love rhyming

i never made a post for 200 followers but!! now i have 234 and thats fun bc chronological so!! thank u so much to my mutuals especially and to all of my followers. you guys have been amazing for the past few days and i honestly dont know if i would have made it through friday night without your kind words and support. i love you all so much!! (special shoutout to the leafs gc. yall are the bomb dot com and i am so glad i met you ❤️)

Mark Gatiss is
  • the savagest person to have ever set foot on this planet (he just literally wrote a response to sherlock critics in sonet form to the guardian and that’s honestly the coolest thing anyone has ever done)
  • a huge nerdlord
  • knowing his shiit
  • the absolute fanboy legend
  • 200% BAMF
  • really good at rhyming
  • our king
  • my favourite person ever right now
  • the protector of the sherlock fandom

It’s 9:13 pm and I’m wondering why you haven’t called me back.
It’s 10:57, and all I can think about are all the qualities I lack.
It’s 11:46, and I’m trying to forget you and all that you’ve done wrong; yet I can’t stop listening to our favorite song.
It’s 12:39, it’s so unfair because you’re doing just fine.
It’s 1:55, and I’m going crazing wishing that you were mine.
—  a.a.
confused, m.k.j.
You know that you’re in love with him,
when you text him,
but he won’t answer back.
When you see him randomly on the street
and your heart pounds in your chest,
like the first day you met him
when you were a mess.
When you see his posts on your feed,
and your heart just screams in need.
When you hear his voice,
and you just want him near.
But you know you’re in love with him
when you check the time,
and you’ve gone the whole day
thinking “I wish he was mine.”
—  a.a. // new lover m.k.j.
I’m trying to convince myself that we weren’t ever meant to be;
I’m trying to make myself forget that your hand fits perfectly in my mine,
and I’m trying to remember that you had another girl on your mind.
I’m attempting to relinquish the sound of your beautiful voice calling my name,
and reminding myself that you never loved me the same.
I’ll try to disregard the memories I have of your kind brown eyes,
and instead remember all those times you lied.
—  a.a.
breaking my own heart… m.k.j.
I know you’re not a language and yet I fluently dream in you…
And although you’re not a color – I adore your every shade and hue…
I know you’re not a sound yet you’re a calling that draws me close…
And though you’re not a drug – I still get high from every dose…
I know you’re not a work of art but you’re a view that I admire…
And you may not be a flame but I feel warmth from you like fire…
I may not know quite what you are – but I know what you are not…
You are not the kind who leaves my mind and is easily forgot…
—  Ranata Suzuki | An Indescribable Attraction