love rping as her

honestly, if Joey introduces anyone to his mother, then he trusts them with his secrets, his fears, and his heart, because she is all three.

To my Horde Followers!

I decide to make my only Horde toon a Tumblr so I could start Rping her on her so some  Jadi some love!

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Name : Jadi Sunshadows

Age: Adult

Height: short for sin'dorei

Eyes: Her light green eye feel as if they give off a small glow, seeing as she stays far from magic it isn’t as strong as others glow. This only adds to the paleness her iris dark wide as if it was night out even in the middle of the day.  

Hair: Medium Auburn adorns her locks that look like silk in the air. She takes well care of it keeping it long as it reaching the mid of her back. Her bands layer around her face being somewhat held back by her hairband.

Skin: Jadi’s skin is pale not sickly but more like snow. She mostly comes out at night, or stays in the shadows. Her skin soft to the touch but as you feel her hands the get a bit rough from work.  Which means if the cuts herself it shows.

Tattoo: The thick lines start at the top of her neck moving down to the top of her chest even out to the tips of her shoulders. They moving in a tribal pattern making ruins to protect her. Tho to everyone else they are just designs.

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Personality wises Jadi can be a bit of a mix and match. One moment open out going and just looking to have a good time. Yet when it time to work she quite, on the hunt, and ready for the action. You think she would be known but really with her work life she kinda never free to really be social. From working at a bar to sailing for trade on spices. Not to mention the library in dalaran on thee weekends.helping to put all the books back. This is why she doesn’t get out much but what she lacks in life she makes up in her own stories and adventures if you come along you might just have that fun as well.