love taking him out of it too

Turn The Memory To Stone

Malec fic set after 2x13. Also deals with 2x12. Kinda sad, kinda not.

“You never have to prove yourself to me,” Alec says. He has a thousand other things he needs to say to Magnus, everything has been so fucked up lately, he’s been so fucked up lately, but all that comes out is a strained and stuttered, “I love you.”

And Magnus, who has every right to still be angry instead, cups Alec’s face and says he loves him too and kisses him. Alec grips Magnus by the hip and shoulder and kisses back, here on this patio that’s become a sanctuary of sorts for the both of them, together and separately.

Alec pulls away and rests his forehead against Magnus’s, taking a moment to just breathe and be. He can feel the tension still in Magnus’s body, the way he stands just slightly away from Alec instead of leaning into him. “You’re still angry,” Alec states lightly.

“A little,” Magnus admits. His tone is gentle, though, sad more than anything.

Alec licks at his lips, thinking of what to say, and realizes he tastes something smoky-sweet and alcoholic. “You’ve been drinking.”

Magnus pulls away at that, but a small smile plays at his mouth. “A little.” The grin slips, and sadness returns. “Or, a lot.”

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geez Cas comes out of the closet in 12x08 and in 12x12 he says i love you, it's not that he needed to come out to admit his feelings or anything, will we see dean coming out of a closet too? before he finally admits his feelings? :D

Much was made of Crowley smashing him through a closet door in 11x02… I just recently rewatched that one and had a laugh about it. 

Although if you want classic (and geeze I can’t believe this is classic already :P)

I’ll tell you what – when one of us falls out of your closet, then you can ask the questions.

is never not amusing… 

Baking with MC!

> You two live in his house still
> Zen tends to keep things clean and helps organize
>this boi can’t cook for his life so you make dinners
> likes to take you out to dinner too
>loves your homemade bread and when you bake
> Calls you his lovely ass wife
> he buys you an apron with"kiss the cook" on it
> loves when you are so focused on baking that you get flour on yourself
>he will look over your shoulder as you work
> Can’t crack eggs to save his life, but you make him do it for the laughs
> wraps his arms around your waist as you stir
>if you get batter on yourself, he will LICK IT OFF
> likes when you make cookies with cute shapes
> always gives surprise kisses
>surprise butt smacks too
> will reach what you cannot !cause! boy is tall!

-She loves baking too
-Baking coffee date?
-hell yeah!
-you two love making muffins
- you two work like a well oiled machine
- you bake for the café
-tender and sweet kisses
-“MC these cookies are sweet, like you”
- always making coffee cake
- very rarely you’ll get her to dance in the kitchen with you

~ This puppy loves baking with you!
~matching aprons
~ he always eats things before they cool off
~ he gets messy
~ flour just naturally travels to his hair
~ batter all over his face
~ messy cooking kisses
~ slight food play
~ you two love to sing together in the kitchen
~ you may sound horrible BUT YOURE IN LOVE
~ His favorite is making cupcakes
~ you get star sprinkles for him and green icing
~ More hugs from behind!
~ you feed each other after you bake
~ sometimes you’ve just gotta lick the frosting from his face
~ more sweet things to come

• why cook though???
• he has a chef!
• you explain that you enjoy it and he’s like well alright
• gets you a kitty apron
•only the best ingredients for his wife
• likes when you make cheesecake
• he will totally help you if he’s not busy at work
• This man could be a house wife he bakes soooo well
• passionate kisses
• classical music and slow dances
• “wow Jumin that cheese cake is beautiful!”
• “not as beautiful as you my love”
• everything he makes must be perfect
• so you make more then him
• dessert and wine is a must
• thinks you’re the perfect wife

# He has trouble baking sometimes
# when it’s with you at least
# loves your pie
# cracked an egg on your head one time
# now you always watch him closely when in the kitchen
# teases you and makes your cookies burn
#food fight?!
#Hell yeah!
# “the oven isn’t the only hot thing here MC.”
# “are these oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip?”
# “they are chocolate chip luciel”
# chases you through the kitchen
# sweet kisses and eating activities!

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Your son is adorable and i wanna request long distance romance hc or scenarios with Ren's significant other (female perfered). ❤❤

(*sputtering noises* I never thought I’d see the day when someone would want to request something for my OC but here you are!)


  • Ren thinks it’s a miracle he even ended up with you in the first place. Because of this, he’s very patient with the long distance, and tries his best to make it work.
  • That doesn’t mean it doesn’t make him sad, though. He misses you every day he can’t see you or hear your voice, but as much as it pains him, there isn’t anything that can be done about the matter.
  • He’s almost a little jealous that you are out somewhere other than the Order. He would love to be able to get out and go places, as his wanderer’s spirit beckons him too. 
  • He takes every chance he can get to come see you. Given his line of work, this is very difficult, but he’d be damned if he didn’t at least try. 
  • Since he can’t see you a lot, he calls you. If you don’t have a phone, he specifically gets you one just for this reason. But, like, you can obviously use it to call other people, too. He just wants to have a way to get in touch with you. 
  • All in all, he’s good at holding it together and being strong for you, but you can tell he has a hard time prying himself away from you when he has to leave. 

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I'm just surprised there's Devs hate, since we're always ignored.

Tbh I’m surprised too, I’ve met like a grand total of 10 Devils fans here and everyone else likes to pretend we don’t exist. But then Nico got super loved over the past month and he got drafted by us and suddenly we’re not good enough for him

honestly wtf is wrong with people. those armys who are tweeting hate at wale need to stop holy fuck, like I understand where you’re coming from but you’re making the rest of us look bad and you’re making Namjoon look bad too! ya’ll out here acting like you’re trying to protect him and you’re not even taking his feelings into consideration??? Namjoon is an adult, he’s smart and can handle himself! if he felt like there was malicious intent after the first collab he wouldn’t go forward with another. Wale is someone Namjoon looks up too, someone he admires and wants to work with and we, as people who claim to love and support him, should respect his decision to work with Wale whether or not we like it.

I used to have a hard time believing that Namjoon was unpopular among fans, but outright ignoring his choices and possibly sabotaging his relationships with others is more than enough evidence for me.


I never thought this AU could get better and yet

(they decided to keep him)

the only thing my little brother said to me after I came out to him was “it doesn’t matter because no one wants to date you anyway” and it was honestly the best possible way to handle that situation and it showed how nothing had changed between us and I think about that a lot

I met Ray Toro from My Chemical Romance a few weeks ago. He was legit one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life.

He didn’t act like a “celebrity” at all. Yeah, he was meeting a fan (and others too), he was giving out autographs and taking pictures, but he was still humble and all around great with us. There were only a few of us there meeting him and the others were all around 12 or 13 (I’m 17 currently), and he was so nice and patient with all of us.

He seemed kind of amused watching us all flip out over meeting him, but he didn’t act like he was some big celebrity. He was just chill.

TL;DR : Ray Toro is officially the best. Carry on.

Please accept this really messy abandoned wip of my beautiful boy

BTS - you say “i love you” for the first time during sex.

Request: idk if you did this but bts reaction to you saying “i love you” for the first time during sex?

Seokjin: He would be surprised. When he was almost getting into you, you said “I love you.” He stopped for a minute, but he smiled. “I love you too. Now let me show you how big my love for you is.” And give you a wink.

Originally posted by jungkookandyugyeomwhores

Yoongi:  He was giving you a oral. And that was fucking good. When he finished, he stand up to kiss you. “I love you.” You said in his ear. “Oh really?” He raised an eyebrow and you nodded. “So… Ride me and show me how much you love me.” He smiled.

Originally posted by yoonseok

Hoseok: The pleasure was taking hold of your body as he was coming in and out of you slowly. “Fuck! I love you.” You said it and he smirked. “I love you too.”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Namjoon: His moves were quick and extremely pleasurable. He grabbed your ass and squeezed, making you moan. “I fucking love you.” “You do, babygirl?” He said into your ear. “Yes.” “Good, I love you too.” He smiled and continued to fuck you like there was no tomorrow. Literally.

Originally posted by kimdaily

Jimin: You were riding him. his eyes were closed and his lips slightly parted. So fucking beautiful. “I love you.” You said and he smiled, opening his eyes. “I love you too.” She pressed his hands to your hip and bit his lip. “A lot.”

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

Taehyung: He’s so good with his fingers. You were going crazy about it. “You like this, baby?” He asked huskily. “Yeah! Fuck! I love you.” You screamed. “Oh… you love me?” “So fucking much.” “I love you too, kitten. Now, be a good girl and let me fuck you.” “Do it." 
his fingers im dying.

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Jungkook: "Fuck! I’m so close.” Jungkook said and buried his head in your neck. “Me too!” You moaned. In a few seconds, you two come together. “I love you.” You said with eyes closed of pleasure. “I love you too. So fucking much.” He smiled and threw himself at your side.

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Bts reacting to you sending a cute, caring message!

You: [Hi babes I know you’re busy but please eat and take breaks. Don’t overwork yourself! I want you home in one piece, well more like I need you home in one piece. You’re my best friend and I love you so much! I don’t know what’d I do with out you. You’re truly one of a kind and I’m so lucky have you be mine ♡] 


*See’s his phone light up and notices its you. Does his cute, shy hand-over-mouth thing*

Him: [Aish I love you too baby you’re too cute~ Why would you make me a mess right now when I have lots to do… Its okay though darling. I’ll be home soon! ♡]


Him: [Who put you up to this?]

You: [What do you mean?! Let me be nice for once -_-]

Him: […Thank you love, you mean a lot to me too and I also care for you dearly… I’m still suspicious though…]

*Still feels warm and fuzzy. Is grateful you sent a cute text because cuuuuute~*


*Gets super excited and starts jumping everywhere* *sends you a selca bc why not*

Him: [Ahhhh jagiyaaaaa you’re so cute! I love you my small porcelain doll! I hope you’re taking care of yourself too. I want you to be healthy my little angel! ♡]


*Is confused and a bit surprise*

Him: [Oh thanks babe. I know I don’t say this a lot but I love you so much. Please take care of yourself too ♡.]

*slightly smiling bc you thought of him*


*heart eyes to the max* *squeals*

Him: [Jagiiii oh my god you are so cute! I may be busy but come visit me okay?! I need to see you and give you hugs and cuddles and we can go get ice cream! Come during lunch yeah? I love you!!]

*starts showing everyone else* “Look at this cutie!”


*blushy Blushy BLUSHY* *Also tries to hide his phone*

Him: [Baby this is unexpected. I love you too, take care of yourself! To be honest you made me flustered and you’re not even here… do you see what you do to me!? ♡]


*laughs to himself*

Him: [Aww you looooove me you little loser~ Don’t worry I love you too! Take care of yourself also okay? I’ll see you later honey, you can show me how much you care for me then ;)]


A lil process post for the creation of the lil villain I based on that villain name generator, Maestro Peanut!

Maestro Peanut is that villain that most take as a joke more than anything. Their powers include being able to create and conduct music out of thin air as well as cause everyone in the vicinity to sing instead of speak in tune with the music Maestro is playing.

He would be the one responsible for those musical episodes on a show and oftentimes annoys both the heroes and the villains. He doesn’t mean to though of course he just wants to be a cool villain like all the other big bads. He isn’t the most successful villain when it comes to heists and such so he makes most of his income writing cool villain songs for his pals. 

Ultimately he’s not looking for a lot of power or money if anything he’d just like to be taken seriously by his peers. After all, You think he came up with the name Maestro Peanut for himself? 

Maestro is a whimsical and looney lil fellow, very toon like in behavior and speech.

Bad Temper


Requested: Jealous Shawn. Not sure I like this but I tried. 

Word count: 2,658

“I think this might actually be it!” I said, folding the last box together. I ran my fingers through my hair, breathing out heavily. 

I thought it would never end. No matter where I looked, there had always been more boxes to start on. But now, I’d actually unpacked the last one.

“What?” Shawn yelled from the other room, fumbling with his precious guitars as always. 

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Who is Xiumin?

♡ Kim Minseok

♡ “Baozi”

♡ “Umin”

♡ Mom-friend who has better grades than a scientist

♡ He is really smart 

♡ Lots of knowledge

♡ He was going for his PhD when i can’t even pass my class

♡ He can do anything by working hard

♡ Coffee maniac

♡ The fact that his coffee tastes like heaven is the proof

I’m pretty sure he had coffee dates with chen

♡ Is the cutest

♡ Can kill you with his aegyo

♡ “Wolf aegyo version” by kim baozi

♡ seriously he’s so cute

Originally posted by oh-prankster

♡ He’s also the oldest

♡ *chokes*

♡ A 4-year-old trapped inside a 27-year-old’s body

♡ Went to a shinee concert with suho-also the oldest- and screamed while he was fanboying

♡ Needs to be protected 

♡ At all costs

♡ Wants to see little mermaid

♡ But is more beautiful than little mermaid

♡ He’s magnificent

♡ His eyes are important

♡ Only group member who doesn’t have double eyelid surgery

Originally posted by smol-bf

♡ He is truly handsome

♡ His photo shoots are art

♡ He was in top 15 when they listed most handsome korean idols

They all deserve to be n1

♡ Looks more like gd than gd

♡ jk jk

♡ He has his own unique colour

♡ Unfortunately,isn’t appreciated enough

♡ The “lost maknae”

♡ The “old maknae”

♡ He has the potential and the talent to be the maknae

All of them do tho

♡ But age matters only in korea

♡ He looks like a korean god

♡ Is a korean god indeed

Originally posted by xiu-love-min

♡ He’s smol in the group

♡ The “170cm line”

♡ Chen+xiumin+kyungsoo

♡ When they made fun of kyungsoo’s height he laughed his ass off

♡ Is married to chen after his first love luhan left him

♡ Luhan gets turned on and would buy anything if xiumin calls him “Lu-ge”

♡ Xiuhan was precious however

♡ Xiuchen is adorable

♡ Chen is like”his wife”

But we all know who’s the wife here

♡ Happy married couple

Originally posted by dayafterdae

♡ I seriously love their relationship

♡ They had a car date where Xiumin was driving

It was the biggest proof

♡ They also take part together in mvs most of the time

♡ —–>love me right

♡ Pls protect this couple at all costs

♡ “Kim bros”

♡ Suho+chen+xiumin+kai+lost brother sehun

♡ Is in a sub-unit along with chen and baekhyun

♡ Xiu pretends like he hates the beagle line

♡ but actually is a secret member of the beagle line

Originally posted by fychanxiu

♡ Has a love-hate relationship with baekhyun

♡ Will actually beat his ass

♡ also loves him a lot

their relationship is complicated

♡ The secret couple who fights all the time

♡ but actually love each other

Originally posted by jonginssoo

♡ A wise man once said “ do re mi fa sol la xiu min”

♡ Xiumin can dance really well  but

Originally posted by minseoxual

♡ U know what I mean

Don’t take drugs or hang out too much with baek

♡ He has the best voice ever

♡ calming and soothing

♡ Amazing smile

♡ Makes my heart flutter

♡ He looks good in any hair colour

♡ Dyed his hair blonde,green,pink,black,brunette and many more colours

♡ And was rocking each colour

♡ Was a cute baby

he is still our baby

♡ As well as being cute as fuck

♡ there’s a person called xiudaddy

♡ He is h0t

Everyone is a xiudaddy enthusiast indeed 

♡ His wink can kill anybody

He’s literally on fire

Originally posted by frezzepop


♡ He is either cute giggly aegyo king umin or fucking xiudaddy 

♡ There’s no in between

♡ He has abs of steel

♡ and face of a baby

♡ was criticised about his weight a lot when they debuted

I hate fucking haters

♡ So he lost weight

♡ We all miss our chubby xiumin

♡ Thank god Lay said

♡ “Weight isn’t a matter if you love someone”

♡ Is great with kids’

♡ Went to see his wife’s Chen’s look-a-like Da Eul and had fun with Eul’s sister

♡ Has a collab with AoA’s Jimin called “call me bae”

♡ Needs more collabs

♡ Was actually a quiet member but now he expresses himself more

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

♡ He is the perfect cute daddy husband material who needs more appreciation and recognition P R O T E C T  A N D  L O V E  H I M  P LS

mrmcbooks  asked:

Hey Cassie! You have no idea how much I love your books, and not to mention how much Alec and Magnus mean to me. Reading about them when I was just beginning to figure out my sexuality meant a lot. I just finished TftSA and I really want to cry because of George. I love the fact though that Simon took on Lovelace as his surname. I remember reading awhile back that Simon would take Lightwood when he married Izzy, is this still true? Lovelace seems so fitting to him honoring George.

Simon will always keep Lovelace as part of his name — so, poor boy, he will likely be cursed with the name Simon Lewis Lovelace Lightwood forever. He has reasons to honor the Lightwoods, too, so for him this is a way to honor multiple people who he cares about. :)

Solangelo realization/cuteness overload

Has anyone else noticed how in THO Nico never leaves Will side. He has literally just been so stubborn as to say I am never leaving Will’s side. He has made sure he can eat at there table. Is paired with him for capture and flag and other things like that. Even when the battle broke out with bronze butt he told Apollo “and Nico too. I have a doctors note”.
Even when he shadow travels to the chariot he takes Will with him.

I think it’s because Nico is scared of losing him. He loses everyone he loves. But this time he’s making sure this one says with him.

Also I think it’s great that Will is ok with it. He makes sure Nico can stay beside him as long and as much as he wants. Because he understands what Nico has gone through and wants him to be happy. And if that means being his shadow he is ok with that.

boyf riends headcanons (but mostly Michael. rly mostly Michael)

do you ever start writing headcanons for a ship but then you get distracted with how much you love Michael Mell

here’s the product of that

•For starters Jeremy and Michael know each other inside out and can literally SMELL their breakdowns coming from miles away.
•They know how to take care of each other and exactly what the other person wants/needs with a simple look it’s actually fucking terrifying
•Michael is a little tricky with it?
•Usually all he wants is to lay next to Jeremy and just. Have him Mess with his Hair.
•Jeremy doesn’t mind this at aLL cuz his hair is super soft and always smells rrrrly nice?? He’s super careful and gentle with it too. Always. It makes Michael feel Good.
•Sometimes they’ll just lay there in silence with Michael holding Jeremy and Jeremy just. Curling his hair.
•Other times Michael will start talking which will eventually turn into hiding in his Boy while he cries, but it takes a lot to break him down that far.
•Other times he’ll bring up odd topics to distract himself.
•His hoodie is very very very important to him and his only grounding if Jeremy isn’t there.
•It’s his comfort. If he’s having a really hard time breathing he’ll take it off and just hold it while Jeremy just gently has his arms draped around him, trying to remind Michael how to mcfucking breath.
•The patches are gifts from Jeremy and his brother.
•Michael holds. With his entire body.
•His legs wrap around and his arms hold tight and his hands like clutch at shirts or pets at hair just a liiiittle bit.
•One time he was trying to read something while high and his glasses kept sliding down his face so naturally he flung them across the room
•Only like ten minutes later was he like “what the FUCK why did i–”
•Michael and Jeremy got their ears pierced together when they were 13 you can’t tell me otherwise

BTS Reaction to the Members Making Fun of His Crush on You

incognito;Here’s a request I would hope you’re interested in. His reaction to when his band mates/your band mates (you are an idol too) tease him about his crush on you? If it doesn’t peak your interest then that’s fine, I just love when you’re an idol too. Not sure why but they just make me happy. Anyways, I wish you great health and wellbeing. I love your works and I hope you have a nice day/night.

Note: Thank you anonnie, here ya go! I hope it’s to your liking & I hope you have a good night too. <3

Jin ➳ They were teasing him whenever you performed and he watched you intently, them screaming out how he had feelings for one of the best dancers and waving his feelings in front of him as if it were all a joke. He liked, no, he loved everything about you even if you were the complete opposite of him, so when they began to push him around he growled. “Is it a sin to have feelings for her? Because, I don’t think so.”

Originally posted by jiminiemini

Suga ➳ Yoongi didn’t take too lightly at the younger ones making fun of how he sputtered every time you tried to talk to him during the celebrity parties or whenever they brought your name up. Giving him crap about how he may have feelings for you but once Yoongi’s dark aura began to suffocate everyone and they all became quiet, he finally spoke. “And what if I do like her?” He spat, voice dripping in malice. “It’s none of your business.”

J-Hope ➳ He took all their jokes in, ignoring them as they teased him but what he didn’t expect was for them to call you over. There you were all dressed up and looking nice as hell but he ignored you, anger filling him to the core. When you left, the boys began to giggle at how awkward the situation was as they made fun of how angry he was; he only nodded. “Yeah,” he said, pressing his lips into a thin line, “very funny.”

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

RapMonster ➳ He could care less about how they gave him crap, teasing him and wiggling their eyebrows whenever you spoke to him in person — or so he thought he could care less. It was one day when he was working on his hair while looking into the mirror as the maknae line went on his bed to tease him, and his eyebrow finally twitched after minutes. “Yeah, I like her.” He confessed, making them all cease their chattering, “and what?”

Originally posted by namjoonsgurl

Jimin ➳ He couldn’t take it anymore, he couldn’t take the way your name rolled off their lips nor the way they stomped all over his feelings as he finally admitted it to them. They were laughing, and as he chuckled softly in sadness with them — he finally had enough as he slammed his fists onto the table. “You guys honestly don’t know how much she means to me,” he snapped, his face composed with a small smile but eyes were written in lividity, “don’t treat my feelings as if they’re trash.”

Originally posted by excusechim

V ➳ He wasn’t really one to voice out his anger out loud, only laughing bitterly whenever the boys teased him about his crush on you. He believed he could take it, knowing they didn’t mean it at all but when they pulled you to their group by the hand and flirted with you while trying to elicit a reaction from Taehyung — he only walked away in anger and betrayal from his own bandmates; knowing they have taken it too far.

Originally posted by pjkook

Jungkook ➳ He was too nice to say anything, too shy to tell his hyungs that he was actually feeling hurt and put down by all their tedious teasing. He liked you, and he liked you so much and since this was the first time he was open about his crush to the members only for them to make him feel regret for ever leaning on them — he could only smile in melancholy. “Please stop,” he would whisper, and they heard him clearly, obeying his silent plea as guilt overclouded their eyes.

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

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