love reptiles

Dragonslayers as Reptiles

I fuckin love lizards bitch

Natsu: Bearded Dragon (red morphology)

Gajeel: Gila Monster

Wendy: Tokay Gecko

Laxus: Common Snapping Turtle

Sting: Greater Earless Lizard

Rogue: Black Pearl Gecko (They’re nocturnal ;))

Cobra/Erik: Indigo Snake (partially based off of Cubellios; they’re immune to rattlesnake venom!)

Acnologia: Komodo Dragon

God Serena: Ring-necked Snake

so I caught an anole to show my mom bc she loves reptiles!

she held it gently and baby-talked a ton. it went from brown to bright green, kept closing its eyes, and even let her rub its lil’ chin while craning its neck like a cat.
it didn’t struggle, bite, or flare up. it seemed so relaxed, and eventually even chose to sit calmly on my mom’s hand like a pet.

when taken back outside, it wouldn’t leave my palm. I had to place it on the ground by hand just so the sweetpea could go home. I felt blessed.


((if any reptile-lovers notice negative behavior being displayed in this video, please say something!!
I want to avoid causing lizards any needless injury and/or stress!