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Some of my fave pics from my friend Sarah’s 50’s themed birthday party yesterday 💕 dinner consisted of diner type food like veggie burgers, fries, and scotch, wrapped up with milkshakes and coffee and then me pretending to smoke a cigar for the aesthetic 💖 we enjoyed talking about Eisenhower and housewives over dinner bc thats what people did in the 50s! a quality night imo

Come together right now over Ringo! Here’s an amazing fan art of my old band The Beatles, specifically the good album Abbey Road. Man, I, the Reallio Deallio Ringo Starr, remembers tensions being pretty high between some of us Beatles when recording this great album, but when looking back on it I, for reals Ringo stop questioning me, remember how much I love everyone, and that’s a good big message on all the Beatles albums. Peace and love my friends, and listen to this good album again!

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My dnd oc is a 9 year old girl who was going off to school one day when she accidentally got mistaken for her party's new bard, so now she travels the land with then constantly mistaken for a halfling when she is really just a lost 4th grader too embarrassed to correct her incredibly dense group. Of course her instrument is a hot pink plastic recorder.

OH MY GOD I’m fukcing cackling this is the best one yet

guys I’m so happy these have made my day <333