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    born with no rights.   ///   hey this is your local shsl trash jazz coming up with another blog ( i tried hard to control myself but here we are … this time, with another RWBY muse ). since someone figured out my hidden love for this feline faunus and i’ve been having fun rping her secretly on discord, i figured ‘why not make her’?? so if you’re into someone who wants equality and runs away under heavy stress, then this is the blog for you.  LIKE/REBLOG THIS POST if you’re interested in interacting with a new CANON BLAKE BELLADONNA from the series RWBY. triggers will be present and tagged. personals don’t reblog this post. ** WARNING : SPOILERS WILL ALSO BE PRESENT. **

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Genna you say?

i really want to RP a westfallen socialist on world of warcraft. my main is a not-particularly-free-thinking stormwind city guard and i love RPing her but it also makes me want to have a character who composes in-universe westfall union folk about solidarity with orc peons and would love nothing more than to garrotte anduin wrynn

can  i  get  uhhhh   LOVE  &  AFFECTION  for  all  of  u  no  i  guess  an  appreciation  will  have  to  do  !  now,  i  won’t  be  tagging  anybody  because  it’ll  probably  goof  notifs  up  and  i  don’t  want  that,  so  please  just  take  this  message  !

back  when  i  was  searching  for  a  new  muse  to  rp,  i  had  randomly  picked  kagome,  as  i  loved  inuyasha  so  much.  but  when  i  first  made  her,  i  didn’t  think  i’d  get  so  much  love  and  support  rping  her,  and   develop  her  so  much  in  such  a  short  amount  of  time.  right  now,  kagome  is  my  most  beloved  muse,  and  it’s  all  thanks  to  you  guys  !  so,  from  the  bottom  of  my  heart,  thank  you.

Inktober 03: POISON, a companion piece to this one

I don’t think many people heard the story, if anyone at all, how Zuri got her name. At that time I knew very little about Wildstar lore, and nothing about her as a character personally (I didnt even know I would end up RPing her) but I was carrying my love for TES over to the new fandom, and I knew so much that she was going to be something like an assassin/rogue (in gameplay terms, I mean) Her quite mouthful last name comes from the word psiankowate which is what google translate/wikipedia gave me as the Polish word for nightshade.

Eventually she ended up being a scientist rather than someone who murders people with her own hands (how barbaric) but she’s about as Extra™ as any Dark Brotherhood member across the centuries has always been, and hence her love of biochemistry, plants, and borderline toxic attitude.

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“What’s with the youth of today?! Just leaving an “a” in someone’s inbox as if that was a decent thing to do! Listen to me, whippersnapper, back in my day, people knew how to behave and respect their elders! But then again, back in my day, we didn’t have those fancy smartphones, it’s really the technology which ruins the kids today. Just the other day I read something about those millennials ruining the whole restaurant industry, and let me tell you, I am not in the least surprised. It used to be something special, you know, going out to eat, we would dress in our best clothes and–”

Last message, and we’ve come the full circle – I’m back at Ace Attorney, with everyone’s favorite Wendy Oldbag!

(I’m not even joking, I love her a lot, and I might even consider rping her, but as much as I like to whine about stuff, I wouldn’t be able to do her justice.)

I think part of the reason it’s hard for me to RP is because my characters tend to be very specific in terms of what they can do in RPs.  I mean like, Tetriana is more built for slice of life/more drama focused RPs, rather than combat or horror.  Plus i don’t really RP NSFW anymore so that’s at least 2/3rd of the community gone.  My characters also tend to have a lot of detail in their backstories so it’s harder to write them into AUs or adjust their stories to better match with specific RPs/other people’s canons.  Maybe that’s why the only character I REALLY loved RPing with was Ivy the Changeling.  her story was vague enough so it was really easy to put here somewhere and since she was 7 no one really wanted to do nsfw (except that one guy who tried to permanently age her up with a M!A, witch is the reason why I don’t do M!As).  Even though it got stale after a few years, since her character only really facilitated one or two types of RP.

Man, it’s crazy how much the fandom/community changed over the years.

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Ayyy Jess! Aya is a gem. It’s always a pleasure to see great OCs in this fandom, and I think Aya fits into One Piece really well! You still have me really impressed with the idea of a library ship xD She’s adorable and sweet, and I’ve loved RPing with her.

Thanks for being with me from since before I opened Ocean’s Howl. I was kind of surprised you followed me before the blog was ready, but I’m happy you stayed.

I hope you’re recovering well, and thank you again for all the fun RPing!