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Noor’s ending part 3/3

I’m. Crying. Ohmygod
This ending was so stupid lol in a good way, I think … the romance was obviosly missing just like noor’s smoothness :^| but I still totally take a Noor as a girlfriend any day. Idk she’s kinda my type :P

When I click the girl option I thought we were getting Marion as an option but no :/ I wasn’t gonna choose her (now) anyways but I wanted to see an ending for her too #dissapointed.

@boughtmywayintopopculture @vincentxmc I’m sorry but you’re one of the only tumblr blogs colp’s related I check daily and I’m hoping you have a laugh with this :^) @thirsty4vincentkarm (I don’t if you’re still interested in making a masterlist with all endings but I’m tagging you just in case, hope you don’t mind)

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Omg! Susie could you write the golf gender reveal thing? Like maybe your trying to plan what to do and Niall is helping her look and finds the golf balls?

Tossing his keys into the bowl you’d placed on the front table, Niall announced his arrival with a throat “I’m HOME!” as he walked through the front door.  He smiled when he saw you sitting there on the couch, your laptop balanced on your slight baby bump while your head was propped up on a pillow,

“What’re ya doin’?”  He asked.

“Our gender reveal part is next week.”

Niall’s eyebrows pulled together.  He had been more attentive and present then most men were during your pregnancy, but he had to admit with all the new terms and parties lately he was finding it hard to keep up,

“Gender what?”  He asked sheepishly as he sat down near your head.

You smiled as he leaned down and pressed a kiss to your forehead.  God love him for trying,

“Reveal.  When we find out the sex.”

“Ohhhhhhh yeah right.”  He squinted his eyes at your laptop screen, “What’re we goin’ for here?”

You sighed,

“I dunno.  I’m at a loss.  I wanted to be unique but it seems like everything’s been done.”  

Niall wound his arm around your head, his palm spreading out over your belly as it always did when he got home.  He said he just liked to be close to you, but you knew him better than that.  Niall wanted to feel the baby kick the first time exactly when you did.

He stretched his finger out, pointing at the screen,

“What’s wrong with just balloons?  Toss them at the wall.”

You frowned,

“Everyone does that.”

Niall smiled, shaking his head,

“Gotta be honest, Love.  Don’t really care if me mum just shouts out FEMALE or MALE.”

You glanced up at him,

“I know…I just thought it would be a fun thing for us to do together.”

Niall looked down at your,

“Ohhhhhh…”  He said softly, “So ya want us t’do somethin’ together.  Got it.”

You clicked on a few other things on Pinterest, shaking your head as you lifted the laptop off your belly and went to sit up,

“I give up.  I’m gonna go start dinner.”

Niall shook his head as he watched you stand and walk towards the kitchen,

“Go get dressed for dinner ya mean.”

You stopped, turning back to look at him,


Niall set the laptop in his lap,

“Takin’ ya out.  Told ya I don’t want ya cookin’ in this condition.”

“Niall I’m not-”

“No arguments.”  He said through a giggle, “I’ll wait down here till your done.  Unless you’re wearin’ that which is ok too.”

You looked down at your jeans and t-shirt and shrugged,

“Might as well wear this.  Where are we goin’?”

“Wherever ya want.”  He stopped, his eyebrows pulling together as he studied the screen, “Hey…what about this?”

You slipped on some flip flops and plodded over to him,


Niall pointed to the screen as you sat next to him,

“Golf balls.”  He nodded his head, “Might not be the most unique but it’s somethin’ we could do together for sure.”

A huge smile stretched over your face,


He looked over at you, a little shocked that you were so amenable to the idea,

“Yeah?”  He pointed to a few other pictures, “Looks fun.”

You reached up to press your palm to his cheek and turn his head towards you,

“You are amazing.”  You said as you pressed a kiss to his mouth.

Niall giggled against your lips,

“For suggestin’ golf?”

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i gotta love how eren just reveals himself to zeke and reiner thinking he can manipulate them and have them open their arms for him like.. he really thinks he's that smart lol can't wait for everything to backfire on his ass

I have no idea what’s going in Eren’s head, whether if he’s certain Zeke took the bait or not and how he perceives his brother’s mentality. The readership is more or less aware of how Zeke is, as a person but also as Marley’s warchief. 

Meanwhile, Eren only caught a glimpse of present-time Zeke, and knows about his childhood.

Zeke’s face, sympathizing with Eren’s situation - Ch. 83

When they first met, Zeke described Grisha as someone toxic and dangerous. When Eren had access to Grisha’s memories, he understood what Zeke meant, but Zeke’s opinion on his father definitely pits him behind Zeke’s back. 

After all, the last image Grisha had of Zeke was this one.

“Good riddance” - Ch. 87

Interestingly enough, in chapter 87, Grisha believes his own father indoctrinated him instead of protecting him from more trouble. And the way Zeke glares at him could be interpreted as his own rage against his father when he was trying to cover for Grisha. In this situation, Zeke indeed resents his parents, for being seen as a tool for the revolutionaries to take over Marley and for putting the rest of the Yeager family in danger. 

Therefore, Eren had two sources of information about Zeke: himself, seeing a compassionate brother, and Grisha, seeing a creepy child who stabbed him in the back. It could lead to Eren being completely mistaken about whether he lured Zeke in, or Eren being wary of Zeke not buying it completely. After all, what we know about Zeke is him playing silly, when in fact, his strategical value is on par with Erwin’s.

I think Eren, despite honing his manipulative skills after Kruger’s, still thinks he lured Zeke. He was never the kind of guy to evaluate someone past their first impression, as seen during his fight with Bertolt:

“Don’t look down on me like that. The only thing you’re good at… is being huge, that’s all!!“ - Ch. 79

Well… Everybody in Shiganshina seriously underestimated Bertolt: none of their tactics worked when Armin was mentally out.


I decided I wanted to draw my own reveal. Naturally after this point, Marinette acts totally awkward around Chat now that she knows his secret identity.


During a physical education lesson, their teacher divides them into team Chat Noir and team Ladybug.

Chloe starts her usual bollocks, only this time Mari resolutely stomps over to team Chat Noir and CREAMS the others, even though Adrien and Kim are there.

Proudly stating no-one was besmirching Chat’s name in front of her, she leaves the class with the strong impression that they never want to get into fisticuffs with her. And that she has a crush on Chat Noir.

Adrien is suddenly struck by how PRETTY she looks when she’s all flushed and breathless from beating the crap out of him.

That night, he goes to knock on her window, with every intention of letting her down slowly. She ends up beating the crap out of him instead - at video games.

He tries again a week later - because he wants to let her down gently, not because he wants a rematch - and instead she feeds him cookies from a piled plate she mysteriously​ has in her room. Like she was waiting for him.

Third time, he’s sure he’s going to do it because it’s gone on long enough and he can’t keep avoiding it, and instead he finds her crying over her physics homework because she missed the class and can’t understand it. He ends up tutoring her, and comes again five more times at least to help her with her work. She makes sure to have at least one quiche ready when she finds out it’s his favourite.

By the twentieth time he goes, he swears he’s going to tell her, he loves ladybug and only her, if nothing else because he can’t stand Plagg and his teasing anymore. Instead he finally notices the wall plastered with his face - both of his faces. Adrien and Chat smile down at him and he’s not sure how red he is, but it’s VERY hot in her room all of a sudden.

When she notices that he saw and starts blushing and stammering, Chat is a gonner, because this really sweet and talented girl looks both of him in the face every day in her room with admiration and affection and there’s only so much a teenage boy can take.

He talks it out with Ladybug. She appears all surprise at first, a bit embarrassed​ that she’s always taken his flirting as a joke, but totally ok with the fact that he’d sort of moved on to Mari without realising it. She falls off the roof when he insists that he WILL tell her his identity, because Mari has him on her wall with and without the mask and he wants at least one person in his life who likes all of him like that.

He’s sure she’s hit her head because even when she comes back up, she only speaks in squeaky, broken sentences. She insists on going home right after, and he lets her end patrol early.

He’s not sure what happens the next day when Mari jumps into his arms, calls him her kitty and plants a long, wet kiss on him on the school stairs, but he’s not complaining​. He could swear his driver is snapping photos. He sure hopes Gorilla plans to share.

More Miraculous Ladybug Fluff. 
I should be working on art commissions and this is what I do with my free time … 

These are just sketches for fun. Now I have to go back to work ^.^


COUNTDOWN TO THE GOLDEN CIRCLE: 5 Weeks — Hamish (Agent Merlin) 
There’s a combination in him of efficiency and toughness, but he’s a very likeable character. He’s the kind of sergeant/major figure who likes his charges, cares about them. There is a soft side to him; he’s a kind of tough-love merchant. And rather than just being a hard-case, you could’ve played him like that, Matthew (Vaughn) said, “I want there to be something about him we like. We’re rooting for him because he’s rooting for them.” — Mark Strong


This is Part Four of my Miraculous colored comic. 

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3 < Previous Part   Next Part > Part 5

More pages are coming! I can only work so fast, but I have something sweet planned.

I’m going to repeat my thank you from before. I really, really appreciate all of the support. Again, thank you guys again for all the enthusiasm, you may think that your comments and likes don’t reach me, but in reality it makes my day. As an artist, this is all I could possibly ask for, so thank you <3

I will probably never finish this, so I might as well post it hah

I’ve seen some thought trough emotional identity reveal theories out there (which I love), but I’m pretty sure Adrien will simply mess up his nicknames.


Now let’s go to sleep, I have a feeling I’ll be late for school tomorrow…

(spoiler alert, she couldn’t even sleep, she squealed in her bed until her alarm went off… and so did he) 

it took me…. so long…… to finish this….. it wasn’t supposed to get this long, holy shit……….

ANYWAY, ANON WHO REQUESTED A REVEAL, I hope you like this… I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for but it’s what i could do. also please pretend you can’t notice i had no idea what i was doing 

EDIT: the text is a bit hard to read, so I wrote it down under the cut: 

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