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Me: *gets around to finally watching South Park and falls head over heels for Pip

Me: What a great and likable character! I should check out his bio. I just hope everyone appreciates him just as much as I d–

Me: Oh. Well, at least he has his parents to comfort him when–

Me: O-oh, um, well maybe he goes to Chef with his problems like all the others d–

Me: Uh……..Damien. What about Damien? I know this fandom ships them like crazy, there’s like no Pip fanart that doesn’t have Damien involved in some way or the othe–

Me: Oh, come on!! He’s gotta have a purpose! No way did the writers just create him and then regret i–



Me: You know what? Fuck it. Pip may not be a popular character fandom wise or in the show or even with his creators, but at least he’s alive. When all else fails, at least I love him, and at least no one can tell me he isn’t completely, 100% ali

Me, flipping a table and reaching for my gun:


happy thanksgiving 🍁

I know most people don’t celebrate thanksgiving, so I’m going to take the time to thank a couple people here who deserve the world. and, for those of you who do celebrate, this is also for you.

@pillow223 : sky, you have honestly been so kind and nice to me these past few days. being able to have someone like you to talk to has been a blessing and I’m so thankful for you 💕

@tomhollandxreader : cora, wOw, there are so many words to describe what an angel you are. thank you for always being there, for lending me an ‘internet shoulder’ when I need it, always reassuring me that I’m loved, and giving me the chance to work and write with you. I honestly would kill to meet you in person and give you the biggest hug in the world, because without you, I don’t think I would feel complete 💕

@tbholland : meg, thank you for everything. you are such a sweetheart, an angel, a darling. I’m so happy to be able to call you a friend, to talk to you and send you lil blurbs on au nights. I’ve become a better person surrounding myself with your presence, and you’re gorgeous! I hope you and tom get married, and if you do, pls hook me up w/ harry (-; jk I love u meg! I hope one day I get to meet you!

@spidergirlwanab : you didn’t think I’d forget about my mom, did you? honestly, i think you’re a blessing and an amazing mother. with your little notes you leave in my ask box, to joining me in a really awkward instagram live, I’ve grown very fond of you. thank you for everything, for lending me an ear and always being there if I need you. te quiero mucho, y espero que tengas un hermoso día. te lo mereces 💕

@arachnid-kid : isabel, thank you so much for everything. (yes, I do have a second mother, and it’s this beautiful sunshine). thank you for being such a sweetheart, for talking to me about anything and evrytjing. when you use to message me in class, they would brighten my day, and make me motivated to do my best bc you have that personality and determination. thank you !!

@/anon : you know who you are ! thank you for the little notes you’ve left in my ask box, for brightening up my day and making me smile a little wider. honestly I’ve grown so fond of these messages, and I just want to thank you so much for this. I love you will all of my heart, and this love will never die down. (-‘:

@petersjacket : my darling, thank you so much for all that you are. I’m still a little heartbroken for what happened to you, but I really hope it went better. I’m always here for you, and I appreciate you taking your time to talk to me. thank you so much !! (you’re gorgeous btw)

@fandomstories : ahh!! it’s my birthday twin!! god, I have to appreciate you so much!! like, you’re such a sweetheart to talk to, and I’m so happy that you’re so open to me! even though we’ve barely been talking since yesterday (or was it 2 days ago?) I feel like I’ve known you for so long! I’m so happy you’re open t collaborating with me! I’m excited for this!

there are so many other people I want to appreciate, and so many words to say, but I don’t want to make this longer than it should be. here are a couple people I am very very thankful for as well 💖

@screamholland @champagneholland @dailygubler @hollandazing @aliedelanie @forevanssake @honeynutholland @hailshurricane @dej-okay @planet-holland @lovelyimagines @heavenlytom @ayalaparker @sam-a-holland @rileywrites-parker @hufflepuffholland @dreamyholland @ballyhoobarnes @zendmylife @tomandpeterparker @hollandbaby @five-foot-two-joanne

I would also love to thank each and every one of my followers for supporting this blog. I don’t know where I would be without you guys, and I am so grateful. you honestly could have unfollowed me so long ago, but you guys stuck by me and my insane reblogs. thank you so much.

and a lil side note: I really want to thank the holland family and harrison (and marvel & jon watts bc sm:h brought me here) for bringing me into this fandom. I don’t know where I would be without these people by my side. even though I did know tom before spiderman and lost city of z, (since the impossible), this new movie brought me back and for that, i am eternally grateful.

I feel like everyone missed the point of my post… Sure, Yuu has issues, but that doesn’t take the responsibility of his actions away from him.

The biggest threat towards his safety isn’t Guren, or Ferid, or the JIDA, or vampires, or even God.

It’s himself. His recklessness. His trauma that renders him incapable of listening to the voice of reason in favor of obeying Guren over all else. His obsession with his unhealthy definition of family, as if it meant ignoring your own well being and how your beloved family feels about your actions.

That’s not cute. It’s annoying.

anonymous asked:

How do you feel a little less alone? I've been talking to my mom about my struggles and she just dismisses them because she thinks they're not as bad as everyone else's. I've realized from that I can't talk to her anymore about my pain and I don't know who to turn to. I've been to a counsellor before and they don't sort your issues with the past they just tell me to breathe which isn't what I need, I need healing. People only listen to respond nowadays.

hey! first I want to mention your struggles and feelings are valid. it doesn’t matter if someone has it worse than you. because tbh if people think that way, that means only one person in the world has it the worst. does that mean everyone else, billions of others, can’t complain, when let’s say, someone got hit by a bus but shouldn’t even complain because some poor dude got hit by 9 buses? nah, that’s a pretty shitty way to think. we all have struggles and it’s okay to complain, rant, cry, be angry, or feel anyway you do feel. 

i’m really sad you feel alone. i want you to know you’re not alone. you will always have someone (me!!), even if it feels like everyone is busy with their own lives. 

i have to say, i’m not an expert. i’m sure a counsellor, who has a licence, would have more knowledge and experience to help, than me. so i would recommend speaking to a different counsellor, if you’d like to!

but, i do think it can help to put yourself out there. i know it’s much, much easier said than done. text some friends you haven’t spoken to for a while. try to make a plan to hang out with them, watch a movie, go to a museum! 

even talk to people on tumblr. message people you think give off positive vibes. about music, tv shows, anything that you’re into! i know it can be scary messaging someone because i personally always think i’m going to annoy them, but give it a shot! i’m sure they’ll surprise you and be super welcoming and kind! see what you and them have in common, and talk about it! 

basically, try to surround yourself with positive energy, and people who you think are kind. ily hun!! i really hope you feel better. please know i’m always here to chat! x

To all my followers and mutuals, here’s wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Whether you celebrate it or not, I hope you have an amazing day filled with love, laughter, family, friends and great food.

I am forever grateful that you all are a part of my life. Seeing you pop up on my dash and in my notifs never fails to make me smile. Stay blessed and keep spreading love and positivity. Always remember that I love every single one of you! 💙

Why I love Max Mayfield
  • When Max is introduced you think she’s gonna be a stereotypical tomboy, but she has way more depth
  • Like instead of being the stereotypical guy’s girl who says shit like, “I only hang out with guys cause girls are too much drama,” she walks right up to Eleven, so excited to introduce herself and become friends with this girl she’s heard so much about
  • And even though Mike’s feelings for Eleven are what’s keeping him from letting her into the party, she recognizes that’s not Eleven’s fault and she doesn’t hold it against her (she’s more emotionally mature at 13 than I am now, tbh)
  • She uses words like “presumptuous” and “derivative”
  • You’d think after everything she’s been through with her family, she’d be emotionally closed off, but she’s so vulnerable and honest with Lucas while they talk on top of the bus
  • She straight up stabs her abusive step-brother with a syringe to stop him from beating up Steve (LIKE SHE PROBABLY SAVED STEVE’S LIFE, NBD), not only badass but such a smart move
  • And then she takes her babysitter’s bat with nails and tells Billy that his abuse towards her and her friends ends now. what a brave bamf.
  • She wears pants to the snow ball because it’s what she feels comfortable in and doesn’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks (and she still looks super cute and feminine)
  • She’s played by Sadie Sink, a literal angel
  • In conclusion: Max is amazing and I love her
Ethan's content lately!

Y'all Ethan’s content lately is so on point! I absolutely love to see how on fire and energetic his videos are lately. I watch YouTube to help stay happy and get good creative energy flowing so watching Ethan has helped so much! And the editing! Y'all, it’s been so good! Especially the recent videos like Mutant Football and Drunk Side of the Moon. They have me laughing through the entire thing. Even after the shitstorm of October and how busy he is, Ethan’s not only posting 2 videos a day, but he’s super active on social media and busy with traveling all over the place for holidays and tours. I JUST REALLY LOVE HIM AND HIS VIDEOS AND REALLY APPRECIATE ALL THE WORK HE DOES FOR US AND HOW HE IS SO FUNNY AND REAL, OK?!

So the Indian Supreme Court passed a judgement today which basically states that freedom of sexual orientation is now a fundamental right in the country. And any discrimination on basis of sexual orientation will now be taken as unconstitutional and against the law.

This from a country where homosexuality was illegal till date. Like, today I am literally shook™ but so, so proud of India.


You don’t have to go down there, Richie. 

Right. I didn’t have to get on a plane in LA, I didn’t have to go to the dinner, I sure as hell didn’t have to come out here. And now I don’t have to go in.


A Month of Spook - (17/31)

↳ What’s This? - Fall Out Boy

Carefree black girls have natural hair

Carefree black girls are trans

Carefree black girls are from the suburbs

Carefree black girls have relaxers

Carefree black girls are cis

Carefree black girls are dark skinned

Carefree black girls are from the hood

Carefree black girls are fat

Carefree black girls are straight

Carefree black girls are light skinned

Carefree black girls are lgbtqa

Carefree black girls are skinny

The carefree black girl movement is intersectional and inclusive so start acting like it!!

I’m getting bored of this honestly

Why isn’t kpop about the music anymore?

It seems more like you are more bothered by winning big awards, breaking records, and pushing kpop into the western music industry.

Stop comparing every little thing, stop going on Twitter just find a tweet and comment something about how kpop is better than western music. Stop going on twitter to pick fights and drag other artists.

a quick reminder too. Don’t forget the girl groups, soloists, duos, new upcoming artists, groups who have been around for years yet non of them have received the attention they deserve

Some of you would literally fight about who has breathed the most air if you could. Not only are making your fandom look bad you are making all Kpop fans out to be crazy.

It’s not hard to be respectful to other fandoms especially when your bias group are more than likely to be great friends.

Can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all

1.) self love is so important. i’ve struggled for years w how i see myself, with how i looked at my body, simply with how i treated myself. sometimes we have this idea of “perfection.” and we set an unrealistic goal to get there and usually, it’s not so plausible because the idea of perfection is simply unreachable. BUT, what i have realized is that happiness and confidence are, in fact, reachable. instead of striving for perfection, strive for your healthiest range. strive for feeling good, strive for contentment. i’ve started working out and running and eating healthier every single day and i feel gooood! emphasis on the good. i threw away the idea of perfection and brought in the idea of a happy, healthy, me and i feel so much better than before. baby steps. try to feel better today than you did yesterday, you will get there.

2.) the world is cruel. it can knock you down- it WILL knock you down. but that does not make you weak. having feelings does not make you weak. hurting and needing someone does NOT make you weak. it makes you strong, because you have a heart and something hurt it. don’t view that as weak, view it as a sign of life. you are human. we all are. we are wired for imperfection and mistakes and emotions that don’t always make sense and it is okay for you to reach out for help! in fact, i encourage everyone to do so because everyone could use a little help now and then, whether they will admit it or not.

3.) there is more to life than yourself. often times when i’m hurting all i can see is my little bubble. my own little world of hate, but there is always more to life than that. when tragedy strikes, it always shapes us, whether in good way or bad a way, it does. so when you are hurting i encourage you to go outside, look around you, and breathe. realize there is more to life than right now. realize there is more to you, than right now. you are not done growing. you are not done learning. so keep pushing forward. break out of the bubble of hurting once you have properly felt it and allow yourself to heal- you deserve it. you will always deserve it

—  three lessons i have learned all on my own