love serum

honestly it’s crazy to me that there are people that genuinely believe that it’s unreasonable or unrealistic that Steve Rogers would choose Bucky Barnes over anyone else. and not even looking at it romantically. even though Steve is adapting to this world, it’s still not his world, and everyone in this world knew him as Captain America first and Steve Rogers second. everyone else around him will always be slightly removed from his reality bc their idea of him will always be clouded by knowing about him as a legend first and then discovering the person behind it. can you even imagine how isolating that must be? the only person alive on the planet that knew Steve first, connected with Steve first, loved Steve first, is Bucky. the only person that knew him as a person and saw that person become a hero is Bucky. Bucky is always going to be the person Steve is connected to deepest because he’s connected to Steve first and foremost, everyone else is connected to the persona of Cap before the person of Steve.

but imagine bucky being sick though. like, imagine him laying on the sofa looking absolutely pathetic with the covers pulled up to his chin and a glare on his face because no he’s not sick, even though he’s running a fever and has snot coming down his nose and lowkey loves the attention. and steve being like, “of course ur not sick bucky :) definitely not :)” but then bucky starts to get delirious with sickness and that’s kind of scary bc steve can’t use an icebath to bring down his fever for ~obvious reasons~ so he just force feeds him a bunch of ice water and cradles bucky in his arms against his chest in the space between his legs until he comes back to himself. 

and then bucky “wakes up” and he’s like “… i might be a little sick. shut up about it” and steve just smiles and kisses the side of his head and holds bucky and they both go to sleep feeling a little cramped but v cozy with each other :))))

“How about you? Are you ready to follow ‘Captain America’ into the jaws of death?”
“Hell, no. That little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight, I’m following him.”

I was an innocent.
I was innocent and you turned me into something the devil would be ashamed of.
I knew you only ever looked at me when I wasn’t wearing anything and it was only ever about fucking around and at the beginning that broke my heart but right now I miss doing inappropriate things with you.
Like dirty talking in church, or you whispering what you want to do to me whilst my brothers in the same god damn room.
When we were breaking down I asked you what it was you wanted and you replied “I guess you’re fun to play with” and that pretty much sums you up,
The last thing you ever said to me was “you dirty little girl” and I hate that I hate that I hate that.

I hate that I still want it back. I hate that I still want you when you only ever wanted my body.

Before The Storm ●part two●

Summary: Y/N Barnes has always been content with her life. She has a great brother, and has become pretty close to his best friend, Steve. Just when she thinks she’s got everything in check, a distant relative returns with some news which is set to cause a huge rift in all their lives.

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader [Eventual], Bucky Barnes x Sister!Reader

Warnings: description of a panic attack, angst, fluff, all the feels 

A/N: Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback for part one! I’m loving writing pre serum Steve and all the family feels between Buck and the reader. [also, there’s a shout-out to a certain teen wolf scene in this part for those of you who watch it!]

-sidenote, I’m so used to writing in the reader’s POV, so if that crops up in this series, pls just ignore it!-

Enjoy, dolls!


“Buck,” Y/N scolded. “He’s not well. Why are you so adamant to get rid of him, huh?”

Bucky clenched his jaw, “because he’s here to sell you off, Y/N!” He shouted back, “he’s agreed to a marriage between you and Marty so the Grindon’s will pay for his meds!”

Y/N felt her heart sink to the stomach. She didn’t even know how to process the vast mix of emotions she was feeling. Betrayal and anger at the fact her Uncle was willing to bargain her off. Hurt and guilt at the fact her uncle was practically dying and had no money for his own relief. Despair as she contemplated the idea of marrying Marty, honestly the most vile and self- centered man she’d ever met.

“You can’t just offer Y/N over like that!” Steve’s voice broke Y/N from her thoughts where she was on the verge of tears.  

His face was set in a stern expression, despite the own fear he was feeling for Y/N- he couldn’t let this happen. “She deserves to choose her own life, her own husband. There has to be another way to get your money.”

“Right,” Freddie mumbled, rolling his eyes to himself. “Do you have any idea how seriously the Grindon’s take deals, kid? This is my life on the line,” he deadpanned.

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bc these movies like parallels i’m willing to bet that at some point in steve and buckys lives (lets be realistic, more than once) bucky prob gently cupped skinny!steves cheek when he was deathly ill and choked out something along the lines of “i thought you were dead…but thats not gonna happen ‘cause if you die who am i gonna take on double dates and to coney island? think of all the girls you’d disappoint” bc he’s bucky and, for him, humor/sentiment go together

imagine how it feels for Steve after the serum, loving Bucky. the serum amplifies everything that’s inside you, bad becomes worse and good becomes great. Steve’s known he loves Bucky since he was a 16 year old kid in Brooklyn, its as natural to him as breathing, so imagine how all encompassing that must feel to Steve when something already great got amplified to something incredible

A few higher-end items I bought yesterday during my “treat yo self” shopping trip [these were purchased at Target].

I loved the Pixi brand rose oil serum in similar style to the one pictured. I’ve been wanting to try the hydrating serum for a while now and I finally went for it! My face has never been this dry before and I’ve been buying skin care products all winter to try and heal it… I’m talking hundreds of dollars spent on goddamn skincare. But I’ve always been a fan of taking good care of my skin, so to me it will be worth it in the end. Sadly though, little has worked including the more expensive items.

I’ve also had my eye on these Olly brand vitamins for ages now because the packaging is adorable + I’m a sucker… I finished a whole container of Olly protein powder which was okay, so I wanted to try a different product from them. I chose “endless energy” because I’ve been exhausted from lack of sleep and it’s causing me to study less.

I woke up excited to try them both lol

Tell Me That You Love Me [A Stucky One Shot].

A/N: Hello my lovelies! So, I’ve been doing a lot of uni work lately and ideas for the story people asked for (injured Steve and the adrenaline crash), is just not working at the moment. I’m sorry, I can’t seem to get the words out. I might come back to it later on, but for now, I’m not sure. 

Don’t fret, I saw some headcanons that I want write, so there will be more Stucky coming. This however, came to mind and I thought I may as well post it. It’s short, it’s sweet, it’s fluffy and it’s Stucky. And uh, I’l just tag them because they love all the fluff: @undiscl0sed-desir3s, @mcuofstucky, @whydouwantaname and @stevestuckyonbucky

Pairing: Stucky. I don’t really need this here, do I? 

Disclaimer: All Marvel characters go to Marvel. But this fic is mine. 

P.S: This has been edited, sorry for any mistakes that may be left by accident! Enjoy <3 

It’s 1941 and Bucky is going off to war, leaving Steve behind.

“Don’t leave me,” Steve said softly one morning.

The two of them were sitting at their kitchen table, eating their breakfast, while the morning light seeped in from the open window, gracing Bucky’s creamy skin and his tousled lush, brown hair, still messy from sleep.

“Steve,” Bucky sighed, looking up from his paper, his light blue eyes were wide and sorrowful, “you know I have to. I’ve already got my orders, pal.”

Steve pursued his lips, running a hand through his golden blond hair and sighed, “Bucky –

“I’m comin’ back Stevie. I promise. ‘Till the end of the line remember?” Bucky asked, smiling.

Steve didn’t smile back.

He just shook his head and stood up, blue eyes broken and hollow, as he shuffled out of the kitchen and to his bedroom.

And he didn’t reply with their usual “‘till the end of the line.”

It’s 2015 and Steve was reading in his living room on his floor, finally having a quiet evening after a long time.

“Stevie?” Bucky asked from behind Steve, coming out of their bathroom, “how does it look?”

They’d been sharing the same floor but slept in different rooms, and Steve hadn’t told Bucky how he felt, yet. Steve turned in his seat and dropped his book in shock, Bucky was standing there with his hair short and clean shaved. His hair was like it been but not slicked back, no, it was tousled and messy, like it had been during the war, in that style that looked perfectly effortless.

“Buck,” Steve said softly, “it…you look - uh, good, really good.”

Bucky grinned; his were eyes light and happy, “thanks, punk.”

“Did Nat do it for you?” Steve asked, not knowing what else to say, blushing stupidly. Bucky chuckled, walking over to Steve, dressed in simple clothes, but the blond thought he looked so handsome.

“I remembered somethin’ else,” Bucky said, most of his memories had come back to him now, and only the odd few still needed to slip through, “that morning - when I had my orders and you asked me –

"Not to leave,” Steve nodded and sighed, “yeah that. It’s not important. You’re here now.”

“That’s not all,” Bucky continued, cupping Steve’s face, “you didn’t say it back.”

“Say what back?” Steve asked, shocked that Bucky was touching him like this, so affectionately, so not-in-a-friend way.

“Why didn’t you say it back?” Bucky asked, now frowning but his voice was soft, “why Stevie?”

Steve’s heart stuttered, of course, he knew what Bucky meant, of course.

“I was upset. I didn’t want to lose you -

"Steve, it’s more than that and you know it,” Bucky said, his eyes were gentle but firm.

“I-fine,” Steve sighed, closing his eyes, “it’s because I love you. I. Love. You. I always have and I couldn’t…I didn’t want you to –

"Oh, Steve,” Bucky sighed softly, wiping away the tears that were now trickling down the blond’s cheeks, “look at me, baby doll.”

Steve started; Bucky had never used that term of endearment on him, not ever. It had always been ‘pal’ or 'punk’, then again they’d always just been best friends.

“Stevie,” Bucky murmured, nudging his nose against Steve’s, who was rigid and stuck to his seat, eyes still shut, “sweetheart, open those pretty eyes of yours.”

A soft, broken noise left Steve’s lips, as his eyes opened, feeling his heart crawling up his throat. Bucky had leaned down, his face was inches from Steve’s, looking at him with nothing but love and kindness.

“Bucky?” Steve managed to ask, his voice was quiet and shy.

Bucky smiled sincerely, leaning forwards, “can I kiss you, baby?”

Steve practically melted. Not only was Bucky being so sweet, but it was obvious then, that he felt the same.

“Yes,” Steve nodded, his eyes closing again.

And right before Bucky kissed Steve, he whispered, “I love you too, baby doll.”