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Motel Love

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Pairing: Dean x Reader
Request: Dean takes your virginity in a motel room
Warning: soft, fluffy smut
A/N: This story really got away from me and I’m not the least bit sorry.

The hunt you’d been on was a long one. It was a werewolf, you were sure of it, but it was a sneaky little bitch. This werewolf was extremely smart and hid itself very well, which was why you were on week three of this extremely exhausting hunt.

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Fic Recommendations 6/23/17

Hello there my fellow fan fic readers! I hope you are all doing absolutely fantastic today!  I am so excited to be doing my second fic recommendation! It felt so good to give writers the appreciation they deserve like last time, so I wanted to do it again! I even met an amazing friend (you know who you are if you get RIP blue and Charlie my babes) last time because of it, and that was awesome!
I know that some of the fics I am shouting out might be a little older and not brand new, but some are. I just look though hashtags and find ones that I love.

I also want to remind you that I am not doing this every week or monthly, I am only doing it when I find a decent amount of fics that I enjoy and feel like everyone else would enjoy as much as I did.

Please tell me if for some reason a link doesn’t work and I will try my hardest to fix it! Sometimes by computer is dumb and doesn’t want to help me or work. Ya know, technology problems.

I do not give summaries of the fics, just compliments! I don’t want to spoil!

Hope you all love these, and make sure to repost so these authors get more notes on their writings!

Defending Your Life by @ravengirl94​ is a dean x reader fic and is amazing! I had all the feels while reading this. This fic is a retake on the episode with the god Osiris with the trial when Sam is Dean’s lawyer. The beginning is amazing, but the ending gave me chills! It was so perfect and a must read on all levels! Honest to god so freakin’ amazing! Nice work!

Spend the Night by @luci-in-trenchcoats​ is a dean x reader fic but takes place as if the reader is in school. I don’t know if there is a second part to this, but if there is someone please link it because I need to read it! This was an amazing fic and I couldn’t stop reading it. It made me laugh at Dean’s behavior when he was younger, but also gave me the feels in the end! Another must read!

Tired by @spnsisimagines​ is a Winchester Sister fic! I seriously would have to put this fic on my list for favorite fics ever. I adored this one and thought it was extremely well written. I loved the whole idea of it and thought that that was something that would actually happen to a sister Winchester which made it more believable to a fantasy world. It gave me the feels and I never wanted it to end. Amazing job hun!

Spunk by @itybitynovak is a Daughter! Dean fic. This fic made me have to many feels to count. It was amazing. I feel like I can’t say more. I love daughter fics and sometimes struggle to find ones, but this one made it worth hunting through Tumblr to find it. I want a million parts of this. I loved it. Everyone need to read this.

Drunk by @missdestiel67 is a Daughter! Sam fic with a lot of uncle Dean. Although it is a shorter fic, I could not help but add it. It made me so happy to see how much these two men cared about her and it warmed my heart. I loved this so much and wanted it to go on forever. It was short but incredibly sweet and I loved it. Wonderful job, and everyone should read this.

Be together by @giftofdreams is absolutely adorable. This is a Jared x reader fic and the reader is pregnant.  This is part one, but part two is equally as amazing. I read these fics so quickly and was almost mad at myself that I read them so fast! It is so adorable and cute and AHHHH I LOVED IT SO MUCH! Everyone needs to read this.

Your Not A Winchester Part 2 by @theimpalaiscrying is a Winchester Sister fic. I put the first part on my first recommendation list, and cannot help but put part two on my second one. Holy crap this girl is fantastic when it comes to writing. Part one was amazing, but part two just kept getting better. I seriously recommend reading this. Freaking amazing if you ask me.

Dear Authors,

Keep doing what you’re doing because it is clearly working. I can’t tell you enough how amazing each and every one of your fics are. I loved every single one of them and want a million parts of them. If I am not on your tag list, put me on it! I need to see what your brilliant minds are going to make next, because I am seriously impressed. I am so jealous of your minds and how creative some of your fics are and just how fluffy the other ones where! If I could write a fic like you can, I would kill. I hope you all are having an amazing day and I’m sending my love! Xoxo


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