love rebel

Letters (prologue)

I have to write this fast, so sorry if it’s a little messy. Hera is going to be here soon and I wanted to give this to you. 

I’ll deny this later, but I’ve missed you. I wish you’d come with her to see me, or I could go back to see you, but it’s not possible, with what’s going on here. 

Some of the smaller clans that the empire has abandoned have supported us. It’s not full commitment, but it’s better than nothing. 

Anyway, Hera’s here.

I miss you, Ezra.


Sabine carefully folded the frail paper. The backing had a photo of the ghost crew, the words WANTED FOR CRIMES AGAINST THE EMPIRE typed neatly underneath. 

She stood carefully, dismissing the warrior who had come to notify her of the Ghost’s arrival. 

She smiled as she stepped outside, raising a hand to block the sun as the gosht landed and the ramp lowered.

It was a perfect day.

Until Hera stepped out of the ghost and Sabine saw the frown on her face and the tears in her eyes. 

“Hera? What’s wrong?” Hera looked sadly at her hands. Sabine took in what she held. 

Ezra’s lightsaber. 

“We had an op this morning, just after you two had spoken.” Hera raised her eyes to look at Sabine. “Ezra didn’t make it.”

The world froze. 

Sabine remembered ringing in her ears, Hera’s voice saying her name. Her clan, shouting out as she fell to the ground, her helmet slipping from her fingers. 

No. No. 

She heard him as well. Maybe she was going crazy. “Sabine!” It was him. It had to be. 

She felt Hera pull Sabine into a hug as tears began to fall. 

She couldn’t cry in front of her clan. Stay strong, Sabine. 

But she didn’t care. She let one sob escape. Another, and so on until she was screaming. Her voice raw and hoarse. 

Her family was falling apart. 

First Kanan. And now…


He had his own blaster out and fired a cluster of tight shots above her head. Jyn could only guess one of the rebels had been aiming the explosive her way. Cassian had shot one of Saw’s rebels to save her life.


“Tell that to the one who killed our men.”
Jyn looked to Cassian. In her mind’s eye, she saw him fire his blaster in the plaza, felt the grenade explode over her head. She remembered the cold, guiltless sensation that had passed over her then; shame found her now, gripped her heart, and she tore through it with anger.