love skittles

Happy Valentine’s Day Followers <3! Have some Victuuri/Victuri that turned my brain into skittles as I worked on it! Flat color only for now since the time limit and I decided on doing this last night! 

Can I just say I love these two….Ice dorks in love <3

Totally legit facts about Gil™

* Only sleeps for like 4 hours a day

* Exists on a diet of coffee, sandwiches and whatever the future version of skittles is

* Loves vodka whilst he’s robbing everyone blind at poker

* Vodka doesn’t love him - if, and when, he’s hungover, he has to stay in bed all day and eat whilst he watches cheesy crime/detective shows (preferably whilst spooning with Ryder) 

* Him and Jill may or may not have “”””accidentally”””” conned a senior alliance officer out of ~500 credits one time at a casino on the Citadel (they were then told ‘politely’ to never come back)

* Amazingly his hair just does that - probably something to do with him working by the mass effect core all day

*  Gil spends like 20 minutes trying to shave his chin juuuuuuust right

* Never cleans up after himself when he tinkers with stuff on the ship - whenever Ryder needs to find him they just follow the trail of discarded wrenches, oil spills and sandwich crumbs (for the hungry engineer on the go) 

(was thinking about these the other night just deciding to post it now because 1) it’s a break from doing my report and 2) I’m all about that Gil Brodie)  


Guy Gaudreau on teaching Johnny how to skate: “The first few months was pretty much a waste of time. He’s laying on the ice. And then I had some older kids I used to coach, some 16 year olds, and I’d have them come out with Skittles. And they’d put a Skittle right on the ice about ten feet in front of him, so he’d crawl to it or try to skate to it. He’d pick the Skittle up and eat the Skittle, he loved Skittles. So we’d bribe him to move around a little bit. So we’d eat Skittles and entertain him for a little while.”

iheartthelochnessmonster  asked:

Psssttt Wana KakaSaku fic rec??

Are you asking if I can give you some fic suggestions? HOW FUN! I’ve never been asked this before :’) To be completely honest, I’m not a huge fic reader. I wish I could be but my time usually goes into different things. BUT I do have a few that I love. 

-I’ll start with my all time favorite Kakasaku fanfic. FATED by leafygirl(Rated M/Completed).  It’s a slow burn and has GLORIOUS angst. I cried, and it wasn’t like, a few tears. I had to put my phone down and ugly cry for a minute. Anything by leafygirl is amazing. 

-My next rec is the Will of Fire by Cynchick(Rated M/Completed). Another slow burn that is just so great. Awesome plot, great twists. It has a lot of Hinata in it so if you dislike her, you might not want to read it. She is pretty awesome in the story though. 

-Third rec is Unbroken by princezsupastar(Rated M/Completed). It’s an AU where Sakura travels to the past and meets Kakashi. I love it, its fun. It’s another long one but worth the read. I’m all about those multi-chap fics lol. 

-Adeline is another fic that I love, but it’s still in progress. That one is by @nikkigrand. It is an AU of the movie Adeline. I’ve never seen it but the fic is gooooooooood. Good angst. MMHMMM. 

-Grow you a Garden (a soulmate au) by @mouseymightymarvellous is one of my favorite short stories. Along with Confessions by @dimigex, and Flail, Ninja Dorks! Flail! by @itslulu42

On that note, if you(or anyone else reading this) would like to send me some angsty KS fics, I’d love to put them on my reading list! 

Life Tip: Gift Yo’ Self!

One thing I LOVE to do is buy little treats for myself and attach a message of positivity to them. Then I tuck the treat away in a place I rarely use, and wait until I find it! What a lovely gift to yourself ^_^ Examples of this are a box of tic-tacs, a roll of candy that is unlikely to melt or expire, a five dollar bill with a post-it note attached with a nice message, a little utility item I am likely to need like eye drops or nail clippers, a can of soda, or even a beer in the back of the fridge :D

It is simply the LOVELIEST THING in the world to have a down day, wear an old jacket, and inside the pocket you find… a bag of skittles with love energy attached!! Wow!! You can believe you’ll be having the best day ever after that :D How much would you be loving yourself if you had the foresight to give yourself that gift when you needed it.

Why, it gets even better! If you don’t like monetary gifts you can do simple tasks like cleaning a room before a long day at work so it smells nice when you get home late. Or, prepare a few lunches for yourself ahead of time when you normally have to go without. An easy gift to yourself is getting enough sleep for when that 6am alarm hits! You don’t need to make a dedication to uphold this behavior forever. Just gift yourself with a few nice things, here and there.

And you know, one thing I’ve found is that when I frame positive behaviors in the perspective of “gifts” rather than “health” or “habit”, it actually makes it much easier to form positive, healthy habits! Now I regularly do kind things for myself like meal prep, getting enough sleep, and prepping items I will need the night or morning before. Now when a chore needs to be done, I frame doing it as a gift to my future self so I no longer have to worry. You can believe I am regularly hit with moments of huge appreciation for myself for being so responsible. And I don’t need an anxiety of upholding a positive habit because every time I brush my teeth it is a gift to future me… that’s all it is. A gift I choose to give :) Honestly this has improved my life so much and I wish it to improve all of yours as well  💚