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What made you decide to write this muse? : )

Mun: I decided to choose Lu as my muse because I love Luffy, but I wanted his genderbent to have some love too. Plus since Luffyko is female I thought she’d be easier to portray and I hope everyone likes how I present her too!! (Also she is one adorable girl so I can’t help but love drawing here <3 )

Delicate fingers wrapped around the newspaper, Oz Weekly standing out against the pale paper in proud, demanding black letters– The headline, The King Is Dead, Long Live the King! had caught her attention as it was undoubtedly the intention of the writer and Bonnie pulled the newspaper from the stand, absentmindedly dropping a dollar for it on the counter. She didn’t really hear the Thank you, Ma’am the elderly man at the newspaper told her in response, she merely nodded and walked forward, eyes glued to the front page. It wasn’t a particularly compelling piece, not the kind of writing that would demand her attention usually, but still– Yoo’s death, as much as she didn’t care for him, was a tragedy. Bonnie didn’t mourn the Mayor, of course not– she has little regard for men who thought themselves above everyone else, especially if their minds were rotten with madness –but she found the circumstances of his murder most fascinating. And disturbing, of course. With a soft huff, she turned around the corner and walked towards of her pharmacy, one hand full with two large cups of coffee in a cupholder. Jamming the newspaper into the crease of her elbow, Bonnie opened the door with one hand and a push of her hip, walking inside without really seeing who was around. Snow had to be in the back of the room, Bonnie suspected, so she left her friend’s coffee on a table in the back and returned to the front with her own cup in one hand, the godforsaken newspaper still in the other. “Now what is it I can do for you today?,” she asked without looking up, her lips curled disapprovingly as her eyes skimmed the news again and again, getting stuck on sentences like The murder weapon hasn’t been found yet and No arrests have been made

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What is your favorite thing to do when it comes to roleplaying Sonya?

Not gonna lie, I love finding all the different kinds of aesthetics I reblog and envisioning Sonya performing the tricking and drills within the martial art gifs. It’s not the only favourite thing to do – I mean, I love actually writing her in replies else I wouldnt even be RPing her lol – but that’s something that pops out for me most.

Plus developing her in ways that the creators neglected. In a way I kind of like the creative freedom I’m allowed in that regard.

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puts url...... henlo.......

My Opinion on;

Character in general: hermes costello can come into my house and fuck my wife as she is the only character in part 6 other than weather report that i have garnered a good love for. because
How they play them: OF THIS FUCKERS WONDERFUL RPING AND PORTRAYAL OF HERMES. I LOVE HER AND I LOVE THE WAY YOU PLAY HER AND HONESTLY IF NOT FOR YOU I WOULDNT HAVE STARTED LovING HER. whats with good rpers and making me love good characters. i love you all.

The Mun: BITCH TALK TO ME!!!!!!

Do I:

RP with them:  NO!!!!
Want to RP with them:   CAN WE

What is my;

Overall Opinion:

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@facetiious She is a sweetie. I adore her and love rping with her. I love all our storylines together. Our Mal and Malia thing we have going <3 Our Milo and Malia thing too. I also ship Xander and Malia together. She always listens to me and we can bitch about things that we bother us without judgment.

@strifexchaos and @hxpefxrthem-mccall They are my pack. They are good people. I love rping with both of them. Also, I love hanging out with them irl when I am in their area. Both Cor and Mitchy are awesome sauce.

@sarcasmxismyxonlydefense Just recently started to rp with them, but I like writing with them. I like their take on Stiles and I look forward to rping with them more in the future.

For every ♡ I receive, I’ll dish out a compliment.        

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Natalya could not stomach the idea of marrying someone she had no feelings for. Especially someone she had never met before in her life. Though according to her parents she use to play with him when they were children. Natalya refused to believe that though because she didn't remember that or him. Ignoring her parents warnings to be nice, she blurted out her true thoughts. "Let’s get this straight, I’m only agreeing with this arrangement so my parents would shut up.” //only if you want to//

((Of course i want to!!! i love rping with you))

Toris was sitting across from her, they were in the living room of his Parents house, both Natalya’s and Toris’ parents were in the den making preparations for the wedding leaving the couple alone to get reacquainted with each other.

he frowned softly at her words but he nodded “i understand, but do you not remember our time together as kids? i do. you were one of the only kids who would talk to me, all the others thought i was weird, but then again they also thought you were weird. but they were children right” he shrugged softly at the memories “even if you are just doing to shut them up, i do hope that you could at least try to like me” 

 (( @ask-miss-bela i hope this is okay.))

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(( I cannot get to sleep, so here's a starter with beast Kar, since I love rping as her so much.)) Hikari raced around in circles in the stone room, giggling like a child. Why was it so fun to just RUN!? There was no breeze, but that was okay. She heard the doors open, so she scooting to the corner.

“Why was you running around the room? ” lalnable questioned stepping into the room, not bothering to close the door.

(YAY! I love rping these!)

Gwen smiled as she headed to her first day back at high school. The past few years had actually gone pretty well, she’d been passing with all A+ grades.

She was heading to her locker when she collided with someone, knocking her essay for English across the floor.

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♮ ||because I love rping with you

Maria was removing her shirt, revealing the angry scars that covered her back. That’s when Clio walked in. “Clio!”
She pulled the top back on. “Why are you here?”


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                      ( ALL TO HAVE AN AMAZING HOLIDAY
                             SEASON AND FEEL LOVED      &&
                           APPRECIATED AS THIS YEAR ENDS
                                     AND ANOTHER BEGINS )

     @fightanyways + @wordscanburn + @recklesstexts + @runawaywaves

well this has got to be the craziest follow forever to ever make, to be honest. because for one, i have 4 fucking blogs that i’m planning on keeping active now that my semester is over. and all four are characters i love deeply….and three of said 4 are MINE. 100% mine. they’re my children and i adore all three of them more than just about anything on the planet. and i’m fortunate enough to have people on those blogs that are interested enough in them to want to write with them and plot with them and even just read about them, and that is amazing to me.

peyton is a piece of work, and she’s got a hell of a mouth on her. she’s not all that nice, and she’s pretty hard to deal with. but people still care, people give a shit. and to me that just makes me want to cry for 3 weeks. i’m so happy that people like her enough. she was supposed to just be a side character in my book, but now she was one of the leads in my movie i literally just finished writing, and she’s on the line up to possibly be a character in my comic. i would never have been able to flesh her out enough to create such a dynamic character without the help of people willing to give me the time of day on her account, and i’m honestly so so thankful for that.

then there’s davina, my sweet little princess. her muse has been pretty quiet as of late, because she is the other lead in my movie. she isn’t as vocal as peyton, but she is very strong. and i really look forward to continue to introduce people to her on that blog and develop her as much as i’ve developed peyton.

luke has been in my head for over a year, and i’ve discussed him with friends over dinner and fucked around with his prospects in my comics for months, and i’m so so so happy to be able to introduce him to people now. he’s probably my least fleshed out character, and i can’t wait to continue to expand him and let him learn through interactions with characters. and i’m so thankful for all the support i’ve received since i made him, and the encouragement i’ve received to keep going. as anyone with ocs knows, it can be pretty hard to keep trucking on with them. but i’ve actually never had a bad experience with my ocs, because all those i’ve interacted with are very open to interacting with ocs and that means so so much to me as a content creator.

then you add in the fact that here we have my dick grayson blog. one of the most important characters in the world to me…which is pretty crazy that i’ve even had this blog that long. and that there have been people that have stuck around for the sporadic activity and my just general flakiness over here….but now there are 1K+ followers. there are over 1k people who give a shit about my portrayal of dick grayson, and honestly…that’s the motivation i needed to be able to get my muse for him back. there are other dick grayson blogs that are plenty amazing, and the fact there are people that like mine enough to keep me on their dash is honestly incredible to me and it moves me to damn tears.

anyways, i’m done with the insane rambling of this post. so onto those i adore, appreciate, and love with all my soul. i’m bound to forget a few people, and this is not an all inclusive list by any means. i appreciate everyone i follow and everyone that is a fucking saint enough to follow me. so i hope you all have an amazing holiday, an that the start off to your new year is amazing !! 


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