love staring at b&w pictures of him

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Ok so I was in the kids section in ZARA and saw a little jacket that looked really similar to that silk tiger bomber that Harry wore on stage once. My dad Harold feelings really kicked in and I just imagined him buying matching jackets for him and your little daughter and then having you take a picture of them from behind with a really nice view and she's holding his hand and looking up at him and he's looking at her and he posts it, probably in B&W, with the caption "Daddy's girl" and im crying

Worse: she’d *love them*. Her little heart would burst, because now she’s got one *just like her daddy’s*. She’d always been running her hands over the silk and admiring it and the pretty pictures, so she’d been so excited that she couldn’t even do anything but stare excitedly when he’d brought it out at last. And she wears it *all the time* now. He’s caught her sleeping in it and he has to gently unzip it and get it off her before tucking her back into bed. And sometimes he has to tell her to go put something warmer on or, “No, little lady, it’s too hot out for that and m’not picking yeh up off the sidewalk.” And when she gets too big for it? They’re keeping that packed away for memories. 

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!!!! CAROLINE!!! could you share with us some of your favourite photos of namjoon please? (◠‿◠✿)

you really dont know what youre getting into oh my god (warning: shitload of pictures)

ha ha ha are you ready for my descent into the darkest pits of hell cause i’m not 

ok here goes

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