love sets sail


- Men are going to die today attacking that merchant ship out there and they’ll die not knowing it was all based on a lie.
- A lie?
- We don’t even know if the Urca’s schedule is accurate. We’re completely relying on the cook. How can you just pretend you have no doubts about any of this? 
- Years of practice. There’s always doubt, Billy. No sane man would deny that. No good captain would acknowledge it. Take our present route, for instance.

[AO3] TodoDeku fanfiction recommendations.

Hi there, this your local shipper trash with a longpost for TodoDeku fanfiction in AO3. 

Fanfics with Smut/lemon will be rated with an “T” or “M” beside the tittle. I know we have people under 18 in the fandom and i want it to be a safe space for them (but I also know you little sinners will read it anyway because i was young once too)

all the link + summary under the cut.

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Black Sails S04E10 (XXXVIII)

Non sibi sed aliis (Not for ourselves, but for others)

The motto on the colonial seal of the State of Georgia (USA) can be seen on the gate of the Savannah plantation where Flint and Thomas Hamilton are finally reunited. It has a deep meaning: Flint has fought all those years not for himself, but for revenge, anger and rage, the thing that wants “to see the world burn”; he has decided to quit his war not for saving himself but for Thomas, clinging to the hope he could be still alive as Silver said he would.

[AO3] TodoDeku fanfic recommendations / Part.2

Hi, i’m back with a Part 2 of this post because those two deserve more love and fanfiction give us so many possibilities.

Smut/ lemon or very suggestive situations are rated M (just to be sure) 

links + summary under the cut 

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me: idk i think i’ll just stick with the main ship this time i mean im all for shipping out there ships but wondertrev was amazing–

mutuals: look at this wonderpoison fanart

me: *sweating* fu….fuck not again…

its always time for Swimteam


What are you doing here?
Putting an end to this.


that’s got to be the best pirate i’ve ever seen ♕ dead man’s chest