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This was probably pointed out before but there is something I really enjoy the way Isayama writes his arcs. They all have a main theme covering small ones.

Fall of Shiganshina Arc is where everything began, EMA lost their home when RBA attacked to Shiganshina and snitched to Walled People, in the background Ymir was crying under a sky because she was thankful to get a new chance by devouring Marcel and Historia was forced to change her name and live a different life right after her mother got killed. 

Trost Arc is about the causes our characters want to / will fight for. Jean joining Survey Corps to prevent deaths like Marco’s, Mikasa promising how she is not gonna give up and live to remember Eren when all she has is a tiny blade against a titan; Eren, his wish to be free and vengeance, Armin and outside world are the best examples for this.

Female Titan Arc is about loyalty, trust and sacrifice. Erwin make this clear at his speech in ceremony when he asks candidates to dedicate their hearts. He acts honest to them and asks them if they can sacrifice everything, even their lives for this cause. 

Clash of Titans Arc is about returning home. Connie, Sasha, Bertolt, Reiner, Hannes were all wishing to return their homes. Mikasa was trying to get her home, aka Eren, back and Ymir was trying to protect her home, aka Historia. When Ymir went with RB, she also acted out of the theme of this arc and we all know how it turned out. Hannes wanted to bring back something that is long gone and he got eaten. We see this quite clear that if you can’t keep moving on, then no mercy will be shown to you.

Uprising Arc is about facing with the dreams and / or lies our characters have hold on to. Eren realizing how wrong he was at Reiss Cave, Historia realizing what actually Rod is, Levi facing with Kenny, Erwin telling us his childhood are the examples I can think of right now. If you can’t let go of the past, like Kenny and Rod; if you can’t face the lies that were told to you, like Traute and Kenny Squad, you are done.

Return to Shiganshina Arc is about letting go. Hange summed this very well at chapter 84. Levi and Erwin, Hitch and Marlowe, Reiner and Bertolt, Historia and Ymir, Hange and well, so many… Every one of our characters have faced with the danger of something that is precious to them and many lost it.

Since our new arc, Truth of Marley, is quite new, it’s main themes are not quite clear yet. Maybe it is about the realization of how there is no good or bad sides in a war. We’ll see about that one.

I really love when Isa does this. Yes, he is not the best writer out there but he knows his story best. Even when he was a beginner, he  has chosen what he wants to teach us through his story. I am really thankful to him.

I’m hoping s13 picks up right where it left off with Dean on his knees and Sam in the cottage with Jack.  Because Cas is dead in a way he never has been before, killed with an angel blade.  Dean watched him die. Saw his wings burnt out on the ground. And the two of them are alone.  

Dean has never lost Cas alone. Bobby, Sam, Mary, someone is always there when the angel is torn from his life with the exception of Purgatory when Dean was desperately trying to hold on and pull his friend through that portal.  We didn’t get to see Dean’s reaction once he was certain he was out and realized Cas was lost to him, but we know that Cas pushing his hand away hurt so much that Dean purposefully mis-remembered what happened.  

Dean and Cas have never been alone when they were reunited. Again, Sam, Bobby, Benny, Daphne, Meg, Mary, someone is always there when these two finally find their way back to one another. We’ve seen some enthusiastic hugs and soft moments despite that. 

We know Dean lets himself be more vulnerable around Cas when it’s just the two of them, and in recent seasons especially, he’s rather tender with Cas no matter who is watching. Exhibit A:

So what I’m trying to say is whatever happens on that beach, I really hope to see Dean grieving Cas in a way he hasn’t before. And if Cas is resurrected right then when the two of them are all alone… well, i imagine that should be more significant than we’ve seen it in the past too ;)

Why do people feel the need to say things like ‘you know, men like women who…’???? I did not care in the 18th century, I do not care now and I will not care in any possible afterlife. Just NOOOOOOOOOOO.

i told my dad i was bi yesterday at the car dealership because he literally asked me straight up if i was

he took it “better” than i thought he would (ie: not straight up disowning me or telling me to stay out of his life)

but he also told me its just a “phase” and that im “feeling obligated” to identify as such because of how much im being “exposed” to the community and that because im catholic its demanded that i dont act on these impulses and that i “just havent met the right boy”

and then he said he only wants to see me in heaven and that he’s gonna schedule an appointment with a priest to talk to the two of us



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Hello yes here you go! I’ve got two sets of Heathers au fics:

The au where Matt and Steph are in a production of Heathers: The Musical

And an au where Stephanie is Veronica and Matt is JD!

Happy reading!

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Low-key made fan art of Michael disintegrating inside a turned off electronic because the instant I heard how he'd die I was like "I need this in my life make the young man sUFFER"

//oh my god?? Can,,, can I see it pls? Ya’ll enjoy making these boys suffer omg


I received a question so here’s my response ☺︎

I think it was back in middle school.. that I started liking Korea?
And when I was about 20y/o, I went to Korea once every two to three months ✌︎
I gradually got used to the language
I only came to Korea for two months two years ago
I studied by myself
And the head of the guesthouse that I lived in and my friends also taught me!!
I bet a lot of people think “Why Korea?” 😂
I’m still studying since there are so much more that I don’t know!
I’d love to work in Korea in the future ✨

This photo was taken back when I was living in Korea ✌︎


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What if it switches? Like Touka dies and Hide is revealed to be alive. Touka is confirmed to die on screen unlike Hide. No possibility of her coming back. Imagine all the chaos lol

Haha, one part of the fandom would be celebrating Hide’s return and the other mourning for Touka… Amazing…

It’s disappointing to think about what happened to Touka’s character… She used to be a blunt, arrogant and strong-willed character… (I loved that) Now she’s just… A shell of her old self whose only character goal now is to be a love interest for Kaneki… 

When :re Touka was introduced I saw development with her being calmer and more grown-up. Now she’s just the old Touka but 10x Tsundere and 0 personality. 

Sure, plot points to Touka’s death but it’s still HIGHLY unlikely. I’m 99% sure that Ishida wouldn’t do that to his poster girl. Like you said, that would be a recipe for chaos. (If shida does has the guts tho, then we’re sure to find TG:re close to ending)