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Well, I am very, very late in posting these this year, but here are some of my pastels from Bill Cone’s workshop up in the Sierra Buttes last July! I have been dealing with quite a lot of back issues this year, so I had to take it easy this time around. Because of that, I didn’t get as many paintings done as I usually do… However, I couldn’t say no to getting some fresh mountain air with lovely people and immersing myself (as much as possible) in plein air for a week. And I still learned a ton despite my limitations, so am very glad I made it up there! Here’s my top pieces from this year, and to hoping that next year comes with a little less back pain! 

Plans to Seduce Ernst Before the End of Camp by Hanschen Rilow

Prompt: Ok, so, I know we’re roommates and very close to each other and whatever, but while you were out I was searching my socks under your bed since I thought they may have fallen down during the night from my top bunk bed and I found THREE ENTIRE FILE FOLDERS all named “Plans I should put in act to finally seduce my hot roommate” and I would VERY like to know the meaning of this

Ernst adored summer camp. He had written five whole letters to his mother and brothers about how much he loved it. He loved the people there, and the fresh mountain air, and the homey camp food, and the activities that filled his days.

But most of all, he loved freetime. The two hours he got to spend doing whatever he wanted with whoever he wanted. Today the plan was to go kayaking with Ilse, Wendla, and Martha. But in order to even step out of his cabin, he had to find the ever elusive socks.

At this point, the brunette had torn apart most of his side of the cabin, avoiding going onto Otto and Melchior’s side because they were already out enjoying their free time.  Ernst was in the process of lifting up his own mattress on the top bunk and searching under that. Through the slits, he saw a pair of big blue eyes staring at him from the bottom bunk.

“Ernst, really,” Hanschen drawled and a shrug. “You can borrow a pair of my socks. No need to destroy our room in your search.”

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"Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate."


I love nature. I love the smell of mountain air. I love taking deep breaths and smelling fresh air! I love feeling freedom. I love living a healthy lifestyle and when others love it too. I love roadtrips. I love traveling. I love going on adventures and exploring beautiful new places. I love clarity. I love inspiration. I love inspiring others to be happier. I love dancing like nobody is watching! I love feeling fulfilled. I love feeling like everything is working out perfectly for me.

What do you love?

5 things to do near Asheville, North Carolina (besides the Biltmore)
Day 3: check out the little town that surrounds Chimney rock! It’s adorable localness filled with comfort food and trinkets kept me busy for hours! I loved the scenery of a cute town surrounded by fresh air and beautiful mountains. The people who work in this town are so kind and gentle, making it the perfect place to bring family.