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if you want to see more diversity in the media, put your money where your mouth is and go see movies with representation in them, in theaters. Before you go see Passengers, GO Ssee Hidden Figures, and Fences, and Moonlight, and Loving, and go see Rogue One. Just pay for what you want to see more of.

Lachesis/Maria C-S Support

Written by  eullig


Maria: Lady Lachesis! Lady Lachesis!!

Lachesis: Maria? Why are you in such a hurry? Do be careful not to trip, dear.

Maria: It’s fine! I’m wearing my exercise gear!

Lachesis: Your… white dress?

Maria: It’s comfortable! Minerva tells me time and time again that I should wear something more practical in battle, but mother always said I looked pretty in white dresses. They’re like a lucky charm!

Lachesis: Well, that’s really sweet, Maria. You certainly bring a lot of cheer to our army. Everyone feels better when they spot your shiny garments in the distance.

Maria: *giggle* See? They make everyone else luckier too!

Lachesis: Indeed. Nevertheless, did you require anything specific from me? You looked eager to know of my whereabouts.

Maria: That’s right, I almost forgot! Lady Lachesis, I want you to teach me.

Lachesis: I see. What kind of lessons do you require? Maybe you wish to learn how to brew the most exquisite of teas? I’m also quite knowledgeable in the art of flower arrangement. Perhaps some elegance classes…?

Maria: No, no! None of that nonsense! Lady Lachesis, you’re always carrying that sword around even though you mostly perform healing duty when we get deployed in battle, right?

Lachesis: Yes. Being able to defend myself if the enemy forces overwhelm the vanguard of our forces is of utmost importance if I wish to remain alive.

Maria: Well, I want you to teach me self defense with a blade! I want to help everyone even more, so I have to get much stronger!

Lachesis: Oh… Uh…

Maria: Is there a problem? Do you not have the time, Lady Lachesis?

Lachesis: No, Maria, that is not it. I don’t have much of a schedule since I was summoned here. However… Why not ask your siblings for help? Or any of our myrmidons? Surely they would provide a better swordplay regime than I could ever concoct.

Maria: I want to surprise Michalis and Minerva, so no telling! They haven’t touched a sword in ages anyway, ever since father decided that someday one of them should inherit the royal Hauteclare. Axes are far too heavy for me, and I’m too short to use a lance. I can never keep my balance!

Lachesis: How about bows? Little sweet Sakura could train alongside you, and they would allow you to help from afar rather than forcing you to get close to the enemy.

Maria: I could never! Arrows are the worst enemy of my siblings! They’d be horrified! Also, asking our swordmasters hasn’t really worked… I’m too scared to ask Navarre or Ogma. They’re always so… frowny! And Lord Marth, Lord Alphonse and the rest are always busy. Mist said she doesn’t feel confident enough just yet to teach anyone… You’re also a cleric, Lady Lachesis. You must know how I feel! Please!

Lachesis: You’re not wrong, Maria. I also wished to be of more help to my… To everyone. The wish to learn is a commendable one, be it to protect yourself or your loved ones. Fine: we will start next week from today at dawn. I’m no fencing expert, but I should be able to help you start out.

Maria: Yes! Thank you so very much, Lady Lachesis!

Lachesis: Do not concern yourself. However, if we are to practice fencing… Do bring shorts and a chest guard instead of a dress, I implore you.

[Lachesis and Maria have reached support rank C.]


Maria: Phew… Ow…

Lachesis: Maria, this is the fourth time you have let yourself fall to the ground. You need to stand up.

Maria: This is… so hard… Ouch… My arms and my back hurt so much, and my heart is pounding…

Lachesis: Maria, dear. Are you sure about this? We have only just started.

Maria: I d-don’t know. I can’t picture myself blocking a strike from one of those burly emblian soldiers if I can’t even stand straight with this scrap of metal in my hands!

Lachesis: Nordion wasn’t built in one day, little princess. If you manage to train consistently you will be on par with the rest of the army in no time, I promise. Willpower is the key. You weren’t born with a staff by your side knowing every healing spell, isn’t that right? Swordplay is the same.

Maria: I know, but healing magic is different. The wizards at palace always said I had a natural talent for the arcane, something rare in the macedonian royal family. It was always easy to summon and required little effort on my part, at least at the beginning. That’s the main reason why I was never considered to inherit Hauteclare. I was sent to the cloister to hone my skills with the country’s best bishops. This… This just hurts my arms! But I have to keep it up, for everyone’s sake.

Lachesis: …

Maria: Lady Lachesis? Is something wrong? Why are you sheathing your sword?

Lachesis: Maria, I’m sure you can accomplish anything if you put your mind and soul into it. But right now your frame is small and your muscles are underdeveloped. You still have some years to grow up ahead of you. Getting a head start is fine. We do have some young, talented fighter in our ranks. However, if you only wish to learn how to wield a more offensive weapon, and not necessarily a melee one… Have you considered magic tomes?

Maria: Magic tomes? I tried using Merric’s book once, but nothing came out of it. I don’t think I can do it.

Lachesis: Well, Sir Merric happens to be a very advanced wind mage, so that tome might have been slightly too complicated for a novice such as yourself. Let me see, where did I put that old dusty… Oh, here it is!

Maria: A fire tome?

Lachesis: Indeed. Now, pay close attention to my hand movements. … There!

Maria: Good Naga! You can summon flames, Lady Lachesis!

Lachesis: Yes, I can. And if I can do it, I’m certain a magic prodigy like you can too. Take the tome and try imitating my words and movements. It will come easily to you, if my suspicions are correct.

Maria: … Whoa! Look, look!! There is fire in my hand!! It’s a fireball!

Lachesis: That it is. Amazing work, Maria. Now concentrate and make it fade away. Don’t burn your clothes. Yes, very well. You are already doing better than myself when I first started.

Maria: I had no idea you were also proficient at anima magic, Lady Lachesis! Is there something you can’t do?

Lachesis: *giggle* Plenty. But I have trained in all fighting styles. I am able to wield lances, axes and bows just as well as I do swords and staves; adding to that, I am proficient at horse riding as well as anima and light spellcasting. The only field I haven’t delved into is the arcane dark magic, as it is well known that it drives the curious mad.

Maria: Wow… You are even more amazing than I initially thought, Lady Lachesis! I knew you’d be the best teacher!

Lachesis: Hardly. I might have experience on many fields, but I am an expert on none of them. I do not have any great talents like you or… him. I might be of noble blood, but I am more of a common woman than many of our subjects. No matter how much I train, I will always be miles away from him. Never to be his equal…

Maria: Lady Lachesis…? Are you okay? Who are you talking about?

Lachesis: Oh, goodness. Please, forgive me, little Maria. I got lost in my own thoughts for a moment. I have the smallest of headaches right now. If you don’t mind, shall we continue your magical training next time?

Maria: Um, sure! Take care of yourself. And, uh, you can talk to me about anything, okay? Don’t bottle it up!

Lachesis: … My thanks.

[Lachesis and Maria have reached support rank B.]


Lachesis: Astounding. You have mastered all three anima elements in less than two months. Your teachers were right when they deemed you a genius.

Maria: *giggle* Oh, stop it! I’m going to blush! It’s really not that difficult. It just… comes naturally. I still have trouble with light magic, though. It requires such a calm state of mind… I just want to fry all who hurt my loved ones! I have no idea how Linde does it.

Lachesis: I’m sure you will master it in no time, just as you have done with the rest. If you keep up not only your magical training but the physical one too you have the potential to be the strongest war maiden Macedon has ever seen.

Maria: Now you’re pushing it! I have no interest in being some macedonian “war maiden”. I’ll leave that title to Minerva.

Lachesis: It doesn’t matter, you still have the potential. The talent. You are superior to plebeians such as me, Maria. Just like him. Like Eldigan. Always leaving the talentless people behind. Always leaving me behind…

Maria: Lady Lachesis! Calm down, everything is okay.

Lachesis: Oh… I apologize. I got carried away once again for no good reason. I should go rest…

Maria: Wait. Please, I need to know. Who is Eldigan? Is he someone dear to you?

Lachesis: … Eldigan is my brother, Lord of Nordion and inheritor of the legendary Mystletainn. There is no one in the world more perfect than him. Everyone always said so. Our teachers, our cortesans… And father. I don’t have the right to complain. He is son to the Nordion queen; I am a mere bastard daughter. I always knew I’d never be good enough for him. And yet, I tried.

Maria: Lady Lachesis…

Lachesis: I tried to become proficient at every weapon available to me, so he would allow me to ride alongside him in battle. However, I was never able to best him, no matter the nature of the duel. My teachers would congratulate me on my advances unenthusiastically, since I was a slow learner, and would instead pour all their efforts into my brother’s training. I tried to become a perfect lady. I learned how to cook the most exquisite meals, brew the best floral tea. I wore the most recent fashion trends, practiced the most straight, elegant stance, and trained my tongue to be as refined as possible when I talked. But he wasn’t interested. It still wasn’t enough.

Maria: Do you… resent Lord Eldigan?

Lachesis: Not at all. I do not resent him, just as I don’t resent you, Maria. Some people are born to be superior, and remain as such for the entirety of their life. Us common folk can try to catch up, but it is a futile task. I never wanted to surpass Eldigan. Only to be his equal. For him to notice me. But no one can best him, not even me. Not a talentless bastard.

Maria: … Shut up!

Lachesis: Huh?!

Maria: You’re speaking such… nonsense! What does talent even mean?! There is no such thing as being naturally superior! Some things come easier to you, others are harder to get used to. Everyone has different experiences. I can cast a fireball, sure, but I can’t even lift a crate without falling on my back! I can heal the wounded, but I’m not elegant or graceful. I want to impress Michalis and Minerva; I know I constantly say I want to be their equal. But… we already are.

Lachesis: What do you mean?

Maria: Every person is beatiful. Sometimes we do our best and we fail, and other times we don’t care and we succeed. We have our virtues, but we are also faulty. Nobody is perfect. Not me, not you, not my siblings or yours. And that’s the beauty of it all! Life would be so boring if we could just achieve anything instantly. If we were all the same, all perfect. Having both good points and bad points… That’s what makes us all equals.

Lachesis: Even evil people?

Maria: Evil people don’t exist. Only misguided people. That’s what I believe. That’s why I forgave Michalis after what he did to our father. Why I nursed him back to health. Someday… Someday I want everyone to realize this. Because conflict is born when people don’t realize we’re all of equal worth, no matter our social standing, blood or skill! We’re different, and that’s fine, but we’re are also the same, and… and… I’m not making any sense, am I?

Lachesis: *giggle* Thank you, Maria. You are truly wise beyond your years. I feel better now.

Maria: Are you sure? I can keep going! I can yap all day long if it stops you from saying you’re worthless!

Lachesis: It’s fine, I swear. I won’t say that anymore. In fact, you have made me think. I might have idolized Eldigan to the point where it is not reasonable anymore. What you said about blood and social standing… I do believe Eldigan would fight his best friends, or even me, if it was under the King’s orders. His ideals are always below those of his country’s ruler. And I find this to be a mistake, somewhat.

Maria: See? He is not perfect either. He might also need a Maria brand lecture! Or maybe just a staff to the head. Lady Lachesis, have you ever sat down to have a casual chat with your brother?

Lachesis: A… casual chat?

Maria: Yes! Just, like, sit down. Eat some pastries. Ask about each other’s days. Talk about your problems. Give each other advice. You know?

Lachesis: I-I could never. He’s always been above me in every way possi-

Maria: Lady Lachesis!

Lachesis: Oh, sorry! I did not mean to. … I guess we have never, no.

Maria: Then do it next time you see him. Ask about what he likes and what he doesn’t like. Ask about his worst fears. What he feels he could be better at. And don’t let him get away with a big brother or knightly response. Dig in! You will see he’s not as perfect as you pictured him to be. And when you get over the initial dissappointment, you will find yourself being able to reach him for the first time. Maybe not for a while. I’m still trying to be like Minerva and Michalis… But I know someday I’ll catch up! So you better keep up too! We can do it together!

Lachesis: … Yes. I will try that. Thank you, Maria. From the bottom of my heart.

Maria: No problem! And now that’s out of the way, you gotta keep teaching me about magic! Don’t make that face! Talent, if that’s a thing at all, has nothing on actual experience. So in exchange for my advice, you better keep giving me lessons. Maybe even some about how to be a classier lady. Uh uh! No protesting!!

[Lachesis and Maria have reached support rank A.]


Maria: I’m exhausted!!

Lachesis: Maria! You have barely tried today! I will not stand for this!

Maria: Ewww! But light magic is difficult and boring. It’s been months and I still can’t even light the way to the kitchen at night.

Lachesis: Well, it took me years to master it, so do limit your complaining. Not everything in life comes in a silver platter, little princess. You have to work for it most of the time.

Maria: Yes, I know, I know… You’re right, like always.

Lachesis: What are you trying to achieve, anyway, sneaking into the kitchens in the middle of the night? You do know the whole army shares those resources, right? You have better not been stealing. The notion of a leak in our security could turn the entire community upside down in just a moment.

Maria: I didn’t take anything! I just said I can’t see the way there, so I couldn’t steal even if I wanted to.

Lachesis: Oh, Maria, what will I do with you? I may end up having to ask Lady Minerva for macedonian royal family privileges if this keeps up. I feel like I might just be your big sister at this point!

Maria: … Well, you could become a part of the family if you wanted, but I’d rather you be something different than my sister.

Lachesis: I beg your pardon?

Maria: Lady Lachesis, I… I admire you so much! You’ve worked so hard all your life and you’ve become such a marvelous person, a fantastic warrior and a beautiful, elegant woman. You were always going on and on about talent and effort, but at the end of the day, I’m sure you never believed it yourself, because you never gave up. You always had hope and carried on, becoming better and better at everything you put your heart into. I lack that kind of patience, that commitment. I talk about impressing Minerva and Michalis, being like them, but now I want to impress you the most. You have achieved what no other lazy noble would go out of their way to accomplish. You are the true role model here, the one others should look up to and try to emulate. I want you to keep being my inspiration, Lady Lachesis, but not as my big sister… I want you to be my wife!

Lachesis: W-what?! Excuse me, c-could you say that again?

Maria: Lady Lachesis, I love you! I love you more than anything else! I want to be like you while I’m with you! Please marry me!

Lachesis: Oh, dear… Sweetie, I’m so flattered, but…

Maria: … but you won’t? You don’t like me, Lady Lachesis?

Lachesis: Of course I like you, Maria, honey. But you are young, way too young to think about marriage. You need to learn about life before you make such a big decision. Explore before you chain yourself, meet more people.

Maria: But… But… I want to be with you, Lady Lachesis! No one else!

Lachesis: That’s really sweet, but think about it. We are from different times, maybe even from different dimensions. How much longer do you think we’ll stay in Askr? You wouldn’t want to leave Minerva and Michalis alone back at Macedon, would you?

Maria: N-no…

Lachesis: And I also promised you that I would speak to Eldigan and fix our relationship. You have talked to me so much about your brother and how similar he is to mine. I believe I could use some of your life experiences in my favor in case he… Well, if he ever acts foolishly.

Maria: H-have I really been useful to you, Lady Lachesis…?

Lachesis: More than you could ever imagine. Now, now, don’t cry, or I will cry as well. I hate to see you sad.

Maria: Will you write me a letter every day when you go back to Nordion?

Lachesis: Of course. I will make sure to find one of Anna’s sisters and hire her to be my interdimensional mailwoman *giggle*. Listen, I want you to keep living a happy life back in your homeland, away from war and conflict, and find yourself a cute macedonian boy or girl to be the light in your life, since you can’t seem to conjure your own. Will you promise me that?

Maria: But when you’re the one setting the standard, Lady Lachesis, all other men and women will fall short of the mark…

Lachesis: Do not use my own logic against me, sweet child. You yourself made me change my point of view in that respect. Now, I’ll ask again. Will you promise?

Maria: Yes, b-but you gotta write every day! Every day! No protesting!!

Lachesis: No protesting, indeed.

[Lachesis and Maria have reached support rank S.]

ID #31282

Name: Johanna
Age: 17
Country: Canada

Hello! I’m Johanna and I’m on here because I want to get to know people from all around, (including local people) and possibly even send snail mail, but online’s good too. Tumblr, email, Insta, Snap, whatever.

I’m Canadian, and I love poutine. I play ultimate frisbee and just started fencing. Hiking’s cool too. I watch a lot of TV, Brooklyn-99, Bones, Sense8, Mr. Robot, Black Mirror, Grey’s Anatomy, and probably a lot more. If anyone wants to binge the new season of Stranger things with me over Skype, I’m down. I also love the DnD webshow Critical Role with voice actors such as Matt Mercer and Laura Bailey, and Ashley Johnson.

My favorite subjects are AP Art History (just went to see the Monet exhibit in Vancouver, and damn) and probably Law? I’m also pretty techy and I do graphic design/illustration and 3D printing. My post-secondary plans for September? Not sure yet.

Music? Anything really, but alt rock/indie/electro pop is what I listen to the most.

Preferences: Preferences? 16-20? But if you’re older or slightly younger I’m not too picky. Also, kind people please. (I’m also hella gay, but I’m looking to strike up a conversation with anyone. Guys, gals, straight, queer, cis, nb, trans- doesn’t matter)

The Signs: Darkside Zodiac

The hard to hear, completely honest, wince-making things you never want to admit about yourself and your sun sign.


  • “You don’t see the rainbow because you are fretting about who’s borrowed your umbrella.”
  • Bitch Rating: A+
  • Fave Deadly Sin: Vanity and Pride
  • Opposite sign: Pisces
  • Virgo and Relationships: “What you really want in a friend is a punch bag; someone who will twist slowly and passively in the air while you hurl critical right hooks…” 
  • Virgo in Love: “You never dump; it’s worse than that. You always want to talk about it. You look forward to bad times, so that you can point out how your partner has reneged on the secret, unilateral pre-nup you carry in your head.”
  • Virgo and Sex: Lots of showering, GERMS EW
  • Virgo and Work: “You love to serve somebody. It’s your way of controlling the hideous randomness of the universe.”
  • Virgo in the Home: Clean and organized, morbid fear of sharing your home with people who are not as meticulous as you
  • Vacations from Hell: being without your laptop and WIFI, disorganized festivals or concerts with lots of people, anywhere cheap


  • “Whenever you get what you want, you don’t want it.”
  • Bitch Rating: A+ or D, depending on your mood at that moment
  • Fave Deadly Sin: VANITY, Greed, and Sloth
  • Opposite sign: Aries
  • Libra and Relationships: Giant flirts, could get a date in their sleep, very bad at committment
  • Libra in Love: “…you are always with the one you love, because the love of your life is you.
  • Libra and Sex: Walking sex
  • Libra and Work: “…it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it doesn’t involve actual work, ugly clothes, or unpleasant locations, and there are enough people to make up a quorum of admirers.” 
  • Libra in the Home: loves luxury, constant trail of lovers coming and going 
  • Vacations from Hell: the wilderness, a work vacation, anything that involves physical activity or can break a nail


  • “The rest of the zodiac crouches cravenly in the hypnotic beam of your trademark power-glare…”
  • Bitch Rating: A+
  • Fave Deadly Sin: All seven, except you call them the “Seven Surefire Methods of Manipulation”
  • Opposite Sign: Taurus
  • Scorpio and Relationships: “I’m not sure if you can call a one-way power bond a relationship. Most people are scared of you, they just do what you say.”
  • Scorpio in Love: “You can do long haul…but you are jealous and possessive and always read secret diaries.”
  • Scorpio and Sex: Sex is ALWAYS on your terms
  • Scorpio and Work: Workaholic, have raging competitiveness
  • Scorpio in the Home: Minimalist, lots of black
  • Vacations from Hell: Spiritual retreat, summer camps with sing-a-longs, anything where you have to join in

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like french people literally think that because they legalized same sex marriage before a lot of other countries and they have free health care and all that they’re somehow beacons of progressive policy in the western world like….. ok but you still arent dealing with the rampant islamophobia in your country and you’re still totally ignoring your country’s legacy of racist imperialism all the way through the late 20th century in algeria so………. are you REALLY better??

arteomis  asked:

modern au where bellamy LOVES the princess bride so he starts taking fencing classes -he wants to be inigo he even says the line under his breath while he fences- but is totally pathetic, so octavia laughs at him and goes w him to class bc it can't be ~that~ hard, and winds up kicking the instructors ass (very nice ass since it's lincoln's and that's how they meet!!) (REMEMBER THIS, I'M STILL NOT OVER IT. i'm trash. sorry.)


Bellamy’s been working with Lincoln on his form for six weeks, yet it takes Octavia half a lesson to out-fence not only Bellamy, but the instructor, too. Lincoln looks dumbstruck when his sister disarms him, and when she beams at him he actually trips, landing hard on the ground with an audible pop. And that’s the story of how Bellamy ends up driving his little sister and his fencing instructor to the emergency room. 


Octavia had nearly bitten his head off when he suggested they leave Lincoln and go home, and Lincoln’s when he tried to convince her that they didn’t need to wait with him in the exam room.

Bellamy’s glad she did, because that means he’s there when the pretty blonde radiologist comes in to discuss Lincoln’s x-rays.

“I’m Dr. Griffin,” she says after she eyes them for a moment. Lincoln had to take off some of his protective gear to have his x-rays done, but Bellamy and Octavia are still dressed in their full regalia. “What happened here?” 

Bellamy and Octavia immediately start talking over one another.

“It’s all her fault––”

“My brother thinks he’s the next Dread Pirate Roberts––”

“I tripped,” Lincoln interrupts calmly. “Fell and landed funny.”

“Inconceivable,” Dr. Griffin says, straight-faced, but her lips twitch as she meets Bellamy’s eyes. 


The pretty doctor had disappeared as Lincoln was being discharged, but while Octavia’s signing Lincoln’s brand new cast, and Lincoln is looking at Octavia way too adoringly for Bellamy’s comfort, Bellamy hears her voice.

“Farm boy!”

He turns and sees her waving at him, lab coat replaced by a navy peacoat, purse slung across her body.

“I can’t believe you responded to that,” she says, delighted. His face feels hot but he grins at her. 

“I guess that makes you a princess.”

She shakes her head, smiling. “Just Clarke.”


The first time she kisses him, he freezes for just a second before bringing his hands up to cup her face. 

“Is this a kissing book, princess?” he whispers against her lips.

Clarke laughs, and kisses him again. “It’ll be a bit more than that if you play your cards right, farm boy.”


He starts slipping it into conversation after four months together. He doesn’t think she notices, but he doesn’t mind. Bellamy knows what it means, and that’s good enough for him. It seems too soon to just flat out say it––she’d had too many people claim to love her and leave, and he doesn’t ever want her to think he’s going to be another one of them.

But after six months together, when she asks him to take out the garbage and he replies, “As you wish,” she stops him from walking out the door with a hand to his chest.

“I love you, too,” she says, as shyly as Clarke Griffin ever says anything, and the passion and joy of the kiss that follows leaves all their previous kisses behind.

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it
Love Started at the Fence [ENG SUB ON VIKI]

Love Started at the Fence - Ton Ruk Rim Rua (ต้นรักริมรั้ว)

Who would have thought Nalin would be married 3 times? Not with any random guy but to her best friend Kob. He lives next door and they had been friend since childhood. First time, they got married to please his dying grandma. It only lasted 7 days. They got divorced right after grandma passed away. Many years passed. They were still best friends. Nalin needed to get married to somebody in order to get a promotion at work. She didn’t have anybody. So she asked for his hand in marriage. This time it was different. He started to have feelings for her. But his move was too late because Nalin just fell in love with another guy. What is he gonna be: Her husband or her best friend?


MARK AND KIM <33 I’m really enjoying this so far XD

Thank you so much for all the subbers!