On the outskirts of the Milky Way, people don’t so much as shine but glimmer. They glow. Softly, barely, quietly.

I fall in love with them like writing a love letter.
Not quite sure how to begin or end.

We sit on the rings of Saturn and it’s nice to find something, to know someone, that other people don’t. Like a secret.

I watch the sun rise and set six times in a row, and try to get the birds to fly up as high as the moon. You could hear my laugh in space and mistake it for thunder.

—  A scribbler / Glimmer
The Library

Written by Angela

Hi, all! I decided it’s time to put something up here, and what better than a little romance based on a dream I had? Anyway, I’ll get to down to business. I hope you enjoy it!

I stroll through polished gates, making my way towards the building in front of me. Surrounding me are fantastically trimmed hedges and elegant marble fountains, and I cannot help but ask: Why am I here again?

Oh, right. I want to see if the legend about this library is really true. Silly me, I must be pretty damn tired to forget that. Then again, it is past midnight… Ah, whatever.

What is this rumor, you ask? Well, the story goes that the youngest prince in the country, Prince Josiah, resides in this library almost constantly. It is said that if you catch him there alone, he may pick out a book especially for you to read; he has read so many that he knows of all kinds.

The library is only down the street from my tiny apartment; I could see the soft glow of its light from my bedroom window. Unable to sleep, I felt myself drawn here like a moth to a flames. Several times I have been here at this time of night, but not once have I seen the prince. I am beginning to believe this myth is simply what they say: a myth.

The grand doors are massive, their towering height before me now the only thing separating me and the book-lined shelves within.

Throwing caution to the wind, I roughly tug open the door. If I am meant to see the prince tonight, I will. If I am not, I will not. It is simple as that.

My eyes are met with the usual royal atmosphere, the floors of polished wood and painted walls merlot red. Above it all hangs a massive, tiered chandelier adorned with diamond-shaped crystals. It is a wonder that this place is open to the public.

I scan the room for another human form. Many a time have I found someone else here even at this time of night, another like me who is not blessed by the god of good rest.

From a distance, I spot a young male figure seated in a plush arm chair; he is all the way in the back of the room. I make my way over to him.

While traversing across the floor, my vision of the boy sharpens with every step. The teen’s figure is thin and tall, dressed in lightly wrinkled, sky blue dress shirt and khaki dress pants. His flaxen hair is short and slightly mussed in an endearing manner. This is most definitely the prince, though he looks slightly older in person than on television.

He does not take notice of me until we are within ten feet of each other; I stop there, not wishing to intrude. Bright blue eyes flick from his copy of Divergent to me. Huh, I figured members of royalty would read books that were more, well… royal. I suppose even princes have their fun.

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Raura Love (Ross and Laura)
They started as friends, but what happens when Laura falls for Ross? Will he like her the way she likes him? Will their Career get in the way? Find out in this amazing story of Raura Love (Ross Lynch and Laura Marano) By the way this is my first Raura story :)

All you Raura lovers should check out my story! https://www.wattpad.com/story/27661838-raura-love-ross-and-laura and there’s the Wattpad link if you have that.

Please understand that if I’m your girlfriend I’m going to give you everything I have to give. Yeah, I’m going to surprise you with the little material things, the nice watch, your favorite food, a trip. But that’s nothing compared to the fact that I’m going to shower you with unconditional fucking love. I’m going to walk next to you on your happy days, and the days where you’re down I’m going to hold your hand and get you through it. I will understand you’re not your mistakes and not compare you to anyone from my past. It’s no competition, it’ll be you. Right here. Right now. But babe also understand I’m a fucking tease so I will hop on top of you, kiss you like you have the last supply of oxygen left in the world in your lungs, and just as you get into it? I’m going to stop, look into your eyes letting you know just exactly what I intend to do to you as I walk away into the bedroom. Expect to be pushed against a wall, pinned down, and to beg. I’m not going to give it to you easy. Nah, babe I’m going to go nice and slow and feel you shake with desire and when you finally beg for me to love you in only the way I can? I’m going to melt into you and show you just how much love I have to give over and over again.

I bet love smells like chocolate. I bet it sounds like cracking three eggs in the same ceramic bowl you’ve eaten cereal in since you were five. 

I imagine it like vanilla, sugar, butter. A pinch of salt and the radio on low. I imagine it with your cheeks covered in flour. Everything covered in flour. 

The counter, the floors, the ceiling.
My smile, your eyelashes,
My hair, your clothes,
My heart, on your sleeve.

—  A scribbler // Love and Chocolate