love robot song

one more robot learns to be

something more than a machine

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01. one more robot/sympathy 3000-21 - the flaming lips  /  02. love like you (end credits) - rebecca sugar  /  03. personal best - small black  /  04. triple laser phaser - aperture science psychoacoustic laboratories  /  05. love songs for robots - patrick watson   /  07. don’t cry kate - in love with a ghost  /  06. digital love - daft punk   /  08. data kiss - com truise  /  09. we’ll be together - in love with a ghost

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Common destinies (Elliot x Reader based on “No Way” by Fifth Harmony)

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Anon: Hi!! :) I was wondering if you could do an Elliot one shot based on the song “No Way” by fifth harmony

A: Hello!!! I gave my best to this, since I don’t listen to 5H, I ain’t gonna lie, when you asked this I was like “Whaaaaat theeeee heeeeell” but I tried to follow every line of the song. I’m eclectic ❤️ ~Audrey

Credit goes to the owner of the picture.

Words: 1,302

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Veridis Quo. CH1.

AO3  |  Next Chapter
Summary:  Tim is gone and the Bats are left with nothing but his bo staff to mourn. Except that’s not the only thing Red Robin left behind. 
Characters: Hologram!Tim, Dick, Jason, Damian, Bruce, Alfred. 

The cave had been silent that night. The usual sounds of distant dripping were strangely missing; the bats were all nowhere to be found. Even the always present gentle hum of the machinery was still. The family had assembled, only the inner circle. It wasn’t a rule or anything, it was just to be expected after what had happened. What they had missed.

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Pairing:  Jumin X MC/Reader

Summary: The RFA and MC experience complications with their pregnancy.

Genre:  General, Fluff

Rating: PG (because apparently, I write Jumin sensually)

Word Count:  Approx. 1500

Protip: Listen to “Love Songs for Robots” by Patrick Watson.

He had always been protective of you.

When you told him about your surprise in 9 months, his eyes had brightened with such joy and love.  He had been overjoyed!  His beloved wife would be the mother of his child!

But Jumin being Jumin, the more precious something was, to him, the more effort he put into protecting it.  And he never seemed to know when he was going overboard.

He had Jaehee book all your doctors’ appointments, an architect for the nursery, and within a week of getting the news, had already started screening for a nanny.

“Husband, I’ll be home to care for the baby anyway,” you had said when you found out, annoyed.

“Wife, even I know child-rearing is taxing,” he countered, a slight smile on his lips.

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Down To Earth
Peter Gabriel
Down To Earth

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 03 - A song from an animated movie you like.


…That’s fine, I didn’t need my heart today anyway.