love summer ♥

yoon sanha NCT DREAM inspired poster !!

Psychedelic long dresses, Mademoiselle Magazine 1967.
Three models stand close together wearing brightly colored maxi dresses; from left to right: sleeveless dress with swirl pattern in green, orange, red and black by Fifth Avenue Robes; a long sleeve dress with paisley print in pink, purple and red by Chezelle; and a kimono-style dress with floral print in green, yellow, purple and white by Gigette. Photo by Didier Dorot

calum heard his little boy before he saw him, tiny socked feet running down the hallway and ragged gasps interrupted by sobs. calum sat up in bed and turned the light on just as his door slammed open, his little boy running inside, brown eyes wide and brimming with tears. “what’s wrong, bubba?” calum asked. "are you okay?” little boy hood didn´t reply, just jumped into bed and snuggled into his favorite spot in his daddy’s side. calum wrapped him up in a blanket and held him close, and finally his little boy said “i’m scared of the thunder, dad. it’s so loud, and it’s shaking my bed! i just want it to stop.” and calum kissed the top of his son´s head and said “it’s okay, baby. that’s just the people up in the sky playing their bowling tournament! they’ll be done in the morning, but for now try to get some sleep, okay?” and his tiny boy nodded and relaxed, closing his eyes, and just as calum was drifting off to sleep he heard “hey dad, are the sky people any good at bowling? i don’t hear any pins getting knocked over.”