love rebel

Kuron: I’m Shiro!

Shiro: Guys! It’s me!

Lance: Hmm….How can we tell which one’s the real Shiro?

Pidge: I have an Idea…Only the real Shiro could answer this…What’s my real name?

Shiro (Who’s calm): Katie

Kuron (Sweating like crazy): P-pidgeon….



Pidge: Close…But my name’s Katie.

Keith: Get the clone!


Some Time Alone

“It’s like a ghost town here. Everyone’s in hiding.”

“Everyone’s afraid. And they’ve got every reason to be. […] There’s someone coming! Get back!”

So I just found out that the voice actress who plays Moira

Also played Mon Mothma in the new Star Wars trilogy (episodes I-III), Rogue One, AND voices her in Star Wars Rebels:

Let me tell you my nerd ass is fucking living right now.