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something that i really, really hope happens in regards to finn and rey’s relationship in the upcoming films is a huge emphasis on how much FINN means to rey.

because a lot of ugly racists and re/ylos like to say that their relationship is so obviously ~one sided, that finn clearly likes rey but she doesn’t feel as strongly for him (when that’s far from the truth).

so what i REALLY want to see is rey being affectionate towards finn. i want to see her run to him and embrace him, i want to see her laugh at his jokes and look at him like he’s the only thing in the galaxy. i want HER to be the one to say “i love you,” or something along those lines, first- because not only would that be GREAT character development for rey, who has gone so long without having anyone and has finally allowed herself to grow attached to and feel for someone else- but also because it would prove that rey loves finn. it would prove that yes, rey, the white woman protagonist of this trilogy, loves finn, the black man protagonist of this trilogy.

so lucasfilm, please give me a rey who misses finn so much it hurts while she’s away with luke, a rey who cries over him and for him, a rey who is so obviously smitten with this good, brave, incredible man so that nobody can deny that finn is loved by her.

for once, let a black man be the hero; let him “get the girl,” let him be the shining light for those around him- let finn be loved, fiercely and undeniably, so that nobody can deny how important and amazing he is.

i just got back my report card -

its a fricking 10 GPA ie basically a perfect grade. Since I was kinda curious to find out my percentage (our school doesn’t show that so) I calculated it myself and its a 97.11% as per my calculations (I just did 505/520 * 100%).

The thing is, I was considered a ‘new child’ since I joined this school just this year and new children are supposed to be dumb. but hah what I say is, prove them wrong bitch you’re capable of everything. :’)

It truly breaks my heart hearing that some of y'all are mistreated and talked down to as if you mean nothing. Let me tell you this, you mean something to me. You are worthy of love and you deserve happiness. You are loved and I promise it gets better, whatever you’re dealing with will pass I know it may seem like it won’t but trust me it will. You’re stronger than you think and you will get through this. God I truly wish I could give you all a giant hug and squeeze you and tell you just how wonderful you truly are. Please don’t be afraid to message me if you need it, it doesn’t matter if we’ve never talked I am here if you ever need me!

crolloroo  asked:

Have you heard the song Body by Mother Mother? You'd probably like it!

D U D E!!!!! I love Mother mother omg they’re in my top bands I listen to!!!! I’m so happy you like them too!! Body is a pretty good song but my fav song from that album is Wisdom tbh I love the sound and it’s #relatable!!

Finn : a complexe, well-rounded, loveable black character

Hux : a white guy we saw 3 minutes in the movie, who said 3 lines, so 
insignificant I didn’t even remember he was there after seeing the movie 

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why do people talk about Jonathan Groff more than Okieriete Onaodowan? Jon left Hamilton months ago and is literally on stage for like 10 minutes. Oak has an amazing range and is the last original cast member. Why does no one talk about him. Why wasn't he nominated for a Tony. I need answers.
meet bangtan.

His name is Kim Namjoon.

An intelligent boy who was a bit wiser than his age and sees the world in many perspectives. With his poetic words, he conveyed his messages through music and rap. This is him now:

His name is Kim Seokjin.

A boy who dreamed of expressing his emotions on screen–someone who finds passion in acting. It was an encounter by fate, he wasn’t expecting for it–he’s not searching for music, but music found him. This is him now:

His name is Min Yoongi.

He’s a boy who suffered from his inner demons, causing him to leave his love for music, but as he was walking this uneven road, he found his way back. Along the path, he realised that there were seven of them and he wasn’t alone. This is him now:

His name is Jung Hoseok.

A boy who was made for dancing, a boy who wanted to express his emotions with his body. His light had never flickered once for he believed that his voice is gonna reach his hopes and dreams. This is him now:

His name is Park Jimin.

A boy who passionately moves his body with the music. He fought his insecurities with his movements and his voice, and so he became more ambitious and gained confidence. This is him now:

His name is Kim Taehyung.

An innocent boy who was satisfied with the love he receives from his family and friends. He has simple dreams, but then he realised that he wanted more–to be on stage and show everyone what he can do. This is him now:

His name is Jeon Jungkook.

A quiet boy who feared of opening up to people and showing his real emotions. An introvert who surprisingly has a burning passion for music. With the help of his six brothers, he let his new found voice be heard. This is him now:

Their name is Bangtan.

Brought together by fate, they established their friendship and brotherhood. They experienced struggles and criticisms, laughs and bliss, depression and disappointment, sadness and frustration. Many people didn’t believe in them, and so they fulfilled the hopes of the few people who had faith in them. 

And this is them now:

“We hope that our stage,our performances, and our music could be the hopes and dreams of many people in the world.” -Kim Namjoon, 2016


netflix’s 3%, episode 2 (2016)

it’s a common thing in scifi and fantasy stories to put a disabled character in their narratives or give a physically abled character a (mostly physical) disability for the purpose of offering them the chance to “cure” themselves through the story. of course it’s bc most of these stories are written by people who didn’t experienced some kind of situation like that. in this scene of 3%, fernando is telling michele that he felt his legs again bc he was given an opportunity to taste what the “better” place - the one they’re trying to go to - can offer to you; in other words the opportunity to be physically abled like most of people. usually they don’t put in these characters all the years or months or days that they had to deal with their disability and try to accept it as hard as they can bc that was their reality, that was how their lives would be for the rest of their lifetime. and here you have fernando, a brilliant black boy, who grew up in a poor and fucked up place, dropping truth bombs. it’s something we all should think more about, even more and more if we’re writing similar characters at some point. watch 3%, btw. 

“You told me that if you love someone, you should be happy to know that they’re happy, even if it’s not with you.” I tell my bestfriend. “So I convinced myself that whenever he finds someone else, as long as he’s happy, I will be happy for him too.”

I wipe a tear that secretly falls from my eyes.

“But I couldn’t. I couldn’t be happy for him. I couldn’t help myself from thinking, ‘why can’t I make him happy?’”

Tears started rolling down my cheeks, but I didn’t bother to wipe them this time.

I let him see how broken I am.

I let him see my vulnerability.

—  37 out of a thousand entries I’ll be writing about you.

Victor Nikiforov is seriously so inspiring, holy shit. I love him so fucking much.

He’s a 27 year old that was set for life doing what he loved most, but hit a wall and is trying to find inspiration in something unknown.

He’s taking the hugest leap of faith with Yuuri to find himself again, or maybe a new version of himself or an old version.

He’s telling you it’s okay to make changes, to take risks, and chase after things you might think are scary.


Victor Nikiforov has made me feel so many things. But most importantly, he’s made me feel that’s it’s okay to not have my life together.

Victor has taught me that even if the whole world tells your you’re wrong, or expects something from you, it’s /your/ life, /your/ choice.

Let Victor Nikiforov be the inspiration to find yourself or a new you, chase your dreams, or even fall in love with the unknown.

Victor Nikiforov means so much to me, so much. I may have said all kinds of stuff right now, but there are seriously not enough words to say how much.