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Why hasn’t nobody done anything with the grinch movie yet

Took me a week to finish this and long nights but i manage to finish it plus i got lazy at some parts



“For your information, my stepdad is a mechanic down in North Carolina and, as far as I know, alive and well. But I was born in the backseat of a bus.”

“You’re joking.” I honestly couldn’t tell.

“Am not. It made the newspapers and everything. I was the Miracle Bus Boy for the first three years of my life, and now I’m—”

“’Trying to make a livin’ and doin’ the best I can’?” I finished. 

He laughed, the tips of his ears tinged with a faint pink.

It’s Liam’s birthday today so I made him a lil diddly because I love my Miracle Bus Boy and his puppy-like tendencies.

I don't know my name
Grace Vanderwaal
I don't know my name

I’m lost trying to get found, in an ocean of people.

I guess  its the perfect time to post this. To celebrate my follower count. I was very determined to learn this song on the  Ukulele. AND I DID IT!!  

I  could relate to the song so much, the first time I heard it I cried and got really emotional. But today.. “I now know my name.”

A Love Letter

Hey, so…how are you? You good? I know you’ve met many fans like me before but I just wanted to tell you I’m a big fan. I pretty much love you.

I remember the day we met - a Los Angeles suburb at night and I was with a cute dude. I was waiting in my car when I saw him walk over to me. We hugged and we entered a small record store and in a sea of records I managed to find you.

The air around us was warm and the walls were washed-out white (the owners decided to put in daylight bulbs), while posters covered most of the walls with generic prints like Pink Floyd posters and Bob Marley flags. I heard two of the owners talking about why vinyl is so special, that when people buy it for them it makes them feel as if there is hope in the world for the continuation of good music, instead of the digital music age with Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj. If I were someone else I would have ran up to them with a stamp that says “pretentious” and hit them right in the forehead, but I stayed quiet and kept thumbing through the vinyls as if I never heard them. The guy I was with went towards the CDs and I eventually walked toward the soundtrack vinyls where you were waiting patiently for me to find you.

I had to search through many vinyls before I got to you. I searched through the letters of the alphabet for you and saw many I could have bought;

        A: Apocalypse Now

        C: A Clockwork Orange

        K: Kill Bill

        J: Jackie Brown

        S: Star Wars

I picked them up, looked, and dropped them back in place. They weren’t right. They weren’t the ones I needed. I got to the Ts. Taking Woodstock, Tangled, Thelma & Louise, This Is England, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Titanic, and finally, the alphabet stopped when I got to you.

You were sitting there in all your orange and white glory. Ewan McGregor on the cover, fine as hell with short hair and wide eyes and below the rest of the cast assumed their own small frames in a black and white filter.

I picked you up like a damn diamond.

This is dramatic but truly this is how I feel about you.

You were $45 but I bought you. I brought you with me to the front desk with a huge dumb smile on my face. I was looking into the eyes of the owner and I finally understood what he said. Yes, it was pretentious but it was true - when I buy a record I can hold sound with my hands and feel its effects through my ears. It shocks all my nerves, from the turntable, to the needle, to the speaker, to my senses. I understood what he meant so perfectly, it was magic.

The Trainspotting vinyl on my turntable.

When I got home I put you on my record player and gently dropped the needle. I was met with “Lust for Life” by Iggy Pop, which felt like a small drum line in my fingers, perfectly rhythmic and energized, you’ve done the same for me every time since.

Intro to trainspotting feat. Lust for Life

I love you, Trainspotting soundtrack on orange transparent vinyl. There is no amount of somberness you can’t fix for me. You drag me down (“Sing” by Blur”),  but bring me up (“Mile End” by Pulp).

So thanks to the 14 songs that you contain on two sides. You’ve never left me and I’ll continue to listen to you always.

Love, Lynn Torres

PS: This picture is pretty much us.

Link to full album on youtube

First two photographs by Lynn Torres