love robert downey jr


Sometimes I hate every single stupid word you say
Sometimes I wanna slap you in your whole face
There’s no one quite like you, you push all my buttons down
I know life would suck without you

This song was definitely made for Tony and Pepper

idk why I suddenly thought about this but back when I was still active on in like…2009? I was madly in love with iron man and Robert Downey Jr. like to the point where I had all these magazine cut outs of him on my bedroom wall. Anyways - I guess around that time I found out he had a son who was only a couple years older than me. So I googled him (Indio Downey) and at the time he was 16 and according to my dumb 14 yr old self “super hot omfg XD”. Anyways I honestly cannot remember how this happened but at some point on I was messaged by this stranger claiming to be Indio Downey. And for like maybe 3 days we had this conversation just about like music and art- his dad was not mentioned once (because I was nervous he would find out I was also in love with his dad?) And at first I didn’t believe he was Indio Downey but he sent me all these pics of himself like with a guitar or just like in a basement or his bedroom or what not - photos that I couldn’t find on google (reverse google image search was either not a thing or I didn’t know about it). So yeah I full on believed he was actually Robert Downey Jr’s son who had found me on to discuss art with me (he also showed me drawings he had made). I don’t remember how long I talked to him but eventually we stopped I guess and then I must have actively blocked that memory because it feels so fake to me now? like I know in theory this happened - I got catfished very innocently into believeing robert downey jr’s son had found my deviantart account and really liked my art and wanted to show me his artwork too. nothing ever came of it besides that but like ??????? I truly believed he was real????? and part of me today still believes he was ???


Full Avengers: Infinity War concept art poster

I love how our media reacts to Pepper and Tony’s engagement, like they’re actual real life celebrity couple, 

imagine actually living in the mcu lmao it’s gonna be like the royal wedding, the engagement of the century and it’s probably gonna be all you’ll hear about for the next few weeks 

during Bucky’s run this morning, he came across a little animal shelter where he saw a dog who would change his life forever. and Steve totally supported it. Tony, on the other hand, was surprised when he found muddy paw prints on his expensive Italian carpet.