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Sam’s SXSW Diary  |  Style

The street style at SXSW was killer yesterday! I love seeing girls rocking Sk8-Hi’s and Slip-Ons with dresses/skirts and hats. It’s such a good look!

xoxoxo Sam

Loving You...//(N.M)

*Y/N’s POV*

I woke up this morning with the sunlight illuminating the room. Soft snores were heard form the other side of the bed where Nate was. His hand was over his face and the covers below his torso. I stood up and grabbed a button up shirt Nate took to the studio. The floor cold under my shivering feet approaching the thermostat.

Nate’s yawning is heard but no other movement is evident down the hallway. The lights down the stairway turn on when my movement is sensed by the sensors. Nate said we needed them to catch a robber but honestly I think because he is trying to see if ghosts are real.

The kitchen is filled with plates from lasts night dinner as Nate’s friends came over. Since we started datring the boys allways come to me for advice. I don’t mind since Nate is at the studio or organizing for future tours. Swazz comes for the living room with hairs sticking at every end. I laugh as him advil and a water bottle. He mutters a quick thanks before going back to the leaving. I start cooking breakfast and make a fruit smoothie to go with the meal. I feel arms wrap around waist as i put the food on the plate.

“Goodmorning Mrs. Maloley” I hear Nate say as he reaches under my arm to grab some bacon off the plate. I smack his hand away making him squeeze me harder.

“Morning Nate” I turn around and peck his lips before I am lifted on the counter. Nate takes my pajama pants from his pocket and starts putting them on me. I giggle as Nate finishes and sets me back on the floor.

“Why did you do that?” I question him as I set the table for three.

“Swazz is here and you are just wearing my shirt Y/N” He says as he takes a seat.

“Nate I know that but I have your basket ball shorts under your shirt.” I tell him a I lift the shirt a little to show him. Nate looks at me before he smiles and shakes his head. Swazz walks into the kitchen and sits down also. We eat in silence before Swazz begins to speak.

“Y/N are you pregnant? I found one of thoses tests for pregancy in the trash this morning” Swazz msays it casually like this always the topic of our conversations. Nate looks at me before looking at Swazz.

“Nate I’m pregnant” Nate stands up and a pulls me out of the chair. He hugs me and tears cascade down his face on to my shirt. I hug him back as Swazz congratulates us  in the background.  Nate falls to his knees and hugs my stomach placing as light kiss before looking up at me through his teary eyes. Swazz says he’s leaving but we don’t notice because we are in our own little bubble.

“I never thought I could love you more than I do right. And each day I fall more in love with you than I was yesterday. So glad I get to call you my wife Y/N” Nate says as he brings me in for a passionate kiss. He carrys me into the living room and sets me down between his legs. We starts going through our childhood photos pointing out what charcteristics we want our child to have from both of us.

“Nate……” I wait for a response and Nate hums and kiss on my cheek. “Do you think it’s too soon to have children?”

“I dont think so even if it was I wouldn’t care becuase I’m starting a family with my beautiful wife and we have been married for more than a year” Nate explains as he turns me to so I can straddle his lap. We stay in each other’s arms for a while before Nate carries us into the bedroom. I start drifting to sleep as Nate and I cuddle under the covers.

“Y/N, It’s to early to fall back asleep…. Baby” I the last thing I hear before I drift off into a pleaceful slumber next to my wonderful husband.

*Nate’s POV*

I watch Y/N sleep in a noncreepy sort of way. I have all her beautiful perfections ans imperfections memorized. I woukld not change anything about her she’s amazing just the way she is. Y/N snuggles closer to me laying her head on my chest. I gently touch her stomach even though she is not even showing. In nine months a mini us will be brought into this world. He or she will be spoiled with love until we die and continuie spoiling him or her with love from the grave. Our baby is a miniture version of which we created from a night filled with love and only love.

“Nate did I fall asleep again” Y/N yawns and places a hand on top of mine on her stomach. She makes me chuckle at her question.

“When do you not fall asleep when we cuddle in bed Y/N?” I question as I see a blush appear on her face. The blush appearing across her face makes her hide into my chest. I laugh as I raise her chin to look up at me.

“Never hide freom me Y/N. I love seeing the same affect I had on since mthe day we met.” I say before giving her a passionate kiss. She giggles before kissing me back on the lips.

“Don’t worry I dont think the affect eyou have on me will ever go away Nate” Y/N says as she tpouches her invisible bump. I touch her stomach as well as I feel new tears surfacing in my eyes. I feel so emotional right now but Just cant believe we mad another human. Y/N hears my sniffles and looks up to touch my cheek with her hand which used to reside on her stomach.

“Why are you crying baby?”

“These are happy tears Y/N. Can’t wait to see what the future has for us after our baby is born.” I kiss Y/N on the forehead before turning her on her side so we can spoon. If I am completely honest this is my favorite position to sleep. I have Y/N securely in my arms knowing she is the woman I have always dreamed of.

“Goodnight Y/N” I whisper before adjusting my head on top of her shoulder.

“Nate its 12 in the afternoon” Y/N says and I know she has a teasing smile on. I whisper I know before hugging her closer to me. We stay like that for a while before sleep finally consumes us. Never have I been more happy than I am now ready to start a family with the Y/N.