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Being Friends With Benefits With Chibs Would Include ...

- not planning it to happen

- Chibs being the one to instigate the relationship

- being unsure about it at first but then feel drawn to him after your first night together

- Rough sex

- Gentle Sex

- Meaningful sex

- not wanting to continue the relationship but Fillip being able to persuade you ;)

- Both of you showing each other different positions which the other had never tried before

- Fillip soon becoming more protective over you when your around other guys, even his brothers

- almost getting caught on multiple occasions

- shagging in the toilet during club parties

- you sneaking out of his room at night

- him sneaking out of your house in the morning before you wake up

- you both begin to grow feelings for each other

- Chibs eventually not leaving you in the morning, instead pulling you closer and falling back asleep

- giving him head in his car

- “that’s it darlin’ right there” Chibs growls out taking a firm grip on your hair

- him eating your pussy whenever he can

- “Oh Daddy!”

- Gemma eventually finds out about you two when she walks into her office after hours to find you fucking against her desk



- not caring that everyone finds out

- the sex is amazing

- and oh so dirty

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“With every regret or every failure, comes an equivalent seed of potential success. And so, what we just have to do, which sort of speaks to what we’re talking about in the greater journey of it, is just learn from those mistakes, and glean whatever wisdom one can from failure and try not to repeat it again.” – Charlie Hunnam

Loving Happy

Request: 6. Come here, baby. Let me see you. For Happy

You loved your Old Man. Happy never did or said anything that made you believe he didn’t love you as well. Mostly because while the club life made it seem like it was okay for cheating when they were on a run, his mother never believed in that. Especially, when his father cheated on his mother and left her with a child to raise by herself.

So, when he was younger and could understand what had happened, he made a promise to himself and his mother that when and if he met someone that was worth spending the rest of his life with, that he would never do what his sperm donor did to his mother. And he kept by that promise when he met you.

You, who had stood by him from the moment things started to get serious between you two. Before he had even asked you to be his Old Lady, which didn’t come until you had made a year together.

He also made time every week to come home early from the Club and spend some time with you. Because to him, while the club was important, you were just as important. Some people would be sad or angry that it was like this, but you appreciated it because you understood what being with him meant.

Being with him, meant being with the club. And you understood that. You never went against anything they wanted, unless it was against your morals, which compared to what they asked you, wasn’t very often. Most of the time, they asked for you to help with some expenses but they always paid you back in full with interest. You didn’t care, because to you they were family.

Which made Happy love you all the more.

This week, today was the day to have date night. Which you were looking forward to, because he had something big planned out. You were finally ready just as you heard his bike pull into the driveway and made your way down the stairs.

Just as you made it to the bottom, he was opening the door and taking his shoes off and placing them neatly in a row next to the other pairs by the door. He sat his keys on the hallway table and turned to the stairs, hearing your foot steps.

He paused at the site of you. Almost taking his breath away as he took in the site of you. “Baby girl, you look so good.” He grinned as he walked up to you in long strides and wrapped his arms around your waist and picked you up to spin you around once, all the while placing a loving kiss on your lips.

You wrapped your arms around his neck as he did so, placing you back down your feet. You smiled up at him, just scanning his face, admiring all of him.

You then saw something on his neck, a few drops of blood that also some on his shirt. You didn’t see any injuries on him, so you were fine, knowing that it wasn’t him that was injured. “Oh, hun. You got some blood on you. Come here, baby. Let me look at you.” You told as you led him to the nearby kitchen and wet a wash cloth and whip off the blood on his neck.

You weren’t paying any attention to his face, more focused on making him clean again. Making his loving and adoring look on his face go unnoticed.

“Y/N.” He said with his raspy voice.

You hummed in answer.

“I love you.”

You paused. He never said that before. You always said it, but he just always kissed you in answer. You looked up into his eyes and saw the look on his face and in his eyes, and your mouth grew into the biggest smile you could muster.

“I love you, too.” You told him before leaning in and kissing him hard on the mouth.

“Yeah that’s my old lady, curves, attitude and all”  {Requested}

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Juice Ortiz x ChubbyReader

Blasting music in your kitchen, you got cooking for Juice making him a simple recipe. You stopped mid-stir to dance your favorite part of the song moving your hips to beat feeling hands on your waist you stopped turning around seeing Juice there smiling at you.

“Why would you stop I was getting very into it” Juice whined “I’m cooking” You said simply going back to the stove turning the pot off and serving the meal on a porcelain plate for him. “Thanks love” He whispered before kissing your check, before moving to the table to eat “How was your day” You said he groaned softly “It was complete shit, Tig kept bugging the shit out of me” Juice spoke.

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