love story timeline

why sleep when i can theorize where breath of the wild falls in the zelda timeline

Stories In Progress

So I’m answering my first ever semi-request! I’m kinda excited! ^_^ The Anon in question wanted to see some fics and stories that I was working on. I am very happy to share them and what happens in them with you all. Please feel free to ask whatever you like.

1. Artemis Fowl: The Name Game

2. Avengers Unlimited

3. Bioshock: Between the Plasmids

4. Bleach Unlimited

5. Creepypasta Tales

6. Dark Awakening

7. Gorillaz: Undertainment

8. Homestuck Tales

9. How I Wish

10. Kuroshitsuji Unlimited

11. Naruto Unlimited

12. Night Realm

13. Resident Evil Unlimited

14. Runaway Love

15. The Seven Seas

16. Tragic Love Story

17. UnderTale: Timeline Adventures

I will admit that most of these are fics. The rest are original stories. But as I said, please feel free to ask whatever you wish. I will gladly answer any questions you have.