love skittles

Happy Valentine’s Day Followers <3! Have some Victuuri/Victuri that turned my brain into skittles as I worked on it! Flat color only for now since the time limit and I decided on doing this last night! 

Can I just say I love these two….Ice dorks in love <3

For those of you who have fallen in love with ‘Skittles Guy’ because of the video of a man passionately selling Skittles before my show on the Red Tour, I got to meet him tonight. His name is Derrick and he knows you guys are obsessed with him. He sells lemonade now and comes up with rhymes to sell it and just generally delights people in the crowd. I was really excited to meet someone who puts such personal flare into his job. Tonight’s crowd was unreal and I love you guys so much.

ereri-nekolife  asked:

Yess bro hit me up with more jealousy fics

here ya go babe -Madi

ealousy by awalkingdenial (¾ | 3855 | Teen and Up)

Tyler thinks he’s having homophobic thoughts about Josh and internally panics. Turns out he’s just jealous because he’s not that straight and very in love with him.

Skittles II by olgushka (1/1 | 4875 | General)

Tyler and Skittles don’t get along. Until they do.

Jealousy (my heart will go on) by sasscas (1/1 | 217 | General)

Based off that time during the My Heart will Go On cover where josh and the guy from Chef’s special act like jack and rose. yep.

Cingulomania by liliesandstags (1/1 | 1858 | General)

(n.) a strong desire to hold a person in your arms.

“I just met him today but I feel like I’ve known him for a while.” -Tyler Joseph on Jon Bellion

85 Percent by marsakat for (1/1 | 2991 | Explicit)

Josh doesn’t do this often, but tonight is different than every other night.