Fluff Month LS Day 17

Here is Day 17! It’s a Reverse Crush AU with some Adrinette :)

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Adrien glanced around the corner of the locker room, feeling his heart skip a beat when he laid eyes on Marinette chatting casually with Rose. She was so nice and friendly with everyone, and he wished more than anything that she’d be that friendly with him. Imagining being alone with her made his palms sweaty, but he longed for each chance to hear her speak even two words to him. He could spend his whole life getting lost in those brilliant blue eyes, and he adored the way they lit up when she took charge of a situation. She wasn’t their class president for nothing.

“Dude, just talk to her. Marinette is really nice,” Nino advised in his ear, causing him to jump. Adrien shushed him, grabbing his wrist and pulling him back out into the courtyard.

“I’m working on it, okay? I just don’t know what to say when I get up to her. I get nervous,” He said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Seriously? Mr. Hot Teen Model of the Year gets nervous around pretty girls?” Nino cocked a skeptical brow.

“Around this particular beautiful, smart, creative, talented-ow!” Nino punched his arm before he could get too lost. “Yes. Even I get nervous. I’ve never exactly done this stuff before, ya know.”

“Just be yourself, bro. I bet she’ll be into you.”

“You think?” Adrien’s eyebrows raised hopefully.

“I’m your best bud, Adrien. If anyone knows how awesome you are, it’s me,” Nino said pointedly, gesturing to his chest with his thumb.

“Okay. I’m going in. Wish me luck,” He gulped, squaring his shoulders in a show of mock-confidence as he strutted back into the locker room.

Marinette hummed cheerfully to herself as she loaded her books into her backpack. A backpack she had made herself, he might add. She was so talented.

“Hey, Marinette,” He started, clasping his hands behind his back politely.

She turned to face him, a dazzling smile warming her features. “Hey, Adrien! What’s up?”

“I, uh, well, I was wondering if you…got the new Ultimate Mecha Strike yet?” Her blue eyes trained on him so casually made his palms sweat, and he lost a bit of his nerve.

“Oh, yeah! My dad and I have been playing all week. It’s a lot of fun,” She said, and Adrien tucked his hands in his pockets to hide how they shook.

“Maybe we could play together sometime?” He offered with a surprisingly smooth voice.

“Sure! When are you free? I know you’re usually pretty busy.”

“Oh, uh, yeah. I have fencing practice after school today, but I could come over when it’s done,” He said, shifting his weight to his heels.

“Sounds good,” She replied, shutting her locker and slinging her bag over her shoulders. “See you then.”

Adrien watched her go with a dreamy smile, still entranced by the friendliness of her tone. He was going to hang out at her house after school. Suddenly, his face paled, and he realized just what he’d agreed to causing his heart to erupt in his chest. This afternoon he’d be alone with Marinette; alone in her room sitting only inches apart…

What if their hands brushed again when they went to pick up their controllers? What if she noticed how sweaty his hands were? What if he stared too long? Or blurted out how amazing he thought she was?

Adrien shook himself and took a deep breath. Everything would be fine. Nino was right about Marinette being super nice, and on the other hand, she had seemed eager to hang out with him too. He supposed that he was just going to have to do his best to impress her if he ever hoped to be more than just a friend.

Mh… I was wondering… what if Luka resembles Chat Noir? :3 Just like Kagami has something that recalls Marinette/Ladybug… because if Luka will be a sort of interest for Marinette (just like Kagami has briefly been for Adrien), I think that he needs to recall Chat Noir, so that Marinette can finally start seeing CN under another light… because at the moment, if Marinette finds out that Adrien is Chat Noir she would be something like:

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and then panicking because she can’t really think of Chat Noir as the boy she’s secretly in love with… and she also kissed him without knowing the truth! XD Soooo, I have an idea for the revealing! :3 It seems that her identity will be the one discovered first, so perhaps it could happen after a fight with an akumatized (I laugh a lot with this this word XD) version of her father (since it seems that even Tom will be akumatized) and she will be forced to give her earrings up to save him. Then (ok, please, let Adrien suspect that Marinette and Ladybug are the same person) Chat Noir, who is canonically very loyal and a fair player will remove his ring revealing himself as Adrien, but no shock (because in that moment Marinette is fond of CN too)… the truest shock is Papillon revealing himself as Gabriel, his wish and probably the consequences of it. What if Mme Agreste comes back but as Le Paon? And I don’t know how I started from Luka coming to Mme Agreste… XD This series is really more complicated than it appears…

okay this is what i took away from watching the ml script reading from sdcc:

  • the fact that marinette has a huge crush on adrien is loudly noted by jagged stone
  • in front of a camera
  • on live television
  • adrien still goes ‘oh we’re just friends’
  • (ok deep breaths)

time to take this to the logical conclusion:

  • jagged stone is pretty famous, so it’s likely his fans will watch the clip because that’s what fans do
  • his fans all over the world will watch the clip
  • ergo people all over the world are going to know marinette has a crush on adrien
  • everyone except adrien
  • adrien, if you haven’t noticed, is also a famous person
  • a reporter eventually asks adrien about the clip
  • his response (BECAUSE HE’S OBLIVIOUS) is ‘oh, marinette? she’s pretty great, but we’re just friends’
  • adrien’s fans look at each other
  • jagged stone’s fans look at each other
  • W I T N E S S  H I M


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I know this storyboard was revealed ages ago, but I hadn’t really stopped to think about it (MariChat being the love square’s ship variation that I am the least interested in). 

Now I’m just restless about this uncertainty about when will the second ML season will be premiered!!! @notthomasastruc @officialmiraculousladybug @miraculous-zag


I decided I wanted to draw my own reveal. Naturally after this point, Marinette acts totally awkward around Chat now that she knows his secret identity.

today i thought of the actual Worst miraculous ladybug fake dating au ever

so ladybug and chat noir exchange phone numbers (let’s say adrien and marinette don’t already have each other’s) and o/c ladybug says only to call her in an emergency but then chat is like “you didn’t say anything about texting so check out this meme”

anyway so it goes on and they actually end up texting constantly and grinning at their phones the entire time. 

and alya notices. she notices them both doing this at the exact same time. so of course now she thinks they’re secretly dating.

she confronts marinette and of course marinette has no better explanation, and neither does adrien when alya gets nino to ask him about it

so now adrien and marinette are pretending to be secretly dating to cover up their secret identities but they also haven’t told each other that they’re pretending to be secretly dating so they’re secretly pretending to be secretly dating to cover up their secret identities.

plagg: “you morons. you absolute morons.”