love taking him out of it too

Time After Time

Summary: The five times the universe appeared to be against you when you wanted to ask Steve out.

Word Count: 4,447. (yikes, might want to grab a bowl of popcorn or feed your cat while reading this)

A/N: This is basically a remake of an old Peter Parker fic I wrote a while back, but of course I switched things up and improved it. Thanks to my pals @heaventide & @theassetseyeliner for being my betas. Hope you like! 

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modern!nessian series: part I

I. the photographer and the professional model

AN: Just a little thing I decided to try, hope you like it ;)

Inspired by this awesome edit by @highfaenesta​ <3

AO3 link

Cassian likes to say: “With a camera in your hand, you’ve got the power to never let a moment pass.”

It will be yours forever.

For Nesta, it’s never been quite as deep as that.

Who cares if her smile is mysterious enough or if her hair looks just the perfect amount of messy?

Well, apparently people friggin’ care. And her face?

It sells.

It sells perfumes and jewelry and designer clothes. And the better the picture, the more it sells, and the more it sells, the bigger her paycheck.

So she calmly sits through hours of make-up, drinks those ridiculously awful kale smoothies that are supposed to make her skin all nice and worst of all - goes to gym every other day.

It’s a job and Nesta prides herself on being excellent at it. She knows which colours bring out her eyes best and what pose makes her look alluring. During a photo shoot, she’s able to control her face expression at all times.

Well…she used to be able to do it, anyway.

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[RvB] In Hope’s Shadow

Title: In Hope’s Shadow

Rating: PG-13

Characters: Wash, Tucker, Junior, Epsilon

Notes: Written for the RvB Reverse Big Bang, run by @rvbficwars​. There is some absolutely incredible artwork which inspired and was created for this fic by the amazingly talented @adobewanphotobi​ who I worked with on this challenge, which can be found here.

It’s a Star Wars AU! :D

Summary: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Lavernius Tucker packs up his life and flees his home planet with his son to escape the lengthening shadow of the Empire’s influence. Along the way, he finds a bit more than he bargained for.

“There you go buddy,” Tucker say as he tugs Junior’s hood up to cover as much of his face as he can. “You got all your things?”

Junior holds up a his stuffed toy and gives a questioning noise. It’s a ragged thing that he’s had since he was a baby, and the original acid blue colour has faded to a sort of grey-green by now. It’s shaped like one of the local species; six spindly limbs, a long tail, and a green furry ruff around the neck that almost obscures the button eyes. It’s ugly as sin in Tucker’s opinion, but Junior loves it.

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Rantaro Amani X Korekiyo Shinguji
  • Bro you know that Rantaro will braid the shit out of Korekiyo’s hair
  • He can’t help it, he feels the need which Korekiyo will gladly let him
  • (Korekiyo can’t help but chuckle at how seriously Rantaro treats his hair as he braids it)
  • While Korekiyo is more private with his displays of affection, Rantaro loves giving affection whenever he can
  • He also loves to see Korekiyo flustered
  • While Rantaro would love to have Korekiyo not wear his fask (he’s face is too handsome to hide god damnit) he understands the Korekiyo’s feelings and doesn’t push him much on the mask subject
  • These two are a traveling duo
  • Korekiyo for anthropologist reasons and Rantaro well he just loves to travel
  • Rantaro doesn’t mind going to far out places or ruins either hell have fun either way
  • (And you bet that during their trips Rantaro will take a ton of pictures)
  • While Rantaro loves smoothing hid handsome boyfriend in affection he knows Korekiyo isn’t used to it so he’ll move things slowly
  • Library and simply quiet dates for these two are a must
  • (These two simply lounging around next to each other reading or doing something quiet)
  • If Korekiyo allows it, Rantaro would love to do his nails and take him shopping for some more fashionable clothes
  • (Let’s face it Korekiyo is rather creepy looking)
  • Once Rantaro learns the Korekiyo’s sister is deceased he immediately pulls him into a hug
  • (He can’t imagine the pain of having one of his sisters die..)
  • And asks if he could visit her grave
  • (Oh Sister would have loved Rantaro..)
  • Korekiyo shows his affection with words rather than actions
  • (I could totally see Korekiyo writing poetry~)
  • And Rantaro can’t help but smile brightly whenever Korekiyo compliments him
  • While it’s rare, Korekiyo loves to see Rantaro blush and be so flustered
  • (It makes him want to pull Rantaro into a deep kiss)
  • Korekiyo is.. overwhelmed when he first meets Rantaro’s family
  • (He’s angry at his parents for not being there and being so nonchalant but his sisters.. oh god he wasn’t ready for his sisters)
  • Korekiyo leaves the house with his hair braided multiple times, ribbons in his hair and makeup smudged on his face
  • (And of course Rantaro snaps a picture and makes it his phone background)
  • Both of them are a very protective couple over each other
  • (No one knows show is scarier when upset.. Korekiyo or Rantaro)

abripikuunah  asked:

I know your not a fan anymore of SNK but, what if we got a parallel of Touka crying hugging Kaneki's body when he got out of his dragon form , unconscious, like what Mikasa did when Eren was revealed that his is inside the titan, unconscious too?

This whole plan of taking Kaneki out of his kagune is the same thing of taking Eren out if his titan form 😂😂 and yeah, i thought about the same scene you mention. I remember Armin grabbed a sword to stab Eren in the arm and wake him up inside the titan, the difference is that Hide won’t use a sword, he will use a shovel bc he wants to dig up some Kaneki ya know. What if Touka does cry like that 👀 i would love to see her break again muahaha


Jackie and Marvin driving out of the city to go stargazing. Proper stargazing, away from all the lights and noise.

It’s a beautiful spring night, a slight warm breeze blowing. They find a nice spot, a little clearing hidden away from the road where the trees part enough to see the sky. Cuddled on a blanket, staring up at a sea of stars. Slowly their talk peters out into a peaceful silence.

Jackie watches the stars for a while, until his gaze shifts, from watching the stars to watching Marvin watch the stars. Suddenly he’s overcome by how incredibly lucky he is to be here, with Marvin. By just how much he loves him.

He starts whisper singing, running his hand through Marvin’s hair. “Take my hand, take my whole life too. ‘Cause I can’t help falling in love with you.”

Marvin blushes bright red. But he’s too sleepy and comfortable to protest, so he just cuddles a little closer, not taking his eyes off the stars.

(inspired by @crowned-ladybug and my love of sleepy marvelsepticeye cuddles)

medievalbingeprincess69  asked:

Hi! Congratulations on hitting a new follower milestone! I wanted to request an otome matchup for a Voltage or Cybird game. I'm in my early 20s. I'm hard working and very passionate. I'm more introverted, but I do like having adventures and doing new things with people I like. But I do love a day indoors as well. I am very sensitive to the people around me and I will distance myself from negative people. I love baths, sushi and historical museums. Thank you so much! INFP. 5"4. Black curly hair.

Alyn Crawford ~ Midnight Cinderella

What attracted him to you is your hard working side. Your passion towards things reminds him of himself as a knight. He likes how you’re not way too out of his league when it comes to spending energy. That said, occasional dates with you in town or sometimes even outside of town is something he finds himself looking forward to. He loves the way your face brightens up when he takes you to a place you haven’t been to before. The way you don’t let yourself get swept up by the flow and stay away from the negativity, is one more thing he admires. Alyn likes to make you sushi when he has the time, with the excuse that it’s a reward for your hard work because he is aware of how much you love them. And he might or might not have sneaked a book on history and museums, out of Leo’s archives, with the intention of understanding you better. Sure enough, your next date with him was in a historical museum. 

savageborn  asked:

Have you ever had any rats that overall don’t much like you? Or being picked up? But you won’t give them away because you feel a duty to them?

You know what? I did, actually. Story time! My sister’s rat, Templeton, had two oops litters. In her second one, there were two babies that we kept: Jix and Charlie. Jix was my first heart rat. I kept him because he was born with one eye and I instantly fell in love. He unfortunately passed away in surgery when I took him to get fixed… Charlie, his brother, was very very skittish. He was super close with Jix and he took his death the hardest. Charlie also had maloclusion (teeth that grew far too fast so we had to take him in to have them trimmed every two weeks) he was such a sweet boy once you got him out and comfortable, but for the most part, he associated coming out of the cage with a teeth trim and he became very nervous… but we kept him and we loved him and we gave him lots of love and treats and he was a happy boy until his last breath 💖 I’ll have to reblog some of his pictures 💖🐀


I never thought this AU could get better and yet

(they decided to keep him)

Taylor Meet Paul

Paul is my Rep truck driver. He always waits for me to take a picture with his truck before he leaves. Last week, I started to talk to him more than just “have a good day!” and it turns out, he wanted to be my friend, too. Live. Love. Paul.

the only thing my little brother said to me after I came out to him was “it doesn’t matter because no one wants to date you anyway” and it was honestly the best possible way to handle that situation and it showed how nothing had changed between us and I think about that a lot

Ok but Steve FUCKING Harrington.

He literally adopted 5 children this season. He would fucking die for those kids. When Him, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Max were in the tunnels you wanna know why he insisted on going first? Because if a fucking demo-dog found them it would attack Steve first. Steve risked his own safety for these kids.

When him and Dustin where walking along the tracks he told Dustin what Love was. He told Dustin how to handle falling in Love for the first time and told him that he was too young for heart break. He also told Dustin his hair routine which he probably never told anyone.

When Billy came to take Max, did Steve let it happen? No, Steve goddamn Harrington n stood up to him for a kid he never fucking met. Within minutes of meeting Max he was ready to fucking fight for her. When Billy grabbed Lucas and basically scared the shit out of him guess who came to rescue him? STEVE HARRINGTON

this is why Steve Harrington is the worlds best babysitter

Okay, so I get why Victor Nikiforov would be constantly weak for his Husband™ Katsuki Yuuri i mean, have you seen him but I don’t believe for a second that Yuuri wouldn’t be the same for Victor. Like, he’s literally engaged and living with his idol??? what a role model????


  • The two of them doing tedious everyday chores and Victor will be washing the dishes or cleaning the kitchen counters and Yuuri can’t walk past him without giving him a kiss first??? Victor is just too beautiful, Yuuri can’t help it???? 
  • And Yuuri will walk past him, like, 50 times. 
  • Yuuri buying groceries and just so happens to walk by a flower shop for no reason at all and ends up coming home with a couple of red roses for Victor
  • Yuuri blushing and grinning like an idiot when Victor takes the roses and kisses the ever living shit out of him
  • (A few weeks later, Victor pulls the same stunt on him and Yuuri is so touched by the flowers and so in love with this beautiful man he almost cries)
  • Victor and Yuuri eating dinner, and Yuuri plays footsie with Victor under the table. When Victor looks up to do Suggestive Eyebrow Wiggles at him, Yuuri will most probably be breathless with laughter because it looks so ridiculous but it also weirdly turns him on and he’ll raise his foot a little higher until it’s rubbing the inside of Victor’s thigh.
  • Victor coming out fresh from the shower, hair still wet and with only a pair of skimpy black underwear on (yes, this is completely on purpose) and Yuuri’s eyes just. fucking zooms in. like a hawk. 
  • not five minutes later, someone tackles someone else on the bed and they don’t come out of the bedroom after two hours
  • Victor ends up taking another shower
  • Victor having mannerisms that Yuuri shouldn’t find so hot but does anyway, like when Victor is bored and he keeps touching his lips and absentmindedly rubbing them with his fingers and Yuuri is sitting right next to him on the sofa slowly dying.
  • Victor cuddling up to him while sleeping and they’re so close Yuuri can count how many eyelashes Victor has and Yuuri absolutely loves it
  • Victor and Yuuri walking Makkachin at the park during a cold afternoon, holding hands and wearing matching scarves and looking rather adorable. When Victor laughs at the sight of Makkachin valiantly tugging on his leash to chase after birds, Yuuri will stare fondly at him all the while with wonder in his eyes and so much love in his heart that Yuuri wonders what he did right to deserve someone as wonderful and brilliant and breathtaking as Victor Nikiforov.


All of this is too pure for them to give up on so easily we know that, they know that.

Look at them they’re miserable without each other. Jughead thinking that Betty hates him let the serpents hit on him with 0 hesitation because he felt that he had nothing else to loose.

Betty is the most tortured soul in riverdale right now her grief and the pain she’s going through is resonating through everyone.

These scenes are literally visually dark showing how they were the light in each others lives and without each other they are consumed by their own demons.

And as for this :

This was clearly Tony topaz taking advantage of a broken boy who thinks that the girl he loves hates him. If she was his real and only true friend in Southside high she would’ve consoled him actually done anything but kiss him. She was slowly making sure Jughead did join the serpents and Betty out of the way was just icing on the cake for her. Also this scene is visually dark, too dark showing how in our darkest moments we do things without second thoughts or even do things that might bite you back in the ass because you simply don’t care anymore.

So don’t worry bughead will fight back and be back and when they do it’s going to be an emotional ride just like today.

rachaelmhill  asked:

Buck, I've been feeling like my head's splitting open on-and-off since Tuesday, and now I'm getting other symptoms too. Please distract me with embarrassing stories about Steve? i love those.

when steve was twelve, he broke his arm.

surprisingly, it wasn’t in a fight–he was carrying a twenty-pound bag of potatoes up the stairs for his ma and he tripped. went down the whole flight, potatoes bouncing everywhere. after he’d recovered a bit from the tumble, he sat up, looked at old mrs. mackinnon– who was just coming out of her apartment–and said “sorry for the mess.” and then he looked down and noticed that his forearm was bent in the middle. and then he started crying.

so his ma ran him to the hospital and they set his arm and put it in a cast.

and thus began the first era of the Unstoppable Steve. (the second era was after erskine made a limited edition Jumbo Steve, and the third was Steve: Reheated.)

see, if you’ve ever had a plaster cast, you know that those things are shockingly sturdy. steve went from being a sixty pound asthmatic with rage issues to being a sixty pound asthmatic with rage issues and a right hook like a piledriver. at first, his arm was too tender for him to do much, but after it started healing up, and he started getting in fights again, he figured out that his right arm was better than a baseball bat when it came to hitting stuff. that plaster cast started white, but it didn’t take long for it to get brownish with dirt and bloodstains. he still got his ass kicked, but it took a bit more work, and the other guys actually looked like they’d been in a fight.

anyway, steve was half in love with that cast.  sometimes i thought he never wanted to take if off, and if it hadn’t messed with his drawing, i think he’d’ve worn it for about a year. but about a week before it was supposed to be taken off anyway, stevie got in a fight with gerry, the shoemaker’s kid from up the block. gerry was a mean sonofagun. he was thirteen, and he’d hit puberty early, so he had a solid eight inches on wee stevie. and he was as dumb as a box of bricks.

he hated steve. steve was tiny, sure, but he was sharp as a tack and well-liked. there wasn’t an old lady within miles that didn’t love stevie, so he was always getting penny candy for running errands for them. gerry had a habit of cornering stevie in alleyways and beating on him until candy fell out. steve had a habit of not letting him do it without a fight.

gerry cornered stevie and started shoving at him. steve shoved back. gerry shoved harder. stevie stumbled, and gerry threw a punch. stevie took it full in the face, and then swung back, full-force, with that sledgehammer cast of his.

gerry dodged.

steve plowed his cast into the old brick alley wall. the brick shattered.

stevie’s cast broke. so did two of stevie’s fingers.

steve started screaming.  

gerry ran.

now, understand–it was old, old brick, but all gerry saw was little crazy stevie rogers punch a hole in a brick wall and then start shrieking like a berserker. rat-brain gerry wasn’t bright, but he knew a losing battle when he saw one, so he ran like the hulk himself had just showed up in that alley. smartest thing he could’ve done, really, because i’d just shown up and if he’d kept after stevie, i’d’ve handed him his ass.

as it was, i pried stevie’s cast off and walked him back to the hospital. the doctors said his arm was plenty healed and didn’t need a new cast, and splinted up his fingers.

steve didn’t like the splints nearly as much as he’d liked the cast. they made absolutely terrible weapons.

This–and the two previous storytime asks–can be found with corrected type here on Ao3. –Mod Hell

BTS Reaction|Telling Them You Love Them During Sex



To prevent getting too emotional, he wouldn’t reply. He’d take in your words, lettting his hips show you how much he loves you in return with his vigorous pace.



His head would fall into your neck, letting out a whiny moan, while allowing his hands to grip you tighter

“I love you more baby”



The words would overwhelm him with pleasure, making him not able to speak, focusing only on your body.

“I love you so much” he’d breathlessly say after cumming and collapsing on top of you.



His arms would wrap tighter around you, fucking you harder into the bed, while his groans fill the room

“Oh babygirl I love you too”



Intertwining his hands with yours, he’d plant a kiss on your forehead, while picking up his pace.

“Y/n….” he’d trail off due to the intense pleasure



He couldn’t get enough of it, as you rode your hips vigorously on top of his while yelling out how much you loved him. His hands would guide your hips as he throws his head back, unable to keep his eyes open

“say it again baby please”



The words would have the intended affect on him. His head would fall into your shoulders, while his continued moans fill up your ears with each deep thrust.

“I lo-“ he’d try to say but his orgasm cutting him off.

Imagine since Mike is the newest addition to the Losers club, he’s not used to the group dynamics.

One day he’s hanging out in the Barrens with Richie and Eddie and Richie, being the Trashmouth he is, takes something too far. Eddie scrambled to his feet and yells at that their relationship is over and storms off, muttering about what an asshole he is. Richie just screams that he loves to watch Eddie walk away anyway, causing Eddie flip him the bird, before Richie leaves too.

Mike’s just left there in a panic! How are things going to be now?! The group is going to be split and sides are going to be Chosen and Mike spends all night worrying.

The next afternoon, he’s waiting for his friends after school and is shocked to see Richie and Eddie holding hands like nothing ever happened. Mike tells them how he spent the night stressed and they all reply causually that the two break up at least twice a month and that he’ll get used to it.