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for years (and counting) I have struggled with accepting this vessel of flesh I am contained in…Trying to be greatful for every part of me. I focused for too long on my appearance and not on my abilities. I hated my belly, and its stretch marks, I hated my legs and their cellulite, I hated my arms and the little bundles of fat that collected in their pits, I hated my breasts and how they where shaped, you name it and I had a complaint.

I am viciously trying to unlearn these notions that I am not beautiful, that my body is flawed and therefore I am flawed in some way.

None of this is true and in my heart I know this.

My belly has been the center peice of countless performances. Dancing american tribal style bellydance for over five years has allowed for me to take charge of not only an audience, but my own confidence. I have choreographed dances for myself and others and left crowds speechless.

My legs have carried me up some of the tallest mountains and the longest miles, my legs let me swim in oceans and lakes and creeks. My legs have let me conquer things my younger self would only have dreampt of attempting.

My arms hold my hands, and with them I have made music, art, built a renaissance faire twice, I am stronger than I give myself credit. I have built, created, destroyed, stretched, reached, and they are beautiful.

By breasts are perfect just the way they are, and when I have a baby, they will feed and nurture them. I got my nipples pierced for my birthday this year, and my confidence doubled, they still have their odd shape, but they make me happy now and that is all that matters.

Dont focus on what you look like to others, dont worry about the shape you have and if it is what society has told you it should be. Who you are is what makes you beautiful, and the things that you love are what make you who you are. So love yourself, and all that you do. Even if you jiggle a little when you do it. It is beautiful.

…So here are some pictures i took of myself, in celebration of my body and learning to be comfortable in it. Accepting it for everything that it is.

This is NOT porn, and this isint for you to oogle me. This is so i can feel good about who i am, and maybe if you are unsure, you can start to feel good about you too.

You should, you are worth it.

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