughter. 

    Opening the door slowly you peep your head into the room. Seeing a bun of curls resting against Tom’s pillow. Your feet sinking into the soft carpet of the room as you walk towards the bed. Her dark rose dress peeking out from the comforter that she was hugging. Looking at her sweet sleeping face made you did a bit on the inside. You created that little human, you can stare all you want.

    Pulling out your phone to open up the camera. Once it’s ready you snap a few pictures of Evelynn. Hitting the share button you type Tom’s name in the recipient bar. Clicking it when it pops up the message forms. The cursor flickers waiting for you to type something.


Someone is sleeping on your side of the bed, she misses you so much baby xx

Your phone buzzes instantly with a response from Tom.

Tom Holland/Daddy Holland:

She looks so peaceful, how is she doing? More importantly are you still feeling ill?


She had another fit that you couldn’t call tonight for the 4th time this week. I’m not mad baby it’s her that’s fussy. I’m still feeling nauseous and my head is pounding. 

Tom Holland/Daddy Holland:

Darling please tell her I’m sorry, we’ve been so busy on set sometimes we get let out super late. I don’t want her to be mad at me.. Tell her and Reid I love them so so much. Take care , go to the doctor if you feel worse.. I love you so much 


I love you more,remember to stretch before doing anything crazy xx

Tom Holland/Daddy Holland:

Of course darling, see you soon 

    Going into our closet I pick out one of Tom’s t-shirts. Picking up Tom’s cologne bottle and taking off the cap. Spraying the shirt once and setting the bottle down. Raising the shirt to your face inhaling the scent. A pang in your chest happens of missing your husband. 

     Walking over to the bed you lay the shirt over her exposed body. Her face scrunches from slightly waking but them smiles as she turns over. Evelynn grabs the shirt holding it to her chest. A smile tugs at your lips at the sight of your daughter. Even though he wasn’t here you could still make it feel like he was home.

    Before the kids were around you would do that. Spraying his shirts would help you sleep better. Of course it helps Evelynn a bit while he’s gone. Reid misses him as well but is afraid to show emotions cause he’s the “man of the house” while Tom is away. Yet he holds onto the s]Spider-Man figure in his sleep. It was the one Tom brought home for him while he was away.

    Tying your hair up into a ponytail you slip on one of Tom’s jumpers. Heading out of the room you make your way back down the stairs. Reid was playing with Tessa in the living room per usual. Reid drops the toy running over to you.

“Mum did you find Lynn?” he asks looking behind you to not seeing his sister come down the stairs. 

“She’s sleeping love, let me finish your lunch okay? I’ll put hers in the fridge for when she wakes up.. Daddy sends his love all the way from the states” Ruffling his hair and pressing a kiss to his forehead.

“Is daddy ever going to come home?” Reid question makes your smile drop.

“O-Of course Darling, he’s just working really hard with Robbie J’ to make a cool movie.. It’s a part of his job to be away sometimes” Tilting your sons chin up you poke his nose earning a smile from him. 

“When does he come back mum?” Reid asks as you make your way to the kitchen.

“Well if you live everyday without thinking of the time it will go by faster, that’s what I did while your daddy and I dated before we got married” You explain pulling out a plate from the cupboard. 

“How did you get through your days without seeing daddy?” his questions making you smile, he was curious about so many things. That’s why he has his nose buried in a book most of the time.

“Well I got through it by just knowing your daddy loves me very much and I think that’s what you and Evelynn should do too.. He loves you so much and will always come back home to us because we’re what he gets to come home to after all his hard work” explaining to him how you truly felt while you arranged his food. Picking up his plate you walk over to the table setting it down in front of him.

“Mumma I miss daddy” Evelynn’s voice makes you turn around. Her curls were disheveled and a pout on her lips. She was holding onto Tom’s black t-shirt that you sprayed earlier.

“Oh honey, I miss him too.. but hey guess what.. Daddy says he loves you very much and hopes you’re not mad at him” you say picking up your half awake daughter.

“Mumma I could never be mad at daddy!” Evelynn gasps looking up at you, her mouth ajar from shock.

“Maybe you can say that in a video to reassure him, he feels bad he hasn’t been able to read to you these past few nights..” Pulling out your phone you open up the camera. Clicking the reverse button so it’s now facing Evelynn. She presses the record button grabbing the phone from your hands.

“uhm hi daddy! It’s one of your twins and I wanted to say I love you and I miss you lots, so much it’s crazy.. I’m not mad at you daddy, Reid and I just want you to come home.. Mumma cries at night so I think she misses you mos-”

“Evelynn oh jeez” you face palm from her saying you’ve been crying.

“before Mumma interrupted me daddy, know we’re all missing you.. even Tessa bear” Evelynn smiles showing her missing tooth. She presses the stop button handing your phone back. Sending the video to Tom so he has something to watch later.

“Can we make a drawing for daddy and Robbie J?” Evelynn asks as you set her down on the floor. Nodding you walk to the closet in the hall. Grabbing some craft stuff you bring it to the table along with her food.

“I call the Spider-Man coloring book!” the twins shout simultaneously. Watching the both of them reach for it. Evelynn and Reid having a staring contest as their hands grip the book.

“You two there are two sides to a coloring book, what do we do? You ask looking at the two of them. They both sigh looking over at you letting go of the book.

“We’re twins and there’s two sides cause sharing is caring” Reid and Evelynn speak at the same time with smiles on their faces. There we go, go mom.

Just have to keep them busy and distracted till he comes home.We’re missing you around here Tom..

all we do // (k.l imagine)

request: can i get a kian imagine where y/n and him are going through a hard time in their relationship and fight all the time one day y/n comes home late thinking kian’s sleeping so she slips into bed with him but he’s awake so he grabs and cries into her neck saying im so sorry for everything,love you so much,I don’t want u to leave me,y/n is playing with his hair and gives kisses on his head telling him that she loves him back and she isn’t going anywhere,the ending can be all fluff

some angst, fighting, swearing, etc.

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Early Mornings || Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by jjks

Word Count: 1.6k

Genre: Fluff

It was almost three am when you heard the sound of your bedroom door opening. You weren’t sure who it could have been at this time of night, as your husband was laid in bed next to you. There was nobody else who crossed your mind and you could feel your heartbeat quicken slightly in your chest. Fear flooded under your skin at the idea of somebody breaking into your home and your first thought went to your six year old daughter who was sleeping alone in her bedroom.

The only sound echoing through the room, besides the soft snores of your husband, were small sniffles. You immediately picked up on what it was and without a thought you sat up in bed and pulled the cord of the lamp beside your bed, letting the light flood the room. There, at the end of your bed, was your daughter. The first thing you noticed were the tear tracks that went down her cheeks and you could see the front of her top was completely soaked.

Your heart clenched in your chest and you let a small smile grace your face to calm your daughter down. She instantly looked up at you as the light came on and her eyes squeezed together as she continued to cry quietly. You removed the blankets from your legs, the cold air briefly gracing against Taehyung’s own legs, causing him to move slightly in his sleep.

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Prompt by @softestisak: “write me a cake fight drabble u brat”

Ak, I don’t like you. But lucky enough, I like the prompt. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVEN!!!! (also where is the fucking trailer?!?!?)


“So, you’re going to… bake a cake?”

Eskild’s voice is dubious, eyebrows raised to epic proportions and mouth set in an incredulous line.

Which, fuck him very much, because Isak is not completely helpless. And how fucking hard can baking a cake from scratch be? He has a printed set of directions in front of him, he has all of the ingredients spread out over the counter, and the oven is happily pre-heating.

What could go wrong?

“Yes,” Isak answers with a narrowed look, “I’m baking Even a birthday cake. It’s not rocket science.”

Eskild swallows and puts his hands up, like he was approaching a spooked horse or a small child, “Isak just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you automatically get Martha Stewart powers.

“Who the fuck is Martha Stewart?”

Eskild sighs, “Oh god, this is not going to end well. Are you sure we can’t call Noora in here to help you?”

“Nei,” Isak grabs the empty mixing bowl off the counter and away from Eskild, hugging it to his chest like a shield. “He’s my boyfriend and he made me promise not to by him anything, so this is what I’m doing. Jesus, you make it sound like baking is hard.”

Eskild whimpers but leaves the kitchen in peace.


Okay- so as it turns out, baking is a little harder than it looks. It really wouldn’t be, but there are phrases like sift the flour and fold in the eggs.

What the actual fuck does any of that mean? And Isak is too proud to google it on his phone because he is seventeen years old and baking will not conquer him.

Also, is there really a difference in between baking soda and baking powder? And like, between regular sugar and confectioners sugar? Isak hopes not because Even will be here in two hours and Isak doesn’t have time to run back out to the store.

So he just kind of puts all the ingredients together and hope it works


It doesn’t work. It very much does not work.

And Even is laughing his ass off, arms securely around Isak’s waist as he takes another bite of the shitty Moulin Rouge inspired decorations Isak had turned into stick figures and laughs some more. “I love it,”

“You suck,” Isak groans, batting the fork away from Even’s mouth, “Stop eating it, you might poison yourself.”

“But what a way to go,” Even leans down to kiss at Isak’s pulse point, ignoring the loud boos of their friends. Isak flips them off, but Even doesn’t look ruffled at all, “Baby… you baked me a cake. You, yourself. God knows it was yourself because Noora never would have let this happen.”

Isak groans and Even’s attention is pulled away for a hot second by Sana, who’s just arrived to the apartment.

Isak glares at the failure cake. He worked fucking hard on it and now what? They’re just going to throw it out? Over his dead body is the cake he spent hours slaving away for going to be dumped into the trash.

So he cocks his head to consider, eye slanting right to note that Even isn’t wearing anything to expensive, just his favorite button up (read Isak’s button up) and a pair of jeans. 

The arms tightens around Isak’s wait again and Isak has an idea, He steps out of the embrace. Even swivels his head to look at him.

“One more surprise.” Isak gestures down to the sugar monstrosity, “Look at the cake closer.”

Even raises his eyebrows, but glances down at it, “I don’t get it.”


Even gets a little closer to the cake, now intent on finding whatever mystery clue Isak had hidden in the frosting. When he shifts his head down, just a little bit, Isak pounces.

He hooks a hand around the back of Even’s neck and pulls his face into the cake, waiting several seconds before releasing and stepping back.

The cheers are almost instant and Even is pulling back, wiping frosting from his eyes and laughing again, bright and happy laughter and this might just be one of the greatest cakes ever baked in the world.

“Little shit,” Even grabs a handful of the corner piece and- oh fuck no, Isak didn’t anticipate that. Even hurls the cake at him. Isak dives out of the way and-

The fucking cake splatters against Vilde. Oh my fucking god the look on her face. She screams and everyone goes silent. 

Or at least, for about fifteen seconds and then Even is grabbing another chunk of cake and hauling Isak to him by the waist and smearing the frosting down the length of his face.

By that time, everyone had gotten the idea and Isak’s perfect fucking cake was flying across the room, smearing over every surface available and every person available and Isak and Even were still half-wrestling on the floor trying to escape each other’s frosting clad hands and-

Fucking best birthday party ever.

Pet Names (Tom Holland x Reader)

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Tom hadn’t called you by your proper name in years, ever since you two started dating, it was always some sort of pet name. Here’s a list of a handful of the pet names and when he calls you by them. 

Warnings: Slight smut, slight angst

A/N: One of them is a blanket term, so I didn’t use an actual a scenario. 

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Anthony, meet Tony

For @one-piece-of-harry ’s idea. This is probably not at all what you were picturing but tada…

“What the Fuck?!” Tony asks, based on the way the kid flinches back his voice is just a little bit too loud.

“Sorry, Howard. Sorry.” The kid mumbles, staring resolutely at his feet. The name gives Tony pause, anxiety settling like a rock in his stomach. He recognizes that brown hair.

“It’s okay Anthony. I’m not mad, in fact you’re being very brave right now. I’m proud of you.” Tony says, trying to get close enough to shelter the kid from AIM’s attacks. Just because they apparently managed to bring him forward in time, doesn’t mean they’re done with their assault.

“Stark, incoming!” Clint warns, Tony turns, pulling the helmet back on and firing at the new targets. “Shit, is that a kid. Cap, Stark has a kid with him.”

“Woah.” Anthony whispers, staring wide eyed at Tony. “Is that a laser? How are you powering it? What are those people doing? Are you a superhero dad?” Tony’s heart hurts.

“Yeah, yeah I am.” Tony says, now isn’t the time to explain that he is not Howard Stark. Now is not the time to do anything except scoop up the kid and run. “Cap, I’m exiting the fight. Got a kid version of myself here, finish up without me.” There’s questioning noises over the coms’ but Tony ignores them, scooping up the kid, and running.

“Where are we going? Don’t you have to fight those guys?” Anthony asks, Tony looks down at him.

“You’re more important than some idiots who don’t know how last season yellow is.” Tony informs him, landing near the quinjet and climbing on board.

“We need to run some tests.” The Shield agent says, gesturing to Anthony. Tony glares at them, the repulsor whines as it charges up.

“I think that can wait, don’t you?” He asks. The woman has guts, she doesn’t even flinch.

“Dr. Stark, that is a you version of you, we need to find out if he’s from this universe, or if he travelled forward in time.” She protests. Tony keeps the kid close.

“I can do that, at my Tower. The rest of them should be back soon.” He waves get off, Shield can go fuck themselves right now.

“Tower? Time travel? Dad what’s happening?” Anthony asks. Tony sets him down, stepping out of the suit.

“Anthony, I’m not your father, I’m you.” Tony says, he watches his own heart break. Watches tears well up in the little boys eyes.

“So, dad’s still not proud of me then?” He asks, rubbing at his cheeks. Tony’s heart breaks.

“Anthony, you’re a brilliant, brave, caring, amazing kid.” He says, letting the kids hands ball up, clutching the undersuit.

“But, he’s still not proud of me?” Anthony wails, crying into Tony’s shoulder. “All he cares about is Captain America, why can’t he love me?”

“I don’t know kid, I don’t know. I’m sorry.” Tony rubs his back, fighting down his own tears. “I wish I had an answer for you.” He notices Steve out of the corner of his eyes and attempts to get him to walk away gesturing to the door with his chin.

“Tony, you can’t just go off coms like that mid-mission, you know better.” Steve scolds, stopping short when he notices the kid clutched in Tony’s arms.

“He’s mean!” Anthony practically screeches. “Why does dad like you more than me? You’re loud and mean, and I don’t understand!” Anthony’s whole body is shaking with sobs. Tony hums softly in his ear.

“It’s okay, you have Jarvis and Anna and they love you very much.” Tony soothes. Anthony shakes his head, sobbing.

“Jarvis died, and Anna is sick. Mom says it’s cancer.” Anthony wails. That’s too soon, Tony was a teenager by the time he lost Jarvis. He would have been so much worse off if he had lost them sooner.

“Multiverse then.” The shield doctor mumbles. Tony considers throwing something at her. “Reed can send him back.”

“No.” Tony states, glaring at her.

“It’s not that complicated, we can send him back.” She says, “Return him to his own universe.”

“I’m not sending him back. He can stay here, with me.” He says, Anthony blinks up at him, shocked.

“You love yourself so much you want to adopt yourself?” Clint attempts to rib him, but winds up confused about the wording of that sentence and glaring at the ground.

“Barton.” Tony deadpans, staring up at him. “You’re an idiot.” Anthony giggles in his arms, hiccuping slightly.

“I’m sorry for crying.” He whispers. Tony shakes his head.

“It’s okay if you cry Bambino. Gets the feelings out.” He smiles at the boy, and pokes his chest. “You don’t want to keep bad feelings in here, so you have to let them out.”

“Don’t wanna bad heart.” Anthony agrees, rubbing at his nose with his sleeve.

“You could never have a bad heart Bambino, just a sick one. And I don’t want you getting sick.” Tony says, poking Anthony’s nose. Anthony giggles.

“Does anyone else think this is weird?” Clint asks, only to be hustled out of the room by Natasha and Steve. He can yell at Tony later.

“J, I’m going to need paper work for Anthony.” Tony decides. “He needs to be enrolled in school. Also childproof the house, and order clothes.”

“Of course Sir.” Jarvis replies, Anthony’s eyes go wide.

“Jarvis?” He whispers awed. Tony tries to cover up a flinch.

“Not exactly kiddo. This is Jarvis 2.0, I made him after I lost my Jarvis. He’s a learning program.”

“Oh, okay. That’s really cool though.” Anthony mumbles, a single tear running down his cheek. “You’ll teach me about him sometime, right?”

“Of course. I can’t wait to show you our lab.” Tony says. Anthony hiccups, chest heaving.

“Ours?” He whispers. “I get to have a lab.”

“Of course you do. There’s going to be some strict safety rules, but we can share a lab.” Tony ruffles the kids hair. Anthony is staring at him like he hung the moon.

“You’re the best person I ever met.” He whispers. Tony laughs, beaming at the kid.

“Wait until you meet Rhodey, he’s my best friend.” Tony says. “He’s going to love you, spoil you rotten.”

“I don’t wanna be rotten!” Tony shrieks, hiccuping again.

“Don’t you worry Bambino, you’re the sweetest. No rot anywhere on you, right?” He tickles at Anthony’s side, and the kid shrieks trying to bat his hands away.

“No! No rot! Ahhhhahahaha.” He squirms out of Tony’s grip. “All sweet right?” He looks up through his lashes and Tony beams at him.

“The absolute sweetest kid.”

a time for peace

Hi so I just had a lot of feelings about how emotionally tired our babies must be after all this nonsense, and thought some angst and hugging after The Final Battle was in order.

Dazed and buzzing with fresh relief, it feels wrong for the lot of them to simply part ways for the night. At some point, it’s agreed on that there’s no need to wake Granny this late at night when the loft has a perfectly good stove, and so that’s where they all go. Killian holds Emma tightly as they walk, feeling her exhaustion in the heaviness of her steps—so at odds with the radiant peace on her face.

He wishes he were in such good shape. He feels like he’s holding hysteria only just at bay.

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