love so so so much


Water is powerful. It can wash away earth, put out fire, and even destroy iron. Water can carve its way even through stone…and when trapped, water makes a new path.

never in this lifetime going to get over the shock and disbelief laced in the tone of “is this the end of all the endings? my broken bones are mending with all these nights we’re spending…” like wow. it starts out so monotonous and dull when she settles into being alone but then LITERALLY all at once!!!! the song just EXPLODES! when this grand and extraordinary love! just comes into her life! the chorus itself sounds like a coronation and it’s so safe and peaceful like finally getting to the top of a mountain. the verses themselves sew together the details of what she knew and what she knows now of the love she deserves and finally has. “king of my heart” is just so exemplary.


have you found something to do that for you?
maybe, maybe.

I'm Not Your Toy: Part Two

A/N: Welp this is seven thousand words of pretty much pure smut. Like literally. Enjoy.

Word Count: 7k+

Warnings: NSFW. Ooey Gooey smut. Vaginal fingering, tit worship, rough/loving sex.

Summary: You’d supported Steve and his decision to not kill Bucky. Fuck, you even supported Steve when he’d literally started a war over Bucky. Done jail time for him. But you what you couldn’t manage to do for the life of you, for the love of Steve, was get along with Bucky. Especially when he managed to make you blush every time you were in the same room as the man


Everythings a little bit of a…blur.

The strong dose Percocet had kicked in and turned your mind into slow moving mush. You clearly remember inviting Bucky to bed with you, and him crawling in next to you, but leaving enough space between the two of you so that your bodies didn’t touch. He was being so careful, so aware of you. So good to you. Even though you knew he was just as exhausted- mentally and physically, as you were from the mission.

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