love smile

bts: *hits 10 million followers*

army: *chuckles while rubbing their hands together*

yoongi:  *chuckles while rubbing his hands together*

hobi: *sweats nervously*


Added Shiro to the mix ( got so many messages about why he wasn’t included ) ( and he’s my sister’s fav so now I gotta draw him more )


Imagine a bare-faced Jungkook sitting alone in his computer chair, lips pursed, beanie in place, circle glasses slipping down his nose, just click-click-clicking away as he edits his Jimin clips from their Japan trip. Humming along to the background song. I’m soft.

And then when you smile, the weakest star gathers the strength to shine brighter than the morning star, light finds every corner of the world and devours the darkness that surrounds, and everything feels possible. When you smile, magic happens.
—  Lukas W. // Your smile is magic

1x02 || 5x05.

“Hey, Charles, can we talk in the briefing room for a sec? There’s a question I gotta ask you…”