What if someone who is so constant suddenly disappears out of your life? Maybe that’s why, I don’t like getting attached. I don’t like the idea of giving someone the power to destroy my heart by choosing to walk away. I want to guard my heart. I want to save myself.
I missed my chance, didn’t I?“ He looked down and waited for an answer he didn’t want to hear.

“If you were to go to her right now, she would choose you in a heartbeat and there’s no doubt about it. You shouldn’t though. This other guy has been in love with her since the day he met her. I’ve never seen her smile as much as I do when she’s with him. She loves you with everything in her but it’s her turn to know what it’s like to be with someone who’s trust is never questionable. ”

—  She deserves the world and you’re just not quite ready to give that to her.

Jason Brinley surprised his wife by decorating their bedroom with 7,000 love letters. He spent months writing notes on Post-Its and arranging them on cardboard panels- which he used to cover the walls. Every note contains something he loves about her, like ‘I love that you put animals before people,’ and 'I love that you sing when you cook and no one else is around.’ Source

I want so much more than small talk.

I don’t want to hear about the weather. I want to know about your deepest fears and your biggest secrets.

Tell me your pet peeves. Tell me your hopes and dreams. Tell me something you’ve never told anyone before.

Stay up late with me on the phone and talk about the things that are meaningful to you.

You mean more to me than small talk.

I don’t care about the weather. I care about you.

—  small talk.
I want you to text me everyday. I need to stop waiting for your texts. I want to talk to you about life and everything happening in yours. I need to stop asking you so many questions. I want to hold your hand. I need to stop wringing my own. I want to make you smile all of the time. I need to stop staring at your lips. I want us to stay up all night talking on the phone with you. I need to stop losing sleep because of you. I want to be with you. I need to stop pretending that you’ll ever settle for someone like me.
—  what i want to say, what i never can // 3:34 pm (via @starlightaffliction )