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If you say anything bad about Kihyun, just unfollow me right now. Kihyun doesn’t steal all the lines, he does not deserve to be called racial slurs, and he does belong in Monsta X. He does not get a choice in how many lines he gets so how is that his fault? If you guys want to complain about how many lines he gets and how he’s “stealing” them from other members, go complain to starship, don’t slander Kihyun for doing his job and what he loves.

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Green leaves the gym leader new year’s eve party early and Brock asks him why since Green is always the last one to leave any party and Green apologetically tells him that he has some important family business to tend to.  Green nearly kills himself trekking up Mt. Silver with a bottle of champagne in his hand, but he spends the entire night watching the fireworks on top of the world with Red by his side

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I’ve been using the apps but no luck there either. I even redid my profile a couple weeks ago and all I get are guys who aren’t my type AT ALL.

Yeah, I’ve only really had success ONCE with OKCupid, and we ended up breaking up. Still, we got to the dating stage; I haven’t had that with any other apps or websites, which make me thinks I need to focus my attention elsewhere. But I don’t quite know where that “elsewhere” is yet. :-p

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Ugh, same. All i see is fake profiles (you catch on after seeing the same bios attached to different photos) and men 15 years my senior. :/

Yuuuuckkkk. :(( There are so many gross guys flocking to those websites and apps, and it just creates more work to try to filter through them. Why is dating so HARD??

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okcupid is wild, not enough lesbians my age

I’ve not had a problem with the age range myself, in the area I live, but I have a problem getting to the actual “dating/meeting” stage, and trying to filter through the obviously fake prostitute accounts and the people just looking for a threesome. :-p

How the chat with Wicke should have gone
  • Wicke: He [Gladion] even tried to stitch his clothes back together when Null ripped it-
  • Me: *Sniffling*
  • Wicke: Why are you crying? Is something wrong?
  • Me: No... please... continue... *Gross Sobbing*

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Joe and Caspar were acting more like a couple than Joe and Oli this year , Joe didn't even sit on Oli's shoulders to reach up the tree hahaha MY JASPAR HEART

I know!!! ARE YOU THE ANON FROM TWO DAYS AGO?? Cause when i watched the vlog i remembered the anon who was sad about Jaspar not decorating the tree together this year and wanted to make a post like “LOOK ANON THEY ARE NOT DOING THE COUPLE-Y THING WHERE THE SMALL ONE SITS ON THE TALLER’S SHOULDERS TO REACH THE TOP”

I was kind of happy about that tbh, not gonna lie. Also i’m laughing cause i feel like Joe doesn’t trust Oli as much as he trusts Caspar to carry him, so he wanted to use the chair instead as a safer option. But let’s be real, Oli was probably happy about that cause he had less work to do xD

But anon! How much did you laugh at their attempt to put up the Christmas tree? I’m still laughing thinking about it. Here have some gifs of Joe putting up fighting a Christmas tree cause it’s one of my favourite things now xDD

He even injured the poor tree in the process:

But it was all worth it in the end! :D

or was it? :P

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pining!keith cuts his hair because lance says he hates it and lance is distraught

I Think The Fuck Not anon, Keith would never cut his hair to please a boy. Keith loves his mullet, he named it Delilah. The three most important things in Keith’s life are his knife, Delilah, and Lance. Red isn’t on the list because she IS the list, she’s Keith’s life after all.

On a more serious note, when I was younger I changed aspects of myself because I thought it would make someone like me more. And even though it’s ‘just hair’, that year was miserable for me. There are aspects of yourself you identify and recognize yourself by- Hair is one of them, if not the biggest thing. Yeah, it grows back, but there’s a feeling of loss. A free-fall with no end. 

I know your ask was in jest anon and me waxing poetic is annoying but like… To my younger followers, and any followers really- You shouldn’t have to change yourself to make someone like you. Yeah, relationships are built on compromise, but just… The idea that you have to change yourself in order for your partner to LIKE you doesn’t sit well with me.

  • Moriarty: I will burn the heart out of you.
  • Sherlock: I've been reliably informed that I don't have one.
  • Moriarty: *Rolls eyes so hard they fall out and roll into the pool where Carl died*

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Out of curiosity, what don't you like about Tim?

I think it has to do with some kind of complex feelings that I have about the respective roles of children and adults. Setting Stephanie aside for a few minutes (we’ll come back to her later), you can make a case that the other three needed to be Robin. It’s what was best for them at the time. Dick needed closure on his parents’ murders, Jason needed literally any kind of support system, and Damian was already an assassin– he needed moral guidance for the things he was already doing. 

I think it’s very clear, on the other hand, that Tim didn’t become Robin for his own benefit. It was for Bruce. And I kind of have a problem with that.

Obviously, this is a work of fiction– if it weren’t, I would never support the use of children in warfare under any circumstances– but even if you do suspend belief like you’re supposed to, I think letting Tim become Robin was a bad decision. He wasn’t like the others. He wasn’t broken or abandoned, and he didn’t need Bruce– he already had a family. Maybe they weren’t always around, but they were there, and they loved him.

The same is true for Stephanie, and I have the same objections. The difference is that if you look at Steph when she was first starting out, and then again at the end of her Batgirl run, you can see that she benefitted from the whole thing. She came out of it a happier person. Tim really, really didn’t.

The poor kid’s been through hell. He lost his first dad, and then pretty much everybody else after that. He lost contact with all of his friends. He dropped out of high school.

I don’t necessarily think that Tim is unhappy now, but I think he could have been equally, if not more happy if Bruce had just told him no. He would have been fine without Robin. I figure that one of the most important responsibilities that adults have is to protect children, and instead of doing that, Bruce let Tim throw his life down the drain for his own comfort, doing a job that another kid had just died doing. That’s wrong.

None of that reflects poorly on Tim at all. The only thing he wanted to do was help people, and that’s great– but children shouldn’t be asked to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. It really rubs me the wrong way that they let him.

Basically what I’m saying is that there’s very little I don’t like about Tim– just a lot that I don’t like about the original situation, because it was intentionally written to be about Bruce. Looking at it from the perspective of a writer trying to tell a story, it makes perfect sense. It’s just when you start to look at Tim as his own person that it makes me uneasy.